150 Fun Halloween Ice Breaker Questions For Kids & Adults (2024)

Meeting someone new can be intimidating. Especially at school or work. And even quality time with family is often thwarted by phones and activities.

Halloween ice breaker questions can do something about it! Instead of feeling disconnected and out of touch, you’ll feel like part of a close family.

Halloween ice breaker questions for kids and adults

You’ll be “cackling” around the room in no time!

Where To Use These Halloween Ice Breakers

Halloween ice breaker questions get the conversation moving for you. It’s less work and more bonding! Use it for:

Where to use these icebreaker questions for Halloween

Easy Halloween Ice Breaker Questions For Kids

First, start with these kid-friendly Halloween questions. They’ll get young ones to open up and share.

1. What would be your perfect Halloween night? What would you do?

2. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

3. What is the best pumpkin carving you’ve ever seen? What did it look like?

4. What has been the best candy you’ve ever gotten when trick or treating?

5. In your opinion, what is the cutest Halloween monster? (Frankenstein, vampire, etc.)

6. What’s your favorite Halloween movie or tv show?

kids Halloween movies & books, bucket list

7. Do you trick or treat the same houses every year? If you do, what are the best houses?

8. Would you rather carve pumpkins or bob for apples?

9. Do you prefer spooky Halloween decorations or cute ones?

10. If you could get a spooky Halloween pet, what would you get? (black cat, rat, bat, raven, wolf, owl, etc.)

11. If a witch knocked on your door, what would you do?

12. Has anyone ever pulled a Halloween “trick” on you?

Yoda Halloween costume
My 4 year old for Halloween!

13. Have you ever dressed up as a Star Wars character for Halloween? Which one?

14. What is your go-to pumpkin carving face?

15. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done at a Halloween party?

16. If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?

17. If Halloween had its own Olympics, which events would it include?

18. What Halloween Olympic event would you be good at?

19. Imagine you had a magic broom. Where would you fly to?

20. Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?

21. Which is a better holiday, Halloween or Thanksgiving?

22. What is the weirdest (or spookiest) Halloween food you’ve ever eaten?

23. What’s the weirdest Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?

24. What’s your favorite Halloween book?

25. If you were suddenly transported into the Harry Potter books or movies, which character would you want to be?


Funny Halloween Questions For Kids & Adults

Next, these Halloween ice breaker questions will make you think AND make you laugh!

witch and cat flying on a broom across the moon

26. If you were a ghost, how would you spook people?

27. If you had a magic cauldron, what potion would you brew for Halloween?

28. If you were a witch, what would your first spell be?

29. What has been the dumbest horror movie you’ve ever seen?

30. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever gotten while trick or treating?

31. Have you ever given out or gotten expired Halloween candy?

32. Of the three Hocus Pocus sisters, which one would you want to be?

33. Are there any creepy monsters or villains that you secretly like?

34. Which Halloween character would you actually like to meet in real life?

35. If you had to spend one day with a horror movie villain, which would you choose? And why?

36. If you had to re-wear one costume from when you were a kid, which one would you pick?

37. If someone dared you to spend the night in a haunted house, would you do it?

38. What is the weirdest Halloween decoration you have?

39. What’s the most unusual place you have trick or treated (car trunk, boat, etc.)?

40. If you were transported into a horror movie, which character would you be: the first to die, the skeptic, the funny one, or the survivor?

41. In your opinion, what is the most disgusting candy?

42. If you had to touch something you couldn’t see, would you prefer it to be slimy or hairy?

43. If you watch a horror movie, are you the one yelling at the characters (“don’t go in there!” “Why would he go in there?!”) or the one with their eyes closed?

44. Do you have any Halloween traditions that are unusual?


Funny Halloween ice breaker questions to ask kids, teens, adults

46. What’s the funniest Halloween costume you’ve ever seen or made?

47. If you could invent a new Halloween creature, what would it be? Would it have any cool features or abilities?

48. Have you ever watched a ghost hunter show? And would you ever want to be one in real life?

49. Imagine a black cat crossed your path on Halloween. Would you go pet it or run far away?

50. Have you ever taken more than one when the sign says “only take one”?

51. If one supernatural creature could be real on Halloween night, which would you want it to be?

52. Imagine the big bad wolf is outside your door. He may or may not blow down your house or eat your grandma. What do you do?

53. What’s the best Halloween joke or riddle you know?

I am a room in the house ghosts will not haunt. What am I?

Answer: The living room

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Spooky Topics & Eerie Questions

It’s Halloween after all! These ice breaker questions are a little creepy or controversial. They aren’t suitable for young kids, but teens and adults will love them!

spooky and creepy pumpkins

54. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen or felt one?

