175 Fun Road Trip Trivia Questions and Answers (2024)

Family road trip trivia questions include cool geography, pop culture, and bizarre things. They are great for young kids and adults alike. And perfect for passing the time in the car.

Your whole family will be laughing and saying “wow!”

Car road trip trivia questions and answers for your next ride

How do you play road trip trivia?

Test everyone at random or separate into teams and keep score.

Use the table of contents below to find the trivia that’s right for you!

Easy Kid Road Trip Trivia For Toddlers

First, if you have young kids, these trivia questions are simple and fun!

1. Where does Santa live?

The North Pole

2. Who is Lightning McQueens best friend?


3. Where do the Paw Patrol live?

Adventure Bay

4. What planet do we live on?


5. What big yellow vehicle is used to take kids to school?


Road trip trivia for kids and adults pin

6. The wheels on the bus go:

Round and round

7. Elsa and Anna live in:


8. What color is a stop sign


9. What three colors make up a stoplight?

Green, yellow, red

family in the car with toddler

10. Where can you visit Mickey Mouse?

Disneyworld or Disneyland

11. What transportation is used to fly?


12. Elmo lives on what street?

Sesame Street

13. What does Daniel Tiger ride to go through the neighborhood?


14. How many colors are in the rainbow?


15. What fruit do raisins start as?


Good U.S Road Trip Trivia Questions

Map of US

16. What is the largest U.S. state by population?


17. How many states start with the letter “A”?


18. How many states start with the letter “M”?


19. What is the largest city in the U.S?

New York City

20. Which state is the largest by landmass?


21. What is the smallest U.S. state?

Rhode Island

22. How many states make up the United States?


23. Which state was the last to join the United States?


24. Where does the president of the United States live while in office?

The White House

25. What color are the stars on the American flag?


26. The title of the U.S. national anthem is?

Star Spangled Banner

27. Who was the first president?

George Washington

28. What day of the year is Independence Day?


Best road trip trivia for family and kids of the U.S.

The Statue of Liberty

30. True or False: There are volcanoes in the U.S.


31. How many National Parks are in the United States?

a. 424

b. 30

c. 123

A. 424 (nps.gov)

32. How is the president selected?

By voting

33. True or False: Christopher Columbus discovered America.

False (Leif Erikson)

34. Chicago is nicknamed the “_______ City”.

“Windy City”

35. What is the widest river in the United States?

Mississippi River

36. Which is a popular landmark in the U.S?

a. Eiffel Tower

b. Hoover Dam

c. Colosseum

b. Hoover Dam

37. What three colors feature on the American flag?

Red, white, and blue

38. What is the national bird of the United States?

Bald eagle

39. In which U.S. city would you find the Golden Gate Bridge?

San Francisco

40. Which American city is known as “The Big Easy”?

New Orleans

41. In which U.S. state would you find Mount Rushmore?

South Dakota

Fun Movie & Disney Trivia

Goofy at DisneyWorld

42. What is the theme song for the 2006 movie Cars?

Life is a Highway

43. In the movie Luca, Luca and Alberto were saving up for what?

A Vespa (moped)

44. The Hogwarts Express is what kind of transportation?


45. What platform do students of Hogwarts enter the Hogwarts Express?

9 ¾  (Find more on Harry Potter in our fun book trivia)

46. What does Batman use for transportation?

The Batmobile

47. Where does Simba live in The Lion King?

Pride Rock

48. The Disney movie Mulan is based in what country?


49. True or False: The Jungle Cruise is a movie and a ride


50. In Onward the two elf brothers go on a road trip, also called a:


51. Nemo is taken to what Australian city in Finding Nemo?



Movie and disney road trip trivia questions for your family car ride


53. The Black Panther is from:


54. What is the name of the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean?

The Black Pearl

55. Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria get stuck in what African country?


56. Kids True or False: Zooptopia is a real city


57. What unusual way do Carl and Russell travel in the movie UP?

By balloon

58. In what movie do Goof and his teenage son Max go on an adventurous road trip?

The Goofy Movie

59. True or False: The movie Brave is set in Scotland


60. Remy and Linguini dream of becoming renowned chefs in what French city (Ratatouille)?


61. In the Disney movies Herbie, Herbie is what?

a. An animal

b. A car

c. A baby

Answer: B. a car. Related: Movie Car Trivia

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Funny Road Trip Trivia Questions and Answers

These trivia questions for your road trip are sure to make you giggle!

family laughing in the car

62. What type of doctor invented cotton candy?

A dentist

63. Which month has 28 days?

All of them!

