175 Unanswerable & Mind Boggling Questions To Challenge You (2024)

Mind Bending Questions That Make You Think

These unanswerable and mind-boggling questions explore the mysteries of life and the universe. They encourage you to think critically, challenge preconceived notions, and stimulate curiosity.

And good mind bending questions can be done in many different situations! Try them:

  • During date night or family night
  • Over coffee
  • During a road trip
  • During a camping trip
  • Anytime you want a meaningful conversation (cut the small talk and make them think!)

Funny Unanswerable Questions

Let’s begin with unanswerable questions that make you think and laugh at the same time.

unanswerable questions, mind boggling

1. How do you know that the colors you see are the same as the colors other people see?

2. What makes a bad word so bad? Did someone just decide it was “bad”?

3. Why do we say that we “have a cold”? There’s nothing cold about snot.

4. The big bad wolf eats pigs. But so do we. Doesn’t that make us “the villain” too?

5. What if humans learned to use the rest of their brains?

6. Is it possible we actually do live in a Matrix?

7. Are all geniuses a little crazy too?

8. Does time travel exist? Will we ever discover it?

9. And if we do discover it, couldn’t even the smallest changes completely change the future? Or accidentally make it so that you weren’t born?

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10. What do you think is out in space that we have not discovered yet? Do you think reality will one day look like Star Wars?

11. Would you rather have to live as a pirate or live in the Wild Wild West?

12. Can anyone really fold a fitted sheet?

13. Why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs? Bunnies don’t lay eggs.

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14. Why do people say a “picture is worth a thousand words”? Is this true?

15. What is the difference between partly sunny and partly cloudy?

16. Why are snakes and spiders so repulsive to people?

17. Shouldn’t Tarzan have a beard if he lives in the jungle?

18. If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, then why did it fall off in the first place?

19. Did the chicken or the egg come first?

20. Why does it feel like time slows down when you’re bored and speeds up when you’re doing something fun? Even though time moves the same.

21. Why is a boxing ring square?

22. If you hit yourself and it hurts, does this make you strong or weak?

23. What if your dreams were real and your daily life was the dream?

24. What if mentally unstable people are actually just seeing reality clearly?

25. Are we the aliens on another planet?

Mind Blowing Unanswerable Questions About Life

These mind bending questions make you think critically about life and its many secrets.

woman with energy between arms

26. Is karma real, or not?

27. What’s the difference between existing and living?

28. How much does luck factor into life?

29. Why do we always remember the things we should forget and forget the things we should remember?

30. Is it important to have both good and evil to maintain a balance?

31. What is infinity?

32. Why are people so afraid of failure when it so often leads to success?

33. Should everyone have to be an organ donor?

34. When did time begin?

35. Would life still have meaning if we lived forever?

36. Why are we so obsessed with making things easier for ourselves when our greatest moments come from change, growth, and adversity?

37. Does time go on forever?

38. At the end of life, what would make a person happy about how they spent their days?

39. Does the universe have an edge or endpoint?

40. Do dreams try to tell you things?

41. Would you ever clone yourself?

42. What is the balance between knowing that you are enough and always trying to improve? Does it even exist?

43. In 20 years, will we live our lives online? Therefore making virtual life more real than real life?

44. Isn’t “wasting time” valuable when you are relaxing and enjoying yourself?

45. Where in your body does your soul live or come from?

46. If you learn from a mistake, was it still a mistake?

47. Is it possible for a person to change major aspects of themselves?

48. Is a white lie ever better than a harsh truth?

49. We know how short life is. So, why do so many people spend years doing things they don’t want to do?

50. So many of us wait for a good time to do something, but is there ever really a good time?

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Mind Bending Trivia With Answers

Let’s give your mind a “brain break” and provide answers to your most mind boggling questions!

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51. Can blind people dream?

Although visual dream content is reduced for blind people, other senses are enhanced. They experience more sensations of sound, touch, taste, and smell than sighted people do.(source)

52. What do people who were born deaf hear when they think?

People who are born deaf are more likely to think in images. These images may be pictures of objects. Or, they may involve seeing word signs, such as in sign language, or seeing moving lips, such as with lip reading. (source)

53. Why do we always see the same side of the moon?

The Moon’s rate of spin is locked and synchronized with Earth. The Moon rotates once every time it circles the Earth.

54. Why do seashells sound like the ocean?

A seashell’s shape captures and reflects ambient noise. This amplifies certain frequencies and sounds similar to waves.

55. What’s the deadliest animal to humans?

That would be the mosquito. Mosquitos cause 725,000 – 1,000,000 deaths per year.

56. When is a murder considered an assassination?

A murder is considered an assassination when the victim is well-known, usually someone in politics.

57. What is the point of eyebrows?

To protect your eyes from water running into them.

58. Why does your hair gray?

Hair gets its natural color from pigment cells known as melanocytes. As you age, your melanocyte cells slow and degrade, causing your hair to receive less pigment.

