100+ Best Christmas Bucket List Ideas for Your Family 2024

Make an epic Christmas bucket list to make this season the BEST one yet. Gifts may take center stage, but it’s the experiences that brighten the holiday.

Get ready to be inspired with this list for kids and adults! This Christmas season is bound to be unforgettable.

*Keep reading for free printables and 5 tips for less stress during the holidays!

stress less with your holiday bucket list

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Holiday Bucket List: Fun at Home

This is a great reminder: there are TONS of fun Christmas things to do at home!

family Christmas activities and traditions
Top Pick: Make Gingerbread Houses

1. Take a funny family Christmas photo and have it framed. If you can’t be a little silly at Christmas, then when?

2. Write a letter to Santa. Check out this fun, free Santa Claus letter template!

3. Try a fun Christmas science project. There are so many great ideas at Little Bins Little Hands

Christmas gift idea

4. Make treats for neighbors.

5. Get creative with the Elf on the Shelf. You can find tons of cute elf note ideas and funny elf-hiding ideas HERE.

6. Decorate the Christmas tree (and your living spaces).

spend a night decorating for your holiday bucket list

7. Kiss under the mistletoe. Or just spend the season chasing your kids under it like I do!

8. Set up a living room campout by the Christmas tree.

9. Have a Christmas music dance party.

10. Create with the Home Depot crafts. (they usually give a holiday craft on the first Saturday of December)

11. Do a random act of kindness. It’s the perfect time to spread Christmas cheer! Try one of these ideas:

  • Donate food for someone’s holiday meal
  • Pay for someone’s food in the drive-thru behind you
  • Leave candy canes on neighbors’ doors
  • Leave money in a library book for a child (or adult) to find (choose from more kindness activities)

Read 17 other ways to spread positivity for more.

make ornaments for grandparents as fun Christmas things to do at home

12. Make ornaments for grandparents. You can find lots of cool homemade ornament ideas HERE.

13. Have a family game night next to the tree. Don’t forget the snacks!

Try this Christmas charades printable or check out awesome family game night ideas.

wear matching pajamas for your special holiday bucket list

14. Wear matching holiday pajamas.

15. Make a gift or Christmas card for someone special.

16. Watch your favorite Christmas movies.

17. Make gingerbread houses. Use an elaborate kit, or go old school with graham crackers and frosting. Either way, the kids LOVE being creative with sugar.

18. Do a large Christmas puzzle. Can you complete it before Christmas?

19. Make Christmas cards for teachers. Check out this free teacher appreciation printable for an easy gift idea!

20. Put together reindeer food. We love to mix together oatmeal and sprinkles. Then, we throw it out on the grass for the reindeer to eat while they wait for Santa. Here’s a specific recipe and printable. You can also add this to your Christmas Eve Box for kids!

21. Snuggle up with hot chocolate around the fireplace and talk! Use these awesome Christmas conversation starters to connect.

22. Wrap Christmas gifts together.

Do a book countdown for your holiday bucket list

23. Read the best Christmas picture books (or check out how to do a kids’ book countdown!)

24. Make Christmas cards for a local nursing home

25. Try a Secret Santa or Secret Angel tradition. Either leave small gifts for family members to find or do acts of kindness for your recipient. After, everyone guesses who their secret Santa or angel was!

26. Make snowflakes out of paper to decorate.

27. Play a funny Who Is Most Likely To Christmas Game around the dinner table.

28. String popcorn on your Christmas tree.

29. Adopt a family in need. Use an organization like Doing Good Together or try the 12 days of Christmas gift on your own.

30. Make your own snow globe. PBS shows us how HERE. It’s not as hard as you’d think!

31. Let the kids decorate their bedrooms. Add lights and small trees to their living spaces.

32. Take a holiday trivia quiz together. (Try Xmas Movie Trivia too!)

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33. Play a Christmas-themed Would You Rather Game.

Christmas this or that bucket list idea at home; holiday

34. Use This or That Christmas Game to get to know your family members better. (Use the free printable!)

35. Have an open mic night. Tell Christmas knock-knock jokes, Christmas riddles, or funny reindeer jokes!

Need ideas for after the holidays? Check out the Ultimate Winter Bucket List too!

Festive Outside Ideas for Your Christmas Bucket List

Next up, check out these fun outside Christmas bucket list ideas the whole family will love.

More fun Christmas things to do at home this year
Top Pick: Arboretum Luminary Walk

36. Create Christmas sidewalk art or paint holiday-themed rocks.

37. Gather around the fire pit with a hot drink.

38. Walk around the block to look at neighbors’ Christmas decorations and lights. This is simple, free, and one of our favorite holiday traditions!

39. Build a snowman. (Then tell snowman jokes and find snowman names!)

40. Go sledding.

41. Do a scavenger hunt. Check out this Christmas scavenger hunt printable for kids.

42. Have a snowball fight. Get the parents out there too for a family fight everyone is sure to remember.

43. Walk through an outdoor Christmas experience. Our arboretum has a luminary walk we do each year.

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Delicious Holiday Food Ideas

Don’t forget to have fun with food to make your holiday extra special.

boys making christmas cookies; holiday bucket list
Top Pick: Bake Christmas Cookies

44. Make Rudolph pancakes (or Santa with his beard). For a reindeer, all this takes is bacon for antlers, frozen fruit, and then dabs of whipped cream to make the eyes and nose.

45. Make a hot chocolate bar. Splurge on toppings you normally don’t use like cinnamon, heavy cream, and gourmet chocolates!

Delicious holiday bucket list food

46. Make a Christmas tree pizza (and eat it by the tree!)

47. Make your own eggnog.

48. Eat candy canes. Just for fun.

49. Bake Christmas cookies. Don’t stop there! Spend the day baking and then participate in a cookie exchange with others.