64. What animal breathes out of its butt?


65. If you combine a donkey and a zebra it’s called a:


66. What vegetable can turn you orange?

A carrot

67. What do opossums do in order to not be attacked?

Play dead

68. What food is thrown in the world’s biggest food fight held yearly in Spain?


69. True or False: People eat rotten shark as a dinner dish!

True (the national dish of Iceland)

70. How many lives is it said that a cat has?


71. True or false: Babies are born without kneecaps.

True. They are born with cartilage in their knees that hardens as they grow.

72. True or false: Some fish cough.

True! (To clear particles and bacteria out of their gills)

73. It’s possible to sneeze with your eyes open.


74. The brain can multitask up to three things at one time.

False. The brain is actually not capable of multitasking. What you are doing when you “multitask” is switching your attention back and forth.

75. Between a fart, cough, and sneeze which travels at the fastest speed?

The sneeze.

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Family Pop Culture Road Trip Trivia

Next, how cool are you? These road trip trivia questions will find out!

woman with hands in the air, pop culture fun and easy

76. Pop Culture is short for?

Popular culture

77. “LOL” stands for?

Laugh Out Loud

78. “Swifties” are fans of what singer?

Taylor Swift

79. What day is Star Wars day?

May 4th (Try Star Wars trivia questions too!)

80. How many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are there?


81. In Minecraft, what is one of the smallest “mobs” in the game?

You could say: Endermites, Rabbits, Tropical Fish, Silver Fish, Baby Turtles

82. The NBA stands for what?

National Basketball Association

83. What is Spiderman’s real name?

Peter Parker

84. In Encanto, we don’t talk about _____?


85. What popular social media platform lets you watch millions of short videos?

Tik Tok

86. What is the name of the popular battle royale video game?


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87. What is the title of the origin story of Buzz Lightyear?


88. Who is the loveable creature from The Mandalorian?

Baby Yoda (The Child)

89. Blue is the name of what kind of dinosaur in Jurassic World


90. What does the slang word “suss” mean?

It’s a short word for “suspicious.” As in, “you’ve been acting suss. Something’s up.”

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Geography Trivia Questions For Road Trip

fun family road trip geography questions and answers games

91. What is the largest ocean in the world?

Pacific Ocean

92. Where is the Great Pyramid of Giza?


93. True or False: Angel Falls in Venezuela has the world’s highest waterfall


94. The world is made up of how many continents?

a. 6

b. 8

c. 7

Answer: C. 7

95. What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Mount Everest

96. How many Wonders of the World are there?


97. What is the name of the river that flows through the Brazilian rainforest?

The Amazon

98. True or False: Amsterdam has more canals than Venice?


99. What is the longest man-made structure in the world?

The Great Wall of China

100. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is what?

A (Geothermal) spa

101. How many oceans are in the world?

5 (Most countries now recognize the Southern Antarctic as the 5th ocean)

102. The Great Barrier Reef can be found off of which country?


103. What is the Aurora Borealis more commonly known as?

The Northern Lights

104. What is the name of the longest river in Africa?

The Nile

105. What is the coldest place on Earth?


Great Animal Road Trip Trivia

Animals have tons of exciting features. Here are just a few trivia questions to keep you entertained on the road trip.

Cheetah in the grass

106. What is the fastest land animal?


107. A family of lions is called a?


108. What is the largest mammal in the world?


109. What is the tallest animal?


110. What do caterpillars turn into?


111. True or False: A tortoise can live up to 100 years old


112. A baby goat is called a:


113. A baby koala is called a:


114. What animal is covered in quills?


115. True or False: A komodo dragon is a real dragon

False (lizard)


Fun animal trivia questions for your road trips in the car


117. What do snakes use to smell?

a. Nose

b. Tongue

c. Toes

Answer: B. Tongue

118. A spider has how many legs?


119. True or False: Alligators and crocodiles are the same

False (multiple characteristics make them different)

120. What does a snake shed?

It’s skin

121. Which animal can stand on its tail?


122. True or False: All pandas are black and white

False (Red pandas)

123. How do otters keep from drifting apart while they sleep?

They hold hands (How cute!)

