160 Best Summer Trivia Questions (With Answers) 2024

Add summer trivia questions to all your events to maximize summer fun. Enjoy relaxing with loved ones while learning new and interesting facts about summer.

Host A Summer Trivia Event

Organize a summer trivia event for a fun and engaging way to connect with friends and family.

  1. Choose an outdoor location.
  2. Decide on the summer trivia questions and categories from this list.
  3. Divide the group into teams and decide how you will keep score.
  4. Have a small prize for the winning team.
  5. Don’t forget the summer food and drinks!

Jump around to the summer trivia section of your choice using the Table of Contents!

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Summer Song and Music Trivia Questions

First, from oldies to pop hits of today, test your knowledge of summer song and music trivia.

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1. What 1980s girl band sang “Cruel Summer”?


2. Which music artist had a dance hit called “Summer Love”?

Justin Timberlake

3. Which song by Carly Rae Jepsen peaked in the summer of 2012 and spent 9 weeks at No. 1?

“Call Me Maybe”

4. Which song was featured in the movie “Caddyshack”?

“Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran

5. “Wipe Out” was the summer hit of 1963. Who created it?

The Surfaris

couple sitting on the beach playing the guitar

6. “Summertime Sadness” was featured on this artist’s 2012 album.

Lana Del Ray

7. Who wrote and sang the 1980s hit “Boys of Summer”?

Don Henley

8. Which artist had the hit “Summer of “69”?

Bryan Adams

9. “Watermelon Sugar” was written and recorded by what artist?

Harry Styles

10. The song “Summer Nights” is from which 1978 movie?


11. Who sang the 1970s rock anthem “Schools Out”?

Alice Cooper

12. Nelly had a hot song that spent seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2022. What song was it?

“Hot in Herre”


summer music trivia questions: great songs

The Beach Boys

14. “Summertime, when the livin’s ______.” Finish this lyric by Sublime.


15. Which reggae artist covered Mungo Jerry’s summer song “In The Summertime”?


16. Which pop star sings the 2014 hit “Cool for the Summer?”

Demi Lovato

17. According to the Beach Boys, where would you find a little place called “Kokomo?”

Off the Florida Keys

18. Kenny Chesney also has a famous song about this season. What is it called?


19. Finish the lyrics: “Calling’ out around the world, Are you ready for a brand new beat, Summer’s here and the time is right, For dancing in the _________.”


20. In which summer did the music festival Woodstock take place?


21. Which New York band wrote and recorded “Summer in the City” in 1966?

The Lovin’ Spoonful

22. Which American singer and songwriter was known as the “Queen of Disco”?

Donna Summer

23. Sir Mix-a-Lot had a song that peaked in July of 1992 and spent five weeks on the Hot 100 Billboard. What was the name of the song?

“Baby Got Back”

24. “I Swear” was this quartet’s song that peaked in the summer of 1994.


25. Which popular band recorded the 1969 classic “Here Comes The Sun”?

The Beatles

26. What is the first line of the Copacabana song?

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl.


questions about summer songs

Answer: A

28. What was the most-streamed song on Spotify in the U.S. during the summer of 2022?

A. “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush

B. “As It Was” by Harry Styles

C. “Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny

D. “About Damn Time” by Lizzo

Answer: B

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Beach Trivia

Beaches are the top vacation destination for Americans (source). So feel the sand in your toes and the sun on your face. Warm up your summer trivia skills with these fun facts about the beach.

Don’t forget your sunscreen!

seashell in sand with the ocean in the background

29. What U.S. city is South Beach in?


30. What State is Santa Monica Beach located in?


31. What was the first public beach in the U.S.?

Revere Beach in Massachusetts

32. On which Hawaiian island is Waikiki Beach located?


33. Clearwater Beach is found in what U.S. state?


34. Where is Bondi Beach?

Sydney, Australia

35. What does a red beach warning flag mean?

High surf and/or strong currents are present

36. On which beach is the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world held?

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (See: New Year Trivia Quiz)

37. What country is Pig Beach located in?

The Bahamas

38. What ocean is the home of the island of Tahiti?

Pacific Ocean

39. What is the name of the Mexican coast that goes from Cancun to Tulum?

Riviera Maya


facts about the beach

It’s a pink beach

41. Where is Seven Mile Beach which is known for it’s white sand and crystal clear water?

Negril, Jamaica

42. What beach in Thailand became more popular after the film “The Beach” was shot there?

Maya Bay

43. Cape Cod is another popular U.S. destination for beachgoers. Which state is it located in?


44. What beach is known as one of the best beaches on the east coast of Australia?

Surfers Paradise Beach

45. What 1/2 mile beach in Hawaii has been consistently ranked among the best beaches in the world?

Lanikai Beach

46. Where does black sand come from?

Eroded volcanic materials (basalt and lava)

47. Where does the famous white sand beaches of Hawaii come from?

Parrotfish poop (source)

48. This beach in Australia is made up of trillions of tiny shells.

Shell Beach

49. True or False: Water covers about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface.


50. What underwater ecosystem protects coastlines from storms and erosion?

Coral Reefs


trivia questions for summer; facts about the beach


52. What famous spring break beach has more than 100 public beach access points?

Panama City Beach

53. If you are swimming in the ocean and get caught by this, swim parallel to the shore rather than straight against it. What is it?

