25 Days of Christmas Books for 2024: Best Countdown Idea!

25 days of Christmas books is our favorite holiday tradition. So, today I’m sharing how we modify this Christmas countdown for kids to make it easier. Plus, you’ll find magical Christmas books to add to your collection and other countdowns!

What is the 25 Christmas Books Countdown?

It’s pretty simple. You start with a pile of wrapped books under the tree on December 1st. During the month, kids unwrap one book a night until Christmas. Fun family reading follows!

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Why We Do The 25 Books of Christmas

We do this 25 day book Christmas countdown for three main reasons…

It’s an Easy Night Time Activity

My kiddos can be hyper at night, and this is the perfect activity to get in a calmer state before we go to our rooms for the evening.

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Christmas countdown for kids: the best books

The Kids LOVE it

I never dreamed they’d be so into this. They beg to open the book before we even go to school. And they carry on about their favorites and books from previous years. I’ll take that passion for reading any day!

It Gets Us Reading Together

Next, I don’t always have the time or energy to read to my kids, but this countdown provides no excuses. During the holiday season, we read to them every night, and I can’t say that for any other time of year. Plus, now that they are getting older, the big kids can read to the little one for extra practice.

25 days of Christmas books, reading together at the holidays

And finally, for any kids that are keeping reading logs for school, we also get to use it for that.

You see, win, win, win.

Magical 25 Books of Christmas

First, check out our favorite Christmas classics for 25 days of Christmas books. Then read on for specific ideas for younger kids.

Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf book always starts off our 25 days of Christmas books, as it coincides with our elf arriving for the season. If you also do the elf, then it’s a great book to kick off both traditions.

*Grab free elf on the shelf notes to have extra fun with your elf this year!

fun free elf on the shelf notes pdf printable of messages

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 25 days of Christmas books

Hands down, this classic book gets requested the MOST! It’s also my favorite to read as an adult. So, of all the books on this list, don’t miss out on this holiday favorite!

Check it out HERE>>

The Polar Express

The Polar Express: 12 days, 25 Books Christmas countdown kids

The Polar Express is an award-winning book on its own. But it’s also fun to read before you watch the movie.

Check it out HERE>>

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

The Berenstein Bears Joy of Giving: 25 days of Christmas books

I picked up The Joy of Giving last year looking for more reads on the spirit of giving during the holiday season. This book did just that!

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas: 25 Books for Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is another must-have in any collection. We always read this one with our Christmas Eve box (click to learn more about that special gift). It’s the perfect book to finish out the countdown every year.

Check it out HERE>>

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story: Christmas Day countdown

Next, everyone needs a book that reminds the family of the true reason for Christmas. This is also a great read to finish your countdown on the night before Christmas.

Find it HERE>>

The Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish: Christmas countdown kids

This sweet book is about a little girl that wants to be one of Santa’s elves. Follow her journey as animals help her along the way to the North Pole.

Check it out HERE>>

The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas: 25 Books for Christmas

We love this book because it shines light on the simple pleasures of Christmas. And the little things we sometimes take for granted. And as always, Nancy Tillman has a beautiful flow to her writing.

Check it out HERE>>

Looking for book ideas by age? Check out this list of best 7 year old books to read!

Snowmen at Night

Snowmen at Night: 25 days books for Christmas

Next, read this quirky story about what snowmen do when we go to the bed. And why they seem a little lopsided sometimes. The kids will ADORE hearing about their mischievous nighttime activities!

Weird But True Christmas Facts

Xmas countdown kids: weird but true

As my kids get older, I’d love to put more books like this in the collection to mix things up a bit! Check out these festive facts to fascinate the whole family!

Find it HERE>>

Turkey Claus

Christmas books for preschoolers

Now, this book is adorable. It’s lighthearted, cute, and funny. In this book, turkey ventures to the North Pole to tell Santa his Christmas wish of not getting eaten for dinner.

Find it HERE>>

The Tale of Three Trees

Christmas books countdown for kids: The Tale of the Three Trees

The Tale of Three Trees was given to us in a 12 days of Christmas gift years ago. And it has a special place in our 25 days of Christmas books now.

It’s the sweet story of three trees that wanted to do grand things, and how they did so in ways they never imagined – through the life of Jesus.

Find it HERE>>

Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman

For all ages, this fun winter book is about a snowman trying to warm up without melting. Kids will find it silly and delightful. Plus, you can keep it out all winter long!

Sweet Christmas Books for Toddlers

If you’re looking for specific 25 days of Christmas books for younger kids, here are a few great ideas!

