100 Fun Easter Trivia Questions and Answers For a Hopping Good Time!

Dig into this fun Easter trivia quiz for clever questions and answers. You’ll be giving yourself a feel-good boost, reducing stress, and working your mind too.

How much do you know about Easter? Can you guess the favorite Easter candy? Or why Easter is celebrated on a different day each year? Let’s find out!

Fun Easter trivia questions and answers quiz

Easy Easter Trivia Questions For Kids

1. What animal leaves gifts in your Easter basket?

The Easter bunny

2. Which day of the week do we celebrate Easter on?


3. What’s the most popular Easter candy in America?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (2023)

4. What’s the second most popular Easter candy in America?

The Cadbury Egg

5. What happens when you microwave a marshmallow peep?

It expands and grows in size.

6. Only one other holiday sells more candy than Easter. Which is it?


7. What part of the chocolate Easter bunny do most Americans eat first?

The ears

8. What does the Easter bunny hide for Easter?


9. What color is the Easter bunny?


10. Children past and present may leave out what for the Easter bunny?


11. What do you do to hardboiled eggs before Easter?

You dye them.


easy and funny Easter trivia questions and answers for kids

Once a piece of chocolate is over a 1/2 inch thick it’s almost impossible to bite into! You’d break your teeth!

13. What is the game called when children go looking for eggs that have been hidden?

An Easter egg hunt

14. Where can you hunt for Easter eggs?

Outside or inside!

15. Are the Easter bunny’s eggs white?

No! They are all different colors.

16. What does the Easter bunny fill your basket with?

Could say: Eggs, candy, money, toys, books

(Find boys Easter basket fillers and girls Easter basket ideas)

17. What color of jellybean is the most popular?

Red (Very Cherry)

18. Many people go to church on Easter Sunday. Why?

To celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.

19. Aside from the bunny, what other animal is associated with Easter?

The lamb (you could also say the chick)

20. What is the most popular meat eaten in the United States on Easter?


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Fun Easter Egg & Rabbit Quiz Questions

Bunny rabbit and eggs

21. What does the Easter Egg symbolize?

Fertility and rebirth

22. Which state has held the largest Easter egg hunt in the United States?

Florida, 2007. (It had 501,000 eggs. Now that’s a lot of eggs to find!)

23. What is the tradition of egg tapping?

In Greece, participants tap their hardboiled eggs against the egg next to them until one of them breaks. (The winner gets good luck for a year!) (source)

24. What is egg dancing?

In Germany, you place raw eggs all over your lawn and dance around them. (The winner is the one who breaks the fewest amount of eggs. And you can make it harder by blindfolding!)

25. What kind of rabbit is the Easter bunny?

An arctic hare. (Based on its white fur and pagan lore)

26. Before Easter baskets, children would build nests in their _________.

Hats and bonnets

27. What is egg rolling?

You take your painted eggs to a local hill and roll them down, competing with others who are rolling eggs down. The winner is the first egg to the bottom of the hill.


Fun Easter egg quiz questions and answers for trivia

Red (to symbolize Jesus’ blood)

29. What is egg blowing?

It’s when you blow out the contents of an egg through a tiny pinprick at the bottom and top of the egg. Then, you carefully paint the eggshell.

30. How did Lent help bring about the popularity of eggs at Easter?

Traditionally, eggs were forbidden as a part of Lent (as well as many other animal products). But because they kept well in pre-refrigeration days and chickens continually laid them, they became a good way to break the fast on Easter Sunday.

31. How does the Easter bunny get the eggs?

It is said that he/she lays them.

32. In what country did the tradition of the Easter bunny originate?


33. What U.S. state was the first to use the Easter bunny in the Easter holiday?

Pennsylvania (German Immigrants in the 1700s)

34. What are Easter baskets made to look like/represent?

A bird’s nest.

35. People in Hungary paint what on their eggs as a symbol of good luck?

Horseshoes (called egg shoeing)

36. What is the most extravagant Easter egg gift of all time?

Most would say it was the Russian Romanov’s annual Easter egg gift to his wife.

