Revitalize Your Spring: 30-Day Self-Care Challenge for an Epic Recharge

Feeling a bit run-down lately? Tired? Or uninspired?

Imagine what a 30 day self care challenge could do for your mind, body, and spirit. Picture how putting yourself first for a small part of each day could transform your happiness and confidence.

It doesn’t have to take much! But it must start with a commitment.

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This self-care challenge can be done any time, but it makes for a lovely spring and summer renewal. The challenge ideas below are to declutter your space and mind, get you outside, and introduce new amazing wellness habits.

What do you have to lose by taking better care of yourself? Absolutely nothing! So, let’s get started!

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30-Day Refresh

Read on for 30 revitalizing self care challenge ideas, day by day:

Day 1: Go on a Leisurely Walk Alone

Let’s kick off the challenge by getting out in nature!

First, take a stroll on a nearby trail with trees and natural beauty. Notice the sights and sounds, and just let yourself be during the long walk.

Day 2: Declutter 10 Items

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s minds, but instead of moving around what you have, commit to letting go of 10 objects you no longer need.

The simple act may inspire more decluttering. But at the very least it will allow you to clear out a few things subconsciously weighing you down.

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Day 3: Try a New Water

Most of us would benefit from drinking more water, so today, try something new. Make a pitcher of fruit or lemon water, sip on herbal tea, or get yourself sparkling water you’ve never tried.

Perhaps you’ll find a new love that will keep you better hydrated!

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Day 4: Create a Vision Board

The amazing life we desire can’t happen without clear visions. So, get working on yours!

Check out a free vision board template and find great ideas for how to make an awesome board.

Pro Tip: If you make it in print, post it where you can see it daily. If you create it digitally, make it your phone and computer screen saver.

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Day 5: Be Good to Someone You Love

Doing good for others is good for us too.

So, what gift, thank you, or comment of appreciation can you leave someone today?

And remember: the smallest actions are better than the grandest intentions. So, don’t overthink it!

Day 6: Start a New Inspiring Book

Books have the unique ability to impart wisdom and inspire us to action. So, find a book today that you’ll be excited to read and will help you think about a concept in a new way.

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Day 7: Get Playful

Play a prank on your family. Hang your head out the car window for a quick head rush. Or just watch a movie you know will make you laugh.

Whatever you do, take a second today to stop taking life so seriously.

Because what’s the point if we can’t have a little fun along the way?

Day 8: Get a Massage

Studies show that massage reduces depression, anxiety, and heart rate. It also alters EEG patterns (the relaxation response) and reduces cortisol levels. (source)

All this said, have someone in your family work on your shoulders a bit today, use a massager, or treat yourself to a professional session.

Day 9: Detox From Social Media

self care challenge 2021: phone with social media

Not only is social media a comparison trap, but it sucks HOURS (averaging 2 hours and 20 minutes) of your time each day. According to this recent article, the projection is that the average person will spend 6 years and 8 months of their LIFE on social media.

So, take a social media break. Use that extra two hours today to take another walk instead. Or connect with your kids. Or keep reading that awesome book you started a few days ago.

If you find that a day detox feels good, stretch it to a week!

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Day 10: Write Down 3 Things You Are Grateful For

Gratitude is the BEST happiness hack out there. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. So, take a quick five minutes today and write down what you appreciate in your life. Feel that gratitude, and you’ll realize that you feel a lot happier as well.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” 

—Thornton Wilder

Need guidance on what to write? Check out these helpful gratefulness prompt >>

For more on gratitude, see:

Day 11: Do a Random Act of Kindness

Spread a little love to someone you don’t know today.

Here are a few easy ideas:

  • Pay it forward at the coffee drive-thru
  • Leave money and a special note in a library book
  • Let a stranger go in front of you in line
  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood

For more, check out these kindness activities to do as a family.

Day 12: Simplify/Detox in One Way

woman simplifying at work

What is more complicated than it needs to be? Often, when we’re overwhelmed, it’s because we’ve made something unnecessarily hard.

Ideas to simplify/detox:

  • Your clothes (the amount and rotation of clothes you wear)
  • Phone apps and notifications
  • Your email inbox
  • Work tasks (can you get a similar result with fewer steps? Can you eliminate?)

Choose the one off this list that bothers you most. One small action adds glorious space back into your day.

Day 13: Get/Give Yourself a Mani & Pedi

Treat yourself well!

Women (and moms especially) are last on the list of getting taken care of. Well, not today. Enjoy your bright nails!

Day 14: Try a New Healthy Recipe

Is dinner feeling stale lately? Or perhaps you’re eating out more than you’d like? Today, find a simple and healthy recipe. You’ll make it exciting to nourish your body.

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Day 15: Sit at a Park to People Watch

Stop in for a treat at your local coffee shop or smoothie place. Then, sit at the park watching the comings and goings.

