15 Easy Ways to Create a Cozy, Comfortable Home This Winter

How to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

For many, winter is a difficult time of year. We spend less time out and more time huddled up in our spaces. And sometimes, the darkness feels neverending. Our moods shift with the weather.

But instead of feeling like a prison this time of year, we can transform our space into a cozy and comfortable home. A sanctuary. A place that makes us feel safe, secure, and calm.

Our winter home WILL be an inviting space where we think deeply, learn great things, and snuggle with those we hold dear.

Cozy home ideas

The Best Tips For Your Cozy Home

So, let’s embrace the season of winter by transforming our environments into warm spaces that provide refuge and contrast from the outside world.

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1. Add Photos of Warm Memories

First, in winter, we lose the human connection that comes naturally with warmer weather. Counterbalance that loss with plenty of photos of your sweetest memories. Make sure you can see that great family trip to the beach or the smiles of your friends.

Your home should be an uplifting space full of photos, quotes, and belongings that are meaningful to you.

Have you updated your photos recently? Do you see them often?

2. Escape or Learn with a Book

There’s just nothing better than a great book. And winter is the best time to get your read on!

So, buy or borrow a few books you know you’ll love over the winter. Then, make a little reading corner for your devoted reading time. Snuggle up with a cup of tea and embrace the adventure of reading.

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3. Add Warmth to Your Space

creating a cozy home: comfortable fireplace

Fire is an age-old element we’ve used to comfort and warm us for centuries. Dig into that instinct and get your fireplace going if you have one. If not, Netflix and other television services have fire scenes available too.

Additionally, move your table or a blanket one night and eat by the fire for a special winter meal.

4. Make a Coffee or Tea Station

Warm drinks dominate this time of year, so take advantage! Buy a few fancy coffees and teas and create a spot in your kitchen or dining room solely for making them. You’ll look forward to your warm beverages every day.

5. Soak in the Bathtub

bathtub soaking for a cozy comfortable winter

The bathtub should not be ignored in the winter! This ordinary home fixture transforms into your personal stress oasis when the weather turns cold.

Dress it up with a few candles and essential oils. Bring in your wine glass, and listen to some relaxing music. Then, pour in 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salts and enjoy a special detox bath. Check out these 5 natural detox bath recipes for even more stress relief.

6. Wear Cozy Clothing

If you’re staying in the house, choose your cozy comfortable clothing. Pull out those warm slippers, socks, and plush robe. Or dress up a bit with big oversized sweaters!

We have lots of time to be fashionable in the other seasons of the year. For winter, opt for warmth.

7. Cover with Plush Blankets

I’ve always loved covering with blankets in the winter. Several years ago, I visited my sister’s house and realized she was on to something. Their blankets were twice the thickness of mine. They were big, fluffy, and heavy. And it was heaven.

Blankets for winter should be made for snuggling. It pays to invest in throws that produce the cozy home you long for. If you struggle with stress and anxiety, a weighted blanket is another great option. It’s like the BEST hug you’ve ever gotten.

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8. Layer with Twinkle Lights

Christmas does NOT have to be the only time you utilize sparkling lights in your home. Keep your white lights around the mantle, staircase, or your bedroom all winter long for a special winter treat. Find white lights HERE>>

9. Apply Scents

Scents are often underrated, but they trigger all sorts of beneficial emotions and memories. So, dig out your favorite essential oils or candles and use them once a day. Check out essential oil scent ideas here from Jane at Home for inspiration!

10. Add Rugs Everywhere

rugs for an inviting comfortable rug

While rugs are absent in the warm months, they’re essential for creating a cozy comfortable home in the winter. No one wants to walk around on cold floors all the time! So, add rugs to bathrooms, kitchens, and hardwood floors throughout the house for a warmer texture and feel.

11. Create a Space for Projects

Invite play into your home by creating a spot to do long term projects, puzzles, and games. This may simply be a side table that doesn’t get cleaned up with the rest of the house.

As a result, it will bring the family together as well as encourage house visitors to participate. Plus it helps with keeping the tv and electronic time down in the winter.

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12. Change Your Sheets

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If you’re looking to create a cozier feel in your bedroom, swap out your linen sheets for affordable warm flannel or fleece ones. Then, your bed will be so comfy, you won’t want to leave it!

13. Use Soft Lighting

Lighting is key to setting the right mood and environment in your home. While top lights are great during the day, evening lamps (and twinkle lights) create the peaceful and calm space you want at night.

Therefore, set out several low wattage lamps in your key living spaces and watch how the feel of the room drastically changes.

14. Add Nature in Every Room

comfortable cozy home for winter

Next, nature soothes the soul. Do you feel it when you take a walk near a forest? Or smell fresh flowers?

Take that feeling to heart and incorporate as much of it as you can in your home. Set plants and small trees in every room, a fruit/vegetable bowl in your kitchen, and lay out fresh flowers when possible.

15. Create a Self Care Box

For the last tip, create a box or supply kit for those winter days that just seem like too much. We all have days that we need a little extra self-love to make it through. And sometimes, simple indulgences are good for the soul.

Here are some great items to incorporate into your special stash:

For more awesome ideas check out: How to Make Your DIY Self Care Kit

Get Cozy by Simplifying

simplify when creating a comfortable cozy home

Now, all of the tips above will make for a beautifully warm space, but if you have a family, you know it isn’t quite that simple. Stuff spreads like wildfire. And we sure get a lot of it over the holidays.

The fact is, no space will be cozy with piles of things stuffed into a room. So, take a little of your time this winter to declutter your space. Keep only those things that you find beautiful, useful, or that bring you true joy.

Not only will this step make your home cozy and comfortable, but it will clear so much mental and emotional clutter.

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Mental Health in Winter

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Additionally, seasonal depression affects millions of people every year. Your environment is a huge component of this, but it’s also important to take care of yourself during this season. Create a self care checklist for yourself this winter or check out my great list of self care ideas. Sign up below for a free toolkit!

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Something to Consider When Creating a Cozy Home

Our lives are hugely impacted by our environments. So, put yourself in the RIGHT kind of atmosphere this winter. Not only will you feel tons better, but you’ll have an entirely new outlook on winter.

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