He commissioned Peter Carl Fabergé, a master goldsmith, to create a custom white enameled egg. The egg opened to reveal a golden yolk within. Inside the yoke was a golden hen, and inside the hen was a tiny crown and then an even smaller ruby pendant.

(This was the first of a line of eggs the goldsmith would make for the Royal Russian family. Now known as the Faberge egg.)

37. What was the only requirement of a Faberge egg?

That there be a surprise hidden inside.

38. Which president started the famous White House Easter Egg roll?

President Rutherford B. Hayes

39. In England, dancing between eggs on the floor is called…


40. When were Cadbury creme eggs first introduced?


41. What’s really inside a Cadbury creme egg?

Fondant (a mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and water)

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Hard Easter Trivia Questions & Answers For Adults

This Easter trivia quiz digs deeper into our well-known traditions.

Basket with eggs and flowers

42. Between which two dates is Easter always celebrated?

March 22 and April 25

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43. How is the date of Easter determined each year?

The moon. It’s the first Sunday after the full moon on or after the spring equinox.

44. In England, people used to open all the windows and doors on Easter to…

Let the evil spirits out

45. What is the 40-day period of fasting or abstaining that leads up to Easter called?


46. What is Fat Tuesday?

The day before the start of lent. It is considered a day to indulge, before the fasting of Lent. (Mardis Gras)

47. Why did the pretzel used to be associated with Easter?

Because it looks like arms folded in prayer.

48. What hat is it traditional to wear for Easter?

The Easter bonnet

49. What flower is considered the symbol of Easter?

Lily (Also known as the Easter lily)

50. How many chocolate bunnies are made each year?

About 90 million.

51. What is an empty eggshell a metaphor for in Christianity?

Jesus’ tomb

52. In recent years, Australia has been replacing the Easter bunny with the….

Australian Bilby (The Easter bunny is not native to Australia. It’s an invasive species that has actually brought the bilby to the endangered list – in part from bunnies pushing them out of their burrows.)

53. What is Easter Monday?

A continuation of the celebration of the holiday. It marks the end of the Easter season.


Hard Easter trivia for adults in 2023


55. Up to ____% of real bunnies purchased as Easter gifts are abandoned.

80% (Huffpost)

56. Is Easter Christian or Pagan?

It turns out, it has elements of both. For different reasons.

Easter began as a pagan festival celebrating the spring equinox long before Christianity. Later, the season of Easter became associated with the resurrection of Christ.

57. In some parts of Germany and Switzerland, a ______ brings eggs instead of a bunny.


58. What was the name of the pagan Goddess of Spring?

Eostre (She was the Anglo-Savod Goddess of Fertility and Dawn & Light. And why we call the holiday “Easter.”)

59. What are the two sacred symbols of Eostre?

The hare and the egg.

60. It is said that Eostre’s rabbit could lay eggs because it used to be a…


61. Why do Christians eat fish on Good Friday?

It is said that Jesus gave his flesh on Good Friday. Fish is a different kind of flesh, and therefore favored over animal meat. (Abstaining from meat also happens on Fridays and Ash Wednesday as an act of self-discipline, repentance, and renewal).

62. In England, what baked good is a Good Friday Tradition?

Hot Cross Buns

63. In England, what is the name of the fruitcake with marzipan balls served at tea time on Easter?

Simnel cake

64. What do the marzipan balls on a simnel cake represent?

The apostles (without Judas)

65. Why do Americans eat ham instead of lamb on Easter?

Years ago, people found that ham could cure over the winter and was ready for spring.

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Bible Quiz

These Easter trivia questions center around Christianity and the bible.

Christian bible Easter trivia

66. Judas traded Jesus for what?

30 pieces of silver.

67. Jesus wore a crown of…


68. What is the week leading up to Easter called?

Holy Week

69. How many days passed between Jesus’ death and resurrection?

3 days

70. Easter is the Christian celebration of…

The resurrection of Christ (His coming out of the tomb)

71. What is the Sunday before Easter called?

Palm Sunday

72. What Jewish holiday was being celebrated at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection?


73. Which day of Holy Week honors the Last Supper?

Holy Thursday (also called Maundy Thursday)

74. What did Jesus and his disciples eat for the last supper?

Bread and wine

75. What does Good Friday honor?

The day that Jesus died on the cross.