Day 16: Meal Prep Healthy Food for the Next Week

30 day self care challenge calendar 2022, healthy food that has been meal prepped

Spend thirty minutes today, and your body will thank you all week long.

Make hardboiled eggs, throw together granola, or prep a few salads ahead. If you do it all at once, it’s a breeze!

And in my experience, when something healthy is ready for me in the fridge I’m 100% more likely to eat well.

Day 17: Listen to a New Podcast or Ted Talk

A day to get inspired! Wahoo!

Instead of streaming tv today, try out a Ted Talk. Or a new podcast about something you’re interested in. Get in the zone of inspiration, and you’ll be giving yourself a much better gift.

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*For a way to keep your self-care accountable, check out the free checklist below in the library!

I also offer a 59 page self-care planner that you can find HERE >>

Day 18: Organize One Small Thing

Pick one bite-size area in your home or car that has been bothering you lately. Perhaps it’s a drawer or fridge shelf. Be sure not to pick anything overwhelming! Now, clean it out and organize it.

See how much better that feels?!

Day 19: Spend 10 Minutes on Meditation or Prayer

Tony Robbins has said…

“If you don’t have 10 minutes you don’t have a life.”

If you can’t spare 10 minutes in your day to renew yourself, you need to evaluate how you’re living your life.

The words are direct and true. So, today’s challenge is not only to give yourself 10 minutes of silence, but also to evaluate whether you’re giving yourself enough space daily.

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Day 20: Air Out the House

30 self care challenge ideas for 30 days, 1 month, woman opening windows

Today’s 30-day self-care challenge idea is easy! When was the last time you let fresh air into your home? Consciously open the windows and let the breeze freshen up your space.

If you’re feeling moved to do so, change your sheets too. And consider purchasing a few small plants for better air quality.

Dr. Danielle Kelvas MD says, “We need adequate sunlight exposure to utilize vitamin D in our bodies. Spend as much time outside as possible. Open the windows. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot whenever possible. This is clinically proven to reduce inflammation.”

Day 21: Visit the Farmer’s Market

Any outdoor market will do! And, if the timing isn’t right, then schedule to go the next time you can. When you’re there, investigate the bright produce, smell the fresh baked goods, and revel in a lively atmosphere.

Day 22: Do a Date Night Outside

First, plan this date so it happens. Then, take a walk outside with your partner (or friend), eat outside, or go to an outdoor event together.

The point is to take advantage of the fresh air, Vitamin D, and the beauty of nature.

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Day 23: Eat Outside for a Meal

If you’re home, sit out on the patio. If you’d like to head out, take a picnic to the park. Or sit outside at your favorite restaurant.

Bonus: if you have small kids, eating outside is a lot less clean-up too!

Day 24: Get a Haircut

woman getting a haircut

Time for a fresh spring hair-do! Enjoy time to yourself at the salon and be present with that head massage during the shampooing.

Day 25: Buy Yourself Flowers

Appreciate the beauty the season brings. Pick up fresh, bright flowers. If you have wildflowers growing or a flower garden, cut those to put in your frequently visited indoor spaces.

Then, let them brighten your mood and put a pep in your step for days.

Day 26: Say 3 Affirmations to Yourself in the Mirror

The only approval I need is my own: affirmations on self love and loving

How you speak to yourself dictates every single action you take.

If you believe you’re confident, you will be.

If you believe you’re timid, you will act accordingly.

If you believe you’re beautiful, you’ll treat yourself that way.

See where I’m going with this? It’s time to be gentle, loving, and encouraging to YOURSELF. So, check out these powerful morning affirmations and self-love affirmations to find the words that are right for you.

Day 27: Take a Long Bath (or Shower)

Anything can be fixed with a long soak in the bath or the streaming of a hot shower.

Want to take it a step further? Make yourself a luxurious bath kit. There are ideas in the self-care kit.

Day 28: Do Yoga

Yoga is a beautiful form of exercise for self-care. It slows down your breathing and brings you to a meditative state. It forces you to focus on the task at hand, and you get a few minutes to sit and be present.

If Yoga isn’t your thing, try another form of movement you love. A walk in nature works. And a run always relieves stress for me.

Day 29: Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

30 day self care challenge 2022, beautiful sky

Next, get outside early or step out in the evening to watch the colors of the sun as it moves. Notice the waves it makes in the sky and the beauty of a simple sunrise or sunset.

How lucky we are to know the sun will be there for us every single day.

Day 30: Self-Care Challenge Reflection

And finally, the last day is a day for reflection. What actions in this challenge resonated with you the most? What can you use going forward?

*For even more ideas for your challenge, check out the

To Consider With the 30 Day Self Care Challenge

Now, take this challenge idea and personalize it, be flexible, and fit it into your budget. A few items on this list make for a spectacular Mother’s Day gift to yourself too.

You’ll love this challenge because you’re uplifting your entire life by taking better care of yourself.

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