150 Best Halloween Would You Rather Questions: Kids & Adults

Halloween would you rather questions make you laugh, learn about friends and family, and ponder the weirdest of Halloween mysteries. Spooky thrills and squeals of delight make this holiday a blast!

How to Play Halloween Would You Rather

No supplies or clean-up is required. An ideal game to play anywhere!

  • In couples or small groups, ask each person individually.
  • In large groups, split into teams and have one or two people answer from each team.

Funny Would You Rather Halloween

First, these would you rather Halloween questions are funny, great for kids or adults, and will get the conversation rolling.

Best would you rather halloween questions to ask kids or adults

1. Would you rather have a magical mirror that sees the future or a magical cauldron that makes any potion you want?

2. Would you rather live in a town where it’s always Halloween or always a different holiday?

3. Would you rather be able to transport through mirrors or time travel to different times?

4. Would you rather spend the night with friendly ghosts or friendly monsters?

5. Would you rather put “At least we had fun” or “It’s really dark down here” on your gravestone?

6. Would you rather get lost in a candy forest or wake up in a candy gingerbread house?

Where to use these icebreaker questions for Halloween

7. Would you rather have a talking cat or a talking owl?

8. Would you rather be invisible like a ghost or fly like a witch?

9. Would you rather attend a school for magic or a school for supernatural beings?

10. Would you rather take a potion that turns you into someone else for a day or one that makes you crazy lucky for a day. (See Harry Potter Trivia Quiz)

11. Would you rather have to wear a creepy costume every day for a year or eat only Halloween candy for a month?

12. Would you rather be scared or do the scaring?

13. Would you rather be a famous ghost hunter or a famous monster hunter?

14. Would you rather watch Ghostbusters or Beetlejuice?

15. Would you rather be in the middle of a zombie survivalist movie or a murder mystery movie?

Funny would you rather for kids Halloween edition

16. Would you rather be able to make illusions or persuade people with your mind?

17. Would you rather wear a baby costume or a costume that you can’t walk in?

18. Would you rather a beautiful witch offers you a tasty apple or a handsome prince tries to kiss you?

19. Would you rather find out that ghosts were real or shapeshifters were real?

20. Would you rather Halloween costumes came to life or people’s Halloween decorations came to life?

21. Would you prefer to be trapped in a creepy circus or a creepy amusement park?

22. Would you rather be invisible whenever you wanted or fly whenever you wanted?

23. Would you prefer to explore an ancient tomb or a dug up graveyard?

24. Would you rather come face to face with Darth Vader or Voldermort? (See Star Wars Trivia Quiz)

25. Would it be better to go trick-or-treating with a zombie or a vampire?


Candy Questions To Consider

Next, LOTS of candy is sold and eaten on Halloween. Pick from your favorite Halloween would you rather options.

pile of candy corn and candy pumpkins

26. Would you rather give up candy on Halloween or give up Thanksgiving dinner?

27. Skittles or Starbursts?

28. Would you rather eat a Milky Way or a Snickers?

29. Would you rather have 10 small tootsie rolls or 1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cup?

30. Would you rather have a king-size candy bar of your favorite, or fun-size candy bars of assorted types?

31. Would you rather have to eat candy that’s melted or candy that’s frozen?

32. Would you rather eat a chewy candy or a crunchy one?

33. Would you rather a candy melted in your mouth or lasted hours?

34. Would you rather eat Smarties or eat candy corn?

35. Would you rather stay home to give out candy or go trick-or-treating?

36. Would you rather eat a caramel apple or a popcorn ball?

37. Would you rather eat candy at breakfast or candy at dinner?

38. Would you rather only be able to eat chocolate or only be able to eat fruity candies forever?

39. Would you prefer to eat candy corn or black licorice?

40. Would you rather eat gummy worms or gummy bears?

41. Would you rather eat sour airheads or hot tamales?

42. Would you rather have a hot candy or a cold one?

43. Would you rather have Halloween candy or $25?

44. Would you rather eat a candy that is fizzy or a candy that tingles?

45. Would you rather have candy that changes flavor or candy that changes texture?

46. Would you rather have a Halloween party or a Christmas party?

47. Would you rather have a never-ending supply of your favorite Halloween candy or unlimited access to haunted attractions?

48. Would you rather have to share your candy with your parents or with your siblings?

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Would You Rather Halloween Questions For Kids

Whether at home or for students in the classroom, use these Halloween would you rather questions for a brain break or dinner conversation.

woman and kids painting pumpkins

Would you rather…

49. visit a pumpkin patch or have a costume contest?

50. stick your hand in a bowl of pumpkin guts or touch fish eyes?

51. accidentally drink a potion that turns you into an animal for a week or that makes you invisible for a week?

52. have to solve a Halloween riddle or do a Halloween Scavenger hunt?

53. see the inside of a ghostly shipwreck or a ghostly mansion?

54. have a crystal ball that could predict your future or a secret book that told secrets of the past?

55. sleep in a coffin or be wrapped like a mummy for a week?

56. have a closet that leads to a Halloween world or a magic spell world?

57. go to a spooky carnival or attend a spooky magic show?

58. do a ghost tour or explore a haunted house on your own?

59. stay at the Hotel Transylvania or the Monster House?

60. be transformed into a werewolf or a vampire for one night?

61. dance to Thriller or Monster Mash?

62. live with a talking black cat or a friendly ghost that no one else can see?

63. take a potion that made you live forever, or be granted three wishes (that couldn’t be living forever)?

64. get stuck on a deserted island or a haunted house?

65. go to a Halloween party or watch a Halloween movie?

66. wear fake teeth or a face full of makeup?

