150 Fun Christmas Conversation Starters For Kids & Adults in 2024

These Christmas conversation starters make any holiday gathering or dinner more fun.

So, after the gifts are unwrapped, grab a cold eggnog and sit down with these questions for a jolly time!

How do you start a holiday conversation?

Best Christmas conversation starters for kids and adults, featured image

Conversation starters for Christmas are amazing for several reasons:

  • Catch up with loved ones in a fun, low-pressure way.
  • Break the ice and make meaningful connections at Christmas parties and work gatherings.
  • Good conversations inspire, help you relax, and get you laughing!

*Keep reading to get the free Christmas conversation starters printable cards and more ideas for your Christmas gatherings.

Funny Christmas Conversation Starters

First, start with the silly and imaginative Xmas conversation starters.

Funny conversation starters for Christmas

1. Would you rather decorate a life-size gingerbread house or design Santa’s sleigh?

2. What has been one unfortunate cooking mishap that has happened at Christmas?

3. What’s the best ugly Christmas sweater you’ve ever seen?

4. Of all the Grinch movies, which one is the best?

Beware: this might get heated!

5. Complete the sentence: I can always count on ____________(person) for __________ at Christmas.

6. What’s the craziest white elephant gift you’ve ever seen?

7. What is your favorite tv show Christmas scene?

8. What is something embarrassing that has happened to you over the holidays?

9. Would you rather wear matching Christmas pajamas or ugly Christmas sweaters with your family?

10. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever been given?

11. Truth time: Do you think you’re on the nice or naughty list this year?

12. When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music? (Before or after Thanksgiving?)

13. If you had to spend Christmas in a fantasy world, where would you go?

14. What’s the best thing about the day after Christmas?

15. Would you rather have to wear an elf suit or a Santa suit for a week?

16. What’s the silliest Christmas riddle or Christmas joke you know?

17. Which is better, A Christmas Story or Home Alone?

18. Is it really “the thought that counts” when it comes to holiday gifts?

19. Would you rather have to eat jello with unknown bits in it or eat fruitcake?

20. Finish the sentence: It’s not the holidays without ______________.

21. If you had to tattoo something Christmas-related on your body, what would it be?

22. If Santa’s sleigh wasn’t pulled by reindeer, what animal do you think would be a good substitute?

23. What gift did you “live dangerously” by purchasing this year?

(By getting a gift that was far out or you didn’t know if the person would like it.)

24. If you could create your own Ugly Christmas sweater, what would it look like?

25. If you could be anywhere in the world for Christmas, where would you go?

Christmas Dinner Conversation Questions

What do you talk about on Christmas day? Use the following questions at your Christmas table to connect teens, seniors, and everyone in between.

family gathered around a table for Christmas dinner

26. Describe your perfect Christmas day.

27. What three dishes must be included to make it your perfect Christmas dinner?

28. What’s a holiday food you’ve never tried that you are going to try (or have tried) this year?

29. What’s the best Xmas dish you’ve ever eaten?

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30. Do you have any family recipes that have been passed down for generations?

31. Would you rather eat only holiday food for a week or listen to only holiday music for a week?

32. What Christmas or winter drink is your favorite? (Eggnog, cider, hot chocolate, etc.)

33. In your opinion, what’s the best eggnog brand or type?

34. What’s a holiday dish you’ve always wanted to try cooking yourself?

35. What is one food item that you hide from others during the holidays (because you want it all for yourself)?

36. When you think of “coming home for Christmas” what do you think of? Is it a place, person, or object?

37. If you were in charge of the Christmas dinner menu, what new dish would you add?

38. If you could swap one traditional holiday dish with something unconventional, what would it be?

39. What’s a Christmas recipe you’ve tried that has blown your mind?

40. What’s a holiday dessert you can’t imagine this time of year without?

41. What do you want your first and last bite to be at Christmas dinner?

42. What does Christmas mean to you?

43. If you had to do Christmas karaoke after dinner, what song would you slay?

44. What is your best holiday cooking or baking hack?

45. What’s a side dish you love that gets overlooked at Christmas dinner?

46. What is your holiday guilty pleasure?

47. In your opinion, what is the best Christmas cookie?

48. What’s your favorite family holiday tradition?

49. What is one small thing you look forward to at Christmas that others often don’t care about?

50. At your Christmas table, who is most likely to get sick from eating too much dessert?


Christmas Party Conversation Starters

These conversation starters are perfect for your next Christmas party at work, in school, or at church and community gatherings.