A rip current

54. What sand feature acts as storm barriers during?

Sand dunes

55. What is the longest continuous beach in America?

Long Beach, WA- It’s 28 miles long.

56. When was the first beach ball invented?

A. 1910

B. 1920

C. 1928

D. 1938

Answer: D

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Summer Food & Drink Trivia Questions

Next, we all love to talk about food! And summertime food trivia questions are all about fresh foods and cookouts. Don’t forget the drinks for those hot summer nights!

summer picnic, lemonade and watermelon

57. Spanish Red is a variety of what?


58. What berry can be red, golden, or black?


59. If you like Pina Coladas, visit this country, as it is the national drink. Which country is it?

Puerto Rico

60. Which ice cream flavor is the most popular?


61. This delicious summertime fruit is called rock melons in Australia. What are they known as in the U.S.?


62. Which summertime vegetable has 800 kernels on average?


63. When you are throwing burgers on the grill, remember that they originate from what country?


64. What classic summer cocktail invented in Cuba contains mint, sugar, lime, and rum?

The Mojito

65. What cheese is in a Greek salad?

Feta cheese

66. What sliced cheese is in the Italian Salad Caprese along with tomatoes and basil?


67. What delicious summer drink which includes wine and fruit comes from Spain?



summer food trivia questions


69. Margaritas are a refreshing summertime cocktail made with what type of alcohol?


70. What type of lettuce is used in a Caesar salad?


71. What three flavors make up Neapolitan ice cream?

Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry

72. What was the leading ice cream brand sold in the U.S. in 2022?

Ben & Jerry’s

73. What is the Italian word for ice cream?


74. What summer seafood is now a delicacy but was once considered “poor man’s protein?


75. What soup is served cold?


76. What summertime food is often associated with camping? It requires a melted marshmallow.


77. The ice cream cone was produced by Italo Marchiony in New York City and patented in what year? (source)

A. 1900

B. 1903

C. 1890

D. 1910

Answer: B- 1903

78. How tall was the tallest ice cream cone?

A. 4 ft

B. 1 ft

C. 9 ft

D. 10 ft

Answer: C- 9 ft 2.63 in.

79. Name the cool summer sweets in these pictures.

food trivia questions; fun facts about summer

Answer: A- Bomb pops, B- Slushy, C- Ice cream sandwich, D- Sundae, E- Gelato, F- Snow cone

80. Which ingredient is not found in a Cobb salad?

A. Tuna

B. Eggs

C. Bacon

D. Chicken

Answer: A-Tuna

81. How much water is in a watermelon?

A: 99%

B: 92%

C: 80%

D: 85%

Answer: B-92%

82. How many seeds does the average strawberry contain?

A. 200

B. 100

C. 50

D. 300

Answer: A- 200 seeds

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Summer Celebrations Trivia

Do you know how summer is celebrated around the world? Test your knowledge about these summer celebrations.

fireworks in the sky; summer celebrations

83. How did ancient pagans celebrate midsummer?

With a bonfire

84. In which country are you most likely to celebrate Christmas with a “barbie” on the beach?


85. Where do people in England gather to celebrate the summer solstice?


86. Where in New York holds a hot dog contest on Independence Day?

Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York City

87. Which U.S. city hosts a UFO festival every year in July?

Roswell, New Mexico

88. Which holiday marks the unofficial end of summer in the United States?

Labor Day

89. Where is the U.S. music festival Lollapalooza held each summer?


90. Which holiday is the biggest event in summer in the U.S.?

The Fourth of July


trivia quiz about summer celebrations and the fourth of July

To celebrate our independence from Britain.

92. What does Pride Month each June celebrate?

The rights of LGBTQ+ people

93. In which state can you attend a summer festival dedicated to Elvis Presley?

Tupelo, Mississippi- Elvis’s birthplace

94. What day signals the unofficial kickoff to summer?

Memorial Day

95. What does Memorial Day honor?

Those fallen in combat. (See Memorial Day Trivia Questions & Answers)

96. How do Americans celebrate the 4th of July?

With fireworks

97. What is celebrated on Juneteenth?

The end of slavery in the U.S.

98. When is National Ice Cream Day celebrated in the United States?

The third Sunday in July


summer history trivia about holidays

Answer: B-National Pool Noodle Day

100. What national holiday is celebrated in summer for all the dad’s out there?

Father’s Day

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Summer Movie Quiz Questions

Late nights and popcorn. We all love movies during the summer!

popcorn; summer movie trivia

101. Which actor portrayed Chuck Nolan in Cast Away?

Tom Hanks

102. Where does Weekend at Bernie’s take place?

The Hamptons

103. Who directed the movie Jaws?

Steven Spielberg

104. Which Harry Potter character died on the beach?


105. What genre does the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer belong to?


106. In this 1987 comedy, a high school gym teacher is forced to teach remedial English class during the summer.

Summer School

107. John Candy stars in this 1985 movie about a family hoping to stay in a plush resort but gets a hut by the beach instead.

