150 Fun Couples Challenge Questions (Instagram, Tiktok, & More)

These fun couples challenge questions will spice up your day with interesting conversation! They are incredibly popular on Tiktok and Instagram, but they also make for a fun private date night!

Use the unique questions to find out who does something first, better, or worst. If you disagree, you’ll have an engaging (and often hilarious) conversation about it. This quiz game can be quite an eye-opening experience!

Couples questions challenge on Tiktok and Instagram

Tips for Fun Ways to Play

Use the table of contents to choose the question categories you like most. Then, answer the questions to see what each person says. If you don’t want to be biased by your partner’s answers, you can…

Couples challenge questions quiz: tips for how to play; TikTok; Youtube
  • Close your eyes and point (then open your eyes)
  • Write down your answers
  • Have someone else ask the questions and record on video (keeping your eyes closed the entire time)

If you put your answers on video, share it to let others see what you chose!

Couples Challenge Questions Quiz

Now, let’s get to the challenge!

Who Is More Challenge Questions For Couples

First, keep it real by seeing who has more of a particular quality or who’s more likely to do something!

man and woman holding hands

1. Who is more dramatic?

2. Who is more competitive?

3. Who is more likely to pick up a stray pet?

4. Who is more expressive? (Which one of you shows their thoughts more on their face)

5. Who is more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger?

6. Who is more jealous?

7. Who is more likely to eat something strange?

8. Who has more patience?

9. Who is more likely to injure themselves?

10. Who is more tech-savvy?

11. Who is more likely to medically diagnose after being online?

12. Who is more trusting?

13. Who is more likely to burn something while cooking?

14. Who is messier?

15. Who is more likely to lose something?

16. Who is more likely to be on Broadway?

17. Who is more of a risk taker?

18. Who is more likely to solve an unsolved mystery?

19. Who is more of a hoarder?

20. Who is more outspoken?

21. Who is more likely to become famous?

22. Who is more likely to hold a grudge?

23. Who is more carefree?

24. Who is more likely to run a marathon?

Who gets grumpier? Who is more couples challenge questions; funny

25. Who gets grumpier?

26. Who is more likely to get lost?

27. Who is more of a baby when sick?

28. Who is more scared of spiders?

29. Who is more scared of snakes?

30. Who is more gullible?

31. Who has a bigger sweet tooth?

32. Who is more likely to talk about your private life in public?

33. Who is more likely to get arrested?

34. Who is more fashionable?

35. Who is more romantic?

36. Who is more possessive?

37. Who is more of an optimist?

38. Who is more likely to get a tattoo?

39. Who is more likely to have a secret spy life?

40. Who is more likely to lose it on their boss?

41. Who is more likely to stuff their feelings downs (which may or may not emerge later…)?

42. Who is more likely to walk out during a fight?

43. Who is more stubborn?

44. Who is more likely to laugh when they’re supposed to be serious?

45. Who is more likely to travel the world?

46. Who is more likely to get sucked into a conspiracy theory?

47. Who is more likely to become a pilot or race car driver?

48. Who is more likely to be in the Olympics?

49. Who is more of a homebody?

50. Who is more generous?

51. Who is more likely to do something spontaneous?

52. Who is more likely to NOT share the chocolate?

53. Who is more likely to get sunburnt into a lobster?

54. Who is more likely to create a masterpiece or run a billion-dollar business?

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Funny & Embarrassing Challenge Questions

Next, these couples challenge questions will make you laugh! Or cringe!

