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43 Inspirational Morning Affirmations for Women (& Moms)

affirmations for women and moms

Easy Affirmations for Women in the Bright Morning Light

I was shocked recently. In a good way.

I completed a group challenge that included saying affirmations for sixty seconds, every morning in front of a camera.

Now, I love doing challenges. So, I thought this one would be fascinating, but ultimately no big deal. Boy, was I wrong.

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In terms of effort, it was as easy as I imagined. I already had morning affirmations (for women) written out that I wanted to say. And it took exactly one minute.

Yet, stunningly, this challenge turned out to be the thing I looked forward to most in my morning (which is HUGE because I love my morning routine).

Saying the affirmations out loud felt glorious. Powerful. And intense.

I always left with more purpose going into the day.

And I began to wonder how a short 60 seconds could make such a big impact on how I felt.

The Intense Benefits of Affirmations

morning affirmations for women

So, I did a little digging. As it turns out, our thoughts are everything.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”


Affirmations can rewire the brain to improve positive self-perception, self-esteem, confidence, and problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, with this positive self-talk, a neural process occurs that helps you imagine positive events over negative ones and a change in behavior (source). Ultimately leading to easier changes and better handling the obstacles that come your way.

Plus, those that use affirmations stress and ruminate less (source). Double win!

And finally, affirmations wrap into our identity. Who we are is made up entirely by who we think we are. For example, if you identify as a runner, you’re MUCH more likely to run.

Gosh, no wonder it gave such a happiness boost!

Next, let’s look at beautiful affirmation examples, and then read on for how to make your unique affirmations work for you.

Affirmations for Starting the Day Well

daily affirmations for women and starting the day well

First, here are 43 beneficial morning affirmations for women to help with different areas of life, all encouraging you to see the positive in yourself.

With these affirmations, pick those that answer your personal question…

“Who do I want to be?”

1. I focus on what I can control, and let go of the rest.

2. I accept myself.

3. I follow through on my commitments to myself.

4. I have courage and I am brave.

5. I am strong and able.

6. I enjoy the simple moments.

7. Happiness is a choice. Today I choose to be happy. (find happiness habits to help feel this way HERE)

8. I can and I will. Anything is possible because I believe in myself and my abilities.

9. I overcome all obstacles and believe that my potential is limitless.

10. I stand up for myself.

11. I build new healthy habits for a bright future. (check out this list for habit ideas!)

12. I forgive myself and others for any mistakes made.

13. I am learning and growing. Small improvements lead to big results.

14. I am disciplined, energized, and inspired.

15. Everything I’m looking for is already within me.

16. I focus on the positive.

17. I recognize my own self-worth. (See I am affirmations for self love HERE)

18. Though today may be difficult, it is only temporary.

19. I control my thoughts and energy.

20. Today is full of opportunity and love.

21. I seize this day and the abundance it brings.

22. I am bold. I go after what I want.

23. I am calm and clear-headed to start my day.

24. I can overcome anything that comes my way today.

25. I radiate love to those around me.

26. I nourish my mind, body, and soul today and every day.

27. I wake with energy and strength.

28. I am powerful. My strength comes from within.

29. I make a positive impact on those around me.

30. I love myself and thank every part of my body for taking me through this day.

31. I show up ready to take on the day. (for help with setting yourself up for success, see these powerful sleep affirmations!)

Powerful Morning Affirmations for Moms

daily affirmations for moms

Additionally, as mothers, we face specific challenges. These daily affirmations for moms can be helpful for keeping motherhood in perspective.

32. I am present, playful, and calm (my daily affirmation for YEARS, and will be for years to come)

33. I am excited to spend time loving on my kids, soaking in every moment. Life is precious.

34. Taking care of myself makes me the best mom I can be.

I am affirmations for female empowerment. Taking care of myself makes me the best mom I can be.

35. I laugh and play with my children.

36. It is ok to ask for help when I need it. It makes our family stronger.

37. I will let go of how I expect the day to go, and relax into how it unfolds.

38. I try my best and am a good mom.

39. I am an amazing leader to my family.

40. My dreams and needs matter. I work to create boundaries that benefit myself and my family. (If you struggle with this, a not-to-do list is what you need!)

41. I will leave a legacy of love through my daily words and actions.

*Get these affirmations and more in this handy free ebook!

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Bonus Positive Affirmations

morning affirmations for women and moms

Below are two bonus affirmations I picked up from the excellent book the 5 am Club. I appreciate that they focus your thoughts on making the day great in general.

“Today is a glorious day, and I’ll live it at excellence, with boundless enthusiasm and limitless integrity, true to my visions and with a heart full of love.”

Robin Sharma

“This day is priceless. All the money in the world will not bring it back again. And so, I seize it, and savor it, and honor it.”

Robin Sharma

For my story and favorites, watch this!

(Then, read on for tips to make them work well!)

How to Make Daily Affirmations Effective

how to make morning affirmations for women effective

Next, while all of the I am affirmations above work well, there are five additional tips to using morning affirmations (for women) that make them astonishingly effective.

1. You MUST Believe Them

Affirmations like “I’m skinny” or “I make a million bucks” are sometimes hard. If an affirmation is difficult for you to believe because it’s far out of your current realm, you’ll feel as though you’re lying to yourself and give up entirely.

Instead, choose something like “I work hard and am committed to a lean, toned body.” Or make an affirmation that is a stepping stone, such as “I make six figures.”

2. Use Your Values in Your Affirmations

Affirmations should be personal. Prioritize the values that you hold in your life to focus your affirmations on what matters to YOU.

If you value your work, try: “my work makes a positive impact on others.”

If you value your friends, try: “my friends are a a positive light in my life.”

3. Use Your Goals in Your Affirmations

What goals are you working on? Use daily morning affirmations to help yourself make the progress! This is a huge secret advantage!

Try “I am a runner,” and then spend a few minutes every day running. Before you know it, you’ll be working your way to longer increments, and beginning to identify as a runner.

*Not sure how to word the affirmation you want? Leave a comment below and I’ll try to help you brainstorm!

4. Use Emotion & Visualization

Affirmations work best when you engage your emotions. If your core value is being calm with your kids, picture what that looks like. Then, imagine how you feel (even in tough situations). Strive for that feeling during the day.

See this free vision board template & how-to for more on visualization!

5. Say Them in First Person, Present tense

Finally, it helps to say affirmations as though you are actively doing them. This draws on emotions and you can visualize your preferred outcome. It’s yet another phenomenal way to motivate yourself into action.

*Looking for another great way to start the morning? Try these beautiful good morning quotes!

Something to Consider with Your Self-Talk

As I found, daily affirmations can be an outstanding tool in the toolbox of life.

So, for anyone looking to be intentional about what they say to themselves, this type of self-talk is a must-try.

Have you ever done morning affirmations for women? What did you think?

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