125 Funny Hot Take Examples for 2024: Play the Game!

Funny hot take examples will get you talking, laughing, and thinking more deeply about the world around you. Take these controversial opinions and put your spin on them. Then, have fun with family and friends!

What is a hot take?

A “hot take” is a strongly held, unpopular opinion.

Hot takes are exciting because they are controversial. Others can relate, whether they agree with them or not. And it makes for lively debate.

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Pro Tip: Know your audience! Do hot take examples that your group will love discussing. And avoid religion or politics if you know it’s going to cause conflict.

How to Play the Hot Take Game

  1. First, announce a topic.
General Hot Take TopicsSpecific Hot Take Topics
Pop CulturePizza Toppings
FoodMost Overrated Disney Movies
RelationshipsIce Cream Flavors
Sports & HealthVacation Spots
How to play hot takes with your unpopular opinions

2. Then, have everyone in the room announce a hot take on the topic.

3. Discuss

To make it easy, break the ice with these funny hot take examples.

Pop Culture Hot Take Examples

First, use these current hot-take ideas for music, movies, and more to get your crowd talking.

1. 98 Degrees is the best boy band of all time.

2. In Titanic, Jack could have fit on the door.

3. Daylight savings time should be banished.

4. Good-looking people have more advantages in life.

5. McDonalds is the best fast food chain.

6. “Bro” can be used in any situation.

7. Denim on denim is a cute fashion trend.

8. The Harry Potter movies are better than the books.

9. Crocs are stylish.

10. All the streaming content nowadays has lowered the quality. Most of it is crap.

11. Elon Musk is the Benjamin Franklin of his time.

12. DC movies are better than Marvel movies.

13. Socks and sandals are fashionable.

14. Spiders are just furry, leggy pets.

15. Android is better than Apple.

16. Designer labels are a waste of money

17. The original Star Wars movie is the worst one made.

18. The Beatles weren’t that good.

19. Disney+ is better than Netflix.

20. The Exorcist is not a scary movie.

21. Disneyworld is overrated.

22. Most babies are born ugly.

23. Getting up early is better than staying up late.

24. Cats are more fun to be around than dogs.

25. Christmas is nothing more than consumerism on crack.


Funny Food Hot Take Ideas

pop culture, movies, music, and food hot take examples and ideas

26. Wine tastings exist so that people have an excuse to drink more wine.

No one’s going to remember that one wine had a hint of pear and oak.

27. Iceberg lettuce isn’t a vegetable. It’s lettuce-shaped water.

28. Soft shell tacos are better than hard shell tacos.

29. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.

Loads of people don’t eat breakfast. And they still have a good life.

30. You should eat dessert first, in case you’re too full to eat it after the meal.

31. Barbarians eat off of other people’s plates.

32. Eating pop tarts for breakfast is the same as eating cake for breakfast.

33. Nuts make cookies and brownies better.

34. Candy corn is delicious

35. People who like sour candy enjoy pain.

36. Pineapple is delicious on pizza.

37. Runny egg yokes are tasty.

38. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are overrated.

39. Water does have a taste.

40. Mustard is better than ketchup.

41. Muffins are just cupcakes without the frosting.

42. Cold pizza is better than warmed-up pizza.

43. A hot dog is a sandwich. (Or is it a taco?)

44. Kids become picky eaters when their parents never make them eat the healthy stuff.

Of course you don’t like it compared to ice cream! Shove the broccoli in your mouth or don’t eat.

funny Hot take examples game for food

45. Pumpkin spice is disgusting.

46. Stuffing chips in a sandwich makes it delicious and crunchy.

47. In kindergarten, my kids are given chocolate milk every morning by the school. It’s deemed a “healthy snack.”

My hot take: Chocolate milk will never be a healthy snack. Those poor teachers have kids bouncing off the walls every day.

48. In an Oreo, the cookie is better than the cream.

49. Hot sauce just makes everything hot.

Now you can’t taste anything but your mouth burning.

50. Mayo is excellent on a hot dog.

I mean, have you tried it?

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Spicy Relationships Hot Take Examples

Next, good hot takes around relationships start with the taboo.

funny relationship hot takes

51. The advice “don’t go to bed mad” is ludicrous. Sometimes it’s better to talk it out in the morning.

52. No one really “falls in love at first sight.”

It’s more like “I find that person attractive.”

