125 Best Travel Trivia Questions & Answers For 2024

Are you off to a great escape soon? Or afflicted with a bit of wanderlust?

You are in for a treat with these best travel trivia questions and answers! Both novice and seasoned travelers will love exploring the world from home.

Find everything from history, food, music, geography, and culture in this fascinating quiz that gears you up for your next adventure.

Best travel trivia questions and answers quiz

Easy Travel Trivia Questions

First, start with these lighter travel trivia questions about geography, history, and more.

1. How many Wonders of the World are there?


2. Which two countries share the world’s longest international border?

Canada and the United States

3. It’s The Great Wall of _____


4. The Great Barrier Reef can be found off of what country?


5. What is the largest state in the United States? (By land)


woman looking out at the water

6. What are the names of the 7 continents?

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Europa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Oceania/Australia

7. Located in Africa, this is the largest hot desert in the world:

Sahara Desert

8. What travel document do you need to visit other countries?

A passport

9. Puerto Rico is a territory of what country?

United States

10. What is the largest country by size?


11. What famous monument stands on an island on the Hudson River facing New York City, USA?

Statue of Liberty

12. Where would you travel to visit the Amazon Rainforest?

a. China

b. Brazil

c. Mexico

B. Brazil

13. Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are famous landmarks for this ‘down under’ country:


14. True or False: The Spanish Steps are located in Spain

False (Rome, Italy)

15. Big Ben is located in what European city?




Best United States Travel Trivia 

Expand your knowledge of the US with these fun travel trivia questions.

The White House

16. In which state would you find Mount Rushmore?

South Dakota

17. The Pacific Coast Highway is in which US state?


18. New York City is also known as:

The Big Apple

19. True or False: Detroit is known as “The Windy City”?

False (Chicago)

20. In which state is the Grand Canyon?

A. Utah

B. Nevada

C. Arizona

Answer C: Arizona

21. Which southern state is also known as the “Sunshine State”?


22. The Golden Gate Bridge is located in which California city?

San Francisco

23. Known as “The Big Easy,” what is the actual name of this American city?

New Orleans

24. The Space Needle is located in which US city?


25. What is the longest highway in the United States?

A. Route 66

B. Route 20 (Massachusetts to Oregon)

C. Route 5

Answer B: Route 20 (Massachusetts to Oregon)


United States vacation trivia questions and answers

Yellowstone National Park

27. True or False: The Mississippi River is only in the US state of Mississippi.


28. What river runs through the Grand Canyon?

A. Colorado River

B. Arkansas River

C. Illinois River

Answer A: Colorado River

29. The Liberty Bell is located in which US city?


30. This Texas city is home to The Alamo:

San Antonio


Unique Landmark Travel Trivia

Next, landmarks tell us about nature’s beauty and what we can accomplish as a society. Enjoy this travel trivia.

Stonehenge sunset

31. Which waterfall can be found on the USA / Canada border?

Niagara Falls

32. The Acropolis is located in this European city

Athens (Greece)

33. What material is The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy) made from?

a. Wood

b. Marble

c. Metal

Answer: B Marble

34. In which city would you find St. Peter’s Basilica?

The Vatican City (Italy)

35. This European city is known as “The City of Lights”?


36. The Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, is located in which country?


37. The London Eye, observation ferris wheel, was opened to the public in:

A. 1980

B. 2000

C. 2010

Answer B: 2000


Mount fuji international world travel trivia questions for summer: true or false


39. The Aurora Borealis is also known as?

The Northern Lights

40. True or False: Banff National Park was the first National Park of Canada


41. What river runs through London?

A. Nile River

B. Amazon River

C. River Thames

Answer: C. River Thames

42. The island of Mykonos is part of which country?


43. Holland is known for these types of flowers:


44. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country?

A. Tanzania

B. Croatia

C. Greenland

Answer A: Tanzania

45. Machu Picchu is located in which country?


46. In which country would you find the Great Sphinx?


47. The Colosseum, an ancient amphitheater where gladiators would fight, is located in which European city:

A. Athens

B. Rome

C. Madrid

Answer B: Rome

Fun World Travel Trivia Questions & Answers

Discover new places that inspire your future travels.

passports and map

48. True or False: Dubai does not have a standard address system so there are no addresses or postcards.


49. Russia has how many time zones?

A. 3

B. 7

C. 11

Answer C: 11

50. Which animal runs through the streets during Spain’s fiesta of San Fermin?

Bulls aka Running with the Bulls

51. The biggest city in China is:


52. The busiest cruise port in the world is located in this Florida city:


53. Notre Dame, a famous medieval cathedral, was engulfed in flames in 2019 in which European city?


54. Thailand is known for:

A. Cuisine

B. Floating markets

C. Buddhist temples

D. All the above

Answer: D. All of the above

55. This city is known as “The Big Smoke”:

London, England (Or Toronto, Canada)

56. Which country is also known as “The Emerald Isle”?


57. Easter Island is known for its 1000 _________.

A. Eggs

B. Statues

C. Lakes

Answer B: Statues

58. New Zealand has a bridge that is famous for this exciting activity?

Bungee jumping

59. True or False: Bombay and Mumbai are the same city?


60. Which North American country’s name translates as “Rich Coast”?

A. St. Lucia

B. Mexico

C. Costa Rica

Answer C: Costa Rica

61. True or False: Venice has more canals than Amsterdam?


62. What is the meaning of the word “wanderlust?”

“Strong desire to travel”


world trivia for travel with kids or for adults: multiple choice

Answer: C. Unicorn

64. Over 20,000 people and 1,000 elephants helped build this famous monument in India?

Taj Mahal

65. True or False: Pilots and Co-pilots do not eat the same meal before flying

True (it eliminates the risk of both having food poisoning at the same time)

