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105 Positive Affirmations for Kids (Build Confidence, Mindset, & More)

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Powerful Daily Kids Affirmations Free Printable

Growing up is hard.

For the first time, our innocent children experience self-doubt, criticism, and difficulty. Plus, as they leave their young years, the world begins to give them messages about what they can and can’t do with their lives.

It’s a confusing mix! That’s why these positive affirmations for kids are so important!

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We all know that navigating this world with love and confidence is not always easy.

The Science Behind Morning Affirmations for Kids

But we also KNOW that affirmations can help. Repeating these affirmations helps kids build a positive self-identity (source). They begin to see themselves as flexible, positive, and capable.

Therefore, when they DO face a difficult situation, they are better able to use their inner thoughts to guide their reactions.

Plus, if they learn to practice affirmations at a young age, it much better prepares kids to use these positive thoughts later in life (Bloch, 2015).

How do you teach affirmations for children?

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First, keep in mind that positive kids affirmations are not about perfection. They are about identifying with important values. So, if that’s a worry for your child, put him or her at ease.

Next, explain what daily affirmations are for. They are a tool to create new encouraging thoughts. Words that help us feel happy, strong, and kind.

And now, practice them!

  • Say them aloud or silently.
  • Read them at breakfast or before bed.
  • Stick some in a jar and pull them out.
  • Let kids pick their favorites and write them down.

School psychologist, Dr. Jamie Donnelly, recommends starting the day with writing a positive affirmation on a sticky note and putting it on the wall. When someone is having a bad day, they can take one of the short affirmations off the wall to utilize during the day.

This can be a quick activity. Keep it simple and it will be an easier habit to build over time.

*Also, it’s important for kids to see you doing your own affirmations! So, check out these morning, self-love, or bedtime affirmations for adults. Or see the 16 affirmations for parents at the end of this post.

Mindset Words of Affirmation for Kids

First, these phrases are for encouragement and general mindset.

1. I practice a positive attitude.

2. I choose my attitude and the way I carry myself.

3. I find the positive, even in a hard situation.

4. I’m here for a reason. A purpose.

5. I trust that I am on the right track.

6. I choose how I respond to others.

7. I do my best. Then, I let go of the rest.

8. If I’m overwhelmed, I just choose the next right step.

9. I choose to be happy today.

10. I am a happy and healthy person.

Positive Kindness Kids Affirmations

child drawing: kindness daily positive affirmations for kids

11. I am kind and friendly to others.

12. I include others because I am kind.

13. I am a kind kid.

14. My words matter (to myself and to others).

15. I treat others how I want to be treated.

16. It feels good to be kind and giving to others.

17. I see the good in others.

18. I carry love and kindness in my heart.

19. I am happy when I am kind.

20. I am a good friend.

See amazing kids books about kindness here.

Daily Courage Affirmations for Kids

girl with medical professional: build courage

21. I am brave.

22. I like trying new things.

23. I am open to new possibilities and new doors that open.

24. I stand up for myself and others.

25. I take a chance, even when it’s uncomfortable.

26. I stretch myself to see how much I can do.

27. I have the courage to say “no” if I need to.

28. I am creative and open to new things.

29. I am the captain of my ship. I choose where and how I sail.

30. I am brave enough to ask questions and ask for help.

Positive Grit Affirmations for Kids

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These daily positive kids affirmations help develop the values of determination and perseverance.

31. This is tough. But I am tougher.

32. I do hard things.

33. I give my best effort.

34. I can always try again.

35. I stay with a problem, even when it’s hard.

36. Challenges make me stronger than before.

37. If I fail, I get back up again.

38. I am a problem solver, even if it takes time.

39. I live life to the fullest, and give each day my all.

40. I let go of the habits and fears that limit me.

Growth Mindset Affirmations for Students

child learning: growth mindset positive affirmations for students and kids

For more on the growth mindset, check out these awesome posts:

41. I am always learning something new.

42. I am an amazing learner.

43. I ask questions when I don’t understand.

44. I am curious.

45. If I struggle, I just need more practice.

46. Good things take time and effort.

47. I learn from my mistakes, and use them to grow.

48. If I can’t do something, it’s only because I haven’t learned it yet.

49. I can learn new strategies and ways of doing things.

50. It’s good to make mistakes.

51. Everyone is a beginner when they learn something new.

52. I create new habits and goals. (Here’s a great list of good habits for kids)

53. I only compete against myself and how much I’ve improved.

54. Mistakes are opportunities to grow.

55. I learn from people who are different from me.

Daily Positive Self Love Affirmations for Kids

words of positive affirmations for kids and elementary students: child with book

Use these positive kids affirmations to build self-esteem, love, and confidence.

