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There’s no doubt about it. For most, 2020 has been a tough year – and we’re not quite done with it. Opinions and stress levels are at all-time highs, and uncertainty rings in the air.

So, if there was ever a time to take exceptional care of yourself. It’s now.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


Today, I’ve got an easy way to do it – with a self-care routine template!

self-care routine checklist printable

But, Why a Weekly Self Care Checklist?

There are three HUGE reasons you need a self-care routine checklist!

It Keeps You Accountable

First, a weekly template helps you see the bigger picture. Often, our days vary and it’s difficult to know what gets done from one day to the next. This weekly self-care checklist is perfect because it helps you visually see how you’re doing on a larger scale.

Also, the great thing about a checklist is that it’s black and white. You either did it, or you didn’t. There’s no hiding from data.

It Keeps You Consistent

It’s easier to skimp on your commitments to yourself than to other people.

But with the self care checklist pdf, if it’s Thursday and you realize you’re not following through on certain activities, you’ll change course. It gives you a clear way to stay constant.

In fact, I guarantee you’ll take better care of yourself with it than without.

It Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

Finally, checklists are best at helping you feel like you’re making progress.

Sometimes, the benefits of self-care don’t hit us like a train right away, so it’s nice to have a checklist to remind you that your body and mind will thank you later.

How to Use the Self-Care Checklist pdf

weekly self-care routine checklist printable

Grab your Weekly Self Care Checklist Template and Find Ideas Below!

Then, fill in the actions you want to do on the left, and check each evening whether you followed through. By the end of the week, you’ll have a solid picture on how well you did these activities.

Next, let’s delve into what should go in your weekly self care actions!

What are the Four Categories of Self-care?

weekly self care checklist printable

An easy way to think about your wellness needs is to picture the body, heart, mind, and soul.

So, use these ideas to jot into your self-care template!

Physical (Body):

Any self-care activities in this category include actions that help your body feel its best.

  • consistent exercise
  • healthy food
  • plenty of water
  • stretching
  • vitamins or supplements

See this post on small steps to be healthier in 2021 for more.

Emotional (Heart):

These actions keep your emotional wellbeing stable:

  • things that make you happy
  • vacations and new experiences
  • time away from technology
  • quality time with loved ones
  • support groups (and social interaction)

Psychological (Mind) :

These activities promote learning and growing.

  • progress towards a goal
  • learn something new
  • reflection
  • a new hobby or adventure

Spiritual (Soul):

These actions connect you with your deepest self and the bigger picture of life. Examples include:

  • church
  • yoga
  • prayer
  • reflection
  • time in nature

Of the four, what are you getting on a weekly or daily basis? What are you lacking?

See 100 Quick Self Care Ideas HERE for more examples and this article HERE for more on the different self-care elements.

Essential Tips for Your Self Care

weekly self care checklist template pdf

Want to get the most out of the self-care checklist routine? Consider these tips!

Plan Ahead

First, schedule the time ahead!

Get up early, make an evening hour non-negotiable, or schedule in meetings with friends weeks ahead of time. The more you find the time for self-care beforehand, the easier it will be to follow through.

Combine it With a Daily Checklist

I found the daily checklist particularly helpful when I was struggling with self-care in general. So, if you’re at a time of life where routine is hard, or you just need the extra satisfaction, check out the daily checklist in the email self-care toolkit below.

Incorporate it Into Your Daily Routine

It’s much easier to be consistent with healthy habits if they are incorporated into a routine that we already do. So, be sure to sandwich your wonderful self-care between activities that you do automatically for maximum effectiveness.

For example: Read a chapter from a book after your shower and before your first cup of coffee.

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Time Block it Into Your Day

weekly self care checklist routine

Use the time block template from the post below and block off a time during your day to devote to your self-care. By having a pre-determined time, you’re much more likely to follow through on a daily basis.

Print the Free Block Schedule to Revive Your Days

Try Self Care Days

Too busy to care properly for yourself during the week?

Instead, invest in more time over the weekend to do what your body and mind need. Try a self-care day where you spend a larger chunk of time or an entire weekend doing what you need.

See more at: What to do When You Need a Self Care Day

Something to Consider With Weekly Self Care

self-care routine checklist

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

Audre Lorde

Finally, take the above quote to heart. Take care of yourself as you would a prized possession. You wouldn’t abuse an object you cherish or someone you care about, so don’t do that to yourself.

Because you ARE worth it.

Have you used a weekly self care checklist? What did you think?

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