63 Best Books for 7 Year Olds to Read {Free Printable}

Good List of 7 Year Old Books To Engage Kids

My 7-year-old is an ambitious reader, but she’s not always picking books that go with her reading level. In fact, it’s been a struggle to get her to read books that she actually understands.

That’s why you’ve got this comprehensive guide to the best books for 7 year olds! So that our kids can have options to read what’s right for them, and get lost in a world of imagination too!

Picture Books for 7 Year Olds

First, 7 year olds still enjoys a great picture book. If yours does too, then these books for 7 year olds are great!

Best books for 7 year olds

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How to Catch a Mermaid (Ages 4-10)

How to Catch a Mermaid

Is it possible to catch a mermaid? Many claim to, but can you? Read this irresistible underwater adventure for kids who love mermaids and ocean fun.

See How to Catch a Mermaid here >>

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System (Ages 4-8)

*Bestselling Science series EVER

The Magic School Bus: best books for 7 year olds to read by themselves

Join Ms. Frizzle’s class as they take their school bus on a fascinating trip through the solar system, exploring the moon, atmosphere, and much more. (Also check out the animated Netflix show!)

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are (Ages 4-11)

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: picture books for 7 to 9 year olds

Ralph teases Lucy for being different. She has big hair and loves fun foods. She tries to be brave, but she doesn’t know what to do. Watch as Lucy explores what it means to do the right thing and treat people with kindness.

Readers of all ages will relate to this story, and love the underlying lesson on bullying, staying true to yourself, and building self-esteem.

Waiting is Not Easy (Ages 6-8)

*Perfect for early readers to practice

Waiting is Not Easy: good books for 7 and 8 year olds to read for practice

Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but Gerald has to wait, and wait, and WAIT. These books are a thrill for kids and adults alike as they explore fundamental feelings and life skills in silly and cute ways.

They are also perfect for the beginning reader to read on their own.

Watch Our Piggie And Gerald Read Aloud

It’s a great example of partner reading with your child!

The Dot (Ages 5-9)

The Dot

One little dot marks the beginning of Vashti’s journey into self-discovery and creativity. What can one small dot be for you?

See The Dot HERE >>

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole (Ages 4-8)

*2015 Caldecott Honor Book

Sam and Dave are on a mission to find something incredible. So they start digging! But they find…nothing. The day turns out to be spectacular after all though, just not how they expected.

Faraway Things by Dave Eggers (Ages 4-8)

*Bestselling Author

Read this tale of a boy, a sword, and the faraway things he collects from the shore by his house.

Beautiful illustrations and a touching story will have readers pulled into a new and faraway setting.

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Early Chapter Books for 7 Year Olds

Next, these 7 year old chapter books are excellent for a variety of reading levels. Some are easier, and some are more challenging – so there are plenty of options to choose what’s right for your child.

The Best Seat in Second Grade (Ages 4-8)

*I Can Read Level 2 Reader

Best books for 7 year old 2nd graders

This great book for early readers follows Sam as he brings his class pet on a field trip. All is peachy until the hamster jumps out of his pocket and into the Hamster Habitat. How will they get him back?

Lulu Goes to Witch School

*Great Fall/Back to School Read

Level 2: best chapter books for 7 year olds

In this funny Halloween story, Lucy is a little witch who is nervous about her first day. Her flying lessons go great, but she’s not so sure about another young witch who seems to do everything better than her.

See more good Halloween books for kids and teens here >>

My Father’s Dragon (Ages 6-10)

My Father's Dragon: 7 year old books for kids to read by themselves

“When Elmer Elevator tells a stray cat about his dream of being able to fly, he learns of a captive dragon on Wild Island.

The dragon has been forced by the jungle residents to serve as their shuttle across a wide river — and anyone who rescues the dragon from its cruel captors might be entitled to a free ride.” – Amazon

Can Elmer free the dragon and get a free ride?

Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble for 7 Year Old Readers

*Best Books Ages 6-8

Bad Kitty

In this hilarious series of Bad Kitty Books, the neighborhood next to Bad Kitty is fighting and the cat shelter has been destroyed. But when Bad Kitty’s family decides to help, our bad-tempered friend has a hard time sharing her space and her toys.

Follow the funny adventures of Bad Kitty HERE >>

The Magic Mirror (Once Upon a Fairy Tale Ages 6-8)

*Perfect for young independent readers

The Magic Mirror: books for 7 year old readers

In this fairy tale filled with adventure, magic, and fun twists, the kingdom has become too hot. But the magic mirror that can fix it is broken. Can Kara and Zed fix the mirror and bring back winter? You’ll have to read to find out!

