55 Fun Easter Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Would You Rather Easter Edition

These fun would you rather Easter questions will get everything thinking and laughing!

Have fun with your kids anywhere:

Would you rather Easter questions game for family, kids, teens, and adults
  • Write and put them in Easter eggs. Kids can answer the questions for fun or have them answer for a piece of candy.
  • Play during a road trip or while waiting in line before Easter.
  • Use them as conversation starters while waiting on Easter dinner.
  • Place them in an Easter basket for a fun game after the hunt.
  • Use them as a creative way to break up learning in the classroom or at home.
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How to play

To play, you can…

  • Go in a line, in a circle, or just bounce back and forth
  • Have everyone answer a different question or have everyone answer the same one.

In my family, we like to all give our opinions on the same question. It’s entertaining to see what each of us prefers!

55 Great Would You Rather Easter Version Questions

colorful eggs

1. Would you rather eat a Cadbury egg or a Reese’s egg?

2. Would you rather only hunt 1 egg or have to find 100?

3. Would you rather Easter was always on a Sunday or Easter was on the same date every year? (Ex. April 9th)

4. Would you rather find candy or find money in Easter eggs?

5. Would you rather hunt for eggs outside or inside?

6. If you had to skip one, would you prefer to skip Valentine’s Day or Easter?

7. Would you rather hide eggs all night or deliver presents all night?

8. Would you rather know where all the Easter eggs are or be surprised by all of them?

9. Would you rather find eggs in a field of flowers or in a forest?

10. Would you rather do an Easter egg hunt or go trick or treating?

11. Would you rather eat a handful of jellybeans or a chocolate egg?

12. Would you rather only eat carrots for a month or only eat hardboiled eggs for a month?

13. Would you rather have Easter eggs growing out of your hair or have Easter grass as hair?

14. Would you rather search for Easter eggs in the rain or in the cold?

15. Would you rather dye Easter eggs all one color or have to dye each individual egg a different color?

16. Would you rather have to eat hardboiled eggs all year (instead of any other kind) or never eat eggs again?


Easter would you rather questions version great for brain break

18. Would you rather find a big chocolate bunny or a big chocolate egg in your Easter basket?

19. Would you rather have to search for Easter eggs in the ocean or in a blizzard?

20. Would you rather watch an Easter movie or play outside in the spring weather?

21. Would you rather decorate or search for eggs?

22. Would you rather only find one Easter egg or only have one thing in your Easter basket?

23. Would you rather eat ham or lamb for Easter dinner?

24. Would you rather only be able to use pastel colors all year or use no colors at all?

25. Would you rather go to the midnight Christmas service or the Easter sunrise service?

26. Would you rather dress nicely for Easter or wear sweatpants?

27. Would you rather hide eggs or hunt for eggs? (Related: Easter Egg Hunt Riddles & Jokes)

28. Would you prefer to eat Easter brunch or Easter dinner?

29. Would you rather buy plastic eggs or dye real ones?

30. Would you rather have spring flowers coming out of your ears or out of your nose?

31. Would you rather jump in a puddle of water or play in mud?

32. Would you rather do an Easter scavenger hunt or an Easter egg hunt?

33. Would you prefer to find the most eggs or find the biggest egg with a surprise inside?

34. Would you rather race eggs down a hill or fly a kite?

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Easter Bunny Would You Rather Theme

brown bunny in grass

35. Would you rather have a bushy tail or long ears like the Easter bunny?

36. Would you rather meet the Easter bunny or meet the tooth fairy?

37. Would you prefer the Easter bunny was as big as an elephant or as small as a mouse?

38. Would you rather be the Easter bunny’s assistant or one of Santa’s elves?

39. Would you rather have to catch a tiny bunny or have to run from a big one?

40. Would you rather find out that the Easter bunny hops fast or hops long distances?

41. Would you rather imagine the Easter bunny builds the eggs or lays them?

42. Would you rather eat only carrots or only lettuce for a day (like the Easter bunny!)?

43. Would you rather have to wear an Easter bunny costume or a Santa costume?


brain break would you rather Easter questions for students and kids

45. Would you rather hop like the Easter bunny or chirp like a chick?

46. Would you rather have a pet bunny who can talk to you or a pet duck who can talk to you?

47. Would you rather have rabbit teeth or a chick’s beak?

48. Would you rather pet a baby bunny or a baby chick?

49. Would you rather have to wear feathers for a day or have to hop for a day?

50. Would you rather have to do the chicken dance in public or wear a bunny suit?

51. Would you rather have bunny whiskers on your face or tiger stripes all over your body?

52. Would you rather hop like a bunny or hop like a frog?

53. If the Easter bunny had to be a different animal, would you rather a fox or a chick brought you eggs?

54. Would you rather sneak up on the Easter bunny or sneak up on Santa?

55. Would you rather eat all of your candy at once or save a little for each day?

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