53. After a certain age, people don’t change.

54. Most people aren’t in love. They just don’t want to be alone.

55. Cheating is sometimes ok.

56. Long distance is good for relationships. It shows the true color of a relationship.

57. Telling white lies to keep the peace is better than telling truths that cause a fight.

58. You shouldn’t stay with someone who has differing political views.

59. If you don’t gossip with your spouse after a social event, are you even married?

60. Paris is not the most romantic city in the world.

61. Online dating is overrated.

62. Monogamy isn’t how we were meant to live.

63. Marriage is more of a business deal than a romantic commitment.

64. Guys and girls can just be friends.

65. You don’t need a partner (or kids) to be happy.

66. Soulmates don’t exist.

67. It’s possible to be in love with multiple people at once.

68. You should put your spouse before your kids.

69. Your 50s are the best years of your life.

70. Love is not enough to make a relationship work.

71. It’s ok to go through your partner’s phone.

72. Instagram makes everyone’s relationship look like a romantic novel. Behind the photos, everyone’s fighting.

73. People can still be friends with their exes.

74. Stop expecting your partner to make you happy. Only you can make you happy.

75. Not posting your relationship on social media doesn’t make it less. It just means you like to keep your relationship private.


Edgy Sports & Health Hot Takes

Next, these hot take examples dive into the world of sports, fitness, and nutrition.

sports opinions that are unpopular and controversial

76. Sports players are overpaid in our society.

Is a quarterback worth so much more than a doctor, teacher, or police officer?

77. Referees influence NFL games with their calls to keep them close.

78. College athletes should be paid.

79. Promoting betting during sports games is unethical.

80. Headers should be banned in soccer.

81. Sugary snacks and drinks should be taxed. We’d all be healthier for it.

82. The belief that all kids who participate in a sport should play, never lose, and always get a trophy is toxic.

We’re raising a generation of entitled kids.

83. It’s better to work out at night.

84. Penalty shootouts in soccer are a weird way to end a game. Why not just do overtime until someone wins fairly?

85. Athletes shouldn’t promote anything in ads that they don’t consume.

Same for the sexy supermodel rolling around with a double cheeseburger.

86. No one should let their kids play football.

87. Watching American soccer compared to European football looks like a bunch of American men falling like babies.

88. The NFL is too lenient on player misconduct fines.

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89. Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player of all time.

90. Being thinner doesn’t automatically make you healthier.

91. Vitamins just make for healthy pee.

92. Women in sports should be paid much more.

93. Powdered greens are unnecessary.

94. Water intake rules are silly. Check your pee. It tells you when you need to drink more.

95. A sport must include a ball. Otherwise, it’s just an activity.

96. Every professional sports team has shady practices. It’s just whether they get caught or not.

97. Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all time.

98. Organic food is a waste of money.

99. Doctors are great practitioners of medicine. But they know little about nutrition.

100. Cleanses and detoxes are highly overrated.

Isn’t that what your liver does already?


Controversial Hot Take Examples

Finally, these unpopular opinions might get a person riled up!

controversial and political hot take examples

101. Political ads should be banned from TV. Period.

102. The universe is just a video game we live in.

103. All of life is fated. Nothing is random. (Or flip it: all of life is random. Nothing is fated.)

104. Money actually can buy happiness.

Can’t you use it to buy experiences that make you happy?

105. We live in just one dimension of many.

106. Time travel exists. We just haven’t figured it out yet.

107. Technology is destroying society.

108. Voting should be mandatory for every citizen.

109. 99% of women do not look good in “mom jeans.”

110. Abortion is a personal moral issue. Not a government one.

111. If you don’t vote, you don’t get an opinion on politics.

112. In life, what you don’t do is more important than what you do.

113. You should learn the language of the places you travel.

114. Workplace equality for women won’t happen until there’s work equality in the home.

Stop expecting women to “do it all.”

115. Energy is more valuable than time.

116. There should be an age limit to run for the presidency. No one over 70.

117. Christmas music should be played in October, so you have enough time to enjoy it.

118. Celebrities should not be allowed to participate in political promotions.

119. All news is biased.

120. Social media makes people more politically extreme. (Take a social media break)

121. Income is more important than being frugal when building wealth.

122. No candidate should be allowed to run hateful political ads on opponents.

123. AI is going to become far more powerful than humans.

Even the big shots are nervous about it.

124. All wild animals can be tamed.

125. It doesn’t matter which way the toilet paper roll goes. Find other things to talk about people.

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