FREE License Plate Game Printable: Buckle Up For Road Trip Fun

The license plate game is a classic road trip game where players try to spot license plates from as many different states as possible. The ultimate goal is to be the first to find all 50 U.S. states.

Your kids will not only have fun passing time on a road trip but they will also:

  • Learn the geography of the United States
  • Pay closer attention to their surroundings
  • Get off their devices while in the car!

license plate game free printable map template for kids

How To Play The License Plate Game With Free Printable

1. Download and print the map. The additional state names with abbreviations page is to help find where each state is on the map.

Pro Tip: Print double-sided to make it easy.

2. Secure the map and a marker on a clipboard for easy use in the car. You can place the map in a laminated sheet protector to use more than once.

3. Bring this entertaining game along on your next road trip, or keep it in the car for daily use during commutes.

4. Whenever you spot a license plate from a different state, color in that state on the map. Each player must call out the plate in order to get credit for it. Another player may not use the same license plate.

5. After a designated period of time, the player with the most states wins.

More Ways To Use The License Plate Game Printable

There are several variations of the License Plate Game. They can add excitement and challenge to the game.

free license plate game printable pdf map; car road trip; travel; 50 states

Play As A Family

In this variation, everyone in the family works together as a team to find different state license tags. You can color one map or everyone can color their own. This variation works well for younger kids.

Two Or More Players

Players use one map to hunt for U.S. license plates and fill in that state with their own unique color. After a period of time, the player with the most states wins.

Players can score bonus points for special vehicles and license plates listed.

Keep A Running Tally

As you spot each state’s license plate, color in the corresponding state on the map. Additionally, maintain a running tally beside each state name (except your own) whenever you encounter another tag from that state.

For instance, if you live in Kansas and spot two New York license plates, color in New York on the map and add one tally mark beside it on the list. This dual approach adds a layer of strategy to the game, keeping players engaged and eager to find more license plates.

Keep Score

Make it interesting by keeping score. You can do this in a variety of ways:

  • Give a designated number of points for each state. (Write the points on the map before starting the game.)
  • Assign higher points to states you live farther away from.
  • Give bonus points for Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Challenge players to find three consecutive state tags in alphabetical order for extra points.
  • Use the list of bonus vehicles and tags for more points and added play.

Add small prizes to make it fun and motivating for your family! Let the winner pick the radio station, next road stop point, or get a special snack to share.


Free Printable License Plate Game

Grab the free printable license plate game map pdf!

Pro tip: Print the states and abbreviations on the backside of the map to help kids easily locate each state they find on the map.

free printable template license plate game; i spy; map pdf

The License Plate Game Printable is a must-have for anyone planning a road trip. It’s a simple yet enjoyable activity that can keep everyone entertained for hours.

So, print out the game sheets, grab a marker, and get ready to hit the road!

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