husband and wife laughing

55. Who would make a better ninja?

56. Who would die first in a Zombie apocalypse?

57. Who would handle it better if they gave up coffee?

58. Who finds it hardest to admit when they’re wrong?

59. Who is more likely to embarrass the other person?

60. Who is more likely to fall out of bed?

61. Who is more likely to fall asleep during a movie?

62. Who snores?

63. Who has the weirder taste in music?

64. Who has the crazier family?

65. Who has crazier friends?

66. Who would make a better superhero?

67. Who’s better at singing karaoke?

68. Who is more likely to tell dumb jokes?

69. Who would be more likely to haunt the other person as a ghost?

70. Who would be less scared on a haunted house tour?

71. In a fight, who is the fiery one?

72. Who is more likely to freak out during a storm?

73. Who is more likely to wear something they probably shouldn’t be wearing?

74. Who would be more likely to seek vengeance when wronged?

75. Who has the stranger phobias?

76. Who spends more time in the bathroom?

77. Who is smellier?

78. Who’s the better eavesdropper?

79. Who’s the bigger flirt?

80. Who takes longer to get ready?

81. Who is more easily embarrassed?

82. Who gets more hangry? (angry when hungry)

83. Who is the funny one?

84. Who wins at tickle wars more often?

85. Who is most likely to get caught doing something naked?

86. Who is more likely to say “but it was a good deal!”?

87. Who spends more time watching cat videos?

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Challenging Couple Questions

Warning: grab some popcorn because things are about to get interesting!

couple dancing in the kitchen

88. Who is the better secret keeper?

89. Who is more likely to agree with something radical?

90. Who’s the better driver?

91. Who looks just like they did 5 years ago?

92. Who falls asleep fastest?

(My husband falls asleep in 5 seconds flat. And it drives. Me. Crazy.)

93. Who spends more time on social media?

94. Who exercises more?

95. Who is more religious? Who is more spiritual?

96. Who leaves the bathroom a bigger mess?

97. Who makes quicker decisions?

98. Who wins thumb wars more often?

99. Who asks for permission more?

100. Who spends more time binge-watching tv?

101. Who has changed their life more in the last year?

102. Who is better at taking care of the other when they’re sick?

103. Who is “the bargain hunter”?

104. Who orders more expensive food at restaurants?

105. Who cleans more?

106. Who is the better cook?

107. Who prefers their food spicy?

108. Who’s better at following directions to get somewhere?

109. Who’s more easily distracted?

110. Who has better dance moves?

Who swears more? Couples challenge questions quiz funny, embarrassing; relationship game

111. Who swears more?

112. Who’s the stricter parent?

113. Who tells more fibs (or little white lies)?

114. Who goes to bed earliest?

115. Who would handle prison better?

116. Who will live longer?

117. Who has the worst bad habit?

118. Who has more interesting stories?

119. Who is on their phone more?

120. Who reads more?

121. Who is the better debater?

122. Who is better with money?

123. Who makes the big decisions?

124. Who makes the small decisions?

125. Who grew up more spoiled?

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Relationship Challenge Questions List

Next, these challenge questions for couples dig into the heart of your relationship and everyday life together.

man and woman on the beach

126. Who made the first move in your relationship?

127. Who steals the covers more often?

128. Who says “I love you” first?

129. Who’s the better kisser?

130. Who is more likely to lose their wedding ring?

131. Who is better at buying the other person gifts? (Try these date night gifts if you struggle)

132. Who initiated the first kiss?

133. Who is more of a dreamer? (Make a couples vision board!)

134. Who is more likely to write a love letter?

135. Who is the “handsy” one?

136. Who prefers getting intimate in the morning?

137. Who is more liked by the other’s family?

138. Who has the most exes?

139. Who gives more compliments?

140. Who is better at remembering your Anniversary?

141. Who’s more goal-oriented? (Find great relationship goals)

142. Who needs more space in the relationship?

143. Who enjoys celebrating their birthday more?

144. Who has a bigger celebrity crush?

145. Who enjoys making out more?

146. Who has weirder bedroom fetishes/fantasies?

147. Who makes the first move more often?

148. Who has the least sexy pajamas?

149. Who takes charge in the bedroom?

150. Who is kinkier?

We Took the Couples Questions Challenge!

Here are how a few turned out:

Couples challenge questions quiz game for your relationship; fun; romantic; boyfriend; girlfriend

Here’s an example of a couple who did a video for Tiktok as well!

What’s Next?

Next, have some light-hearted fun with this Date Night Questions Game. From truth or dare to love trivia, each round is different!

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