50 Best Conversation Games For Kids, Adults, Couples, & Families

Fun conversation games will have laughter bouncing off the walls in no time.

When was the last time you had a fascinating conversation? One that made you think. Laugh. And feel connected to those in the room. Even teens will put down their phones and be drawn to the conversation!

They work well in all scenarios! Use the table of contents to pick from specific games by age.

Best conversation games for kids, families, couples, and adults

Pro Tip: Take this list on your next road trip or family dinner night!

Top Conversation Games For Kids

First, these games for conversation are great with students or kids in groups.

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Fun conversation talking games to play with family and friends, goals examples and ideas

1. Put a Finger Down

In this conversation game for kids, all participants start with five or ten fingers. As the reader says the statement, players put one finger down for every sentence that is true.

It’s great for all situations, and while it doesn’t require players to talk, LOTS of interesting discussion stems from it.

Put your finger down if….

  • blue or pink is your favorite color.
  • your favorite food is pizza.
  • you’ve ever sleepwalked.

See a fun list of put your finger down questions >>

2. Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are easy for kids. You pick between two fun (or weird) things. The decision is quick and often sparks more conversation. It’s great for getting shy kids to open up!

would you rather questions to ask for kids and students about animals
  • Would you rather be a witch with magical powers or a superhero with special abilities?
  • Would you rather have a constant bug bite or a constant cold sore?
  • Would you rather give up the internet for a month or sweets for a month?

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3. Family Feud

This family feud game for kids is age-appropriate and so fun to play! Keep score or just have kids call out what they think the answers are. Either way, you’ll have plenty of conversation about what they think should be in each category. It’s also excellent for critical thinking.

Name something cold.

Ice cream30

4. How Well Do You Know Me Game

One of the most popular kids conversation games on our site! Players see how well everyone knows them by asking creative and personal questions.

  • If I were an animal, what animal would I be?
  • If I went to Hogwarts, which house would I be sorted into?
  • What’s the one food I despise eating?

Check out the full list of how well do you know me >>

5. Desert Island Game

For this critical thinking game, the main player talks about what they would bring with them on a deserted island.

The trick is that the items must fit into a pattern or category that others could guess.

For example, the main player says “I’m going to a deserted island and I’m bringing shoes. What else should I bring?”

Someone guesses “A compass.” The main player responds “I can’t bring that.”

“Gloves.” Ok, I can bring that.

“Earrings.” Ok, I can bring that.

What’s the category? Things that are pairs.

Get creative with your categories! Try: things that are round, colors, sizes, shapes, things that fit into something else, etc.

6. Truth or Dare For Kids

This conversation game is the most fun we’ve ever had on family night. The dares are wild, yet appropriate. You will laugh until you cry!

best kids dares and truth questions game: clean and appropriate

Check out the full game: Kid Friendly Truth & Dares >>

7. Movie or Book Trivia

Test your knowledge with kid-friendly trivia. Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll get into fascinating discussions over characters, plots, and fun topics.

fun and funny Harry Potter and Hogwarts trivia quiz multiple choice

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8. Tongue Twisters For Kids

Mommy made me mash my m&m's; easy tongue twisters for kids

Try this list of tongue twisters and get kids talking! This activity works well for shy kids that don’t want to talk about themselves. And it gets everyone acting silly. It’s a great way to loosen up a room.

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9. What If Thinking Questions

For kids of all ages, what if questions are helpful to get kids thinking critically. Through open discussion, kids use their imaginations and learn that the world is complex.

  • What if you were a famous artist? What would you want to paint?
  • What if your teacher turned green, and you had to be the one to tell her/him?
  • What if you could create a new law? What would you want?

See more fun what if questions >>

10. What Am I Riddles

Can you guess the animal or thing? Have kids pick an object they love (or one they hate). Then give the other person clues until they guess it.

hard what am I riddles with answers

You can do this with any topic too. Try sports, school supplies, or occupations.

*Try done-for-you what am I riddles and answers or animal riddles >>

11. Directions (Kids Conversation Games)

Give teams of students simple task prompts such as

  • “How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”
  • “How to fold a napkin.”
  • “How to tie a shoe.”

Kids work together to write out the directions. Then, only using the directions given, another team (or teacher) completes the task. This often turns silly and shows the kids how easy it is to interpret things in different ways.

Pro Tip: Also excellent for learning languages! Give directions or describe a picture. Then, see how accurately your partner can draw the same picture or get to the correct spot.

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Best Conversation Games for Teens

Middle schoolers and high school teens love these more complex conversation games.

great conversation games for teens, students, middle schoolers

12. Never Have I Ever

A great conversation game to make teens laugh! Keep it light and use this list of never have I ever kids questions. Talk about everything from once-in-a-lifetime memories to gross encounters.

  • Never have I ever been on a helicopter.
  • Never have I ever had a cavity.
  • Never have I ever clogged a toilet.