66. Name the smallest country in the world:

The Vatican City

67. Name the largest city in the world:


68. True or False: Canada has almost 2 million lakes


69. Which city is situated on two continents?

A. Istanbul

B. Barcelona

C. Frankfurt

Answer: A. Istanbul

70. The longest commercial flight is almost how many hours long? (See #101 to see where it goes!)

A. 30

B. 18

C. 12

Answer: B. 18 hours

71. True or False: Saudi Arabia has no rivers.


72. India trains transport how many passengers per day?

A. 230,000

B. 2,300,000

C. 23,000,000

Answer: C. 23,000,000

73. With an annual attendance of 58 million people, this is the most visited theme park(s) in the world:

Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT combined)

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Food Travel Trivia Questions

Gain a deeper appreciation for the food in other cultures with this travel trivia quiz.

fun food facts and travel trivia

74. Which city do croissants originate from?


75. What food is thrown in the world’s largest food fight, held each year in Spain?


76. The national dish of Iceland is the rotten meat of this animal:


77. The Japanese dish, fugu, is deadly if not made properly. What fish is it made from?

A. Electric eel

B. Killer shark

C. Pufferfish

Answer: C. Pufferfish

78. The kebab is from which country?


79. True or false: It’s normal to eat food with your hands in India


80. What animal was historically the staple meat for indigenous Australians?


81. Which German dish is made from ketchup, pork sausage, and curry powder?

A. Bratwurst

B. Currywurst

C. Sauerkraut

Answer B.: Currywurst

82. Saltfish and ackee is the national dish of which island country?


83. Spain is the largest producer of this pitted fruit:


84. Huevos rancheros is a breakfast meal from which country?


85. What should you do after eating a meal in Egypt to say your compliments to the chef?

Burp loudly

86. Pizza originates from which European country?


87. Which US state does key lime pie come from?


Good Movie Questions For Travel Trivia

Movies inspire the wanderlust in all of us!

movie hobbit scenery

88. In Finding Nemo, what Australian city do Marlin and Dory swim to?


89. In the original Cars movie, Lightning McQueen needs to get to which US state for the Piston Cup race?


90. In the movie King Kong, Kong climbs the Empire State Building in which US city?

New York City

91. Which country is the setting for The Sound of Music?


92. Lilo & Stitch is set in which US state?


93. Alfredo Linguini and Remy from Ratatouille are from what country?


94. In the movie UP, Carl is trying to get to the world’s highest waterfall (Angel Falls) located in what country?


95. True or False: Mary Poppins is set in the United States.

False (Britain)

96. Mulan is from what country?


97. From The Wizard of Oz, finish this famous line: “We’re not in _______ anymore.”


98. Encanto is based in which South American country?


99. Princess and the Frog is set in what US city?

New Orleans

100. Cool Runnings tells the Olympic story of which country’s bobsled team?



Hard Travel General Knowledge Quiz

Did you know these things about traveling? Some of these travel trivia questions will surprise you!

travel and tourism quiz at the airport

101. The longest non-stop flight in the world is from Singapore to this popular American airport.

John F Kennedy Airport in New York (source)

102. The shortest flight in the world takes just 2 minutes. It transports within which country?

Scotland. Westray and Papa Westray.

103. Which country’s passport is considered “most powerful” because citizens can visit over 190 destinations visa-free?

Japan (source)

104. Which country has the “weakest passport” because citizens only have 27 visa-free destinations?


105. What is the average wait time at US airports?

At all other airports, the average wait time varies from 13 to 17 minutes. Average worst-hour times at airports range from 26 to 38 minutes. (TSA)

106. Which US airport has the worst TSA wait time?

Newark Liberty International (EWR), New Jersey (source)

107. Which US airport has the best TSA wait time reported?

Salt Lake City International (SLC)

108. Approximately what percentage of all flights are delayed per day?


109. Name a reason that a flight might be delayed.

Staffing issues, logistical issues, issues with the equipment, aircraft shortages

110. Which major airline is least likely to cancel a flight?

Delta Airlines (they also scored well for on-time flights) (source)

111. Which country in the world has the most train travelers?

China (followed by India, Japan, and Russia)

112. How many annual vacation days did Americans take in 2022?

Respondents to an annual study took 11 annual vacation days on average in 2022. 8.5 days less than the global average. (Expedia)


general knowledge travel trivia quiz questions


114. Where will you pay for the most expensive taxi ride in the world?

Oslo, Norway or Bern, Switzerland

115. Where will you pay for the cheapest taxi ride in the world?

Cairo, Egypt

116. If you were to travel to the “happiest” country in the world, where would you be going to?


117. Which country has the most times zones in the world?

France (mostly due to its territories around the world) Followed by the U.S. & Russia

118. What is the most popular tourist destination in the world?

Hong Kong

119. What is the most popular tourist city in the United States?

New York City

120. What is the busiest international airport in the world?

Dubai International Airport

121. What is the cheapest day to travel by plane in the United States?

Tuesdays & Wednesdays (domestic) Wednesdays & Thursdays (international) (source)

122. What is the most expensive day to travel by plane in the United States?


123. What country is the most dangerous to travel to?


124. Which country in the world makes the most money on tourism?

The United States

125. Which state in the United States makes the most money on tourism?


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