12 Days of Christmas self care: connect with someone you love

50. Drink hot cocoa by the fire while you listen to Christmas music. Gosh, doesn’t this sound AMAZING?

51. Try a new holiday recipe.

52. Start a new food tradition. Make your favorite dip every Christmas Eve or order Chinese on the 5th. Do something unique to what your family loves!

53. Make a delicious and healthy holiday breakfast.

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Out and About Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Finally, spread your merry cheer at these fun places!

Christmas bucket list ideas out for the family in 2023
Top Pick: Visit Local Holiday Attractions

54. Go door to door and sing Christmas carols. Surprise a loved one with their favorite Christmas song! (or try Christmas carol trivia here)

55. Collect old toys and take them to donate. Declutter before the madness of new gifts.

56. Drop off Christmas cards at a nursing home. Brighten someone’s day!

57. Do a white elephant gift exchange.

58. Drive to see a light show. We have several drive-thru light shows near us. This is the perfect easy activity when you are tired.

59. Attend a Christmas festival. See if there are activities going on near you.

60. Drop off a meal, gift, or presents to a nearby holiday drive.

61. Go to church.

62. Get tickets to a local Christmas production or play.

holiday bucket list, attend an outdoor tree lighting

63. Attend an outdoor holiday lighting.

64. Volunteer. Many places need help keeping up with demand over the holiday season.

65. Go ice skating.

66. Go to pick or chop down your own Christmas tree.

67. Visit a living nativity scene.

68. Plan a family staycation. Visit local attractions decorated for the holidays.

69. See a Nutcracker performance. Or watch it on TV.

Christmas bucket list ideas; kids and adults

Want a free calendar with Christmas activities built in?!

Grab access HERE for a ready-made calendar!

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A Stellar Xmas Bucket List for Adults

Now, here’s the thing. Holiday fun shouldn’t be just for family. Parents need special holiday traditions too!

After the kids are in bed, add these to your adult holiday bucket list.

Holiday activities for adults, get a hot drink

70. Do the 12 Days of Christmas Self Care Challenge. Actions include …a night of taking it easy, giving yourself a healthy boost, going on a solo date, getting in nature, and more!

71. Do a digital detox. It will help you focus on what matters this season.

holiday bucket list for adults in 2020, ugly sweater

72. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater. The one above COULD NOT get any more absurd!

73. Roast chestnuts.

74. Begin planning your New Year’s Resolutions.

75. Give yourself or get a winter pedicure.

get a winter pedicure on your adult things to do at Christmas

76. Buy a new Christmas candle.

77. Send a Christmas care package.

78. Take a nap.

79. Plan a cozy Christmas date with your partner. Try one of these:

  • A romantic holiday movie (Hallmark anyone?!)
  • Wrapping gifts together with music and a fancy drink
  • A fun appetizer tray eaten by the tree

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80. Listen to Christmas music.

81. Make a fancy Christmas cocktail (or mocktail). Check out some fun ones HERE.

82. Make your own Christmas list.

have a shopping day for one of your adult Christmas bucket list ideas

83. Host someone you haven’t seen in a while.

84. Make a wreath for your door (Check out these 80 beautiful DIY ideas).

85. Make spiked eggnog or another classic holiday drink. Here’s a great eggnog recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch.

86. Go on a winter walk the first time it snows.

87. Make a homemade gift from the heart.

88. Bake a healthy Christmas treat to share (or not!)

89. Host a holiday game night with friends (Pick your Christmas Team Names).

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donate a tree as holidays activities for adults

90. Decorate and then donate a small tree.

91. Use the holiday to reconnect with an old friend. Give a small gift, meet up for a coffee, or host a firepit night.

92. Take a weekend or week completely off of work and/or household tasks – give yourself a Christmas break too!

93. Make a fancy hot chocolate or coffee – to drink by yourself

94. Buy a fun, new holiday outfit.- Sequins? Why not?

95. Attend a fun holiday party. (Wear your new outfit!)

96. Treat yourself to a hair blowout or style before Christmas.

97. Block off nights on your calendar to spend at home. Make time at home to recharge a priority.

98. Read a Christmas-themed book.

99. Take a bath with holiday-scented bath soaps.

100. Knit a scarf.

Now, read on for what to do with our amazing new lists!

5 Tips for Less Stress This Holiday Season

Alright, I’m a sucker for a Christmas bucket list. BUT, it can be easy to get stressed out feeling like there’s even MORE to do. The holidays can be crazy!

So, check out these five tips to leave the stress behind with our holiday bucket list!

1. Make it Manageable

Choose activities that truly matter or bring you joy. If you tend to go overboard, set a specific limit.

2. Turn it Into an Advent Calendar

Select a daily activity for an advent calendar. Use a bought or DIY calendar, or add them directly to your December calendar. Then, you’re ready to go!

Want one already done for you? Sign up below for a calendar!

3. Use Free Printables

Next, use, free resources to make the holidays easier!

free printable Christmas shopping list

Print off these free Christmas gift tags and this shopping list tracker (above) for easy gift-giving this holiday season!

4. Improvise on Your Traditions

Go with the flow, and it will be easier on your mental health.

Not every tradition is worth doing if it’s going to cause stress. Let it go if you need to!

5. Stay Healthy

Finally, you’ll enjoy this time most if you take care of yourself. So, don’t forget your self-care for moms, regular movement, and healthy eating too.

What’s Next?

The best way to create an unforgettable Christmas is with a plan. Even if it’s a flexible one. So, don’t let this time slip by! Those happy memories are waiting for you. Now, go get them!

Next, use this list of bucket list ideas for New Year’s.

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