56. I strive to get better, not perfect.

57. I stand up for myself.

58. I am the only me there is.

59. I am beautiful inside and out.

60. I love who I am.

61. I deserve good things to happen to me.

62. I am proud of myself.

63. I love myself and my uniqueness.

64. I am loved deeply.

65. I rest when my body and mind tell me to.

66. My power is on the inside.

67. I say kind thoughts and words to myself.

68. All that matters is what I think of myself. (Not what other people think)

69. I don’t need to be perfect.

70. It’s ok to ask for help when I need it.

71. I listen to my feelings and express them when I need to.

72. It’s ok to feel bad sometimes.

73. I listen to the voice inside of me. (My gut, heart, intuition, etc.)

74. I take care of myself.

75. I let go of what I can not change.

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Uplifting Gratitude Phrases

76. I am thankful for today.

77. I am grateful for small everyday things.

78. I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

79. I am thankful for my body and everything it can do.

80. I am grateful for the amazing moments of today.

81. I notice when someone is kind to me.

82. I am thankful for what makes me unique.

83. I am grateful for my talents and gifts.

84. I am grateful for kind friends and loving family.

85. I am a grateful person.

For more on gratitude, see:

Positive Confidence Affirmations for Kids

boy dreaming: positive kids affirmations for children 2022

86. I am capable, strong, and confident.

87. I can do anything I put my mind to.

88. I believe in myself.

89. I am a leader.

90. I believe in my dreams.

91. I make a difference in the world.

92. I can accomplish anything if I’m willing to work for it.

93. I can do amazing things.

94. I say no to others if I need to.

95. I have no limits to what I can do.

96. I am a great listener.

*If your child suffers from anxiety, try these affirmations to help anxiety, and this list of good things for people with anxiety.

Kids Affirmations for Positive Intention

Now, here are a few phrases that may be fun to try with visualization and encouragement for a particular day.

97. Today, I am kind to someone.

98. Today, I am calm, relaxed, and at peace.

99. Today, I make great decisions.

100. Today, I enjoy trying something new.

101. Today, I try my best in my tasks and actions.

102. Today, I radiate love and kindness.

103. Today, I have lots of energy.

104. Today, I am gentle and loving to myself.

105. Today, I take on a new challenge.

Want a positive affirmations for kids printable pdf? Check out the free ebook below!

4 Quick Tips for Effective Results

girl and robot, tips on morning affirmations for kids

Next, check out these ways to make positive affirmations for kids especially powerful. Then, read on for 16 great affirmations for parents!

Look in the Mirror

If you’re looking to add a more powerful punch to your affirmations, write them down in a journal and practice them in the mirror (Alexander, 2011).

Try a Challenge

Challenges are amazing ways to enforce a new habit. So, if you need a small boost to get you going, engage in a 30-day affirmation challenge. As you go along, give your kids a fun reward or let them pick a kids coupon to keep motivation high.

Alternatively, also find a friend or another family to hold you accountable.

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Repeat Them Often

As with ALL affirmations, the change in thinking patterns takes place over time. You have to be consistent about repeating your affirmations and making it a daily habit. So, for best results, no skipping!

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Read Them to Young Kids

Finally, with kids that are too young to read, no worries! Simply read to them. Then, have your child repeat.

16 Positive Affirmations for Parents

positive affirmations for parents

And finally, parents benefit from positive self-talk too!

106. I’m doing my best. That is enough.

107. I am supportive of my child and their interests.

108. I am a problem solver, and seek solutions if challenges arise.

109. I love being my children’s parent.

110. I rest and take a break when I need it.

111. I am a good role model to my children by taking care of my body.

112. Our home is a place of laughter, love, and peace.

113. We are a fun family.

114. I am patient, kind, and calm with my kids.

115. I am a good listener with my kids.

116. I support my children’s health and wellness.

117. I am grateful for my role in our family.

118. I do what is best for my family, and support others in doing the same.

119. I am open to learning and growth as a parent.

120. I am the parent my children need me to be.

121. I ask for help when I need it.

*Find more affirmations for parents and family here >>

To Consider With Affirmations for children

Not only will these affirmations help kids with self-worth, courage, and confidence as they grow, but it also may open up some important conversations within your family.

What are your favorite positive affirmations for kids?

*Don’t miss this list of great breathing activities for kids to help with patience, anger, and more.

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