When Do You Need a Brain Dump?

Many of us experience a restless mind at one time or another. Perhaps it’s anxiety. Or we’re ruminating about a difficult event. Or we just can’t seem to stop racing thoughts.

The mind feels like a tangled web of thoughts and emotions, and it’s almost impossible to straighten it out. In this state, sleep is incredibly difficult., And as a result, it’s tough to continue with our good habits.

So, what can we do to alleviate our mental overload? Try this brain dump template!

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What is a “Brain Dump”?

A brain dump is a tool to declutter your runaway mind. It’s the process of dumping out the contents of your mind onto a sheet of paper. Think of it like purging your home, and how good it feels to get all of that unnecesary stuff out!

How Do You Write a Brain Dump?

brain dump worksheet, how do you do a mind dump

This exercise is incredibly simple. First, find a pen and blank paper or the template below.

Now, dump your mind – make lists and write until you feel the restlessness inside you begin to settle.

Brain Dump Examples

The following two categories are what often keep me up at night, therefore this brain dump template focuses on them.

brain dump template examples

To – do List Items

First, write out anything you need to do in the next day, week, or month. All of those obligations swirling around in your head go on the paper!

Examples include:

  • Get medicine for a pet
  • Sign the kids up for a school event
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Make a dentist appt
  • Call a client for work
  • Email a teacher
  • Modify a schedule
  • Complete a project

Common Worries & Stressers

Next, write down anything you’re worried about or that is causing even the slightest amount of stress.

Examples include:

  • A fight with a loved one
  • Negative news (nationally or personally)
  • A sick family member or friend
  • Job security
  • Finances
  • An issue with the kids
  • Health and fitness
  • Relationships

You can also separate a mind dump into different categories like me/house/kids/work if you prefer a different way of organizing your thoughts.

Free Brain Dump Worksheet

free brain dump template

Mind Dump Supplies

You might as well use some fun pens as you ease your burdens! Check these out…

What should I Do After a Brain Dump?

Brain dump template, and What should I do after a mind dump?

Finally, evaluate your lists.

Is there one thing that could be causing you to spiral?

Or a specific category that’s overshadowing your thoughts?

Note it. Then, write more about your thoughts and feelings on this particular topic at the bottom of your brain dump template. Especially if your emotions are negative, writing can be an extremely therapeutic session.

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Something to Consider With a Mind Dump

I hope you enjoy the free brain dump template! May it get those toxic and spiral thoughts out of your system for good!

Have you ever done a mind dump? What did you think?

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