Best Christmas Team Names: Funniest in 2024 (Claus We Said So)

Fun Christmas team names will have you clutching your belly as you laugh a hearty “ho ho ho.” Don’t let the competition get the jump on you!

Christmas is full of cheer. You gaze at the colored lights, decorate your tree, and sip steaming hot cocoa by a fire. But the best part is spending quality time with others.

Talking and laughing fills your heart for the coming winter. So, when you’re pulling out the Christmas games, don’t forget that half the fun is naming your teams.

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Top 10 Christmas Team Names

First, let’s start with the favorites. They have funny and catchy down to an art.

Top 10 fun Christmas team names for kids and adults

1. Sleighin’ It

2. Candy Cane Crushers

3. Elves on Strike

4. Batteries Not Included

5. Snow Way Out

6. Yule Be Sorry

7. Sleigher Squad

8. Holly Hustlers

9. Claus We Said So!

10. Shake it like a Pole-oriod Picture

Funny Team Names For Christmas

And even though those are our favorites, these Christmas team names are just as hilarious!

Funny Christmas quiz team names

11. Yule Never Defeat Us

12. Up to Snow Good

13. Sleigh My Name

14. Fiesty French Hens

15. Here for the Pie People

16. The Ice-Ice Babies

17. Gingerbread Eaters

18. The Hot Mess Polar Express

19. The Snow It Alls

20. Resting Grinch Faces

21. Snow Me What You’ve Got

22. All We Want for Christmas is ______ (cheese, gold, etc)

26. Naughty Listers

27. Peppermint Pioneers

28. Bad Santas

31. All the Jingle Ladies

32. Rebels Without a Claus

33. The Elvesdroppers

34. The Flannel Fanatics

35. Jolly Rockers

36. Winter Is Coming Warriors

37. The Nutcrackers

38. Ugly Sweater Squad

39. Jolly Good Fellows

40. Never Sleigh Never

41. Gangster Gifters

42. Frosty’s Flakes


Unforgettable Xmas Movie Names

These Christmas movies are just too great to leave out for amazing Christmas team names.

hilarious and unique movie themed: The Misfit Toy Lovers

43. E.L.F.S (The Santa Clause: Effective Liberating Flight Squad)

44. Elves With Attitude (The Santa Clause)

45. Tinsel. Not Just for Decoration. (The Santa Clause)

46. Get That Hole In Your Pocket Fixed The Polar Express)

47. The Believers (The Polar Express)

48. Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins (Elf)

49. Smiling’s My/Our Favorite (Elf)

50. Buddy the Elf, What’s Your Favorite Color? (Elf)

51. The Holiday Who-be-what-ees (Grinch)

52. Bleeding Hearts of the World United (The Grinch)

53. Fragile`, Must be Italians (A Christmas Story)

54. You’ll Poke Your Eye Out Kids (See A Christmas Story movie trivia)

55. Ya Filthy Animals (Home Alone movie trivia)

56. Bah Humbugs (Scrooge, A Christmas Carol)

57. Needs a Little Love Luminaries (A Charlie Brown Christmas)

58.  “It’s Christmas, and we’re all in Misery.” (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)

59. The Misfit Toy Lovers (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

60. “Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!” Team

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Catchy & Clever Christmas Team Names

These names flow right off the tongue or ad-lib off of a popular phrase.

Candy Cane Crusaders: Christmas trivia team names that are catchy and fun

61. Candy Cane Crusaders

62. Merry Mischief Makers

63. Elves off the Shelf

64. The Frosty Force Be With You

65. All The Jingle Ladies

66. Wrap Artists

67. We Make It Rein

68. Snow Pain, Snow Gain.

69. Rudolph’s Rebels

70. Snow Way You’re Winning!

71. Belly Full of Jellyers

72. The Snow Globetrotters

73. Jingle Jangles

74. Glitz and Blitz

75. Jingle All the Wayers

76. Mistletoe Misfits

77. Santa Paws and the Reindogs

78. Chillin’ with my Snowmies.

79. Believe in Your Elf

80. Caroling Crusaders

81. Don’t Claus a Scene

82. Fruitcake Frenzy

83. Scrooge Society

84. Elf-ishly Good Time

85. Gingerbread Gang

86. The Ice Breakers

87. Peppermint Twist

88. The Frost Bites

89. We Have the Final Sleigh

90. Mistletoe-ing the Line.

91. Meowy Christmas

92. Away in a Mangers

93. The Tinsel Terrors

94. It’s Lit

95. Good Things Come to Those Who Bake

96. Say it Ain’t Snow

97. Takes One to Snow One

100. Chestnut Roasters

101. Can We Get a Watt Watt?

102. The Ho Ho Homies

103. Bowl Full of Jelly

104. Naughty & Nice

105. Cookie Corner Cutters

106. Sparkling Star Strikers

107. Santa’s Secret Squad

108. Guardians of the Good Gifts

109. Snow Rest for the Wicked

110. Santa’s Little Helpers

111. The Snuggle Is Real

112. If the Pointy Shoe Fits, Wear it

113. Christmas Ball Breakers

114. Silver Bells Brigade

115. The Snowglobe Shakers

116. Blitzen Balls

117. Nutcracker Ninjas

118. Christmas Card Collectors

119. Snowflake Superstar Squad

120. Letting the Cat Out of Santa’s Bag

121. Holiday Hooligans

122. North Pole Nomads

123. The Krisp Kringles

124. Gingerbread Giants

125. Jingle Belles


Best Work or School Christmas Team Names

Do you have a holiday party that work well in the classroom or office? Pick from these amazing Christmas team names.

