200 Fun Questions For Married Couples to Reconnect Now

Questions for married couples to reconnect are a breath of fresh air!

At the end of a long week, it can be hard to feel connected with your spouse. On busy kid weeks, I sometimes wonder when the last time my husband and I had a real conversation.

Plus, when you are married, you’ve been with this person for years. It’s more about the reconnection than first-time sparks.

questions for married couples to reconnect on Anniversary or date night

Try them out:

  • on your next date night
  • on your Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day,
  • or while waiting for a kids activity.

It’s a quick, no prep way to remind you of why your partner is your favorite person!

Discussion Questions For Married Couples to Reconnect

First, these questions touch base after a week (or month) of routine. Sometimes in the grind, you forget how much a quick exchange can build your relationship.

fun married couples questions to get closer, reconnect

1. What’s something weird or unusual that happened in your week?

2. When you think of the next few months, what makes you most excited?

3. When you think of the next few months, what makes you the most nervous or anxious?

4. What’s the best thing about your job right now?

5. What’s a hard thing happening with your job right now?

6. What are you reading or listening to lately? Why do you like it?

7. What have you been watching lately?

8. What’s your best memory of the last year?

man and woman talking

9. Was there anything that happened in the last week that your spouse can help you with?

10. What are three highlights from the last 24 hours?

11. What’s the biggest stress in your life right now?

12. What’s the most important thing you learned or discovered in the last week?

13. Have you set any goals for yourself lately? How are you working towards them, and do they affect your relationship in any way?

14. If you had to rate your week from 1-10 (10 being the most amazing week you’ve ever had), what would you rank this week? And why?

15. In what ways are you like the rest of your family? In what ways are you different?

16. In what way have you gotten out of your comfort zone with your partner recently?

17. What song do you know every word to?

18. What chore around the house do you not mind doing?

19. What chore around the house do you absolutely hate?

20. If you could check off one bucket list item with your spouse in the next month, what would it be?

21. If you were to make a basket of all of your partner’s favorite things, what would you put in it?

22. What do you love about your home? What do you wish was different about it?

23. What’s your favorite season? How have you celebrated this season with your partner?

24. What was your favorite thing to do when you were a kid? Have you tried it with your partner?

25. What is a habit your partner used to have that bothered you, and now it doesn’t bug you anymore?

What do you like about being married: funny and romantic questions for married couples to ask each other

26. What do you like about being married?

27. What is your favorite thing to debate about with your spouse?

28. What 1 thing helps you feel emotionally connected with your partner at the end of a long week?

29. What if we unexpectedly received $10,000 today? How would we spend or use it?

30. What is something that made you smile today?

31. If you could pick one habit you could change together, what would it be? (This could be relationship goals, health, etc.)

32. What is a fantastic book that you have both read?

33. Would you ever want to work with your partner? Why or why not?

34. What has been the best meal your spouse has ever cooked?

35. What skill would you like to master someday?

36. What one place within driving distance would you like to visit sometime?

37. Where is one place you wish you visited more often?

38. What is your favorite photo of you and your spouse together?

39. What is one crazy purchase you made with your spouse that was totally worth it?

40. What’s the most fun game you have ever played with your spouse?

41. What is something you used to hate, but now you like?

42. What is something you used to like, but now you hate?

43. How can you practice a listening skill when your partner is talking next?

44. What do you do in the morning that helps you connect with your partner?

45. What do you do in the evenings that helps you connect with your partner?

46. If you had a couples vision board, what would be on it?

47. What are bucket list items you would like to do with your kids (or future kids) before they grow up?

48. What couples ritual or tradition do you have that you cherish?

49. How can you do a better job of connecting daily with your partner?

(Could you have lunch together once a week? A nightly ritual?)

50. What simple life pleasure can you enjoy with your spouse in the next day?

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Romantic Questions For Married Couples To Get Closer

Next, these married couples questions will help you dig deeper and remind you to keep that spark blazing.

man and woman hugging romantic

51. What made you fall in love with your spouse?

52. If you could do anything over about how we met, what would it be?

53. What makes you excited when you think about your future with your partner?

54. What are five reasons you love your spouse?

55. In your opinion, what has been the MOST beautiful moment you have spent with your spouse?

56. What is your love language?

57. When was the last time you did something that spoke to your partner’s love language?

58. In what moments do you feel most loved by your spouse?

59. What’s your favorite relationship memory from the last year? Why?

60. Do you have a love song? Why is that “your song”? If not, what would it be?

61. What is something that you remember vividly from your wedding day?

62. When you spend time together, are you happy with the quality of that time?

(Relationships are about quantity AND quality of time. Not happy with your time together? Try putting away your phone or using more questions, challenges, and games to connect.)