Toys Go Out (Ages 6-9)

*Toy Story Fans Will Love This Modern Classic!

The first book in the trilogy, this great read introduces 3 extraordinary friends who do everything together.

There’s Lumphy the stuffed buffalo, StingRay the stuffed stingray, and Plastic… well, Plastic isn’t quite sure what she is. They all belong to the Little Girl who lives on the bed.

The Hundred Dresses (Ages 6-9)

*Newberry Honor Classic

Best books for kids seven years old

Wanda is criticized for wearing the same faded dress every day even though she says she has a hundred at home. But when Wanda is pulled out of school, Maddie realizes that it’s time to stop being a bystander.

The Hundred Dresses is a sweet, tender tale about bullies and what it takes to stand up to them.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish (Ages 7-10)

*New York Times Bestseller

My Zombie Goldfish

“A kooky, zany little story about a boy and his pet zombie goldfish, Frankie. The kids in my library are already clamoring for this book and I can’t get it ready for the shelves soon enough for them. Keep up the good work” ―Wendy A. Emlinger

Where the Sidewalk Ends (Ages 4-8)

*A Classic Book for 7 Year Olds

Both hilarious and deeply profound, this set of poems is a treasure for readers of all ages.

Let your imagination run wild with out-of-the-box situations – a girl who eats a whale and a boy who turns into a tv (just to name a few).

The Tale of Despereaux (Ages 7-10)

*Newbery Medal Winner

Chapter books for 7 year olds girls and boys

Follow as a mouse, a rat, and a girl embark on a journey that leads them down a dreadful dungeon, into a beautiful castle, and ultimately into a fierce friendship.

Find the Tale of Despereaux HERE >>

Rickshaw Girl (Ages 7-10)

*New York Public library – Best 100 children’s books of the past 100 years.

Naimi, a young Bangladesh girl in a poor family, challenges the traditional role of women to help her struggling family. First, she tries to drive her father’s rickshaw. But she ends up breaking it and putting the family into even harder times.

Then, when Naimi disguises herself as a boy to get help from a repair shop she discovers big surprises that utilize her talents and also boost her family.

Ninja Kid (Ages 7-11)

*Fun New Book!

Ninja Kid: chapter books for kids 7 to 9 to read by themselves

In Ninja Kid, Nelson is a nerd and super uncool. But when he wakes up on his tenth birthday, he discovers that he has ninja skills. In fact, he’s the last ninja on Earth!

Now he has to figure out how to save the world and master his new abilities.

The Case of the Missing Cheetah (Ages 5-9)

The Case of the Missing Cheetah follows a group of curious young girls as they discover a secret society of the most famous female spies in history. Do the girls have what it takes to be spies too? Read to find out!

“To learn to read is to light a fire” 

— Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

I Can Read: Justice League Classic: Meet the Justice League by Lucy Rosen (Ages 4-8)

Justice League Classic

If you have a superhero fan, they will love reading this collection featuring members of the Justice League.

Runny Babbit Returns: Another Billy Sook by Shel Silverstein (Ages 4-8)

*An Amazon Best Book of 2017

* A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017

Runny Babbit Returns: good books for 7-9 year olds

Lovers of Where the Sidewalk Ends will be delighted that Shel Silverstein is back with 41 never-before seen poems and drawings. Enjoy the Runny Babbit and his friends in this silly collection.

Best Book Series for 7 Year Olds

Book series are excellent for engaging readers long-term and helping kids build confidence by reading an entire set. Try one of these!

Amelia Bedelia (Ages 6-10)

*Bestseller – sold more than 35 million copies!

Amelia Bedelia: good books for girls

This set includes books 1-4, and the series is great for making early readers giggle. Follow Amelia as she goes on everyday adventures. Anything can happen in these books, and it usually does!

The Bad Guys Box Set (Ages 7-10)

*New York Times Bestseller (made into a movie!)

The Bad Guys: Best book series for 7 year olds

They smell and look like bad guys…but are they? Get ready for laughs as you follow these bad guys doing good deeds. Can they turn it around and ditch their bad guy stereotypes?

Or start with book 1 here >>

*Perfect for fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants!

The Magic Treehouse (Ages 6-9)

#1 Bestseller – inspiring readers for 25 years!

The Magic Treehouse

Mystery, magic, and time travel unite in this classic adventure series for kids. Meet Jack and Annie and start the 1-4 box set that dives into dinosaurs, knights, mummies, and pirates.