Christmas team names ideas and puns for work and school

126. Here for the Cookies

127. Reigning on Your Parade

128. Re-gifters

129. The Not-So-Silent Knights

130. Secret Santa Society

131. Yule Tide Tycoons

132. Hoodies and Cookies

133. We’re Fir Real

134. Sleigh What?

135. We are Snow Joke

136. Snow Laughing Matter

137. Winter Wonderkids

138. Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

139. The Glow Up Is Real Renegades

140. Reindeer Gamers

141. Saved By the Jingle Bell

142. Silent Knights

143. Santa’s Secret Elves

144. Team Hot Cocao With Marshmallows

145. Team Hot Cocoa With Whip

146. Tinsel Titans

147. Dashing Through the Competition

148. As Right as Rein(deer)

149. Queens of the North Mountain

150. Sugar and Spice

151. Runaway Reindeers

152. The Fighting Icemen

153. Calm Before the Snow Storm

154. Red-Nosed Nation

155. That’s a Wrap Wrappers

156. Ho-ho-home for Christmas

157. The Stocking Stuffers

158. Winning at the (Gum)Drop of a Hat

159. Elves on Break

160. Christmas Riddle Renegades

161. But Wait—There’s Myrrh.

162. Chillin’ Like Jack Frost

163. On Thin Ice

164. Gingerbread Geniuses

165. The Best Thing Since Sliced Gingerbread

166. Wreath it and Weep

167. Cold Coworkers

168. How Rude-olf!

169. No Business Like Snow Business

170. Ready, Set, Glow

171. Office Elf Express

172. We’re Elf-Taught Team

173. Holiday Cubicle Crew

174. Jingle Bell Jugglers

175. Merry Motivators

176. Cubicle Carolers

177. Wrap Music Marauders

178. The Claus-trophobics

179. Ministry of Elves

180. Just in the (Saint) Nick of Time

181. Deck the Meeting Halls (Or Deck the Study Halls)

182. Jingle Bell Rockstars

183. Snowballers

184. The Smarty Elves

185. Sleigh it Ain’t So Squad

186. Jingle Office Rockers

187. Yule Tide Ballers

188. Jingle Jam Jammers

189. Stocking Stuffer Scholars

190. The Grinches


Specific Trivia Christmas Team Names

If you have a specific game of trivia going, these names are perfect for competition!

Xmas party names

191. We Snow All The Answers

192. The Christmas Miracles

193. The Merry and Brights

194. The Trivia-bread Men

195. Silent Trivia Nights

196. The Ghost of Trivia Nights

197. Christmas Trivia Titans

198. Noel-It-Alls

199. Santa’s Smarty Squad

200. Two Quizzers Quizzing


Unique Christmas Themed Names For Teams

Best unique Christmas trivia quiz team names

201. The Mistletoe Mavericks

202. Give Us Myrrh

203. We’ll Never Fir-get

204. 3 French Hens (Or any line from the 12 Days of Christmas song)

205. The Tree Skirts

206. The Eggnog Spikers

207. It’s not Christmas Without _______.

208. Drumming Drummers

209. The Gingerbeards

210. Hold on for Deer Life

211. Ice Queens

212. Sugarplum Fairies

213. Get the Elf Outta Here

214. Jack Frosties

215. Treat Your Elf Team

216. Poinsettia Pioneers

217. We Told You Snow

218. We’re North Polish

219. Ghosts of Christmas Future

220. Oh, Deer! Christmas is Here!”

221. Mitten Makers

222. We (Candy) Cane Do It!

223. Angelic Assassins

224. Merry Grinchmas

225. Feliz Navi-dog

226. The Snowflakes

227. Birch Better Have My Presents.

228. Time to Spruce Things Up

229. Mrs. Claus’ Candy Crew

230. The Color Red Soots Us

231. Grinch Gang

232. The Christmas Rangers

233. Sleigh Racers

234. Tree’s a Crowd

235. Too Cool For Yule

236. Your Presents Is Required

237. Fleece Navidad

238. We Are Santa-mental

239. We’re S-mitten

240. The Ice Crispies

241. Love At Frost Sight

242. Sugar Plum Sisters

243. The Turtle Doves

244. On the (Snow) Ball.

245. The Christmas Cookie Monsters

246. Feelin’ Pine

247. Jolly Ranchers

248. Home Sleet Home

249. Playing With a Chocolate Chip on Our Shoulder

250. Don’t Worry, Ski Happy


Best themed Christmas team names for party

Use these catchy Christmas team names:

  • For your next holiday trivia night
  • In the classroom with students
  • At your Christmas family gatherings
  • While hosting a Christmas party

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