150 Fun Couples Quiz Questions: Do You Know Your Partner Well?

This Couples Quiz Game will tell you how well you truly know your partner. Regardless of how long you’ve been together, there is always more to discover.

Spark engaging conversation and explore. Begin with Round 1 to find out!

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How To Play This Couples Quiz

  • There are 10 rounds with 10 questions each.
  • Each partner takes turns answering the questions for Round 1.
  • Once both partners have answered the questions for a round, share them to see how many you got correct.
  • Keep score as you go through each round.
  • Hop around or play all the rounds! (The questions get more intimate and the points increase as you go!)

Remember, this is a way to connect and learn more about your partner! Keep it lighthearted and fun. Stay honest and non-judgmental. Remember that the real prize is the shared laughter and insights.

Fun Trivia Questions For Couples


Firsts and Favorites Couples Quiz Questions

1. Where did you first meet?1
2. Where was your first date?1
3. Where was your first kiss?1
4. What is his/her favorite food?1
5. Who said “I love you” first?1
6. What is your partner’s favorite color?1
7. What is his/her favorite movie?1
8. What is their favorite hobby?1
9. What is her/her favorite sports team?1
10. What is your partner’s favorite ice cream flavor?1
Round 1 Total Points Possible: 10

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Funny Quiz Questions for Couples

Enjoy these light-hearted questions!

11. What is your partner’s dream vacation?1
12. Does your partner prefer a night in or a night out?1
13. Salty or sweet snacks?1
14. What is his/her guilty pleasure?1
15. What is his/her biggest fear?1
16. Does your partner think that pineapple belongs on pizza?1
17. Is your partner a rule follower or a rebel?1
18. Would your partner say you are tidy or messy?1
19. How many credit cards are in your partner’s wallet?1
20. Would your partner get your name or initals tattooed on him/her?1
Round 2 Total Points Possible: 10



Questions About The Past for Couples

21. What was their fondest memory from childhood?1
22. Did they have a good relationship with their siblings?1
23. What was his/her favorite subject in school?1
24. What was the first car he/she owned?1
25. What was the first job he/she had?1
26. Where did they grow up?1
27. Where did they go to high school?1
28. What was their favorite activity they participated in growing up?1
29. What is the name of his/her last ex?1
30. Did your partner ever use dating apps?1
Round 3 Total Points Possible: 10

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Round #4

Lifestyle and Values Couples Trivia

31. Is your partner introverted or extroverted?1
32. Does your partner budget their money or spend freely?1
33. Does your partner like their current job?1
34. How does your partner de-stress?1
35. What does your partner like to do when they are alone?1
36. What is their biggest pet peeve?1
37. What is one goal they have for personal growth?1
38. Where does your partner see himself career-wise in 5 years?1
39. Would your partner relocate? If yes, where to?1
40. What are your partner’s faith beliefs?1
Round 4 Total Points Possible: 10

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Pop Culture Trivia for Couples

41. Who is your partner’s favorite actor?2
42. Does your partner have a celebrity crush? If so, who?2
47. What celebrity couple are you and your partner most like?2
44. Does your partner prefer reality television, sports, or news?2
45. What is the best concert they have ever been to?2
46. If your partner was forced to sing karaoke, what song would they sing?2
47. What genre of book would you most likely find your partner reading?2
48. Who would be most likely to act in a movie, you or your partner?2
49. Who would be most likely to write a book, you or your partner?2
50. If you had to be on a reality TV show, which one would you choose?2
Round 5 Total Points Possible: 20


Round #6

Random Couples Quiz Questions

51. How many countries has your partner visited?2
52. Name your partner’s 3 closest friends today.2
53. Vanilla or chocolate?2
54. How many first cousins does your partner have?2
55. When was the moment your partner fell in love with you?2
56. What one word would your partner use to describe him/herself?2
57. What brand of deodorant does your partner use?2
58. What household chore does your partner like the least?2
59. Would your partner say you have similar or contrasting personalities?2
60. If your partner won the lottery, what would be the first item they purchased?3
Round 6 Total Points Possible: 20


Relationship Questions For Couples

61. How does your partner most like to spend quality time with you?2
62. How does your partner want you to show affection?2
63. How does your partner feel about public displays of affection?2
64. What is something you do that annoys your partner?2
65. Does your partner feel free to tell you whatever is on their mind?2
66. What is something your partner wishes you did more of together?2
67. What was the last gift your partner gave you?2
68. What would your partner say is your worst habit?2
69. What is one thing (besides you) that he/she could not live without?2
70. Between the two of you, who is the better problem solver?2
Round 7 Total Points Possible: 20