Easter Trivia Questions: True or False Facts

This true or false Easter quiz gets straight to the point!

76. 70% of the Easter candy that is purchased is chocolate.

True or False Easter trivia questions and answers


77. True or false: The rabbit is a symbol of fertility


78. True or false: Egg decorating began with the Christian holiday.

False. The tradition of decorating eggs dates back to medieval times. They symbolize fertility in many parts of the world.

79. True or False: The price of the world’s most expensive chocolate bunny costs $10,000.

False. It’s $49,000

80. Of the 20.8 billion that consumers spent on Easter in 2022, the most was spent on food.


81. Easter is the 2nd most popular church day in America (after Christmas).

False. It’s the most popular. (Followed by Christmas Eve)

82. 50% of parents steal candy from their kids’ stash.

False. It’s actually 80% (Wallethub)

83. Americans spend around 20.8 Billion dollars for Easter.


84. 10 Flavors of Marshmallow peeps are available at Easter.

False. It’s 24.

85. 5 million eggs are purchased for Easter.

False. It’s 180 million eggs.

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Multiple Choice Easter Trivia Questions Quiz

Marshmallow peeps

86. In what year did the White House Easter egg roll begin?

a. 1901

b. 1878

c. 1832

d. 1925

Answer: B. 1878 (And it has only been canceled 3 times since that day. Once from rain and twice due to the Pandemic)

87. The tradition of dyeing Easter eggs began in what country?

a. Ukraine

b. Poland

c. Turkey

d. Greece

Answer: A. Ukraine. They call their eggs a ‘”pysanka.” It means “to write.” The designs are applied with beeswax. (There is also evidence in other early cultures in Africa and Europe)

88. Which celebrity was the first to be made into a chocolate bunny?

a. Benedict Cumberbatch

b. Julia Roberts

c. Oprah Winfrey

d. George Clooney

Answer: A. Benedict Cumberbatch


Multiple choice Easter trivia questions and answers

Answer: D. Chile

90. What do children in Sweden dress up as on Easter?

a. Unicorns

b. Chickens

c. Wizards and witches

d. Kangaroos

Answer: C. Wizards and witches

91. Traditionally, eggs were dyed by boiling the egg with…

a. candies

b. leaves

c. jam

d. onion skins

Answer: D. onion skins

92. How many states consider Good Friday an official holiday?

a. 12

b. 25

c. 50

d. 4

Answer: A: 12


multiple choice quiz for Easter trivia

Answer: B: 80% in 2022

94. Where can you see the largest Easter egg museum in the world?

a. Poland

b. Egypt

c. Delaware

d. Russia

Answer: A. Poland

95. As a superstition, new _______ on Easter is believed to bring good luck.

a. jewelry

b. clothes

c. lightbulbs

d. haircuts

Answer: B. clothes

96. Which city holds the world record for the largest chocolate Easter egg?

a. Manaus, Brazil

b. Lisbon, Portugal

c. Marseille, Paris

d. Tosca, Italy

Answer: D. Tosca Italy (It weighed 15,873 lbs., 4.48 oz.)

97. Which city in America holds the largest Easter parade?

a. New York City, New York

b. Washington D.C.

c. Hershey, Pennsylvania

d. Boston, Massachusetts

Answer: A. New York City

98. The first chocolate egg was produced in what country?

a. Finland

b. Switzerland

c. England

d. Sweden

Answer: C. England (1873, J.S. Fry & Sons of England)

99. Cadbury produces _________ creme eggs a day

a. 1.5 million

b. 1 million

c. 2.5 million

d. 500,000

Answer: A. 1.5 million

100. In 1953, how many hours did it take to make a marshmallow peep?

a. 2 hours

b. 5 hours

c. 27 hours

d. 3 hours

Answer: C. 27 hours (Now it takes 6 minutes)

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To Consider With Easter Trivia Questions & Answers

I hope you enjoyed these Easter trivia questions and answers. Perhaps you’ll be able to stump a friend or family member for fun! What are your favorite fun facts about Easter? Leave a comment and let us know!

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