100 Best A Christmas Story Trivia Questions To Unwrap (In 2023)

A Christmas Story trivia will test your knowledge of all things Ralphie and Red Ryder. From leg lamps to memorable quotes, explore the magic.

It’s trivia time- where festive facts meet holiday cheer!

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Simple A Christmas Story Trivia

First, start with easy trivia about the events in the classic movie A Christmas Story.

1. What character narrates A Christmas Story movie?

Answer: Ralphie as an adult

2. What department store holiday window displays all the Christmas toys Ralphie and his brother desire?

Answer: Higbees

3. What does Ralphie want for Christmas?

Answer: A Red Ryder BB Gun

4. What is the name of Ralphie’s younger brother?

Answer: Randy

5. What household appliance does Ralphie’s father often get into a verbal fight with?

Answer: The furnace

6. Who do all the kids in Ralphie’s class use to greet and prank their teacher?

Answer: Fake teeth

7. Ralphie’s friend, Flick gets his tongue stuck on a pole because of what kind of dare?

Answer: A triple-dog-dare

8. What theme assignment title does Ralphie’s teacher give his class?

Answer: “What I want for Christmas”

9. Who comes to rescue Flick from the frozen pole?

Answer: The fire department and the cops.

10. What happens with bully Scut Farkus on the way home from school when Ralphie loses his temper?

Answer: Ralphie beats him up.

11. What does Ralphie’s mother do to get Randy to eat his meatloaf?

Answer: She tells him to show her how the piggies eat.

12. What word is on the “major award” package crate that comes for Ralphie’s father?

Answer: Fragile

13. What is the major award inside the box?

Answer: A table lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg.

14. What car does Ralphie’s father drive?

Answer: An Oldsmobile

15. What is Ralphie and Randy’s favorite radio program?

Answer: Little Orphan Annie

Easy A Christmas Story movie trivia

16. What Christmas song is the family singing before Ralphie’s father gets a flat tire?

Answer: Jingle Bells

17. What causes Ralphie to say “Oh Fudge”?

Answer: When he is helping his father change the flat tire.

18. What color of soap is used to wash Ralphie’s mouth out?

Answer: Red

19. In Ralphie’s imagination, what happens to him from soap poisoning?

Answer: He becomes blind.

20. What does Ralphie give his teacher for Christmas?

Answer: A large fruit basket

21. When Ralphie receives his secret decoder pen in the mail, what message does he decode?

Answer: Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

22. How old is Ralphie in this movie?

Answer: 9 years old

23. What allegedly happens to Ralphie’s father’s beloved leg lamp?

Answer: Mrs. Parker was watering the plants and broke it.

24. What grade did Ralphie get on his Christmas theme paper?

Answer: C+

25. Who does Ralphie finally decide he has to ask for his BB gun in order to get it for Christmas?

Answer: Santa

26. What happens when they light the Christmas tree?

Answer: They blow a fuse.

27. What does Aunt Clara give Ralphie?

Answer: A pink bunny suit

28. What does Mrs. Parker give Mr. Parker for Christmas?

Answer: A blue bowling ball

29. What do the Parkers traditionally eat for Christmas dinner?

Answer: Turkey

A Christmas story trivia quiz questions with answers

30. What present does Ralphie’s father find hidden behind the desk?

Answer: A Red Ryder BB gun

31. What does Ralphie tell his parents when he breaks his glasses shooting his gun?

Answer: He says an icicle fell on them.

32. What happens to the Parker’s Christmas turkey?

Answer: The neighbor’s dogs get in and get it. (The “Bumpas Hounds”)

33. What song do the waiters first sing when they go out for Christmas dinner?

“Deck The Halls” (and then Jingle Bells)

34. What does the waiter do when Mr. Parker complains that the Christmas dinner duck is “smiling” at him?

Answer: He chops off the head.

35. Where did Randy hide when he was scared that Ralphie was going to be in big trouble when is father got home?

Answer: Under the sink

36. How does Randy react when he sits on Santa’s lap?

Answer: He screams


Fun Timeless Quotes From A Christmas Story

Have fun with these holiday movie quotes from this beloved Christmas tale.

title pin; Christmas movie trivia questions game

37. What does Ralphie’s mother tell him will happen if he gets a BB gun?

Answer: “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

38. “My kid brother looked like a tic about to pop.” Where are they going when he looks this way?

Answer: To school

39. Why did Ralphie’s family look at him like “he had lobsters crawling out of his ears”?

Answer: He told them, “Flick says he saw some grizzly bears near Pulaski’s Candy Store!” This was a ploy to ask for a BB gun for Christmas.