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Round #8

Love and Romantic Quiz for Couples

71. How does your partner show you love?2
72. How does your partner like to receive love?2
73. How does your partner show that they are sorry?2
74. How do you show that you are sorry to your partner?2
75. Is your partner more logical or emotional in your relationship?2
76. What is something romantic they wish you would do for them?2
77. What is something romantic they do not enjoy?2
78. What attracted your partner the most to you?2
79. Who says “I love you” the most?2
80. Would your partner like to hold hands more often?2
Round 8 Total Points Possible: 20



Sex and Intimacy Quiz For Couples

81. What is your partner’s favorite body part of yours?3
82. What would he/she like you to wear to bed?3
83. How many times a week does your partner want to be intimate?3
84. What puts him/her in the mood?3
85. What is something your partner wants you to try in the bedroom?3
86. Who is the more adventurous person in the bedroom in your relationship?3
87. What is your partner’s favorite position?3
88. What’s your partner’s most sensitive erogenous zone?3
89. Does your partner like to role-play?3
90. Outside of sex, would your partner say you have an intimate relationship?3
Round 9 Total Points Possible: 30

Round #10

Deep Questions for Couples

91. What is a nonnegotiable for your partner in a relationship?3
92. Who influences their decisions the most?3
93. How important is money to your partner?3
94. What is the most important goal they are working toward?3
95. What’s the No. 1 thing on their bucket list?3
96. Are there any topics on which you have opposite beliefs?3
97. What is a tough moment in your relationship that has brought you closer together?3
98. Does your partner believe in soul mates?3
99. What is something your partner thinks you should do that you are afraid to try?3
100. What is the easiest part of your relationship?3
Round 10 Total Point Possible: 30

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Couples Quiz Results: How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

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If you completed all 10 rounds, there were 180 points possible.

Here’s an idea of what the results might mean about your relationship:

  • 120 or fewer points: You have room to get to know each other better—and that’s exciting! Time to start digging in.
  • 140 or more points: You know quite a bit about your partner! Keep prioritizing conversation and finding more about one another to deepen your connection.
  • 165 or more points: Wow! You know your partner well! Try out the bonus round questions below!

“Communication is the foundation of any relationship. The extent to which each partner is skilled at expressing themselves, their needs, and their preferences is the greatest indicator of the health and fulfillment of the relationship.”– Darcy Sterling (Forbes Health)

Bonus Round Quiz Questions for Couples

Want more trivia questions for couples? Use these questions for a bonus round!

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101. What is his/her favorite book?

102. How does he/she drink their coffee?

103. What’s their favorite nickname?

104. What is their favorite dessert?

105. What is his/her favorite thing about you?

106. What always makes your partner laugh?

107. What do they most like to watch on television?

108. Do they prefer to stay up late or get up early?

109. What color are his/her eyes?

110. Who is your partner’s best friend?

111. What is their most embarrassing memory?

112. How did they spend their free time as a teen?

113. What is their proudest accomplishment?

114. What was the hardest thing about their childhood?

115. What was your partner’s favorite pet ever?

116. What political party does he/she align with?

117. How does your partner feel about your family?

118. How does your partner want to better him/herself?

119. Does your partner plan for your future together? How?

120. How does your partner take care of his/her health?

121. What is your partner’s favorite film genre?

122. Who is your partner’s favorite author?

123. Who is your partner’s favorite band?

124. What was the last television series you watched together?

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125. What is your partner’s favorite music genre?

126. Who is your partner’s favorite superhero?

127. Which parent does your partner resemble most?

128. What is your partner’s favorite meal of the day?

129. What do you spend money on that your partner thinks is silly?

130. Which of your couple friends would your partner double date with?

131. What is your partner’s love language?

132. What would your partner change about you if they could?

133. Does your partner communicate with you well?

134. What is something you think is strange that he/she does daily?

135. Between the two of you, who is the most adventurous in life?

136. In what way is your partner the most romantic?

137. Is your partner more passive or confrontational in your relationship?

138. What gift does your partner like to receive?

139. What physical quality does your partner find most attractive about you?

140. Would your partner like to kiss more often?

141. What is your partner’s biggest fantasy?

142. What is their biggest turn-on?

143. What is their biggest turn-off?

144. Where is their favorite place to be intimate?

145. What time of day do they like to be intimate?

146. What social cause does your partner care about most?

147. What is something you have planned to do together in the next 10 years?

148. What is the biggest thing your partner has struggled with in the past?

149. What is something your partner would tell you to stop worrying about?

150. What is the most challenging part of your relationship?

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