150 Best Debate Topics For Kids & Teens in 2024

What are some fun topics to debate with kids?

Do you know any kids that love to argue?

Debate is an interesting way to express various views on topics. And it opens you up to new perspectives. This interesting list of debate topics for kids will test critical thinking skills and help your kids express their opinions clearly.

In this post you will find:

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  • Fun topics for kids and teens to debate
  • The benefits of debate
  • Tips to teach your kids to get their point across respectfully

Debate Topics For Kids

These fun debate topics are sure to get your kids talking. This section has easy debate topics for elementary students that are also great for the classroom.

Title Pin: Best debate Topics for Kids

1. Should kids have to go to school?

2. Can school lunch be made healthier?

3. Should the school day be shorter?

4. Would it work better to wear uniforms to school or pick out your own clothes?

5. Should teachers assign homework?

6. Kids should receive a medal at the end of every sports season.

7. Everyone should make their bed every day.

8. Kids should be able to watch whatever they want on TV.

9. Should there be ratings on tv shows and movies?

kid friendly debate topics for elementary students

11. All kids should have the opportunity to own a pet.

12. Are sleepovers a good activity for kids?

13. Kids should play outside every day.

14. Having a lot of toys and things makes you happier.

15. Should summer vacation be longer and the school year be shorter?

16. Is junk food okay for kids to eat?

17. Should you be allowed to bring your pet to school?

18. How many recesses should you have?

19. Should candy be given as a reward in school?

interesting debate topics for kids

21. You should be kind to everyone all the time.

22. Are picture books or chapter books better?

23. Kids should have to stick with an activity they are participating in until it’s over.

24. There should be a limit on the number of presents kids receive on Christmas and birthdays.

Fun Family Debate Topics

The next section has many topics for kids to debate that often arise for families. This is great dinner-time discussion!

25. Kids should get to pick what they eat for dinner if they don’t like what their family is having.

26. Elementary age kids should have to start doing their own laundry.

27. Kids should decide on their consequences instead of their parents.

28. Your bedroom is your personal space and you should not have to clean it.

29. It is better for kids to solve their own problems than get their parents to help.

Great topics for kids to debate at home or school

31. Should parents pay kids for getting good grades?

32. How late should kids be allowed to stay up?

33. Should kids get a weekly allowance?

34. How much allowance should you receive?

35. Kids should be able to buy whatever they want.

36. Kids should be able to have as much screen time as wanted.


Funny Debate Topics For Kids

This list of light-hearted kids debate topics will have everyone arguing and laughing!

37. Dogs are better than cats.

38. The beach is better than the mountains.

39. Are aliens fake or real?

40. Are clowns scary or funny?

41. Which superpower is better: the ability to fly or the ability to become invisible?

42. People shouldn’t have to go to work or school on their birthdays.

43. Are books or movies better?

44. Batman is better than Superman.

45. Ghosts are real.

46. What is the most important possession you can own?

47. Darth Vader was a hero, not a villain. Check out this Star Wars Trivia Quiz!

48. Santa Claus should pay his elves.

49. Would a pet dragon or a pet unicorn be better?

Fun Debate Topics About Food

Enjoy debating about something everyone loves to have an opinion about! Food!

funny debate topics for kids

51. The best dipping sauce is ketchup.

52. McDonald’s is better than Burger King.

53. Pepperoni is the best pizza topping.

54. Pepsi is better than Coke.

55. Peanut butter or Nutella?

56. Pineapple should not go on pizza.

57. Cereal should not be eaten without milk.

58. A corner brownie is better than the one in the middle.

59. Is being vegan or vegetarian good or bad for your health?

fun topics for kids to debate in elementary school and middle school

61. Fast food restaurants should be banned.

62. Vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream.

63. Fruit counts as a dessert.

64. Is it necessary to eat vegetables every day?

65. Should you get dessert at every meal?

66. Is it okay to be eating foods that contain sugar?

67. Is it okay to drink soda?

68. Chocolate chip cookies are the best type of cookie.

69. Donuts are a dessert item, not a breakfast food.


Debate Topics For Teens

This next section includes debate topics for teenagers that are guaranteed to get them talking.