55. Do you believe in demons or the devil?

56. Have you ever played with a Ouija board? Did anything creepy happen?

57. What is something you really wouldn’t want to run into in the dark?

58. Do you prefer movies where things pop out or movies that are gory?

59. Would you rather spend the night in an abandoned old mansion or a cemetery?

60. If you heard a weird noise in your attic, what would you do?

61. Have you ever seen something that made you question whether it was real or in your head?

62. Is it spookier to be in a room full of old dolls or a room full of extremely realistic-looking skeletons?

63. Would you rather get spooked by a big clown or a freakishly fast rat?

64. If you woke up on Halloween and it was a zombie apocalypse, what would be the first thing you do?

65. What is the creepiest sound you can think of or have ever heard?

66. What would be the spookiest Halloween scavenger hunt? What objects would you have to find? (Here’s a non-spooky printable Halloween hunt)

67. Have you ever been to a haunted house attraction? Or a spooky theme park? What was the scariest part?

68. Have you ever been to a true haunted house? What happened?

69. If you were to create your own haunted house, what would you put in it?

70. Have you ever dressed up as a character from a scary movie?

71. Has anything really creepy happened to you while you were alone?

72. If you could invite anyone from the past to a Halloween seance, who would it be, and what would you want to know?

73. What’s your favorite spooky campfire story or legend?

74. What creepy story did you hear as a kid that has bothered you for years?

75. Have any Halloween movies ever given you nightmares?

76. If a Halloween movie is “based on a true story,” does that make it even spookier?

77. What freaks you out more: murder horror movies or exorcist horror movies?

78. Would you be more terrified in a room full of spiders or a room full of snakes?

best spooky and funny Halloween ice breaker questions to ask friends, coworkers, students

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Halloween Most Likely To Questions

These Halloween questions are great for if you know a little bit about your group.

79. Who is most likely to star in a scary movie?

80. Who is most likely to carve the best pumpkin?

81. Who is the most likely to win a Halloween costume party?

82. Who is the most likely to not dress up to a Halloween costume party?

83. Who is most likely to secretly be a witch or wizard?

84. Who is most likely to decorate the entire house for Halloween?

85. Who is most likely to throw a classy Halloween party?

86. Who is most likely to skip the Halloween party?

87. Who is most likely to pull out the Ouija board?

88. Who’s most likely to have a secret mystery life?

89. Who is most likely to be able to suddenly talk to ghosts?

90. Who is most likely to be the first one to walk into a haunted house?

91. Who is most likely to be the last one to walk into a haunted house? (Kicking and screaming because you dragged them in)

92. Who is most likely to organize a Halloween song flash mob?


creepy icebreaker questions to ask for Halloween, eerie and spooky topics

94. Who would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?

95. Of the classic Halloween creatures (vampires, werewolves, witches, zombies, mummies, ghosts, clowns), which would you be the most likely to live with?

96. Which would you be the least likely to live with? (As in, not in a million years!)

97. Who’s the most likely to turn into a “mad scientist”?

98. Who’s most likely to hand out full size candy bars to trick-or-treaters?

99. Who’s most likely to hand out non-candy items to trick-or-treaters?

100. Who’s most likely to wear their costume on a day other than Halloween?

101. Who’s the most likely to buy their Halloween candy the day after so it’s half off?

102. Who is the most likely to get bitten by a vampire and then not tell anyone?


Halloween Ice Breaker Questions For Work

Next, these icebreaker questions for Halloween are excellent for the office or virtual work. They will get the conversation started!

skeleton at work

103. Which famous person, present or past, would you want as a Halloween party date?

104. As a kid, did you ever trade out your Halloween candy? What would you trade for?

105. Is there a Halloween movie you watch every year? What is it?

106. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

107. If you could throw an all-out Halloween party from a fictional story/universe, what would it be?

108. What’s the best Halloween decoration you’ve ever seen?

109. If you designed a Halloween escape room, what kinds of challenges would be in it?

110. What’s your favorite Halloween song? Is it the “Monster Mash”?!

111. What’s your all-time favorite Halloween tradition?

112. What haunted house would you want to visit if you could?

(Ideas include The Tower of London in England, the Paris Catacombs in France, and the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. These places are chilling! (See more here)

113. What has been your all-time favorite Halloween costume (that is appropriate)?

114. Do you love or hate pumpkin pie spice?

115. Have you ever done a couples or family Halloween costume? What was it?

116. If you had to live in any Halloween movie, what would it be?

117. Do you prefer handing out candy at home on Halloween or going out on the town?

118. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or visit a haunted house?

