A Year of Dates: Amazing & Unique Ideas for Holidays

Have you seen the movie on Netflix called Holidate?

It’s a recent corny (and inappropriate) romantic comedy. But it made us laugh.

The premise is two single people that meet and decide to get together only for holidays. This way, their families quit pestering them about dating and there’s no pressure for gifts or commitment.

A year of dates, ideas for holidays

After almost a year of holiday dates, the result is a predictable love story. However, there are plenty of ridiculous missteps and antics along the way.

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The movie was lighthearted. But the thing that struck me most was how much FUN they were having on these holiday dates.

So, today, I’m supplying a year of dates as a gift (I’m using it for Valentine’s Day) or just as fun ideas for different holidays this year.

12 Months of Date Ideas: Holiday Style

For each section, I’ll describe the date they do in the movie, plus other ideas! Mix and match, or keep them all at home. There’s a lot of variation you can do here!

New Year’s Eve

From the movie: Attended a New Year’s Eve party at a fancy club.

Other ideas for a NYE date:

  • Go out for lunch at your favorite place
  • Have a romantic dinner with music, candles, and flowers (after the kids go to bed)
  • Movie marathon your favorite series

Valentine’s Day

12 months of date ideas: Valentine's Day

Movie: Met by chance (she was blowing him off) inside a candy store, then they did chocolate tasting in a car.

Other great V-day ideas:

  • Make reservations to a fancy dinner place
  • Go on a getaway or have a hotel night all to yourselves
  • Play a romance game
  • Eat fondue style
  • Indulge in a corny romantic comedy
  • Build a blanket fort your kids would be jealous of
  • Have a “splurge” date (buy one indulgence in food, drink, clothing, activity etc.)

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St. Patrick’s Day

Movie: Went to a bar with friends dressed in green, wigs, and face paint.

More for St. Pats:

  • Take a tour of a whiskey distillery


A year of dates: Easter

Movie: Brunch with her family.

Other special Easter dates:

  • Go for a long springtime stroll
  • Snuggle and relax in a hammock together
  • Make a sexy Easter basket (or two)
  • Watch the sunset together with champagne
  • Dye your own Easter eggs without the kids

Mother’s Day

Movie: Lunch with her mom.

More ideas mom will love:

  • Enjoy a bubble bath or spa date together.
  • Stroll through the farmer’s market and stop for brunch
  • Go on a couples hike and pack a picnic
  • Go to a wine tasting (or have one at home)
  • Walk through a botanical or rose garden together

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Cinco De Mayo

Movie: A wild night of Mexican food, shots, and photo booth taking

Other great fiesta date ideas:

  • Prepare your own Mexican feast with decorations
  • Put on Mariachi music
  • Use YouTube to learn the Mexican hat dance, salsa, tango, or another fun latin dance
  • Take your own selfies with a sombrero and decor
  • Invite a friend couple for a festive deck dinner and drinks

4th of July

A year of date ideas: 4th of July

Movie: Fireworks with family at the lake.

Additional Independence Day fun:

  • Go on a day trip somewhere
  • Sneak away to a cabin or beach house
  • Go see a drive-in movie
  • Get sparklers and decipher what your partner writes in the sky
  • Hit an outdoor concert
  • Go to the pool or beach together (just the two of you)
  • Have a movie night with classics like Independence Day or The Patriot

*Some of these ideas also work well for Memorial Day!

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Labor Day

Movie: Attended a wedding.

More for Labor Day:

  • Host a potluck barbecue
  • Visit a national or state park
  • Go on an unplanned road trip. Pack up and see where the car takes you!
  • Go camping (as a family, or just the two of you)
  • Hit the movie theater to see a fun film
  • Rent a tandem bike and go exploring


Movie: Went to a Halloween costume party.

Other spooky date ideas:

  • Go through a haunted house together
  • Take a late-night walk in the cemetery
  • Make caramel apples together
  • Watch a horror movie cuddled up on the couch
  • Have a bonfire and s’mores night
  • Host a murder mystery party
  • Make Halloween treats together
  • Dress in your own sexy Halloween costumes after the kids go to bed

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Thanksgiving a year of dates

Movie: Grocery shopping before getting together with family.

More turkey day favorites:

  • Have a pie baking contest
  • Volunteer together
  • Go on a scenic drive
  • Host a Friendsgiving
  • Do a Turkey Trot together
  • Get up early and enjoy a simple breakfast and coffee before the day with family

More Holiday Dates

Now, that’s it for the movie, as the story ends right before Christmas. But no worries, I added these other holidays to complete a year of dates for you!

Father’s Day

  • Workout together, then grab lunch at an outside patio
  • Go fishing (or hunting, shooting, etc.) – make a date out of what dad loves to do!
  • Find lyrics on Youtube and belt out your favorite tunes together

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make a Christmas eve box

  • Have a Christmas shopping date. Get your shopping done and enjoy each other.
  • Make some holiday goodies and taste test by candlelight
  • Go to a coffee shop and get a hot chocolate to savor there or at home
  • Go on a car date and drive around to see the lights

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Last but not least, don’t forget this important holiday!

  • Go on a romantic getaway
  • Visit the spot from your first date (reenact the date)
  • Share a favorite beverage while reviewing pictures of you together
  • Stay at a bed and breakfast
  • Take a long walk under the stars

*The ideas from Valentine’s Day also work well here!

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*Looking for date ideas for a holiday not listed? Leave a comment below and I’ll help brainstorm ideas! 😊

Make 12 Months of Dates Into a Gift

How to make a year of dates into a gift

Now, to make this a gift, decide on what dates to do for each holiday and write them out. Pay for anything you can ahead of time, and set up a babysitter early to make it easiest to execute when the holidays come!

Find more date gift basket ideas HERE!

But, Be Flexible With Your Year of Dates

If you are parents you know that many holidays are now family territory. And that’s ok!

Schedule your dates for a week before the actual holiday if it interferes with your family plans, or include the family if necessary. Quality time is what’s important!

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To Consider With A Year of Dates

Along with some juicy love coupons, this will be my gift for hubby this year! I think it’s something we’ll both enjoy enormously.

What are you going to do for a year of dates in your home? And check out these fun gift baskets for families if you need unique ideas for everyone!

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A Year of Date Ideas for Holidays