debate topics for high school teens

71. Should junk food be banned from the school cafeteria?

72. Should all students be required to take PE?

73. Are private schools or public schools better?

74. Group projects are better than independent projects.

75. Are video games harmful or helpful?

76. Should community service be required as part of school?

77. How can bullying be stopped in school?

78. Should students be required to learn another language in school?

79. Fiction is better than nonfiction.

Mondays is the worst: best debate topics for students

81. Using curse words is no big deal.

82. Being famous would be awesome.

83. The legal driving age should be younger than 16.

84. Teens should get their own car as soon as they get their driving license.

85. Teens younger than 18 should be able to vote.

86. High school students should not have a curfew.

87. Everyone should learn to swim.

88. All kids should learn to play an instrument.

89. All kids should play a sport.

controversial debate topics for teens and kids in school or home

91. You should be able to wear whatever you want to school.

92. School is a safe place.

93. Schools should have metal detectors at all doors.

94. Grades don’t really matter.

95. Cursive is obsolete and students should not have to learn it.

96. Peer pressure is a good thing.

97. Should kids be considered adults at 18 or older?

98. Is cheating ever okay?

99. Vaping should be outlawed.

debate topics for middle school

101. Blood is thicker than water.

102. It is better to stay home than go out.

103. Life for kids and teens used to be easier.

104. What age is considered old?

105. You should be able to pick more of the classes you take in middle school and high school.

106. Having a purpose in life is important.

107. Having a lot of money would make life easier.

108. You should always tell the truth.

109. Being good-looking is better than being smart.

topics for kids to debate in high school

111. Teens are overscheduled.

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Controversial Debate Topics For Teens

The following list has controversial topics for teens and high school students. While still keeping our debate topics family-friendly, these topics will open up interesting discussions.

teens discussing

112. Should wealthier people’s taxes be raised?

113. Do professional athletes deserve to make so much money?

114. Should parents only be allowed to have a certain number of kids?

115. Should any vaccinations be mandatory?

116. Should people who smoke have to pay more for health insurance?

117. Is war ever justified?

118. Should your gender matter when deciding what sports teams to join?

119. Is marijuana medicinal?


Social Media Topics For Older Kids To Debate

Social media and technology debate topics are commonly on our minds. What thoughts do you have on the following debate topics for teens and kids?

technology debate topics for kids

121. Kids should have a limit on how much time they spend online.

122. It’s better to be Tik Tok famous than Instagram famous.

123. Should Facebook have a “Dislike” button?

124. Kids should have to be a certain age before they can be on social media.

125. Kids should not have a phone until they are in high school.

126. Parents should be able to access and monitor their kids’ social media daily.

127. Phones should be kept out of bedrooms at night.

128. Computers should stay in shared family living spaces.

129. Social media is addictive.

social media debate topics for kids and teens

131. YouTube is okay for kids.

132. Technology will eventually lead to our demise.

133. Are PC’s better than MACs? Which is better: android or iPhone?

134. Is it right for Facebook or Twitter to ban certain people?

135. What is the best gaming system?

136. Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?

See more great ideas for kids:

Science Debate Topics For Kids & Teens

For students interested in science and environmental debate topics, this list includes topics that are engaging.

137. The egg came before the chicken.

138. There is intelligent life on other planets.

139. Plastic should be prohibited.

140. It should be a law that everyone has to recycle.

141. Global warming is a real thing.

142. What happened to dinosaurs?

143. How was the earth created?

144. Should we still spend money learning about space?

145. What will our planet be like in 1,000 years?

146. Is cloning a bad thing?

147. Should animal testing continue?

148. Should solar energy replace other forms of energy?

149. Should genetically engineered food be allowed by the government?

controversial topics for teens in Science

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Debate vs Argument

What is the difference between a debate and an argument?

In general, the term argument refers to reasoning in support of an issue or opinion. It can also imply a personal dispute that has a negative association.

Debates are often considered more formal. They can also imply a public-style discussion with advocates in support of both sides of an issue. (See examples of both here)

A good debate is more than just an argument. You have to be able to see various perspectives through critical thinking, listening, and speaking.

How does debating help kids and teens?

1. It builds self-confidence

Debating topics like the ones in this article can build your child’s confidence. Greater confidence makes you more fearless and more likely to take risks outside of your comfort zone.

2. It increases analytical skills

Kids debate topics allow your child to analyze situations and form responses based on opposing views. They will learn to turn facts and statistics into a strong defense of their viewpoint.

3. It Improves speaking and listening skills

Debate teaches the life skills of learning to speak persuasively, often in front of a group of people.

With practice, kids learn how to structure their speaking to say what they want in a timely way. They learn to speak with the right pace, tone, and body language.

Debate also involves listening with an open mind to other people’s opinions. Critical listening is required in order to develop an appropriate response to the speaker.

4. It helps clarify thoughts while investigating new ideas

Kids will have the chance to think about what they want to say about a topic. They can learn how to organize their thoughts before they speak and even explore new ideas about a topic.

How do I teach kids to debate?

You don’t need to set up a fully structured debate at home to see the benefits. Simply talking through the topics in this post will help with debating skills.

Here are tips to teach your kids to get their point across respectfully.

  1. Encourage your child to be a good listener when someone is expressing his/her point of view.
  2. Talk about current events and important topics that are happening in your home or at school.
  3. Model and practice seeing things from another’s point of view.
  4. Model and practice always being kind, even when you disagree with someone’s opinions.
  5. Use the topics in this post to start discussing.

To Consider with Topics for Kids to Debate

It is healthy for our kids to have opinions and develop their individual points of view.

Start discussing debate topics when they are young to help your kids learn the skills needed to adequately express themselves.

Bonus: Use these productive conversations to connect with your kids too!

*And don’t miss these great debate topics for couples too!

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Interesting Topics for Kids To Debate