59. Why do we hiccup?

There’s no clear purpose for hiccups in humans, but a similar pattern of movement is useful for amphibians. When tadpoles breathe underwater, they take in a mouthful of water, close the opening to the lungs, and then force the water out through their gills. So, perhaps hiccups were borrowed from our fishy friends!

60. Are coconut trees dangerous? Wouldn’t falling coconuts hurt?

Actually, yes. Falling coconuts kill more people (about 150) than sharks (about 10) each year!

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61. Why do monkeys still exist if we evolved from them?

It is not that humans descended from apes and that apes descended from monkeys. Humans, apes, and monkeys share a common ancestor.

62. Why do we eat cake on birthdays?

Ancient Egyptians are said to have begun the celebration of birthdays. Ancient Greeks then borrowed the tradition and decided to add a treat. They made moon-shaped pies to honor Artemis (goddess of the moon) and added lit candles to make the cakes shine like the moon.

63. Has anything on Earth been proven to be immortal?

Yes. There is a species of jellyfish that is actually immortal!

64. Why does old paper turn yellow?

The process of oxidation occurs when paper is exposed to sunlight over time.

65. How can it rain diamonds on Jupiter?

The high pressure and heat in the dense atmospheres of planets like Jupiter and Saturn, can squeeze carbon in the clouds, making it rain diamonds.

66. Why can’t you tickle yourself?

Your brain anticipates the move and therefore doesn’t send the signals.

67. Why is it so easy for us to focus on negative events and ignore the positive ones?

Scientists call this negativity bias. It has to do with our evolutionary brains scouting for danger so that we can get out of it.

68. Why does lightning look like a zig-zag in the sky?

Lightning bolts follow the path of least resistance in the air. Their path depends on the pollutants, temperature, and humidity. So, the bolt will zigzag down the easiest route.

69. Why do your toes and fingers get wrinkly in water?

Blood vessels constrict below the skin. This makes it easier for us to pick up wet objects.

70. Why is the national animal of Scotland a unicorn?

In Celtic mythology, the unicorn was a symbol of purity, innocence, masculinity, and power.

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mind bending questions about life to ask your friends, guy, her, with answers

71. Why does your voice sound different on recordings than in real life?

Many of the sound waves that hit your ear travel through your skull when you speak. This makes it sound quite different than when you hear a recording.

72. Why do we grow hair under our armpits?

It reduces friction and keeps our skin from rubbing together.

73. Why do we say “cheese” when we’re taking a picture?

Saying the word cheese makes you pull your lips back and show your teeth, putting you in the smile position.

74. Where does garbage in the ocean go?

A lot of it goes to a floating island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of Texas. It’s called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” A report in 2018, measured it at 600,000 square miles. (Though it’s surely bigger now)

75. If Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings sell for millions, then why did he only sell one painting in his lifetime?

While new evidence suggests he may have sold a few more paintings, he didn’t begin gaining respect from the art establishment until near the end of his life. He committed suicide at the age of 37, and therefore never saw his paintings receive the acclaim they are now known for.


Unanswerable Questions To Ask Your Friends

Use the following unanswerable questions to ask a guy or girl. Then, enjoying discussing the hidden treasures in these topics.

most likely to questions for friends and adults 2023

76. Does love at first sight exist? Or is it really attraction at first sight?

77. Why do women shave their legs? Did someone randomly decide that looked nicer?

78. Is it possible to love someone you do not respect?

79. At what age do we stop growing and start dying?

80. Is it possible to have a government that is not corrupt in some way?

81. If the universe is everything, and scientists say that the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into?

82. What will the earth look like in 100 years?

83. How much of who you are is made up of your environment? And how much is from your genetics?

84. In this day of global business, wouldn’t it be easier to abolish time zones?

85. Do we really need daylight savings time?

86. Is the glass half empty or half full?

87. Arranged marriages work for many people. How is this so?

88. If someone’s only choice was to steal to feed their family, is it still wrong?

89. If you hate prejudiced people, does that make you prejudiced too?

90. Couldn’t artificial intelligence collapse the stock market?

91. Could there be a point when we rely on AI more than on each other?

92. Is it possible that aliens exist and are walking amongst us?

93. How much of the bible is fiction, and how much is non-fiction?

94. Why is Christmas December 25th when Jesus was born in the spring?

95. Why do people say someone “died of old age?” Didn’t they die from an actual cause?

96. Does Heaven exist? What does it looks and feel like?

97. Is reincarnation possible?

98. If the future is limited only by our imagination, why do we teach rote memorization so much more than creativity in our society?

99. Why do people learn in different ways? What makes someone more of an audio learner while another person is visual?

100. Is seeing believing? Or do you sometimes need to believe without evidence?


Confusing Questions That Make You Think

These unanswerable questions will make you scratch your head!

man scratching head

101. Is it ok if an endangered animal eats an endangered plant?

102. If a memory is forgotten by everyone, does it no longer exist?

103. In the word ‘scent’, which letter is silent? S or C?

104. Why would you ever want to “break a leg” during a performance?

105. Why are some people right-handed while others are left-handed?

106. Does an infinite universe have multiple copies of ourselves?

107. Does the early bird get the worm? Or do things come to those who wait?

108. Why would you let a child act in an R-rated movie if you aren’t supposed to let children see R-rated movies?

109. Is there life after death?

110. If drinking and driving is illegal, then why does everyone drive to places where they drink? (Bars, sports games, etc.)