Christmas dinner and Christmas party conversation starters for friends and family

51. Have you ever been caught in a crazy snowstorm before?

52. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Is it new or a classic?

53. What’s the most fun Christmas team name you can think of for party games?

54. Do you prefer to shop for presents or wrap them?

55. Would you rather have a real or fake Christmas tree?

56. What’s your favorite Christmas morning memory?

57. Who is one person you want to get to know better in the new year?

58. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling before?

59. After opening presents and eating Christmas dinner, what does your family do on Christmas?

60. What’s your favorite Christmas album of all time?

61. What’s your favorite activity that’s always on your holiday bucket list?

62. Do you put up Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving?

63. What’s your favorite Christmas smell?

64. Do you take down your decorations before or after New Year’s Day?

65. For Christmas gifts, do you like picking out precisely what you want or being surprised?

66. Have you ever played a Christmas song on an instrument before? What was it?

67. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? (Related: Unique 12 Days of Christmas Gift)

68. What do you dread doing to get ready for Christmas?

69. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or save them for the morning?

70. What’s the most fun thing you’ve done at a holiday party?

71. Describe the perfect holiday weather.

72. Do you prefer a modern Christmas or a classic one?

73. What about the lights? White lines perfectly in line, or colored lights splashed around?

74. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

75. What’s your favorite Christmas game?


Christmas Topic Questions For Kids

Kids will love these Christmas conversation starters!

child playing with a toy

76. If you could invent your own Santa sleigh, what features would it have?

77. What’s the best way to spend an unexpected “snow day” from school?

78. If you had only two days to celebrate the holiday season, what would you pack into those two days?

79. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

80. If you could trade places with Santa for a day, what would you do?

81. Do you like to decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

82. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

83. If you could have a conversation with Santa, what would you ask him?

84. What is the “Christmas spirit”? Many songs and books refer to it. But what are they talking about?

85. If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would you want to spend your day making?

86. If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would your name be?

87. If you could be part of Santa’s team, would you rather be a reindeer or an elf? (Find funny reindeer jokes)

88. What’s your favorite Christmas ornament? Why?

89. What brought you joy this last year?

90. Of your family, who is most likely to get up the earliest on Christmas morning?

91. Who is the most likely to sleep late on Christmas morning?

92. What’s on your wish list to Santa?

93. Do you like to eat candy canes?

94. What’s the best Christmas book you’ve ever read?

95. What in your house is as white as Santa’s beard?

96. What do you think your Christmas tree would say if it could speak?

97. Did you write a letter to Santa this year? What did you write in it?

98. On Christmas morning, who is most likely to rip through all of their presents without even knowing what’s in them?

99. Do your best Santa impression. Say “ho ho ho” (While grabbing your belly)

100. If you could create one holiday and take away one holiday in the year, which ones would they be?


Teens Christmas Conversation Starters

These are the perfect questions for pre-teens and teens!

Good Christmas conversation starters for kids, students, teens

101. Which Christmas carol always gets stuck in your head?

102. What’s on your Christmas movie bucket list every year?

103. What would be the worst thing to find in your Christmas stocking?

104. What would be the best thing to find in your Christmas stocking?

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105. What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

106. What’s the ugliest Christmas ornament on your tree?

107. Who is the toughest person to shop for at Christmas?

108. If you could spend Christmas with any famous person, who would it be and why?

109. Do you have a special holiday breakfast you eat with your family?

110. What have you been doing with your time off of school during the holiday break?

111. Fill in the blank: “If I see another _________ at Christmas, I’m going to scream.”

112. Have you ever worked retail on Black Friday? What was it like?

113. What’s your least favorite Christmas food or candy?

114. What is a Christmas dish that you would rather not eat ever again?

115. Would you rather go someplace amazing (Disney World, Paris, etc.) and get no gifts or get lots of gifts on Christmas and stay home?