124. What is the slowest animal in the world?

Three Toed Sloth

125. What animal will spray a stench when it’s threatened?


126. This animal is the most popular pet in the world:



Fun General Trivia For Kids or Adults

These are great general knowledge car trip trivia questions for anyone!

family in the car waving

127. What is the most common eye color in the world?


128. Fingerprints aren’t the only thing unique to a person. So are….

Tongue prints

129. Where is the largest active volcano in the world?


130. Patrick Mahomes represents which sport?

Football (Related: Football Trivia Questions & Answers)

131. How do you know if an earthworm is a boy or a girl?

You don’t. Earthworms have both male and female parts.

132. Ketchup was once thought to be an aid for what ailment?


133. What percentage of Earth does water cover?

About 70%

134. Do men’s or women’s hearts beat faster?


135. How many miles away is the Alaska and Russia border?

2 miles.

136. What is the longest border between countries in the world?

The border between the U.S. and Canada.

137. The most expensive book ever purchased was bought by Bill Gates for 30.8 million. Who was the author of this book?

Leonardo Da Vinci

138. How much of your brain is made up of water?


139. How many years does the average person spend sleeping in their lifetime?

About 26 years

140. How many noses does a slug have?

Four (And 3,000 teeth!)


general funny family road trip trivia questions and games


142. Does Mars have a higher or lower gravity than Earth?

Lower. This means that you would weigh less on Mars.

143. How many hours does it take for your body to fully digest food?

6-8 hours to pass through the stomach and small intestine. 36 hours to pass fully through your colon. (MayoClinic)

144. True or false: The human brain can not feel pain.


145. Can lightning strike twice?


146. What country is the smallest country in the world?

Vatican City

147. What fruit is the only fruit to have seeds on the outside?


148. Aside from being president, Abraham Lincoln was also a champion


149. What is Arithmophobia the fear of?


150. What country is the world’s largest island?


151. What does “www” stand for in your website browser?

World wide web

152. What phobia do you have if you have a fear of storms?


153. What is it called when you have a list of things you want to achieve in your lifetime?

A bucket list (See great bucket list examples)

154. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

Marie Curie

155. Which plant does latex usually come from?

Rubber (The Brazilian Rubber Tree)

Road Trip Trivia Couples Questions

Finally, these road trip questions are great for adults and couples who want to quiz each other!

couple in the car taking a picture

156. Are men or women more likely to snore?


157. Can men or women see a larger spectrum of colors?


158. Do men or women have thicker skin?

Men. By 25%

159. True or false: Women make testosterone.

True (It’s just in lower levels than men)

160. Do men or women process threats better?


161. Can men get yeast infections?


162. Are men or women more likely to be a night owl?



road trip trivia questions and answers for couples example


164. Do men or women tend to be better at trivia?


165. At what age is the average couple getting married these days?

In 2021, the median age for the first wedding among women (in the United States) was 28.6 years. For men, the median age was 30.6 years. This number has been increasing since 1998. (Statista)

166. Who has a better sense of smell and taste?

Women tend to have more neurons in their olfactory bulbs that help them smell, and they have more taste buds than men.

167. Is the rate of American divorces rising or falling?

It’s falling overall. (Though it’s rising in people over 50+)

168. Who is more sensitive to cold temperatures?


169. True or false: Your nose gets colder when you lie.

False. It actually gets warmer.

170. Do men or women typically have darker hair?


171. What percentage of people who marry partners from an affair eventually divorce?


172. Why do men have more pronounced Adams apples?

They have larger voice boxes that make the surrounding cartilage stick out more.

173. Who has higher blood pressure, men or women?

Men tend to have higher blood pressure.

174. Who says more words in a day?

Women. They also smile more.

175. Does a happy marriage impact your work?

Yes! Approximately $6 billion in revenue is lost by American businesses as a result of decreased worker productivity linked to marriage hardship. (source)

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