13. Two Truths & a Lie

funny examples of two truths and a lie for team building

2 Truths and Lie can be tricky enough to keep teens guessing. It’s memorable and helps kids talk about how unique they are. Everyone writes down two true truths and one lie about themselves and sees if others can pick out the lie.

14. High & Low (+ Variations)

This is as simple as you get for conversation games. You can use the same prompts and still get something different every day!

The basic premise is “high, low.” Everyone shares something great about their day and something not so great.

At my dinner table at home, we’ve varied this to “Good & Grit.” My kids share something good about their day and something challenging they had to work through.

You could also add:

  • Help: who did you help or helped you today?
  • Learn. What’s one thing you learned today?

15. 21 Questions

The 21 questions game rules are nice and simple! You play with two or more people. And you can allow members to pass on questions.

One person answers the 21 questions all the way through, and then the turn goes to the next person. Or take turns asking the same questions.

16. Debate Topics For Teens

Divide kids into two teams and use these debate topics for teens to pick from. Give time for each team to develop one side of the argument, and then let them discuss.

Teens get a chance to work with others, listen to varying points of view, and express themselves within a team setting.

17. Giant Jenga Conversation Game

Jenga: conversation games for friends or couple, groups

Buy a giant Jenga game and attach icebreaker teen questions to each Jenga piece (you can do this with small pieces of paper). Or use the questions number game to have players pick a number and answer a question.

18. Show Your Scars

*Encourages empathy in kids and teens!

This one helps kids get to know each other beyond the superficial.

Have kids show a scar they have and explain how they got it. Your kids will have a new respect for the challenges that others have gone through.

19. Would You Rather Teen Questions

Would you rather go without video games or go without Youtube?

These questions are just right for older kids to connect about all things pop culture, technology, and more.

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20. The Name Conversation Game

First, each person writes the name of someone famous on a piece of paper. Then, fold the slips of paper and put them in a bowl or hat. (You’ll use these same names for ALL rounds)

Name game: best icebreaker games for teens, teenagers

Now, what makes this tricky is that it’s a combination of different types of games. And it gets harder as you go.

Round One

Players describe the person (without saying the name like Taboo or Catchphrase).

Round Two

Players do charades to have their team guess the person.

Round Three

Players can only say one word to get their team to guess. (By now, players know the names well)

Round Four

And for the last round, players can only give a facial expression to have their team guess.

21. Teen Trivia

Test teenagers’ knowledge with these fun trivia questions for teens. The answers might surprise you!

Top Conversations Games For Adults & Friends

Next, these great conversation games are perfect for groups of friends and family.

22. Top 5 SmackDown

top 10 lists to make: favorite things, best games for conversation

Decide on 5-10 topics. Then, gather notecards and write the topics at the top.

Next, each person writes their “top 5” for that topic in descending order. Topics could include: Disney movies, Christmas decorations, coffee preferences, worst advice – you can do anything!

Once everyone is done writing their top 5, discuss.

23. Who Is Most Likely To

Who is most likely to eat with their hands? Who’s the most likely to not know what day it is?

These most likely questions are hilarious and work best with groups who know each other.

24. Guess The Movie

Grab the most famous movie lines and see who knows more of them!

Not into movies? Try guessing the language instead!

25. Who Am I?

Just like with the “what am I game”, you give clues until someone guesses who you are. But this time, you’re picking famous people.

Another variation of this game is “where am I?” Give clues to famous locations and see if the group can guess.

26. Book Fight

books in a line on a shelf: unique and fun conversation games that are deep

For book lovers, try a “battle of the books” conversation game. Beforehand, make a list of books everyone has read, then split up into teams and ask questions about all of the books. The team that can answer the most about the books wins!

27. Hot Take: Conversation Games

A “hot take” is something a person feels strongly about that is unpopular. This game is played by people randomly calling out their hot takes. Then, everyone has a chance to weigh in. You’ll learn interesting opinions from your family and friends.

Examples of hot takes are:

  • The Harry Potter movies are better than the books.
  • Pizza is gross.
  • Disneyworld is overrated.
  • Sugar should be taxed.
  • Technology is destroying society.

Warning: This game works best when you make a rule ahead of time to avoid religion and politics.

28. Quick Fire Questions

Put others on the spot with rapid fire questions that force them to answer quickly. You’ll find out what they truly think!

29. Mind Blowing Questions

lighbulb, mind boggling trivia facts

Next, these mind boggling questions are different. They are our society’s biggest overarching problems and confusions. And they make for excellent philosophical discussion with others.

30. Finish the Phrase

Finish the phrase can be done with common expressions “It’s a game of cat _______ (and mouse).” Or with famous movie lines “You had me at _______ (“hello”, Jerry McGuire)

Split up into teams and see who can finish more lines.

31. Fish Bowl Game

Fish Bowl combines Taboo, Charades, and Password into one game.