Summer Rental


movie trivia for summer

Answer: A- Jaws

109. What movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio sets out as a solitary beach paradise vacation in Thailand?

The Beach

110. In the summer of 1962, a new kid in town is taken under the wing of a baseball team. What movie is this?

The Sandlot

111. Johhny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow in these adventure movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean

112. Which famous family drives across the country to visit Walley World theme park in National Lampoon’s Vacation?

The Griswold family

113. Two movies helped surfing gain popularity. Name one of them.

Gidget and The Endless Summer

114. In this popular musical from 1978, we follow the summer fling of two teenagers after they go back to high school.



Summertime Sports Trivia

Learn something new and quiz a friend with this summer sports trivia section.

person surfing in the ocean; sports trivia

115. In which two months are the Summer Olympics usually held?

July and August

116. When and where were the first modern Olympics held?

1896 in Athens, Greece

117. This sport has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since they began in 1896. It began in 1868 with a 1200-meter race between the entrance and fountains of Saint-Cloud Park in Paris. What sport is it?


118. How many times has the U.S. hosted the Summer Olympics?


119. Which city will the U.S. host the Summer Olympics in 2028?

Los Angeles

120. Which athlete has the most Olympic medals?

Michael Phelps

121. Which beach sport became official in 1986?

Beach volleyball

122. This summer pastime was originally invented as pie plates, but college students began throwing them around in the 1940s.

Throwing frisbees

123. Which state is known as the “Sunshine State”?


124. True or False: Surfing is thousands of years old?



weird summer trivia questions and answers for adults; June; July; August

Hanging five

126. Where is the most popular surfing spot in the world?


127. Who is Margo Oberg?

The first female professional surfer

128. This sport was first played in the 18th century, is popular in America, and has athletes like Mike Trout and Bryce Harper. What is it?


129. This outdoor and indoor sport has a 3-hit rule to keep the momentum of the game.


130. What type of race is the Tour de France?

Bicycle race

131. Who pitched the only no-hit game in World Series history?

Don Larsen in 1956

132. How many players are on a baseball team?


133. What is the most stolen base in baseball?

Second base

134. What is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament played each summer?


135. What is the sporting event held every year on Memorial Day weekend?

Indianapolis 500

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Random Trivia About Summer

Finish this quiz with more random facts about summer, travel, and nature.

summertime words in the sand; trivia

136. What year was the “Summer of Love”?


137. True or False: The month of July is named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.


138. True or False: The UV rays from the sun can harm your skin in 15 minutes.

True (source)

139. What does “SPF” stand for?

Sun protection factor- The number indicates how long it would take for the sun’s UVB rays to redden your skin after applying.

140. What are the three zodiac signs of summer?

Cancer, Leo, Virgo

141. What is considered the hottest place on Earth?

Death Valley, California

142. Between what dates can the summer solstice fall?

June 20-22 (Related: Best June Trivia Quiz)

143. Which country has the biggest water park in the world?


144. Which vitamin do you get from sunshine?

Vitamin D

145. When this star appears in the sky just before the Sun it marks the beginning of “the dog days of summer”. What is the name of this star?

Sirius, the Dog Star

146. Where did the largest summer bikini parade take place on August 19, 2012?

Huludao City, Liaoning, China


flower nature quiz

The sunflower

148. Which insect is most prevalent during the summer? (It’s annoying and dangerous in some places too)


149. Which insect sounds can you use to find out the temperature?

Cricket chirps (find out how here)

150. Records show that summers are getting hotter and hotter. What do we call this phenomenon?

Global warming

151. True or False: Between May and September, Americans consume 6 billion hot dogs.

False- It’s actually seven billion

152. What is the number one tourist attraction in the United States? (source)

The Grand Canyon

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153. Which U.S. state is the coolest in the summer?


154. Which summer month was known by the ancient Romans as “Sextilis”, meaning sixth?


155. What refers to exceptionally hot and humid weather that occurs during summer?

Dog Days

156. What day, in which night and date are about the same length, signals the end of summer?

Autumnal Equinox

157. What insect can typically be seen on summer evenings?

Fireflies or lightning bugs

158. What tower actually grows up to nearly six inches in summer due to metal expansion on hot days?

The Eiffel Tower

159. What month does summer start in the Southern Hemisphere?


160. Have you ever fried an egg on the sidewalk? There is an actual day just for this during which summer month? (summer national holidays)


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To Consider With Summer Trivia Questions

Summer trivia is fun to enjoy and learn about this season as well as connect with others.

I hope you enjoyed playing!

Next, look here for more great trivia and questions for the entire family!

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