111. When all is said and done….have you said more than you’ve done, or done more than you’ve said?

112. If a tree falls in a forest, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

113. When gambling, why do some people only focus on the winnings, while others only focus on the losses?

114. If life is unfair for everyone, doesn’t that make it fair?

115. Would the laws of physics work the same way everywhere in the Universe?

116. Should you be more scared of a lion leading sheep or a sheep leading lions?

117. Is there a synonym for the word synonym?

118. Is where you are in life right now a result of fate or of decisions you made?

119. Why do they call it quicksand when it works so slowly to sink you?

120. How is it possible that the U.S. can just keep making more money whenever they need it?

121. Where does matter come from?

122. What color is a mirror?

123. If you decide something is “inconclusive” aren’t you making a conclusion?

124. Can plants feel pain?

125. What existed before the Big Bang?


Deep & Random Unanswerable Questions

Next, these questions add variety and depth to your unanswerable musings.

Question to ask a guy that are deep

126. If someone you loved committed a crime, would you turn them in or help them cover it up?

127. Why do we exist?

128. Does everything truly happen for a reason?

129. Babies sleep horribly, so why do people say they “slept like a baby”?

130. If screens (and social media) are negatively impacting our mental health, what will it look like 25 years from now?

131. Do you think animals feel just as we feel?

132. Should people be able to clone themselves? Is this ethical or sustainable?

133. Does birth order determine personality?

134. Why do we put so much weight on youth and beauty?

135. What determines art? What makes some art better than others?

136. Will we ever cure cancer? What would be the implications of this?

137. Was there ever a time when nothing existed?

138. How long will you be remembered after you die?

139. Do you think there’s more to Deja Vu than meets the eye?

140. Why do months have different days? Wouldn’t it be easier to have all months be 30 days?

141. Is the death penalty ethically wrong?

142. If putting down animals who are painfully dying is ok, why is it not ok to practice euthanasia?

143. How many planets are still waiting to be discovered in our universe?

144. Is anyone ever really “free”? Does freedom truly exist?

145. Why are we so excited to “retire” just to sit in front of a tv, waiting to die?

146. Which of the world’s conspiracy theories is most likely to be true?

147. Is the law of attraction real?

148. Does the city of Atlantis really exist?

149. How was Stonehenge created and what was its purpose?

150. Why do humans have an appendix? What is the purpose?


Would You Rather Mind Boggling Questions

What boggles your mind? Finally, these unanswerable questions give you a choice. Everyone may have a different answer!

would you rather unanswerable and mind bending funny questions

151. If we found out an asteroid was coming towards Earth, but you had a chance to colonize Mars, would you rather take your chances here or on Mars?

152. Would you rather get lost on the wrong side of town or in the wilderness?

153. Would you rather be allergic to chocolate or allergic to coffee?

154. Would you rather your partner made you be early to everything or made you be late to everything?

155. Would you rather only be able to text emojis or only be able to text abbreviations (lol, lmao)?

156. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your ex or your partner’s ex?

157. Would you rather have a partner who’s narcissistic or acts as a martyr?

158. Would you rather live 5 years longer (and do nothing extra) or do 5 big things off your bucket list with the time you have?

159. Would you rather have a maid or a personal chef?

160. Would you rather adopt a British accent or an Australian one?

161. If you had the choice, would you choose suffering or choose not feeling anything?

162. Would you rather have to live in Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?

163. Would you rather have a headache or a stomach ache every day for a year?

164. Would you rather sneeze or have the urge to pee every time you met a new person?

165. Would you rather your boss see all your Google searches or all your text messages from the last week?

166. Would you rather have a horribly slow internet connection or always have to wait in line for an hour?

unanswerable questions with no answers for would you rather deep and funny

167. Would you rather give up sweets for a month or your phone for a week?

168. Would you rather have to eat a salad every day or have to eat Mcdonalds every day?

169. Would you rather choose to live isolated with only your partner or without your partner for your entire life?

170. Would you rather glow a color revealing your emotions to others or have to speak in a baby voice?

171. Would you rather have to sell all your possessions or never travel to new places?

172. Would you rather get a tattoo on your face or a tattoo that covered half of your body?

173. Would you rather have a photographic memory or be as creative as Walt Disney?

174. Would you rather have Call Me Maybe or Baby Shark stuck in your head for a week?

175. Would you rather be trapped with someone who doesn’t talk at all or with someone who never shuts up?

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What are the greatest unanswered questions?

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What’s Next?

Play the number game with these questions! It’s a fun way to mix unanswerable questions up while connecting deeply.

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