Split players into two teams. Each player takes three strips of paper and writes a word on each paper. The words can be anything – pizza, telephone, duck.

Place these into the fishbowl. Once all the papers are in the bowl, teams take turns in one-minute intervals to try to guess which words are written. The game starts with Taboo, and progresses into Charades and Password.

Learn more on how to play the Fishbowl Party Game!

32. Favorite Things Questions

This conversation game is simple and works well with close family or people you are trying to get to know better. Ask the favorite things questions and find out what others prefer above all.

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33. This or That Seasonal Cards

fall theme this or that questions for family and friends games, featured image

Use whatever season you are in to find out what others like. These this or that questions also come with free printables to circle answers in a group.

34. Conversation Starter Game Cards

Print off the cards and then throw them in a bowl for dinner time or your next get together.

Great Couples Conversation Games

Finally, these conversation games are especially good for couples looking to reconnect and have fun together.

featured image; fun, controversial, and hot debate topics for couples

35. Would You Rather For Couples

Would you rather be lost in the woods or stranded on a boat together?

These silly, fun, and romantic questions will make you laugh while finding out quirks about your partner.

36. Couples Trivia Conversation Games

Test your knowledge about how well you know your partner with these trivia questions. They are great for a low key date night. Or try a road trip trivia.

37. Couples Challenge Questions

Use couples challenge questions to deepen your self-awareness and get a good chuckle. It’s great if you can get a third party to ask the questions too.

  • Who apologizes first after a fight?
  • Who is the most patient?
  • Who takes longer to get ready?
  • Who is more of a morning person?
  • Who is more stubborn?
  • Who is the bigger baby when sick?

38. Debate Topics For Couples

question pin; relationship topics to debate for couples

Open up the lines of communication with this debate conversation games. Choose your couples debate topic and each pick a side of the argument. Then, spend the night discussing the different perspectives.

39. Deep Questions

At the end of a long week, it can be hard to feel connected with your partner. Plus, when you’ve been with someone for years, it’s more about the reconnection than first-time sparks. These deep questions help you get into more meaningful conversations.

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40. Vision Board For Couples

Instead of saying “we can’t do this.” Ask the question “How can we do this?” Allow yourself to dream with your partner. Make a conversation game out of dreaming up your big ambitions.

After, don’t forget to make your couples vision board!

41. Make and Share a “Reasons I Love You List”

Snag our free reasons I love you examples and printable. Then, make your own list and share it with your partner.

42. Do a Couples Challenge

couples challenges 30 days to a brighter future together: free calendar printable
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Try our free 30 Day Couples Challenge, or check out all of the couples challenges. They’re all designed to help you feel closer to your significant other.

43. Guess The Difference Challenge

For one week, notice your partner. Every day, your partner will change one small thing about their usual appearance. The other person has to figure out what it is.

  • Put on a different cologne, perfume, or deodorant
  • Put on chapstick
  • Change your hair slightly or get a haircut
  • Wear a piece of clothing that is new or hardly worn

44. Bucket List For Couples

What do you want to do together before you die? Have you ever talked about it? It’s time to!

hiking in the Grand Canyon: ultimate travel bucket list ideas for 2023

Grab a pen and paper and discuss the places you’d love to be inspired by, the activities that make your stomach flutter, and the things you can’t wait to cherish.

Grab the best bucket list examples and couples bucket list ideas >>

45. Complete the Sentence

This challenge can be nice or naughty! One partner starts the sentence with something general, and the other completes the thought.

  • “I always love it when you…”
  • “It’s a great time to…”
  • “I laugh when…”
  • “My biggest turn-on is…”
  • “You know I’m mad when…”

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46. Minefield

In Minefield, one person is blindfolded and guided verbally through the room by their partner. The goal of the game is to get the blindfolded partner safely across the room without hitting obstacles (mines).

47. Word Association

This conversation game is easy to do anywhere! First, you say a word. Then, your partner says the first word it makes them think of. You answer with an association based on their word and continue until you’re both hunched over laughing.

48. Roleplay (Couples Conversation Games)

Spice things up by pretending to be someone else for a while. Get into character as a pilot, firefighter, doctor, or whatever you fancy. Dress it up with outfits and wigs, or just have fun with the conversation.

This is a great way to explore hidden fantasies or make everyday life more exciting.

49. The Alphabet Game

Pick a letter and a theme, like foods beginning with C. Then, take a turn each until you’re stumped. It’s another great game for quiet time together, like during road trips.

Pro Tip: Get creative with themes: Singers, sports teams, cities, desserts.

50. Text Message Emoji Game

cute I love you emoji text messages for your husband: Every time I see you my heart goes boom

Use emojis to spell out a phrase. Then, send it to your partner and see if they can guess what it is. Use TV show titles, desires, favorite foods, memes, and whatever you want to make the other person laugh.

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What’s Next?

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