67. go trick or treating with an embarrassing parent or an embarrassing brother or sister?

68. dress up as a character from Harry Potter or Star Wars?

69. discover a fairy or discover an elf?

70. find yourself in a haunted forest or a haunted graveyard?

71. explore in search of forbidden treasure or mythical creatures?

72. watch The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coco?

73. discover Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster?

74. dress up as a possum or a raccoon for Halloween?

fun kids and teens would you rather Halloween brain break for school

75. walk through a haunted house or a corn maze?

76. have to eat ant larvae or barbecue bat?

77. ride on a broomstick or fly like a bat?

78. have a jack-o-lantern for a head or be furry like a werewolf?

79. have a witch wart or vampire teeth?

80. live in a world where dragons or werewolves were real?

81. watch Hocus Pocus or The Haunted Mansion?

82. eat blood soup or calf’s brains?

83. eat a live cockroach or a bowl of worms?

84. hang upside down to sleep or sleep in a coffin?

85. watch Hotel Transylvania or The Addams Family?

86. be a member of the Addams family or the Dracula family?

87. bob for apples or carve pumpkins?

88. carve 10 small pumpkins or 1 giant pumpkin?

89. watch a magical movie or a spooky movie on Halloween?

90. win the most unique costume award or the scariest costume award? (Or the funniest?)

91. a surprise Halloween costume or one that’s been planned out for months?

92. attend Dracula’s or Frankenstein’s wedding?

93. find a secret passageway or discover a hidden compartment in your home?

94. Uncover an ancient book of spells or an all-powerful secret object?

95. be a ghost or a zombie?

96. create a Frankenstein or your own haunted house?

97. have a pet bat or a pet black cat?

98. dress up for Halloween as Spiderman/Wonderwoman or Batman/Catwoman?

99. hear or see ghosts walking around?

100. wear a mask or paint your face for Halloween?


Scary Halloween Horror Questions For Adults

Next, these creepy Halloween would your rather questions are for teens and adults. They make you think, but also scare you a little bit!

scary haunted farmhouse: would u rather

Would you rather…

101. tell a horror story around a campfire in the woods or watch a horror movie by yourself?

102. have to fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?

103. attend a seance that talks to the dead or go on a ghost hunt to see the dead?

104. stay in a house where you hear eerie cries or where you see strange shadows?

105. be haunted by a demon or a ghost?

106. read a scary Stephen King book or watch a Stephen King movie?

107. have a seance with restless spirits or have to drink a mysterious potion?

108. watch a scary movie alone or watch one with someone who is easily terrified?

109. Live amongst the aliens in A Quiet Place or be a main character in Saw?

110. be locked in a room with giant rats or giant spiders?

111. be the star of a supernatural thriller or the hero of a classic monster movie?

112. use a Ouija board or take a midnight walk in the woods on Friday the 13th?

113. spend a night at a masquerade ball with strangers or a night at a graveyard by yourself?

114. find something under your bed or behind your closet door?

115. have to solve cryptic riddles to escape a nightmarish scenario or fight for your survival against a horrific creature?

116. a tarantula crawled up your leg or a boa constrictor crawled up your arm?

117. spend a night in a room that distorts your perception of reality or a room that traps you in a loop of unsettling visions?

118. have to confront a demon ghost or monstrous creatures?

119. fall into a pool of blood or a nest of something creepy crawly?

120. encounter a sinister cult or an otherworldly creature?

121. be chased through a creepy amusement park or a dark forest?

creepy would you rather Halloween questions for adults and teens

122. be stuck with a cursed object or a cursed ghost?

123. get bitten by a rabid werewolf or a bloodthirsty vampire?

124. be pursued by a terrible being or reenact a sinister ritual to escape a curse?

125. be haunted by the Headless Horseman or hunted by Michael Myers on Halloween night?

126. watch a horror movie or get a root canal?

127. spend the night in never-ending darkness or the hidden depths of your mind?

128. be chased by a pack of wolves or find a nest of spiders in your bed?

129. get stuck in a cursed painting that constantly changes or a cursed mirror where you can see people but they can’t see you?

130. have to uncover the horrific mysteries of a haunted town or unveil a future catastrophic alien event?

131. have to perform a gory ancient ritual or emergency surgery on someone with crude instruments?

132. live near Area 51 or in Salem Massachusetts near the witch-burning sites?

133. meet a ghostly child who beckons you to follow or a mysterious figure that warns of impending doom?

134. meet a shapeshifter who can turn into your loved ones or someone who’s been possessed?

135. have to repeat a traumatic experience in your past or have to witness someone else’s?

136. be reminded of your deepest fears or your deepest inner darkness?

137. be cursed or encounter a vengeful ghost that knows all your secrets?

138. spend a night alone in an abandoned asylum or an abandoned well with skeletons of past bodies?

139. have a nightmare about Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger?

140. have to confront your deepest fears in a haunted maze or face a room full of terrifying illusions?

141. watch A Quiet Place or the Exorcist?

142. be trapped in a nightmarish world or be trapped in your own nightmares?

143. encounter possessed people who want your soul or a forbidden book that wants to unleash unspeakable horrors?

144. find out that a sinister spirit was haunting you or a murderer was hunting you?

145. watch Poltergeist or Psycho?

146. come face to face with a creepy clown in a dark alley or a porcelain doll that talks in your dark attic?

147. find out murders happened in the hotel room you were staying or that a family member was having disturbing premonitions?

148. be stuck in a forbidden forest or a creepy abandoned warehouse on Friday the 13th?

149. survive a night in a forest infested with zombies or a town plagued by vengeful ghosts?

150. spend a night in a room that distorts your memories or shows you events of your future (and you don’t know if they’re real or not)?

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