11 Epic Summer Staycation Ideas for Superior Fun

The days all look alike now that it’s summer. Is it Monday? Or Thursday?

These walls are closing in like a bad horror movie!

summer staycation ideas

Ok, this could just be at my house. But still.

Yes, vacations are amazing! But sometimes you just can’t get away. Or it’s not enough. In these cases, the secret to keeping cabin fever at bay is a magnificent staycation, specifically designed to bring more fun and relaxation into your life.

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So, read on for how to build your home oasis with these epic staycation ideas!

Prep Is Key

prep for your best staycation

First, it’s important to prepare beforehand.

Mama should NOT be doing a lot of work during this vacay at home! So, be sure to do these tasks with your family before the vacation starts:

  • Take off work, or plan your workload accordingly
  • Do laundry
  • Have a family clean up time (or use this template to get the kids going)
  • Buy some disposable dishes and utensils (Put together a picnic bag if you plan on eating outside a lot!)
  • Make a few freezer mealsbreakfasts lunches (for days you don’t eat out)
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Decide on a budget for eating out, supplies, and activities

Your future completely-relaxed self will thank you for all this, I promise.

Epic Ideas for a Staycation

Um, what do you do on a vacation at home? Check out these fun summer staycation ideas!

1. “Visit” a Tropical Locale

While you may not be able to GO anywhere exotic, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it home with you. Japan or Mexico anyone?

We’re planning one night in Hawaii right in our own living room. We’ll be checking out this virtual national park visit, sipping fruity drinks, checking out pictures of the beach (or visiting one nearby), and playing in water.

Luckily, we have a Hawaiian restaurant down the street and an easy way to find music. It’s improvising at its finest.

2. Have a Self-Care Day

staycation ideas, a self care day

As a mom, self-care days are my dream’s dream. One day to do nothing but pamper myself? Heck yes.

It’s about giving yourself permission to pause. Which we rarely do.

So, make yourself a pitcher of fruit-infused water and plan a day of pure relaxation! My ideal wellness day looks like this:

  • detox bath
  • a new book I can’t wait to read
  • easy nails or nail polish
  • trip to the coffee shop
  • facial mask
  • a light tv show such as “Friends” or “The Office”
  • meditation
  • walking in nature or another form of light exercise

*Find more self-care activities here >>

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3. Get Out of the House

If possible, get out.

A staycation should not be glued to your home. So, take a morning to buy fresh food at the Farmer’s Market, try a new exercise class, or visit a museum.

We are considering visiting the zoo and spending a night in a nearby hotel (if it’s safe to do so).

And, no matter what, parks are open. So take advantage with open-air picnics, water recreation, and playing as often as possible.

4. Go Camping

camping for your staycation

Whether it’s a campground or the backyard, time in nature is always good for you!

So, pick one night to pitch those tents. Then, go all out. Roast some hot dogs and marshmallows and enjoy an evening by the fire. Read for more fun backyard at home family staycation ideas.

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5. Buy a Few Fun Supplies

Inevitably, there will be downtime on this staycation, so purchase or borrow a few supplies that the family will enjoy.

Also, for our staycation, the kids are picking out a book and a craft project for the week. It will give them something to look forward to, and keep them busy when mom and dad want to relax.

summer staycation

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6. Plan a Date Night

It’s vacation. So, it’s a must that mom and dad take at least one night to themselves.

If no babysitting is available, have the kids watch tv or go to bed early. Then, set up something special (but easy) for just the two of you. There’s no better time to create an amazing charcuterie board and pour a few glasses of champagne.

Celebrate your vacation! And the fact that you’re able to relax for a few moments.

Check out this awesome charcuterie board!

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7. Road Trip

staycation ideas, road trip time

Many of us live within an hour or two of a place we’ve never explored.

So, hop in the car and see a new place, even if it’s just a beautiful drive in the country. Plus, state and national parks are beautiful this time of year!

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8. Movie Day

Like the self-care day, this one is simply to relax. Block out time to stay in your jammies and watch inspirational family friendly movies all day. Then, get out the snacks and for a short while, throw parenting and nutrition out the window.

Because, hey, you’re on vacation.

9. Give Back

A week of rest is a wonderful opportunity to do something nice for someone. Engage in a random act of kindness, volunteer, or simply buy some pantry supplies to give to a church.

There’s nothing like feeling good during your time off!

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10. Have a Cooking Night

staycation ideas with your family, cooking

Love cooking but sick of making dinner? I’m with you.

Spend one night getting together recipes and try making an elaborate dessert or even a four-course meal. Do it for the art and science of cooking and not the quick result for once!

11. Do a Fun House Project

Finally, a week off of work and to-dos is a great time to tackle a house project you’ve been putting off for forever.

So, take one day out to paint your hallway or shop for fun decor for the front porch. Don’t pick anything too strenuous here, but a small project to brighten up your home will be worth it.

And of all the staycation ideas, this one will be a visual reminder later of your week of fun.

4 Quick Staycation Tips

Next, incorporate these tips for your truly superior staycation.

Do a Digital Detox

summer staycation tips, put your phone away

If all of your downtime is spent glued to your phone or the news, you’ll be missing the point. And please, don’t think you’re immune to the pull of technology. None of us are. It’s imperative to plan ahead!

So before, plan for at least a few phone-free days or set alarms for times of day when your technology is firmly put away. Place your computer in a different location out of easy reach.

This will also help you step away from work obligations and email to FULLY relax.

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Shake Up Your Routines

This can be a problem.

Sometimes, staycations are challenging for moms because the environment is no different. We’re still home. So, we feel we should still be working.

BUT, your staycation MUST not look like your typical week. So, no chores for anyone. No checklists for the kids. And shake up your morning and night routines.

Operate more out of pleasure than obligation for your vacation, and the change of pace will do you good.

Try New Things

Next, take this opportunity to check out a new barbecue restaurant or hiking trail. Or learn an interesting skill on YouTube.

Do something outside of your comfort zone!

This will make you feel alive, and you can even pick an item off of that summer bucket list you created (like running a 10K).

Plan Ahead

Next, whatever you do, don’t wait until the week of to figure out what you’re going to do. Have a flexible schedule and sign up for things ahead of time.

This will relieve stress, and make sure that you’re not wasting your vacation trying to find activities to do and places to eat.

Something to Consider With Staycations

summer staycation ideas

Finally, don’t forget to treat yo self just as you would if you were out. Splurge on a few dinners out or coffee to brighten up your morning. And enjoy the freedom of a week to do exactly what you want, when you want.

Honestly, in our home, we may use these staycation ideas several times during the summer to keep things fun and adventurous.

What are your favorite staycation ideas? Share in the comments!

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