15 Road Trip Games to Play in the Car: Blast Boredom Without Screens

Taking a road trip soon? Car trips with kids can go two ways:

Sometimes, your lucky stars align and the kids are awesome. But other times they’re so bored they start to pick on each other. Or belt out songs. Or do who knows what.

And before you know it, you’re yelling and ready to “stop the car right this minute!”

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Luckily, these great things to do in the car with kids will make it so that you never get to that awful road trip moment. Phew!

1. Would You Rather

Would you rather questions for kids are remarkably easy. You pick between two fun (or weird) things. And the answer is quick and sparks conversation.

deep would you rather questions for kids about professions

My children will play this for hours with even the simplest items.

My 5-year-old asked me yesterday, would you rather be a mermaid or unicorn?

2. Play Whiteboard Games

melting snowman game; hangman; drawing; guess the word

Bring individual whiteboards and have kids play Pictionary, create stories, practice drawing, or even do their school work if they’re older.

Find specific whiteboard games >>

3. Play the License Plate Game

It’s an old school classic that never goes out of style! Grab a notebook and see if you can find every state in the U.S. Once you’ve hit 50 (or maybe 48), you win!

4. Try Road Trip Trivia

Test how much you know about traveling and our beautiful country!

Movie and disney road trip trivia questions for your family car ride

5. Get Into the Alphabet Game

Start with ‘A’ and work your way through the alphabet. Find letters on signs, license plates, or objects outside the car. The first to Z wins!

6. Riddles & Jokes

Can you guess the animal or thing? Have kids pick an object they love (or one they hate). Then give the other person clues until they guess it.

Or try these done for you ones:

animal who am I riddles

7. Never Have I Ever or Put a Finger Down

This is the game that spills all your deepest, juiciest secrets. And your family won’t be able to get enough of them.

hilarious and funny never have I ever for kids and students

Try the Never Have I Ever version. Or Put a Finger Down works great for younger kids.

Other question games that will have you laughing:

8. A Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items commonly seen on the road. Things like red cars, cows, or billboards. Then, hand it to the kids and turn the journey into a lively scavenger hunt.

9. Have Kids Practice Giving Directions

My kids have played this for hours in the car. One kid gives the other directions on what to do with a piece of paper. Then, you see how well the other person follows directions. It usually doesn’t end the same way!


10. Play 20 Questions

One person thinks of an object, and the others have 20 chances to ask yes-or-no questions to guess what it is. Rotate roles for endless entertainment.

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11. Play Hot Takes

pop culture, movies, music, and food hot take examples and ideas

A “hot take” is something a person feels strongly about that is unpopular. This game is played by people randomly calling out their hot takes. Then, everyone has a chance to weigh in. But beware, this one can get heated!

For example, “pepperoni on pizza is gross.”

*Find more funny hot takes examples >>

12. Play I Spy

This is easy to play in the car, and everyone enjoys it. Just make sure you’re choosing things IN the car or you’ll keep passing the things you spy!

13. See Who Can Say the Best Tongue Twisters

Easter tongue twisters for kids

Try list of tongue twisters and get kids talking! It gets everyone acting silly.

14. Trick Your Family

2 Truths and Lie can be tricky enough to keep kids guessing. It’s memorable and helps kids talk about how unique they are.

15. Play “Top 5”

top 10 lists to make: favorite things, best games for conversation and roadtrips

I did this with friends and we were still talking about it months later. This one requires pen and paper, but it’s easy and fun to do!

Decide on 3 topics. Then, gather notecards and write the topics at the top.

Examples include:

  • Disney villains
  • ice cream flavors
  • places you’d never visit

Next, each person writes their “top 5” for that topic in descending order.

For example, if the topic is “Disney Movies” everyone lists their top 5 in order.

Once everyone is done writing their top 5, discuss. You might agree…or you might not!

What’s Next?

Find more kids conversation games to make your car ride an adventure!

And grab the other free games in the free resource library, plus gain access to the best family-friendly ideas.

Best Road Trips Car Games for Kids

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