150 Fun Fall This or That Questions Game (2024)

Fun fall edition of this or that questions will have you hearing the crunchy leaves, envisioning a glowing moon, and smelling the pumpkin spice!

How to Play Fall This or That

To play, participants are given a choice between two lively fall topics. They must quickly decide which they prefer.

This low-pressure game is great for all ages and ensures everyone has fun! Play it anywhere!

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*Keep reading for game variations and grab the free printable below!

Simple This or That Questions For Fall

First, these interesting fall this or that questions are great for players of all ages.

fall edition this or that questions game for kids and adults: where to play

1. Apple picking or pumpkin patch?

2. Corn maze or hayride?

3. Bonfire or jumping in leaf piles?

4. September or October?

5. Harvest festival or fall craft fair?

6. Raking leaves or fall hike?

7. Cozy up with a good book or a good movie?

8. Haunted house or fall camping?

9. See a scarecrow or see a jack-o-lantern?

10. Stargazing or pumpkin painting?

11. Football games or movie nights?

12. Wrap in a blanket or a soft sweater?

13. Full moon or shooting stars?

14. Fuzzy socks or fuzzy slippers?

15. Fall candles or moonlight?

16. Horseback ride or make a fall craft?

17. Wool socks or hand warmers?

18. Bright yellow or deep orange?

19. Earthy brown or deep red?

20. Acorns or pinecones?

21. Pumpkin patch or haunted house?

22. Fall or Autumn?

Fall version either or pumpkins

22. Orange pumpkins or white pumpkins?

23. Flannel shirt or hoodie sweatshirt?

24. Inflatable yard decorations or simple fall wreaths?

25. Scary movie or magical movie? (Think: Harry Potter)

26. Sweater or jacket?

27. Fall game night or fall puzzle night?

28. Celebrate the Day of the Dead (Nov 1) or celebrate World Kindness Day (Nov 13)?

29. Play fall trivia or play truth or dare?

30. Make an obstacle course in the leaves or take a full moon walk?

31. Camp out in the backyard or play a game of touch football?

32. Go on a fall picnic or do a fall family bike ride?

33. Tell ghost stories or make a scarecrow?

34. Firepit or fireplace?

35. Attend an outdoor sporting event or go to a nature center?

36. Warm beverage or warm blanket?

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Fall Food This or That Questions

Fall food warms you up from the inside out.

fruit pie on a table

37. Pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread?

38. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds?

39. Cider tasting or chili tasting?

40. Hot cocoa or hot apple cider?

41. Apple cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice?

42. Reese’s peanut butter cups or Skittles?

43. Snickers or Milky Way?

44. Caramel apple or popcorn ball?

45. Roasted chestnuts or cranberries?

46. Stuffing or mashed potatoes?

47. Peanut M&M’s or regular M&M’s?

48. Kettle corn or candy corn?

49. Cobbler or pie?

50. Sweet potatoes or acorn squash?

51. Homemade apple sauce or homemade apple butter?

52. Pumpkin spice latte or apple cider?

53. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

54. Pears or apples?

55. Fall cookies or S’mores?

56. Make bread or make pies?

57. Make soup or make rolls?

fun this or that fall food questions, chili and pie

58. Chili cookoff or pie bake-off?

59. Pumpkin soup or tomato soup?

60. Candy corn or candy pumpkins?

61. Butternut squash soup or chicken noodle soup?

62. Pancakes or cinnamon rolls?

63. Chai tea or coffee?

64. Bob for apples or make candy apples?

65. Apple cider slushies or warm apple cider?

66. Brussell sprouts or turnips?

67. Bake a pumpkin or a pecan pie from scratch?

68. Turkey or ham?

69. Mashed potatoes or stuffing?

70. Green bean casserole or sweet potatoes with marshmallows?

71. Scalloped potatoes or mashed potatoes?

72. Gravy or stuffing?

73. Corn or carrots?

74. Leftover turkey or leftover potatoes?

75. White or dark meat?

76. Whipped cream or cool whip?

77. Blueberry or peach cobbler?

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Funny This or That Fall Questions

Pick from these funny this or that questions about fall holidays and celebrations.

