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12 Days of Christmas Self Care (to Find Peace in the Bustle)

12 days of Christmas self care

Christmas is a beautiful time for family, friends, and food. But it’s also irrefutably the most stressful time of year. Add in a pandemic, and we’ve got added anxiety rising to the surface.

So, what’s the solution?

12 Days of Christmas Self Care!

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12 days of Christmas self-care

This year, let’s focus on having a holiday we can ENJOY. To do this, we are raising our standards of wellness. For 12 days in December, commit to adding in self-love and enjoying the results of a more peaceful and serene month.

Daily Holiday Self Care

Start this challenge 12 days before Christmas, or pick any day to do it! You’ll be so happy you gave yourself these moments!

Day 1: Spend the Evening Doing Nothing

That’s right. We’re starting out with a bang.

For many women, this will be the most difficult day of the challenge! But for one day only, you do not have to be superwoman.

So, do the tasks that HAVE to be done, like work and taking care of children. But anything above and beyond gets pushed to another day. Instead, indulge in some self care that you are rarely able to do.

Ideas include meditation, reading a book, watching Friends all day, getting takeout, or taking an hour long walk.

See this huge list of self care practices, or to print it off with a checklist, sign up below!

Day 2: Give Yourself a Healthy Boost

Holiday self care: give yourself a healthy boost

To best enjoy the holiday season, we need to be healthy and sickness free. Moreover, holiday weight gain is a big worry for most people this time of year. So, let’s take today’s holiday self care as a “health day.”

Here are some ideas to ramp up your health!

  • Do a workout, or even two workouts today
  • Walk in nature for an extended period
  • Have a salad for lunch
  • Try a healthy new recipe for dinner
  • Take your vitamins (and set a timer for tomorrow)
  • Meal prep a few items to make the rest of your week healthier too.

Read 23 Small Steps to Be Healthier This Year for more clever ideas for this day!

Day 3: Listen to Music for at Least 30 Minutes

Next, the mood of our mind and body is incredibly important!

So, today, listen to at least 30 minutes of music. This may be Christmas jams or just upbeat hits that get you dancing. Whatever it is, choose something that puts you in high spirits.

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Day 4: Take Yourself Out on a Date

Have you ever gone on a solo date?

It’s liberating! Get someone to watch the kids and go sit on the patio of a coffee shop for an hour or two, alone.

Here are some other ideas for a solo date:

  • Take yourself to dinner and a movie
  • Visit an art museum
  • Pick up a bakery item and sit at a park watching the birds and journaling
  • Have a cozy date at home with candles, comfort food, and a glass of wine
  • Attend a workshop you’ve been wanting to go to
  • Try a new yoga or fitness class (an online class counts too!)
  • Book a massage or mani/pedi
  • Have a “creativity date” where you spend time dreaming up your next projects or business ideas

Check out this post at for more solo date ideas!

Day 5: Spend at Least an Hour Outside in Nature

12 days of Christmas self care: get out in nature

Breathe in the cool, fresh air. Then, spend your time noticing the changing season, or the beautiful Christmas decorations of your neighbors. Bonus points if you put your phone away the entire time!

Day 6: Laugh it Out

Huge belly laughs are required on this day. For this, you’ll need to think about what makes you giggle and chuckle. Is it episodes of The Office? A tickle fight with your kids? Or the ridiculous jokes of a best friend?

Whatever it is, make it happen today!

Day 7: Make a Gratitude List of 100 Things

Next, make a gigantic list of 100 blessings in your life.

These do not have to be big blessings! They can be as simple as a cup of coffee, but you can not stop until you’re done. In the end, you’ll feel astonishingly grateful for the mountain of good that fills up your life.

Want an alternative list idea? Try creating a happiness list! Write out 100 things that make you happy!

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Day 8: Connect With Someone You Haven’t Spoken to in a While

12 Days of Christmas self care: connect with someone you love

There are tons of activities to keep you busy during Christmastime, so use them as an excuse to re-connect with someone you care about.

Try one of these:

  • Bake your favorite Christmas cookies together
  • Sing a Christmas carol for them outside the door or on the phone
  • Send them a silly Christmas picture, then call to see if they got it
  • Invite them over for dinner

What will you do to re-connect with a family member or friend?

Read The Best Christmas Traditions for Couples to re-connect with your partner!

Day 9: Stay Off of Social Media & News Today

It’s time to feel calmer. For one day, stay off of any social media, news, and even email if it’s not necessary. Unplug completely if you can.

Since you’re not mindlessly surfing the web, you’ll have more time for those self care practices we talked about on day one! Or consider adding touches to make a cozy home, or making yourself a self-care kit for winter with your newfound time!

Consider this quote:

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Anne Lamott

After your digital detox is over, unfollow and unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t make you feel amazing. Clear out space for more good in your life!

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Day 10: Treat Yo’ Self With a Massage

This is my favorite one on the list!

Schedule in this luxurious act of self-love ahead of time. Have your partner give you a shoulder rub or splurge for the real deal at a local salon. Whatever you do, make it something to look forward to!

Day 11: Take a Nap

holiday self care: take a nap already

Sounds easy right?

But is it?

I DREAM about naps, but hardly ever take them. However, this year, mom gets a break too.

So, no excuses friends! Get in at least 30 minutes for some restful shut-eye.

Day 12: Center Yourself Before the Hustle & Bustle

Finally, before Christmas day, partake in one activity that centers you completely.

Perhaps this is devoted time to prayer, a tough workout, a meditation, sleep affirmations, or a long talk with your mom.

Whatever the case, wind down your racing mind. Doing this will help you enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, without the panicked stress of getting it all together.

Something to Consider With 12 Days of Christmas Self Care

holiday wellness

You’d better believe I’ll be participating in this 12 days of Christmas self-care in December! I’m looking forward to feeling more relaxed and at peace this year, despite outside circumstances.

What about you? Are you in? Let me know in the comments!

Let’s focus on caring for ourselves in a world-class way, so we can hone in on the stuff that matters.

*For another feel-good challenge, check out this 30 day self-love one!

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