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116. Describe the best holiday light display you’ve ever seen.

117. Describe the worst holiday light display you’ve ever seen.

118. What’s a Christmas tradition you’d like to start in the future?

119. If you had to be a character from a holiday movie, which one would you want to be?

120. If you got/get Christmas money this year, what do you want to spend it on?

121. What’s something cool that your town does at Christmas time?

122. Are you better at skiing or ice skating?

123. What’s the weirdest Christmas tradition your family has?

124. What’s a goal that you have for the new year?

125. What teacher, coach, or mentor has inspired you this year, and how?

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Xmas Conversation Starters for Adults

Gather around the tree and ask your friends or older family members these Christmas conversation starters.

holiday Xmas conversation starter topics and questions for adults

126. Should a star or an angel go at the top of a Christmas tree?

127. What’s your favorite way to de-stress during the holidays?

128. Which do you enjoy more – Christmas food or presents?

129. What have you done differently this Christmas than in years past?

130. Are you more likely to skip Christmas lights for the year or go all out?

131. What are you grateful for this holiday season?

132. Do you have any “never again” holiday stories?

133. If you had $5,000 to spend on yourself for Christmas, what would you buy?

134. Have you ever seen someone propose at Christmastime?

135. What is one place you’d like to visit in the upcoming year?

136. What has been your most treasured Black Friday purchase?

137. What has been your worst Black Friday purchase?

138. Do you like Christmas dinner leftovers? What’s the best thing to do with them?

139. How was Christmas different growing up than it is now?

140. Do you think people who celebrate Hanukkah find Christmas to be extreme?

141. What’s the best way to not get stressed during the holiday season?

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142. How do you like to give to others during the holiday season?

143. As a kid, were you ever in a Christmas pageant? What role did you play?

144. If you could go back in time and live one Christmas over again, which would it be?

145. Have you ever done a Secret Santa exchange? What was it like?

146. Are you more of a Scrooge or more of an Oprah (you get a car…and you get a car…) at the holidays?

147. What can you do in the coming year to bring more peace to your home?

148. Was there a gift you really wanted as a kid but never got?

149. As a kid, did you ever try to stay up all night to see Santa?

150. Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what will they be this year?

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Free Printable Christmas Conversation Cards

Grab the free pdf cards here

Christmas conversation starter pdf cards printable free

Stick these cards in a jar or bowl. Or stack them on the table for friends and family to answer!

Good Christmas Icebreaker Activities

Keep the conversation flowing with these fun holiday conversation games.

Christmas Trivia

Test everyone’s knowledge of this beloved holiday!

Christmas trivia family quiz: movie questions and answers

Split into teams and take turns answering:

Christmas Would You Rather

Would you rather….invite Cousin Eddy or Clark Griswold to Christmas dinner?

Free printable pdf would you rather Christmas questions

These fun would you rather Christmas questions are a perfect addition to any holiday event.

I even stuck the free printable in our Christmas Eve box last year, and we answered them on a quiet Christmas Eve.

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Christmas 2 Truths & a Lie

Take the traditional Two truths and a lie game and theme it for Christmas! Players guess which of three statements is a lie.

  • I once showed up to Christmas wearing a Santa beard
  • My favorite Christmas song is “Feliz Navidad”
  • I have chopped down my own Christmas tree

Now, can you pick out which are truths and which is the lie?

Christmas Who’s Most Likely

Great for close family and friends, each person picks who is most likely to do certain actions. This one gets everyone laughing!

  • Who’s most likely to try a crazy holiday recipe that somehow tastes amazing?

What’s Next?

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