We love Easter around here! But, after the bingeing of the holidays and the boxes of candy at Valentine’s Day, I’m always looking for playful, non-sweet alternatives by Easter.

So, these 9 simple Easter activities for families focus more on time spent together, and less on the candy marketers push us to buy. It’s important that our kids know we can have fun without the junk too. So, try a few this year! No desserts, candy, or knick-knack toys required!

1. Easter Bingo

Easter activities for families

Play bingo as a family or with a group of kids. Bring this out to keep kids busy while you’re waiting on church or family celebrations! Create simple rewards such as “Winner gets to stay up late!” or “Winner is first in line at the egg hunt!”

2. Celebrate With Flowers

easter activities for families

Easter is all about new life.

So why not celebrate the holiday by planting a few flowers every year! I’ve been meaning to get the kids involved with planting and gardening, so this is a tradition we will be trying. It gets you outside during the holiday too!

3. Eat An Easter Brunch

easter activities for families

This is one of the Easter activities for families that is a staple of many, and a great way to get family together every year.

These bunny pancakes from This Little Pig Stayed Home are perfect for a healthy and easy breakfast whether with extended family or not! We use our favorite whole wheat banana pancake recipe found HERE and swapping out the chocolate chips for blueberries!

4. Roll Eggs Down A Hill

easter activities for families

If the kids need something to do Easter morning after the hunts, this is perfect. It gets the competitive spirit going! Find a hill and a few eggs you don’t mind parting with. Then, have family members stand at the top of the hill and have an egg rolling race! First egg down the hill wins!

5. Make An Easter Tree

Easter activities for families

This is such a cute craft and decoration that everyone can participate in from Rhythms of Play. All it takes are branches, a vase, rocks/pebbles, and little Easter egg ornaments. I bought egg ornaments HERE to do it. My kids love scrounging up the perfect sticks for this!

6. Go On An Easter Picnic

easter activities for families

If breakfast is too much work early in the morning, a simple Easter picnic could do the trick! Take some simple fare, even just snacks or a pb&j, and go to the park. Or sit outside on a blanket in your own backyard! Enjoy the fresh air and sunlight!

7. Have Your Own Sunrise Service

Easter activities for families

Sunrise is around 6:45 here this time of year. If you like getting up early, or are already up due to little kids, sit outside on the deck to watch the sunrise together. Bring blankets, wrap yourselves up, and cuddle. You could always prep some simple breakfast food the night before too.

What a sweet and reflective way to start the Easter holiday!

8. Have The Kids Write A Letter

easter activities for families

Have the kids write a letter about what they love to do and the things they enjoy. Then, save them from year to year for them to revisit. When they are all grown up it’s a cool way to look back on their childhood and get a glimpse of what they were like every spring.

9. Take An Easter Photo

Easter Activities For Families

This is what it looks like in our home after we have spent all day celebrating. We’re spent.

It is my goal every year to take a nice Easter photo in the same spot. This is what generally happens!

But, ANY picture is a wonderful way to document the growth of your family. Sometimes pictures like these are a great reminder that not everything has to be picture perfect! This is life, and reality is messy!

Something to Think About with Easter

These Easter activities for families don’t have to be done on the actual day or weekend either. Do them any time during the month! No matter what traditions you choose, have fun and just focus on making memories this Easter!

Want more incredible traditions to try with your family? Check out my ebook: 257+ of the BEST Traditions to Start With Your Family

What are your favorite Easter traditions and activities? Share below!

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easter activities for families