141 Best Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Junk (Non-Candy Fun!)

Healthy Easter Egg Filler Ideas for 2024

My kids are good kids. But when holidays involving candy come around, they transform into bite-sized monsters.

As parents, we were fighting battles that didn’t need to be fought. And we’ve noticed that it’s easier on everyone if we don’t have mountains of sugar in our home.

So, last year we tried non-candy Easter egg fillers instead. The difference was immediate and stunning. While they were still tired after a long day (and still had sugar from family), the unbearable meltdowns were gone.

2024 non candy Easter egg fillers ideas for teens, adults, kids

We felt like we had our kids back. And now we’ll be using this list of Easter egg stuffers that aren’t junk from now on!

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non candy Easter egg filler ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, babies, tweens, and teens

What to Put in Toddlers & Kids Easter Eggs Besides Candy

Now, the first two sections of Easter egg stuffers work best with babies and toddlers up to middle elementary kids!

*Use product age recommendations and your judgment when using small items for toddlers!


For young kids, stickers are ALWAYS a popular item for an egg. Most toddlers are delighted to see their favorite cartoon characters like Paw Patrol. Or you can stick to a springtime theme or puffy stickers.

Temporary Tattoos

easter egg fillers for 2 year olds: temporary tattoos

To mix it up, stick fun temporary tattoos in the eggs and let kids put them on after the hunt.

Small Arts & Crafts Supplies

It’s a great time to re-stock on art or craft supplies you may be low on. Here are items that make creative projects:

  • googly eyes
  • rubber stamps
  • small colored pencils
  • crayons
  • short markers
  • paints
  • puff balls

For this Easter egg filling idea, it may be easiest to buy a pack of craft supplies and split them out between the eggs!

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Pieces to a Puzzle

use puzzles as your easter egg stuffers for preschoolers or tweens

Want to give your kids a challenge on Easter? First, buy a fun puzzle. Then, put puzzle pieces in each egg. After they collect them all, see if they can put together the picture!

Here’s the cool 300 piece egg puzzle >>

These mini-egg puzzles work well for younger kids too!

Kids Coupons

printable coupon for kids, makes a great coupon book

Next, coupons are coveted in our home – and for good reason. They give the kids something out of the ordinary to look forward to!

Mine especially love the coupons for 30 minute screen time, staying up late, and one-on-one time with mom or dad.

Sign up here for the free kids coupon printable >>

Wild Kid Socks & Fun Shoelaces

Get a little creative with items for their feet! Stick silly socks or rainbow shoelaces in your eggs!


practical non-toy gifts for kids, toddlers, teens: money items

Money is easy because most of us have a few coins lying around. Not only is money the perfect size, but it allows for kids to work on their counting, math, and early money management. Win-win!

Healthy Snacks

There are plenty of non-candy Easter egg fillers if you’d still like to fill your eggs with food! Use cheerios, raisins, popcorn, nuts, goldfish, mini bars, or anything else you know your child would enjoy, but won’t spike their blood sugar.

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More Non-Toy Easter Filler Ideas for Eggs:

what to put in easter eggs for toddlers, fun things

Easter Eggs With Toys Fillers

Next, these make great stuffer alternatives for younger kids too!

Small Toy Animals

Most popular with readers!

Small fuzzy chicks and little stretchy lizards have both been big hits in our home. These tend to be the “special” eggs and are not found in every single one.

Play Dough

playdoh eggs

Small containers or bags of sensory items can be the perfect size to stick in eggs, so give bright spring colors. I love that you can buy playdoh in egg form here and just use that as your eggs!

Similar ideas include neon modeling clay, foam doh, and kinetic sand in small bags. Small toys that help with this play make a great complement gift!

Glow in the Dark Stars As Egg Stuffers

After the festivities of the day wind down, let kids put their stars in their bedrooms or bathroom for extra nighttime fun.

Glow Sticks

Have you seen the fun glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunts? Glow sticks are how they happen! Simply twist the glow stick and then tape the egg shut.

Water Beads

*Ages 3+

water beads

My kids are mesmerized by how water beads grow in water. Plus, they’re small and make for a great activity after the Easter hunt! Use an assortment of colors so kids can make creative designs in a jar or glass too.

More Small Toys Easter fillers:

non candy easter egg stuffers ideas for fillers for tweens

Note: Some of the Easter egg fillers on this list may require larger eggs. Find big ones here >>

*These Easter basket for boys ideas are also a huge hit for all ages!

Watch the video for my favorites

Then check out great options for older kids and adults!

What to Put in Easter Eggs for Tweens & Teens

Next, these non-candy easter egg fillers are great for older kids with more particular preferences!

Nail Polish (or Nail Accessories)

If you have a teen or tween girl, she’ll probably want this anyway! Nail polish is the perfect size to fill a few larger eggs. Or try a combination of a travel nail file, bright nail polish, and clippers.

Hair Accessories

hair scrunchies: easter egg filler ideas for teens and tweens

For girls, hair accessories are the perfect size for eggs! Stick these very grown-up hair clips or practical hair ties, in their eggs!

The bunny bow scrunchies are awesome!

*See Easter basket gifts for girls for more items that are special for girls!

Post-It Notes

Do you have a kid who secretly loves post-it notes?

Get the small flags that are great for bookmarking and spread the packs out amongst the eggs! These are a little bigger, but could work too!

Washi Tape

healthy Easter egg filler ideas and stuffers besides candy

Washi tape is such an easy way to add creativity to your belongings. This bright tape is super popular, and this cool kids tape is perfect for decorating projects!

More Easter Eggs Stuffers for Teens & Tweens:

Healthy non candy Easter egg fillers for tweens, teens, and adults

Pro tip: If you have lots of kids, assign each child their own color of egg!

What to Put in Easter Eggs for Adults

And finally, if you need a few Easter egg filling ideas for the adults, these are great. Many are practical too!

Plant or Flower Seeds

healthy fillers easter eggs adults: seeds and fun things to put in besides candy

Seed packs are a great size for adult easter egg fillers and help you initiate the spirit of spring. Check out these popular wildflower seeds >>

Essential Oils

Are you running low on any oils? Get lavender for relaxing baths or lemon to help you focus. Many oils are also useful for homemade cleaning sprays!

Morning Drinks: Non Candy Easter Egg Stuffer Ideas

Stock up on extra-special coffee k-cup pods. This variety pack is SO fun!

Not a coffee drinker? No worries! Add in individual packs of your favorite teas!

Love Coupons

Next, sometimes you don’t need to spend any money to make a great gift! Fill out these blank template coupons with the ideas on the post, and you’re good to go!

To print out the template, grab them in the free resource library below!

More Easter Egg Fillers for Adults:

*Need more? The teens section has ideas that work for adults too!

Best Easter egg fillers ideas and stuffers that are not junk

To Consider With Easter Egg Fillers & Ideas

There you have it! What I loved about this article is finding that there are TONS of things you can use instead of candy!

Try your favorite idea or mix and match several together to make it surprising. Kids will have a blast figuring out what’s in each one. Either way, if you’re looking to cut back on the Easter candy, this is an egg-cellent way to do it!

What do you think are the best easter egg fillers?

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  1. Corinne Hall says:

    These are some really awesome ideas!! Thanks so much!!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the egg filler ideas Kari! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Water beads are not safe for toddlers im surprised it’s recommended here

    1. Andrea, that section goes from toddlers to middle school. So, the water beads are not specifically for young ones. I will make a note on it about toddlers though so that readers see. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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