Ignite Your Joy and Download Your Free Self-Care Bingo Card Now

Self care bingo is the perfect way to motivate and prioritize yourself.

Recently, I got sick with a virus that I could not shake. It lasted weeks! Finally, I had to put myself in a “time out” to rest and get well.

At first, I went stir-crazy. Until I realized that this was the perfect time to do self-care activities that I had stopped doing.

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If you need a kickstart too, read on for ideas and great self care bingo cards!

How do you play self care bingo?

Self care bingo is simple and easy to play.

  1. Print out the completed self care bingo card or fill in your own ideas on the blank printable.
  2. Each day, complete a self care activity on your card. Complete 5 spaces across, up and down, diagonally, or complete the entire card.

Play on your own and reward yourself with something that lifts your mood when you have a bingo.

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Invite friends or family members to play along with you. If you are in a group, Consider a prize for the winner or plan a shared activity once everyone completes their cards.

Superb Self Care Bingo Activities

The self care bingo ideas in this list are easy to accomplish and can be adjusted to meet your personal health goals.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Between packing lunches, helping kids get ready for school, and feeding them breakfast, I often go hungry! Plan ahead and give yourself time to make your favorite healthy breakfast. Then, sit and enjoy it.


  • kickstarts metabolism
  • gives you energy and helps you focus
  • is linked to overall good health

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

Sleep has a significant impact on how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Relax with a good book

Besides being enjoyable, reading has stress-reducing benefits, supports memory health, and aids in better sleep.

Check out this list of great inspirational books for women.

Take a walk outside

Moving in nature can lower blood pressure and stress, enhance the immune system, and increase mood. Get outside and take a walk.

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Eat a healthy snack

Have a plan for a healthy snack. Try fruit with nut butter, a hard-boiled egg, or a handful of almonds.

Declutter your bedroom

Clear off the spaces in your bedroom to create a more calm environment. A less cluttered space will help you to sleep better!

>>See tips to declutter fast here!<<

Take a long bath

Add some bubbles and bath salts. Aim to make this a relaxing time.

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Complete a random act of kindness

Helping others improves our overall health and helps us feel happier. Need ideas?

  • Take a meal or a treat to a neighbor
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Leave a generous tip
  • Leave a kind note for someone
  • Buy coffee for someone else in line
  • Bring in a small treat for your coworkers
  • Visit an elderly relative or neighbor

Enjoy a hobby

Remember the things you love to do when you make time for yourself.

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Draw, paint or create something
  • Play a sport
  • Garden
  • Knit
  • Photography
  • Reading

Find more great hobby ideas here >>

Eat your favorite meal

Plan, make, and eat your favorite meal for dinner. OR get takeout from your favorite restaurant and save the dishes for another day.

Hang with good friends

There are few things better for your soul than laughing and being with good friends. Plan a walk, meet for coffee, or get together on a Saturday night to enjoy time with one another.

Journal 3 things you are grateful for

Journaling and practicing gratitude are two great forms of self care.

self care bingo journal challenge ideas for teachers

Positive psychology research links practicing gratitude with greater happiness and improved emotional and mental wellness.

Write a note to someone you love

When I was dating my husband, he took a lot of time to write me notes. It was something that made me feel special to him.

Write a note to your loved one to give them that same feeling. (You will feel good too!)

Take a day off from social media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Take a break from it all. You may find you feel more content with your life. And it will most definitely free up time for other things.

Take a nap

This seems like a guilty pleasure, but most of us are running on less sleep than we need. Get under your covers for this nap.

Sit and enjoy your favorite morning drink

Sit down and savor that cup of coffee or tea to the very last drop (and while it’s still warm). That’s right! Don’t move until that mug is empty.

Complete a healthy skin care ritual

Use a facial mask or take extra time to clean and moisturize your face.

Drink enough water

While there is not one specific right amount of water for everyone, aim for about 11 cups of water per day. You will know you are drinking enough water if you 1) rarely feel thirsty 2) your urine is colorless or light yellow.

Enjoy your favorite exercise

Yoga, HIIT, strength training, barre, walking – the exercise options are plentiful. Pick something you enjoy and focus on moving your body.

Watch your favorite TV show or movie

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Choose to watch something that elevates your mood. Invite a loved one to join you or take time to yourself.

Wear something you love

Choose an outfit that makes you feel good and ready to take on the day.

Meditate during self care bingo

Meditation helps us invite peace into our life, express gratitude, and let go of worry. Learn how to meditate for beginners.

Write and repeat a positive affirmation

Affirmations are positive statements we repeat to ourselves daily. They can motivate us to become more healthy in mind and body.

  • I take care of myself to better take care of my family.
  • I am strong and capable. I show love to myself by moving my body.
  • I choose to do things I enjoy for myself today.

Look here for more positive affirmations for women.

Treat yourself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, or facia

I recently got a hair blowout with a friend for her birthday. It wasn’t something I would normally do, but it felt like wonderful self-care. Plus, I got to enjoy time with someone I love.

Go for it on this one. Splurge and pamper yourself. Invite a friend that is playing this self care bingo with you!

Free Self-Care Bingo Printables

Self care bingo cards pdf free printable sheets with rules

Download your free self care bingo printable here!

More Self Care Bingo Card Ideas

If you decide to fill in your own blank bingo printable, here are additional ideas:

  • Hug someone you love
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Listen to an inspiring or enjoyable podcast
  • Read inspiring quotes
  • Help someone else
  • Do something creative
  • Set goals for personal habits you want to maintain

See these 100 creative self care ideas for more >>

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What’s Next?

Engaging in self care activities benefits your overall health.

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mental health
  • Improves relationships
  • Increases ability to adapt to changes and recover from setbacks
  • Helps achieve more balance in life

Don’t wait until you’re sick and tired to take care of yourself.

Enjoy self care bingo and invite a friend to play with you!

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