Mercy Watson (Ages 5-8)

*New York Times Best Seller

Mercy Watson: great 7 year old book series

Mercy is a pig who foils a robbery, squeezes into a tutu, drives a car…and lots more! Join the mischievous little pig in her delightful adventures.

See Books 1-6 in the set HERE >>

Junie B. Jones Book Series (Ages 6-9)

*New York Times Best Seller – over 65 million copies sold!

Junie B. Jones

Try this funny and light series that follows Junie B. into kindergarten and beyond. In these first four books, she learns about secrets, loud mouths, and baby brothers.

The Sasquatch Escape: Book 1 of The Imaginary Veterinary Series (Ages 7-12)

*Imaginative story!

When Ben is sent to spend the summer with his grandfather, he thinks he’s in for a boring summer. That is, until the cat brings home a baby dragon.

Unsure of what to do, Ben and a neighbor girl take the dragon to a nearby veterinary clinic – only to find that it’s a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.

And that’s only the beginning of these compelling tales!

Dragon Masters: Rise of the Earth Dragon (Ages 6-8)

*Great for building confidence in newly independent readers!

Dragon Masters book series for 7 year olds

8-year-old Drake is snatched by a knight and taken to the castle. There he trains as a Dragon Master where he must learn to work and connect with dragons. He must also uncover his dragon’s special powers.

What will they be? And does Drake have what it takes?

Mia Mayhem Is a Superhero! (Ages 5-9)

Mia Mayhem

When ordinary girl Mia Mayhem finds out she’s a superhero, her life goes from mundane to totally SUPER. Read as she goes to a new school to work with other superheroes in training and balances everyday kid life with hiding her new secret identity.

A to Z Mysteries Book Series (Ages 6-9)

In this classic kid favorite, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose embark on mystery adventures. They are perfect for early chapter book readers looking for more suspense!

Start with the first book in the series: The Absent Author

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Dory Fantasmagory: The Real True Friend (Ages 6-8)

Dory Fantasmory

In book 2 of the series, Dory is heading to school! But her siblings tell her to leave her imaginary friend, Mary, at home – along with her whole imagination. Can Dory act like an ordinary girl who never gets in trouble?

See the whole series here >>

The Critter Club (Ages 5-9)

*Perfect for animal lovers

The Critter Club: best book series for kids to read by themselves

In this fun series, four best friends band together to form a rescue shelter that saves lost and lonely animals. Together they help animals of all kinds (including kittens, bunnies, and turtles) while conquering kid stuff like summer school too!

My Family Adventure (Sofia Martinez Book 1 Ages 6-8)

*Great beginner book for 7 year olds

Sofia Martinez

Sofia has big dreams and a big personality. This seven year old knows how to make every moment count, and she loves having fun with her family in her everyday adventures.

See Sofia Martinez HERE >>

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1: A Scare of a Dare (Ages 6-12)

*Best Selling and Most Popular Minecraft Fan-Fiction Book of All Time

Diary of Minecraft Zombie: 7 to 8 year old readers

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Minecraft zombie?

In the first book of the funny Minecraft series, you get to find out! It’s the diary of an actual zombie, and you might be surprised by what your favorite game character is really like.

Rainbow Magic: The Rainbow Fairies (Ages 5-7)

Is your child into rainbows, fairies, and magic? This series is perfect! Follow along on imaginative fairy adventures that turn young children into readers!

See the 21 book set >>

Dragons and Marshmallows (Zoey and Sassafras Ages 6-10)

Zoey and Sassafras

In this series, you’ll find a beautiful combination of magical animals, science, and mystery. In this first book, Zoey learns an amazing secret and tries to help an injured baby dragon.

Will she be able to help before it’s too late?

Find the box set of books 1-6 here >>

Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer: Book 10 (Ages 6-9)

*Teacher’s pick

Judy Moody: best books series for 7 year olds

Judy is having a super boring summer – until she comes up with the greatest plan ever. Get ready for tightrope walking, monster riding, treasure hunting, and more!

Invest in the first books 1-3 here >>

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Owl Diaries (Ages 5-7)

*Perfect for the newly independent reader!

Owl Diaries

Join Eva the owl as she sees a ghost, attends a wedding, and has more exciting adventures. If you have an early chapter book reader, this one is a great segway into harder material.

*This series built HUGE confidence and interest in my 7 year old daughter. It's sweet and easy, so that young ones can get into a reading flow.

Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker by Shelley Johannes (Ages 7-9)

Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker

For Beatrice Zinker, life is easier upside down! Beatrice and her best friend Lenny decide to wear ninja suits on the first day of school. But Lenny arrives in a new cool outfit instead. And Lenny has also forgotten about their top-secret operation.

Will Beatrice be able to use her upside down thinking to save this friendship?

The School is Alive: Eerie Elementary #1 by Jack Chabert (Ages 6-8)

The School is Alive!

Enjoy the first book in this series and discover this elementary school as it comes alive. Sam Graves must figure out how to help himself and his fellow students stop this scary school!

This is a great series for newly independent readers to gain confidence and it features illustrations on every page.

Graphic Novels They’ll Adore

Next, graphic novels are so fun! You build reading skills, but it’s also a visual voyage for the eyes. My kids have LOVED these types of books.

Dog Man (Ages 7+)

*Wildly popular book for 7 year olds

Dog man: best graphic novels for 7 year olds

It’s the canine cop who’s part dog and part human! Follow this unlikely hero as he scampers after squirrels and saves the day in his own unique (and often hilarious) way.

Buy the set of 1-6 HERE >>

Cat Kid Comic Club (Ages 7+)


If your child loved Dog Man, then this is your next must-read series by the same author. In this series, a group of creative baby frogs share their unique stories through humor and drama.

Bird & Squirrel On the Run! (Ages 7-10)

Bird & Squirrel: best 7 year old books are graphic novels

Bird and squirrel unite to outwit cat – making them a new dynamic duo. Join them for one zany road trip, but watch out for that feisty feline!

See Bird & Squirrel HERE >>

The Magic Treehouse: The Graphic Novel (Ages 6-9)

The Magic Treehouse Graphic Novel

If your child isn’t yet ready for the Magic Treehouse chapter books, try the graphic novels first!

Get whisked back in time with Jack and Annie, first to the era of dinosaurs. And with these colorful images, you can live the adventure with new comic art.

Cat Ninja (Ages 7-10)

Cat Ninja graphic novel

Join this lovable cat as he explores his alter ego – cat ninja!

He’s a master at Kat Fu and when trouble arises, it’s time to spring into action. Can he keep his secret identity under wraps and still thwart the bad guys? You’ll have to read to find out!

Check out Cat Ninja here >>

Fox & Rabbit (Ages 6-9)

*Great for emerging readers

Anxious rabbit and easy-going fox team up to make the perfect pair in this fun-loving graphic series. These two find everyday magic and reach new heights at every turn.

See Fox & Rabbit here >>

Best Books for 7 Year Olds Girls

Now, both genders can definitely love these best books for 7 year olds, but they cater towards rainbows and unicorns and such.

Ivy + Bean (Ages 6-10)

Ivy and Bean: best books for 7 year old girls

Ivy + Bean is a very popular series that follows two friends who were never meant to be together. Until one day, Ivy rescues Bean from a tough situation – and they realize they’re perfect together.

It’s sweet series that’s humorous, but also promotes empathy, kindness, and friendship in the stories.

The Never Girls Collection

*Best Selling Books for 7 year old girls

Never Girls: books for 7 year olds girls to read

As quick as a flash, four best friends get whisked off to Neverland. Join in their adventures in a new and magical place and find out if they’ll ever be able to get back home.

Katie Fry, Private Eye #1: The Lost Kitten (Ages 6-8)

*Great value

This level 2 Scholastic Reader is a great introduction to mysteries for young readers. Katie loves to solve the case, and when she finds a very cute kitten, the race is on to find its home.

Unicorn Academy #1: Sophia and Rainbow (Ages 6-9)

How cool would it be if your best friend was a unicorn?

Sophia can’t wait for her unicorn rainbow to get her magic. But when everything goes wrong, Sophia and Rainbow must rescue the magic before it’s too late.

See Unicorn Academy HERE >>

Books for 7 Year Old Boys

Again, girls may love these “boy” books too, they’re just more about survival and “doom.”

I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic (Ages 7-10)

*#1 Bestseller

books for 7 year old boys

Kids everywhere love these historical fiction books. They bring the most terrifying events in history to life. But will George and Pheobe survive this crazy adventure? And how?

Find I Survived the Sinking Titanic HERE >>

The Notebook of Doom: Rise of the Balloon Goons (Ages 6-8)

Notebook of Doom: Best books for 7 year old boys to read

Monsters and humor make this book a gem for newly independent readers.

Alexander just moved to a new town, but once he finds a notebook with DOOM written on it, he learns all the top secrets about monsters. Boy is his life changed forever!

