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An Exciting Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids {Free Printables!}

Halloween scavenger hunt for kids with free printables

There’s no doubt about it. This has been a strange year.

And with that, it’s hard to know what Halloween will look like or if it will be as exciting for the kids. So, let’s add a spark of easy fun to your Halloween. Try these free printable Scavenger Hunts for kids!

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Halloween scavenger hunt for kids pin

Why You Should Do a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Here is exactly why you should try this Halloween scavenger hunt this year:

  • It’s FREE!
  • There’s no prep (Just print and go!)
  • There’s no work! Kids find things already laying around!
  • There’s no clean up!

Seriously, is this not the BEST activity for kids?!

Instructions for Your Kids Scavenger Hunt

  1. Print out the downloads (see below). There are two separate copies, one for young kids, and one for older children that can read. Choose the one that’s right for you.
  2. Then, the kids hunt for items around your house in a race against each other. Or they search around your neighborhood. If you have lots of time, do both!

You may choose to use a time limit and the child with the most items found at the end of the time wins. Or, go until one child has found them all! Again, a lot depends on your time!

Free printable Halloween scavenger hunt for small kids

What if You Don’t Have Some of These Items?

Don’t fret. Get creative! When you’re low on items, one option is to pull up a photo on your phone or tv when the kids walk by. However, if you decorate at all for Halloween, chances are you’ll have most or all of the hunt items!

free printable Halloween scavenger hunt for older kids

Bonus: A Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here’s an awesome way to add an exciting element to the hunt! All kids LOVE technology, so give the older kids a camera and have them take photos of their scavenger hunt finds. They’ll have a blast showing you their treasures when the game ends!

Get the Scavenger Hunt Printable HERE in the resource library!

Halloween scavenger hunt for kids with free printables

Again, print the pdf that works best for the level of your kids, or use both! To do the hunt multiple times, simply stick it in a page protector and mark it with a dry erase marker.

Get your awesome hunt (+ more totally cool stuff) by filling out the form below!

Give a Prize to the Winner

Now, whoever find the most wins! Here’s a few fun ideas for non-candy prizes:

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Before You Go…

And finally, if you’re loving the idea of seek and find, check out this treasure hunt from Play Party Plan. It’s a different take on the Halloween Scavenger Hunt for kids that involves just a little more prep!

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Try This Free Spooky Scavenger Hunt Printable Today!

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  1. Thank you, this is such a great idea! I have an alternative way of using it with my three year old – I’ll simply cut out the pictures and place them around the home, and then we’ll use the written checklist, which I can read out to her, and she can tick them off herself as she finds each image! She’ll be so excited!

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