63. What is something about married life that you really appreciate?

64. What pet name or nickname do you use for your spouse?

65. What pet name or nickname would you like for your spouse to use more?

66. What is something you didn’t celebrate this year, but you wish you had?

67. What is one couples activity or tradition you’d love to put more effort into?

68. What’s your favorite type of flower?

69. Who is better at flirting?

70. Do you tell your partner you love him/her enough?

71. If you were going to “be romantic” what does that look like for you?

72. What is the best way to calm your spouse when he/she is mad?

73. What’s your favorite romantic movie?

74. What have you come to appreciate about your partner over time?

75. When was the last time you went on a date?

Deep Questions For Married Couples to Reconnect

What are difficult questions in marriage? Here are a few! (Even though they may be tough, they also help you clarify your future, beliefs, and life paths.)

man and woman in the kitchen

76. How has your relationship grown over the years?

77. How are you different than the person you were on your wedding day? And how has this changed your relationship?

78. In the last week, has your phone impacted the quality of your relationship?

79. What is the best memory you have in your marriage?

80. What is a moment in your marriage that was incredibly difficult, but ultimately brought you closer?

81. What are you most grateful for when it comes to your marriage?

82. What part of your marriage do you think you could improve?

83. What one thing if you changed in your life would dramatically improve your quality of life?

84. What is the best gift you have either given or received from your spouse?

85. 10 years from now, where do you want to be living?

86. What is one thing you need to speak up or be more clear about when it comes to your needs?

87. How do you handle arguments? (Silent retreat or angry offensive?)

88. What is something in your marriage that you wish your spouse would let go of a little more?

89. How has your partner shifted your perspective on something in life?

90. What is something that you do often, but should really be on your not-to-do list?

91. What are you doing (and who are you with) when you feel the most like yourself?

92. How has your spouse inspired you?

93. What makes you proud when you think of your partner?

94. If you could be exceptionally good at one thing, what would you want it to be?

95. If you had to get married all over again, what would this wedding look like?

96. Do you make your spouse a better person?

97. Looking back at your 20-year-old self, what would that person think of how you live today?

(Try these questions for your future self)

98. If someone asked you “what’s the secret to a happy marriage?” what would you answer?

99. What book have you read that made the biggest impact on your relationship?

100. What is hard to talk to your partner about? Why?

101. Are you happy with the way household chores and responsibilities are split up? If not, how can you make this better?

102. What is a cause or charity you are passionate about? Why?

103. What is one financial dream that you both want to accomplish?

104. How can you improve your finances to make that dream come true?

happen for a reason questions for married couples to reconnect at home

105. Do you believe that things “happen for a reason?”

106. What did you learn from your parents about relationships that you have taken into your marriage?

107. Do you believe in karma?

108. Do you believe in Heaven or an afterlife?

109. What are your biggest fears when it comes to your relationship?

110. If given the chance, what is one thing from the past that you would do differently in your life or relationship?

111. If you found out your partner was going to die tomorrow, what would you say to him/her?

112. If you found out your partner was going to die 6 months from now, what would you do together with your time left?

113. What has been the biggest challenge in your relationship? How did you overcome it?

114. What is a piece of advice you got when getting married that you think is bad advice?

115. What is the best relationship advice you have ever received?

116. Is there anything in your past that is holding you back as a couple? How can you get past it?

117. What is one thing that is a deal breaker for you in the relationship?

118. What is your favorite family tradition? (That you do now or that you did when you were a kid)

119. What is your least favorite family tradition?

120. What do you most want to teach your kids about marriage?

121. What are your hopes and dreams for your kids? How do you want to raise them?

122. If you looked at the last month’s schedule, are you building a family life that meets your goals and hopes for the kids?

123. If you looked at the last month’s schedule, are you building a marriage that meets your goals and hopes for your relationship?

124. What is something that you did before kids (or before other life responsibilities took over) that you miss now?

125. As a couple, what legacy do you want to leave?

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Funny Married Couples Questions

Next, these funny questions for married couples will get you both talking AND laughing.

husband and wife interview

126. What’s a cheesy pick-up line that you think might actually work?

127. If you were to go head to head on an iron chef competition, who would win?

128. If you could be any villain, which one would you be?

129. If you were a secret spy, what kind of missions would you want to go on?

130. If you could have one last meal, what would you want your meal to be?

131. Which one of you has a more difficult time keeping a secret?

132. If you had to survive an apocalypse, how would you do it?

133. If you were suddenly famous, what would you want to be famous for?

134. If you won 5 million dollars, what would you do with the money in the next year?

135. If you could have a secret talent, what would you want it to be?

136. If you could have a secret superpower, what would you want it to be?

137. If you could pick a name for your partner, what would be their stripper name?

138. If you could time travel, when and where would you go to?

139. If you could explore space, which planet would you check out first?

140. If you only had access to one movie for the rest of your life, which would you want it to be?

141. What movie has creeped you out, or haunted you?

(I Am Legend haunts me for life!)

