9 Simple Habits To Instantly Create More Happiness

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”

Mother Theresa

Happiness is an inside job, and like anything else, requires a little due diligence.

Yet, through simple daily habits, we can CREATE happiness and train our minds to be in a state of joyfulness and peace more often!

Habits for happiness

I mean, really, who doesn’t long for a little more peace and contentment in the day?

In the adult world of forever responsibilities, I am always on the lookout!

And, while these will instantly boost your mood and make you feel better about your day, the real massive impact comes with doing them over time.

Make Your Own Happiness

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create more happiness


Are we focusing on the right things? Perspective is everything.

Gratitude has been dubbed the “pill” for happiness because studies have found that it creates a greater sense of well-being.

We all have hard days, and this has the most impact just when we need a shift in mindset. The times that I can think of a blessing during the day, and realize how ridiculously blessed I am, I instantly feel better and can regroup. Do you feel this too?

Additionally, Tony Robbins reminds us that it’s impossible to be depressed, anxious, or angry at the same moment as you are truly grateful.

So, if you’re feeling any of those, start thinking about all of the good in your life! Even if all you can think of is something obvious or simple!

I choose three things in the morning and three moments at night to be grateful for, but this can look however you want it to!

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listen to music to be happy

I know many people that are more into music than I am. I just never remember to turn it on, dang it. But when I do? I can feel my mood lift immediately! The difference usually shocks me, even though it happens every time. Do you notice it too?

And of course, there’s a reason! Research shows that listening to music releases dopamine, and does make us happier! Check out this article for 14 more benefits to music!

There’s lots of evidence that music should be part of our daily lives because it’s one of the habits that create happiness with so little effort.


self care habits for happiness

We can not pour from an empty cup! Think back to the last time you were stressed. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. I’m willing to bet that you weren’t all that happy. And for some of us, that’s all the time!

Make sure your wellbeing is a priority every single day. You should feel energized, content, and ready to take on the world!

Here are just a few ideas!

Respect Yourself

Start simple! Dress in clothes that make you feel confident and good about your body. Swipe a little makeup on and put yourself as together as you can in the mornings. It truly affects how you approach the day and your confidence level!


Move that body to relieve stress, sleep better, and be in a better mood overall. Research has found that exercise is one of the MOST important activities you can do for happiness.

Spend Time Alone To Recharge

Every person should have scheduled alone time every single day. No matter what. Get up early if you need to, but make it happen!

Do Something Relaxing

Get a massage, take a bath, or go get your nails done!

For a fun toolkit, sign up below

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When I’m sick, I’m miserable (and still have to take care of everyone). When I eat fried food, I feel like garbage. And when I don’t sleep enough, I’m the biggest grouch on the planet.

Can I avoid these issues all the time? No.

But, it’s impossible to be genuinely joyful when the last time you had energy was last Tuesday, and your body isn’t functioning properly. So, we have to be proactive and take care of it!

This is not about being a certain size. Instead, this looks like…

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

This has been a struggle for me since my last pregnancy, so I started with a smoothie every morning. Now, I’m working on a salad with my lunch every day. Incorporate salads, smoothies, and side veggies as much as possible! Cut out that junk!

Move our bodies regularly

See how important exercise is! It’s in this article twice! Commit to MOVE 30 minutes a day. Walk, run, yoga, it doesn’t matter how!

Prioritize sleep

I have to sometimes say no to late night activities because I know what not enough sleep does to me. Trust me, no one wants to find out.

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create more happiness

How we handle our money makes such a huge impact on how we live our lives. Money (or lack thereof) is one of the number one stresses to people. And it creates HUGE conflict between couples. But, the thing is, it doesn’t have to.

Wealth and security are possible for anyone willing to educate themselves and take action.

And there are millions of resources available on the subject of finances!

So take one small step daily towards figuring out how to have a future where you will never have to stress about those dollars again. 

Because no one can be happy wondering where they are going to find the money to fix that pipe that just broke.



build relationships for happiness

With all of the research, it HAS to be on the list of good daily habits to create happiness! People that spend more time around others are happier. Study after study has shown this.

So, make sure every day involves prioritizing at least one relationship in some way. Furthermore, engage in deep conversations. Get vulnerable and discuss the things that matter. The amount of real talk you do positively affects happiness, so get to the good stuff.

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meditate to increase happiness

I get so fascinated by meditation because the idea of quiet time for a mom is such a far out notion.

Yet, the research is OVERWHELMING on this. Meditators experience better stress resilience, less pain, and much lower rates of anxiety and depression etc.. It LITERALLY changes your brain!

If you want more peace and contentment in your life, start at meditation. Take 5-20 minutes out to just breathe. You’ll be shocked by just how many thoughts are ping-ponging around when you stop to notice.

Additionally, if you’ve ever been interested in working on the negative thoughts that you say to yourself, meditation has made me much more aware. I can work on adjusting my thinking!

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let light in to create happiness

Vitamin D is a big deal, and many Americans don’t have nearly enough of it.

It’s linked to health problems as well as depression and anxiety. So, make sure your curtains are open and you get yourself outside every day.

Take the advice from Barbara Fredrickson in the book Positivity.

When the weather is good, you need to be ready. Locate a dozen places you can get to in a matter of minutes that will connect you to green or blue, to trees, water, or sky. These have been shown to boost positivity. Perhaps a few natural spots bloom just steps from your door. If so, explore them thoroughly. Make them your own.” – Barbara Fredrickson

At our house, we also take a daily supplement we buy off of Amazon HERE. It was recommended by my husband’s nutritionist, and has fewer ingredients than elsewhere! So, naturally, we love it!


increase your happiness

Last but not least, if you live in a negative environment, you are going to live and breathe that. And you are going to bring yourself and others down whether you think so or not.

So, take some time to make sure that you are spending your day in a way that makes you happy! Are you surrounding yourself with positive people, media, and words?

Start with putting more personal and inspirational pictures up around you and reading something motivational to start your day. Small changes do more than we realize!

“When things change inside you, things change around you.”


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create more happiness

Something To Think About

Track these habits with a free habit tracker printable!

It’s worth it to note that we still have down days even if we’re the best at implementing these actions. It’s a part of life. However, these daily actions will help make those stormy days a little less dark, and make it so much easier to weather through.

Also, these habits don’t just create happiness, but also can be life changing in what you can achieve. With a brighter outlook, more energy, and better financial resources, the possibilities for our lives are endless!

Want more happiness ideas? Check out my new post: 9 MORE Simple Habits to be Happy

What about you? Which of these happiness habits are your strengths and weaknesses?



  1. These are such great ideas! I absolutely love the one about rigging your environment. It’s up to us to keep it positive. Even if we’re just pretending until we really believe it. I know I need to add more photos and inspiration to my work space this summer. Thanks for the help!

    1. Yes! It goes back a little bit to the “fake it until you make it” strategy! We can’t ever expect to be come to believe it, and be our happiest selves if we aren’t around it on a daily basis. Thanks so much for sharing Natalie!

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