40. “My mother had not had a hot __________ for herself in 15 years.”

Answer: Meal

41. What reminds the Old Man of the “fourth of July”?

Answer: The leg lamp

42. After Ralphie’s mother breaks the leg lamps she responds, “We’re out of ________.”

Answer: Glue

43. The department store Santa says “He hates the smell of __________.”

Answer: Tapioca

44. “Fra-gee-lay. That must be ______________!”

Answer: Italian

45. Who says, “I can’t put my arms down!”?

Answer: Randy (Ralphie’s younger brother)

46. “Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.” What is that one thing?

Answer: Little Orphan Annie radio show

47. Finish the phrase “Meatloaf, Smeatloaf, Double Beetloaf. I _________ ___________.”

Answer: hate meatloaf

48. Who told Ralphie “he looks like a deranged Easter bunny.”

Answer: Ralphie’s father

49. What is the complete name for the BB gun Ralphie wanted for Christmas in his words?

Answer: “An official Red Ryder, carbon action, 200 shot, Range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.”

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“Oh Fudge”: Hard A Christmas Story Trivia

Next, these hard Christmas movie trivia questions are multiple choice.


hard Christmas trivia facts multiple choice questions

Answer: D- The Wizard of Oz

51. What was the name of the host of the radio show, Little Orphan Annie?

A. Jack Benny

B. Jimmy Durante

C. Pierre Andre

D. Groucho Marx

Answer: C- Pierre Andre

52. What was the name of the Chinese restaurant where the Parker family ate Christmas dinner?

A. Chop Suey Palace

B. Big Wong

C. Fu King Chinese

D. Peking Duck

Answer: Chop Suey Palace

53. In the dream where Ralphie defeats Black Bart, what does he call his Red Ryder BB gun?

A: Ol’ Red

B: Ryder

C. Ol’ Blue

D: Trusty Friend

Answer: C- Ol’ Blue

54. What did the family eat every night in the movie except for Christmas Day?

A: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage

B: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans

C. baked steak, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage

D. baked steak, mashed potatoes, and corn

Answer: A: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage

55. What was the name of the Lone Ranger’s nephew’s horse?

A: Hector

B. Beauty

C. Oliver

D. Victor

Answer: D- Victor

56. What did Ralphie’s dad think that his major award might be at first?

A. The deed to a bowling alley

B. A bowling ball

C. A piece of art

D. Furniture

Answer: A-The deed to a bowling alley

57. Who does Ralphie say taught him the word “fudge”?

A. Farkus

B. Schwartz

C. his dad

D. Flick

Answer: B-Schwartz

58. What could Ralphie’s old man do quicker than a jackrabbit on a date?

A. Replace fuses

B. Make turkey

C. Fix the furnace

D. Change a tire

Answer: A-Replace fuses

59. In which era is A Christmas Story most likely set?

A: 1930s

B: I940s

C: 1950s

D: 1960s

Answer: B-1940s


fun A Christmas Story house and script trivia

Answer: B- Cleveland Street

61. What state is A Christmas Story set in?

A. Ohio

B. Michigan

C. Illinois

D. Indiana

Answer: D- Indiana

62. What are the name of Ralphie’s two friends?

A. Flick and Schwartz

B. Flinn and Schwinn

C. Schwartz and Flint

D. Shawn and Flick

Answer: A- Flick and Schwartz

63. What is Ralphie’s teacher’s name?

A. Miss Moore

B. Miss Smith

C. Miss Parker

D. Miss Shields

Answer: D- Miss Shields

64. Who was on the cover of the Look magazine that Ralphie put a Red Ryder flyer in?

A. Mae West

B. Grace Moore

C. Shirley Temple

D. Gracie Allen

Answer: C-Shirley Temple

65. What is the name of the song played during the opening credits of the movie?

A. “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”

B. “Deck the Halls”

C. “Jingle Bells”

D. “Silent Night”

Answer: B- “Deck the Halls”

66. What gift does Santa suggest that he bring Ralphie for Christmas?

A. Tinker toys

B. A baseball bat

C. A football

D. A book

Answer: C- A football

67. What was the name of the soap brand that Ralphie had in his mouth?

A. Lifebuoy

B. Palmolive

C. Dial

D. Ivory

Answer: A- Lifebuoy

68. Who plays Santa and passes out gifts on Christmas Day?

A. Ralphie’s father

C. Ralphie’s mother

C. Ralphies

D. Randy

Answer: C- Ralphie

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Ralphie’s World: Character Trivia