142. If you weren’t human but were an animal instead, what animal would you want to be?

143. If you could speak another language, what language would you want to speak?

144. What famous person would you most want to meet?

145. Do you believe in ghosts?

146. Do you believe in aliens?

147. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

148. Who was your first celebrity crush when you were a kid?

149. Would you rather be dropped in a pool with a shark or a pit with a snake?

(Two of my biggest childhood fears! Ah!)

150. If you could swap lives with anyone for one day, who would it be?

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Intimate Married Couples Questions

Now, what about your intimacy? This is important for married couples to reconnect!

intimate questions to ask husband to reconnect

151. In what scenario do you find your partner sexy?

152. Who gets jealous more?

153. Which of you is the better kisser?

154. Do you prefer kissing or hugging?

155. Is it ok to tell “little white lies” in the bedroom?

156. How can you spice things up or kick the intimacy up a notch?

157. What does your spouse do that puts you in the mood?

158. What does your spouse do that puts you out of the mood?

159. When was the last time you tried something new together in the bedroom?

160. Do you sing in the shower?

161. What were the qualities that attracted you to your spouse when you first met? Are those still the qualities that pull you in? Or are there new qualities you now love more?

162. What is your favorite memory of a time when you were intimate?

163. What’s your guilty pleasure? (In and/or out of the bedroom)

164. Are you happy with the level of intimacy in your relationship?

165. Do you like cuddling? When was the last time you just laid in bed for a snuggle?

166. What is something intimate you haven’t tried but would like to?

167. Who is better at foreplay?

168. What if your spouse suddenly became kinky? What would you do?

169. What is an intimate question you have always wanted to ask your partner but haven’t?

170. When was the last time you hung out in the shower or bath together?

171. Would you rather your partner left you a sweet love text or a raunchy one?

172. Are you a trusting person when it comes to your spouse?

173. If you could pick out underwear for your partner, what would they look like?

174. What suggestion can you give your partner about how you prefer intimacy?

175. When was the last time you put your partner’s needs ahead of your own?

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Interview Questions For Married Couples

Finally, these are great well rounded married couples questions for even more in-depth conversation.

couple sitting on the couch, conversation starters for spouse

176. What is your favorite holiday? Favorite time of year?

177. What holiday would you be fine skipping?

178. If you were to change careers, what would you like to do?

179. What is your dream date night with your spouse? (Here are great married couples date night ideas!)

180. What is your dream vacation with your spouse?

181. If you had to pick a 30 day challenge idea to do with your partner, what would it be?

(My hubby and I just completed a challenge to put phones away from 5-8 pm each night. It was SO good for us!)

182. Is there another couple in your life who have a relationship you admire? Why?

183. If you could choose, what would you want to do for your birthday?

184. Do you kiss your partner goodbye? Why or why not?

185. When was the last time you hugged your spouse?

186. What do you think your partner’s dream job looks like?

187. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? What about a snowy day?

188. What is something most people do, but you don’t understand why? (Following a trend, how others handle family or finances, etc.)

189. What was the first movie you saw together as a couple?

190. Who is the most famous person you have met?

191. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? What about your spouse?

192. Do you feel you had a good childhood? What things did you take out of it that serve you well today?

193. If your house were on fire and everyone got out, but you could save one material possession, what would it be?

194. Who is a person you would like to have less contact with? More contact with?

195. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your days, what would it be?

196. Where do you see your relationship 5 years down the road?

197. Have you ever tried a social media detox challenge? Would you want to try it with your partner?

198. What is something you are proud of improving or accomplishing over the last year?

199. What is something you wish you were better at?

200. What is your favorite activity to do with your spouse?

best deep questions for married couples to reconnect game pin

Quick Tips For Having Fun

Set the Space if You Can:

Enjoying a glass of wine together or holding hands while you discuss can help you feel connected too.

Be A Good Listener

The art of listening takes time to practice. But it can be crucial to building conversations that go beyond “how’s it going?”

Ask more questions about the person. Use less “I” statements. 

Be Open

Go into the married couples questions ready to let your partner inside your head. (I.e. if you are feeling crabby and defensive, save the questions for another night!)

To Consider With Couple Reconnect Game Questions

Whether you have been married for 2 or 45 years, these questions for married couples will help you open up and bond.

You will become aware of all of the things going right, happy memories, and beautiful dreams. And you will also pick up on a few changes you can make to turn the good into even better.

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