Christmas books for toddlers, 25 days of Christmas books

First, this fun lift-a-flap board book is a great intro book for babies or toddlers to get the idea of Santa. Then, simple sentences reinforce language while the flaps keeps young ones engaged.

Find it HERE>>

Construction Site on Christmas Night

Construction Site on Christmas night, 25 books of Christmas

If you love the Goodnight, Goodnight Construction site series, then you’ll LOVE this amazing Christmas edition!

25 Days of Christmas Books for Preschoolers

Rudolph Seek and Find

Christmas books for preschoolers for 12 day countdown

We got this one when my biggest kids were little, but years later, they STILL enjoy finding all of the items in this book. It’s a fun break from lots of reading and it’s more interactive.

Find it HERE>>

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Christmas books for preschoolers for 25 days of Christmas books

And finally, the bear books are incredible! The rhymes and friendship theme are a true winner. Read how bear’s friends are determined to keep him awake for Christmas, and see how it turns out.

Check it out HERE>>

Is 25 Books of Christmas a Lot of Work?

With three kids, this is my number one question for ALL activities.

woman holding Xmas gift

The answer? Only if you want it to be.

If I had 25 books and intricately wrapped them every year, then yes, this is a ridiculous amount of work! Who are these amazing super parents that do this?!

Instead, I’ve chosen to modify the book countdown to my tired mom standards. Here’s how:

It’s OK to Have Fewer Books

First, I do not have 25 Christmas books. We started with ten, and I decided early on I wasn’t going to hurt myself (or my budget) to find them all at once. Over the years we’ve received Christmas picture books as gifts, and I’ve picked some up at garage sales.

Now we have 18. Which, it turns out, is perfectly fine. When we’ve read all the books we have, we let the kids pick out their favorites for the last few days. Also, we usually forget a few days when we’re busy, so our kids’ Christmas countdown runs behind anyway.

Don’t Go Broke on Paper

Second, I use brown paper to wrap our books. And often, we reuse the paper from year to year. No, it’s not as pretty. But honestly, my kids don’t care. And I’d rather feel better about less waste and money spent.

Wrap Together

Finally, part of our tradition is to re-wrap the books the day after Christmas. We do it together, and then the books are ready for the next year.

Key takeaway: Wrapping is a team effort!

More Fun Christmas Countdown Ideas

While the 25 days of Christmas books is awesome, it’s certainly not the only fun way to do Christmas. So, check out these other unique ways to make the holidays magical.

Advent/Activity Calendar

Family advent calendar: great ideas and activities to celebrate Christmas

An advent or activity calendar is simply a Christmas Day countdown using fun activities that bring the family together. Do a small activity together every day and enjoy the special moments you create!

Fun ideas include:

  • Make Rudolph or Santa pancakes
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • See a light show
  • Sleep by the Christmas tree
  • Bake treats to give to others
  • Drink hot chocolate by the fire

Also, most stores carry cheap advent calendars, make your own DIY version, create a family holiday bucket list, or just write the activities in your regular calendar for the month. Do what’s right for you!

And if you’re looking for something ready to use, sign up here for my Christmas activities calendar!

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Christmas Movie Countdown

25 movies is a lot, but if you’re a movie aficionado it can be done! Enjoy one every night with the family! Here are a few ideas to add to a movie countdown:

  • Elf
  • The Grinch (all three versions)
  • Miracle on 54th Street
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Christmas Vacation
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Santa Clause (X3)
  • Klaus
  • Home Alone
  • Christmas With the Kranks

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Random Acts of Kindness Countdown

Looking to focus on kindness this holiday season? Do a kindness activity every day leading up to Christmas.

Here are some easy ways to spread holiday cheer:

  • Sing carols at your loved ones’ doorsteps
  • Donate old toys and clothes
  • Thank a nurse, firefighter, police officer, or other service worker
  • Leave a treat for the mail carrier

Check out more fun ways to spread kindness or more gift giving family tradition ideas.

Bible Verses Countdown

Put Jesus in the center of your Christmas, try a countdown with bible verses. Before bed each night, read and discuss the scripture. At Happy Home Fairy, you can find 25 bible verses to do a countdown like this.

Looking for more great holiday ideas for your family?

Check out my one-of-a-kind ebook filled with 260+ of the BEST family traditions. These activities really WORK to bring your family together and you’ll find year-round ideas.

The holidays are the perfect time to create quality family time! So, don’t let them pass you by!

To Consider With the 25 Days of Christmas Books

Like anything, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to make it perfect! It’s the idea that counts. So, pick a countdown and make it imperfectly yours!

And even if your 25 Books for Christmas doesn’t go according to plan, chances are you’ll all be reading more than you would have. And that’s a major win! (The same goes for any countdown!)

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