funny fall autumn this or that questions for preschoolers, students, kids, teens

78. Corn on the cob or candy corn? 

79. Zombie or mummy?

80. Clown or magician?

81. Frankenstein or Dracula?

82. Howl at the moon or stay away from sunlight?

83. Catch a turkey or catch a pig?

84. Find the perfect pumpkin or find the perfect Halloween costume?

85. Magic spell or magic potion?

86. Have orange hair or black fingernails?

87. Aliens or ghosts?

88. See a broom in the air or a magic carpet in the air?

89. Heroes or villains?

90. Feel a chill or feel a hot flash?


Fun Halloween This or That Questions

funny this or that questions; for friends; for teens; instagram

91. Haunted house or haunted hay ride? Or a haunted cemetery?

92. Halloween scavenger hunt or Halloween trivia?

93. Tell a Halloween What Am I riddle or a Halloween joke?

94. Creepy clown or creepy doll?

95. Diy costume or store-bought costume?

96. Trick or treat or pass out candy?

97. Hocus Pocus or Nightmare Before Christmas?

98. Plan a fall bucket list or a Halloween bucket list?

99. Costume party or Ouija board?

100. Eat all your candy in one sitting or ration it for months?

101. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

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Fun Thanksgiving This or That Questions

turkey on the table with sides

102. Halloween decorations or Thanksgiving decorations?

103. Tom Turkey Float or Baby Shark Float? (In the Macy’s Day parade)

104. Thanksgiving nap or Thanksgiving touch football?

105. Donate to a food bank or write a thank you letter?

106. Make a thankful tree or do a thankful scavenger hunt?

107. Burn the turkey or forget the dessert?

108. Travel or host?

109. Cook Thanksgiving dinner or clean up Thanksgiving dinner?

110. “Heck yes!” Black Friday or “heck no!” Black Friday?

111. Feel too full or starving for dinner?

112. Thanksgiving or Christmas?

113. Watch the Thanksgiving parade or Thanksgiving football?

114. Sit at the kid’s table or sit at the grown-up table?

115. Mayflower or Plymouth Rock?


Hard Autumn This or That For Adults

simple this or that fall questions for adults, employees

116. Fall-scented candles or pumpkin spice in the oven?

117. Mums or sunflowers?

118. The smell of a campfire or the smell of rain?

119. Host a murder mystery party or host a Friendsgiving?

120. October or November?

121. Jeans or leggings?

122. Crisp fall mornings or crisp fall nights?

123. Hit up the fall farmer’s market or a fall festival?

124. Warm bath or warm fire?

125. Camp in a tent, or camp in a cabin?

126. Baseball world series or the start of football season?

autumn bucket list ideas

127. Gratitude journal or gratitude challenge?

128. Do a social media detox or fall decluttering of the house?

129. Decorate the front porch or spend a day antiquing?

130. Outside tailgate party or watching football at home?

131. Fall-flavored beer or mulled wine?

132. The sound of rain or the sound of leaves in the wind?

133. Countryside or city in the fall?

134. Camping in the forest or cabin by a lake?

135. Fall or spring?

136. On a crisp fall day, stay in or explore the outside world?

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Fall This or That for Couples

couple under a tree

137. Romantic fall picnic or fall potluck with friends?

138. Rent a cabin or rent a boat?

139. Fall sunrise or fall sunset?

140. Scenic weekend road trip or being tourists in your own town?

141. Go wine tasting or make a fun fall cocktail?

142. Run a fall 5k together or go on a fall hike?

143. Hot air balloon ride together or kayaking a gorgeous body of water?

144. Hibernate or migrate as the temperatures drop?

145. Compete in Halloween trivia or Thanksgiving trivia?

146. Stay at a quaint bed and breakfast or a bustling downtown?

147. Cuddle together during a scary movie or a romantic chick flick?

148. Morning coffee date or evening dinner date?

149. Candles or fairy lights to set the mood?

150. Baking together or reading together?

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This or That Fall Game Questions Variations

Use these ideas to mix things up with our autumn this or that questions.

Play at Fall Parties

  • Print off the free Fall This or That printable and have party-goers circle their responses.
  • Playing with a large group? Have players go to different areas of the room depending on what “side” they are on.
  • Play with a partner and guess their response. Assign points for each correct guess.

Instagram This or That Questions

Use social media to share these fall this or that questions.

Fall-Themed Brain Break

child cutting out leaves

Use these questions in the classroom or on a chilly day at home when your kids need to move!

Instead of saying their answer aloud, kids do an exercise for the option they choose.

For example: “Tell ghost stories or make a scarecrow?” Have kids do jumping jacks if they choose ghost stories and do toe touches if they choose making a scarecrow.

Send to a Friend or Family Member

Do you have a friend or family member you won’t see this fall? Send this printable to them and have them share their answers! Feel connected from afar.

Use the Numbers Question Game

Use the numbers questions game to play. Players pick a number from the list and they answer the corresponding question.

Free Fall This or That Questions Printable

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What’s Next?

Grab these fun picture books about fall to read with your family this autumn! Or watch the fun kids story read aloud below.

This or That Questions: Fall Edition

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