Geronimo Stilton Four Cheese Box Set (Books 1-4) by Geronimo Stilton (Ages 7-10)

Meet Geronimo Stilton! Adventure along with him and his friends on Mouse Island. Take a journey on a treasure hunt, visit the Great Cheese Pyramid, Mouse Everest, and more! These fun books for 7 year olds will entertain both boys and girls!

George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl (Ages 6-10)

Four times a day, George’s grumpy Grandma takes a spoonful of medicine. It doesn’t really seem to help her. She’s still as cantankerous as ever.

One day, George decides to create a medicine concoction and give it to his grandma. What happens next? Read this funny book to find out!

Watch the Video of My Kids’ Favorites!

Then, keep reading for great non-fiction 7 year old books they’ll love.

Best Non Fiction for 7 Year Olds

Next, these books for 7 year olds sprinkle in a little bit of learning AND a lot of fun!

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids (Ages 5-10)

*Colorful photos that keep kids engaged

Awesome Science: Non fiction books for 7 year olds

In this fun book, you’ll find 100+ Steam projects that get kids excited about science. Kids often ask “how does this work?” This book is designed to answer that question – through engaging hands-on experiments (like the fizzy rocket and magnet-powered car).

It’s an awesome book to get kids building, designing, and thinking critically.

Awesome Jokes That Every 7 Year Old Should Know (Ages 6-8)

*Just for fun

Give your 7-year-old the best jokes for his or her level! Hilarious and short jokes that have lots of illustrations. Your kiddo will have everyone laughing in no time.

Find the awesome joke book here>>

Learn to Draw Animals! (Ages 4-9)

Learn to Draw Animals: Non fiction

Learn to draw 45 different animals! Great for the animal lover and/or aspiring young artist. And with simple step-by-step instructions and easy to model illustrations, your child will love it.

How Things Work: Inside Out by T. J. Resler

This book is great to add to your bookshelf if your 7-year old is interested in how things work.

Enjoy exploring and figuring out how things work through diagrams, illustrations, and easy explanations.

National Geographic Kids Just Joking by National Kids (Ages 6-9)

*Popular with Kids!

For those wanting to read something light-hearted, this hilarious book includes 300 jokes, tricky tongue twisters, and ridiculous riddles.

*See more of the best joke books for kids here >>

Amazing Facts Every 7 Year Olds Needs To Know by Catherine Brereton (Ages 7-9)

Your favorite 7 year old will love the more than 120 facts and stats in this fun book. This is a great book for curious minds and STEM related topics.

*Looking for more books your 7 year old will love? Don’t miss the best books for 6 year olds and great book series for 8 year olds >>

Advanced Readers 7 and 8 Year Olds

Finally, if you’re got an advanced reader on your hands, these chapter books for 7 year olds will be winners.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Ages 8-12)

*Newbery Medal

Mrs. Frisby, a widowed mouse with four kids has to get her family out of the house…or they face almost certain death. But her son is sick and can’t be moved.

When some extraordinary rats come to the rescue, the adventure of a lifetime begins.

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

*#1 Bestseller

Best books for 7 year olds advanced readers

When Claudia ran away to her favorite art museum, she could have never expected to find a statue so beautiful that she couldn’t leave without discovering its maker. The trouble was…no one knew.

Which leads her to find Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, the last owner…and uncover its true mysteries.

See the Mixed-Up Files HERE>>

How do you pick the right books for reading level?

Now, we’ve struggled with this too, so you might find these tips helpful:

  • Check out the thickness of the book and how many pictures there are. (You want shorter reads and more illustrations for early readers)
  • Have your 7-year-old use the “five finger test” to see if the book is right for them. Remember, you can always tell your child to save it for later if it ends up being too hard.
  • Use reading levels as a guide. They aren’t a “hard rule” because all kids are different. Sometimes, it’s more important to get books for 7 year olds based on interest. Kids will still enjoy the book if it’s easy, or enjoy the pictures if it’s hard.

How to Make Reading Fun For Kids

Making reading enjoyable is what’s most important for young kids. (That way they keep reading!)

That’s why books that make them laugh and graphic novels are so popular with this age. As long as kids are able to choose what looks interesting to them, they’ll find some winners.

These free printables help too!

Free Printable Pdf for Books for 7 Year Olds!

Take this pdf with you when looking for your new books!

free printable book list

To Consider With 7 Year Old Book Readers

You’re doing a great job just by reading this and caring about your child’s reading. So, keep it up tired parent (or teacher), you are amazing.

What do you think are the best books for 7 year olds? Leave a comment below!

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