Meet the Parkers family and the rest of A Christmas Story cast and characters.

movie poster

69. Ralphie as an adult narrates the movie. What is the name of the narrator in real life?

Answer: Jean Shepherd

70. Who plays Ralphie as a child?

Answer: Peter Billingsley

71. Who was cast as Ralphie’s younger brother?

Ian Petrella

72. Who was initially offered the role of Ralphie’s father in the film?

Answer: Jack Nicholson

73. What is the name of the actress who played Ralphie’s mother?

Answer: Melinda Dillon

74. What is the name of the actor who played Ralphie’s father, also known as “The Old Man”?

Answer: Darren McGavin

75. What other popular Christmas movie did Peter Billingsley appear in?

Answer: Elf

76. What actress was actually pregnant in real life during the filming of the movie?

Answer: Tedde Moore, who played Miss Shields, Ralphie’s teacher

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A Christmas Story Production Trivia

Next, let’s go behind the scenes for this fun A Christmas Story trivia quiz!

A Christmas story movie quotes trivia; leg lamp; cast; holiday

77. In which two cities was the movie originally filmed in?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Canada

78. What year did the movie premiere?

Answer: 1983

79. How much did it gross at the box office?

Answer: $19 million

80. What television show was inspired by A Christmas Story?

Answer: “The Wonder Years”

81. How many sequels have been made for this movie?

Answer: Two (My Summer Story, A Christmas Story 2)

82. Where can you see a 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story?

Answer: TBS

83. What novel is this movie based on by Jean Shepherd?

Answer: “In God We Trust: All Other’s Pay Cash”

84. What became of the Cleveland, Ohio home used to film the exterior shots of the Parker’s residence?

Answer: It was converted into a tourist attraction and museum.

85. When Flick’s tongue is stuck to the flagpole, what was used to safely create the illusion?

Answer: A suction tube

86. Who made a cameo appearance as the irate man waiting in the Santa line at the department store?

Answer: Jean Shepherd (author of the novel the movie is based on)

87. Who made a cameo appearance as the dim-witted neighbor who marvels at the leg lamp from outside?

Answer: Bob Clark (director)

88. Where is the actual A Christmas Story house?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio

89. What iconic prop was made specifically for this movie?

Answer: The leg lamp

90. How long did it take to film A Christmas Story?

Answer: 8 weeks

leg lamp quotes; the Parkers cast

91. What happened to the original leg lamp prop from the movie?

Answer: It was accidentally broken during the movie filming.

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True or False: A Christmas Story Facts Trivia

92. They only auditioned Peter Billinglsey for the role of Ralphie.

Answer: False- Although they auditioned 8,000 kids for the role of Ralphie, Peter Billingsley was one of the first to audition.

93. True or False: The Jean Shepherd book that the movie is based on is a collection of short stories written for “Playboy” magazine during the 60s.

Answer: True

94. The setting for the movie is based on the hometown Jean Shepherd grew up in where he lived on Cleveland Street and went to Warren G. Harding Elementary School (like Ralphie).


95. Bob Clark, director, sent scouts to over 10 cities before selecting Clevland, Ohio as the site for filming.

False: He sent them to over 20 cities.

96. Two different leg lamps were made for the movie and both were broken during filming.

False: Three leg lamps were made. All were broken.

true or false

97. Artificial snow had to be used during the scenes from soap flakes and fire fighters foam.

Answer: True

98. When filming the movie, Peter Billinglsey actually did say “Oh Fudge”.

Answer: False- He said the real swear word.

99. While on his profanity tirade against the furnace, actor Darren McGaving improvised all of the gibberish swear words to keep the rating at PG.

Answer: True

100. A Christmas Story was adapted into a musical that premiered in Kansas City, Missouri, and later on Broadway.

Answer: True

Fun Fact: Ralphie mentions the Red Ryder BB Gun nearly 30 times throughout the movie.

Host A Christmas Story Trivia Night Event

Fans of A Christmas Story will enjoy a themed trivia party.

How to host a trivia night:

man dressed up as pink bunny from A Christmas Story
  • Play A Christmas Story trivia game: Divide the group into teams and keep score.
  • Pick team names: Team Fragile, You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Oh Fudge, The Triple-dog-Dare-Yas (See more Christmas team name ideas)
how to host a trivia night; A Christmas story movie memorabilia; trivia night prizes
  • Watch this holiday classic! This trivia night wouldn’t be complete without watching A Christmas Story.

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