119. Have you ever been to a murder mystery? What was it like?

120. If you were a ghost, what place would you haunt?

121. At what age did you stop trick or treating?

122. Do you dress up your pets for Halloween? What do they wear?

123. If you could dress up as any Halloween movie character for Halloween, who would it be?

124. If you were to tell a Halloween-themed story, what would it be about?

125. What’s the strangest Halloween gift someone has given you?

126. What smell do you associate with Halloween?

127. What was the first scary movie you ever watched? How old were you?

128. What has been the best Halloween game you’ve ever played?

129. If you could create a new Halloween activity, what would it be?

130. If you could dress up as anything for Halloween this year (no matter the cost), what would it be?

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True or False Halloween Icebreaker Questions

Finally, get to know others by testing your Halloween knowledge together!

Halloween ice breaker questions that are true or false for school are work

131. 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced each year.


132. Candy corn was originally called “corn on the cob”.

False. It was called Chicken feed!

133. The word “Halloween” is derived from “All Hallows’ Eve.” It is the evening before All Saints’ Day on November 1st.


134. In the traditional Halloween colors, orange represents pumpkins, while black is associated with darkness and death.

False. Orange represents the harvest (fire and fall).

135. Halloween is the third highest-grossing holiday in the United States.

False. It’s the second (only Christmas is higher in consumer spending).

136. Jack-o’-lanterns were originally carved from turnips, potatoes, and other root vegetables in Ireland.


137. The largest pumpkin ever in the United States was 2,000 lbs.

False. It was actually 2,560 pounds (source)


Halloween themed ice breakers, true or false with answers


139. There is a word for the fear of Halloween. It’s called Samhainophobia.


140. Jolly ranchers are the least popular Halloween candy.

False. It’s Circus peanuts.

141. The Sixth Sense is the highest-earning horror movie of all time.

False. It: Chapter One is the highest earning. (But The Sixth Sense is #2!)

142. Black cats are associated with bad luck because they were associated with witches in the Salem times.

True. (But in many other places around the world they are actually a sign of good luck)

143. The largest Halloween parade in the world takes place in Salem, Massachusetts.

False. It’s New York City’s Greenwich Village.

144. Owls are associated with Halloween because they can swivel their heads around.

False. They are associated with Halloween because many used to think of them like witches. Both fly in the dark of night. Though the head swivel is part of their natural spookiness too!

145. The most popular destination in America for Halloween is Sleepy Hollow, New York.

False. It’s Salem, Massachusetts (known for its witch trials in 1692)

146. In Mexico, instead of Halloween, they celebrate “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). They honor and remember deceased loved ones.


147. Halloween is celebrated in almost every country in the world.

False. It’s primarily popular in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Though more countries celebrate different versions.

148. Skittles are America’s favorite Halloween candy.

False. It’s Reeses. (Is that even a surprise?)

149. Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.


150. The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween originated from the belief that it would ward off ghosts and evil spirits.



Fun Halloween Ice Breakers Games & Ideas

Need more fun to break the ice? Choose a game or conversation starter below! Just be sure to keep it age-appropriate.

Halloween icebreaker questions, games, and conversation starters
  • Play Halloween Pictionary: One person draws a Halloween object, movie, or creature and the others have to guess what it is.
  • Fall This or That: Is it more of a fall festival theme? Pick between similar autumn items. Football game or fall hike in a forest?
  • Monster Mash Freeze Dance: This is great for kids! Play the Monster Mash and when the music stops, you have to freeze. Anyone still moving is out!
  • Top 5 Debate: Choose 5 Halloween topics and have everyone list their top 5 for that category. For example, “best Halloween candy.” “Worst Halloween candy.” “Scariest Halloween movie.” Then, share and debate!

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  • Skeleton Scavenger Hunt. Buy a skeleton that you can take apart and put back together. Split up teams and hide them around separate rooms. Then, see which team can find and put together their skeleton faster.
  • Play Halloween movie “Catch Phrase.” One person has to describe the plot of the movie while the others guess which one it is.
  • Play 2 truths and a lie, but give it a Halloween theme. For example, “I have been to Salem, Massachusets” “I once had a spider as a pet.” “I’ve been in a room full of porcelain dolls at night.” “I’ve seen a civil war cemetery.”

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What’s Next?

Grab access to many more question games in the resource library below. And pick up great things to do in our Halloween bucket list!

Funny & Creepy Halloween Icebreaker Questions To Ask

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