125 Fun Summer This or That Questions For Kids (Free Printable)

Summer Edition: This or That

Don’t you love how question games are fun, easy, and a beautiful way to bond with others? Today we have a special summer version of this or that questions so that you can enjoy yourself with the kids!

ranking system; question games for kids and adults

How to Play This or That Summer

Grab a family member or friend and ask the questions! This or that summer edition is the perfect game to play during your laid-back summertime.

Use it for:

Summer time this or that questions edition
  • dinner table talk
  • summer road trip fun
  • a brain break for students (before school is out)
  • summer cookouts
  • family game night
  • at the pool, while you dry off
  • summer parties with kids
  • while camping

Wherever you are, you will get to know your people better than ever before! You may even be surprised by their answers!

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Best this or that summer questions version for kids

Fun Summer This or That Questions For Kids

First, these funny summer questions for this or that will get you talking and laughing!

1. Slip n’ slide or gigantic pool floaties?

2. Work at an amusement park or work as a lifeguard?

3. Cloud watch or dance in the rain?

4. Flashlight tag or catching fireflies?

5. Make paper airplanes or paper boats?

6. Swim in a pool or sunbathe next to it?

7. Board game night or play frisbee golf?

kids jumping into the pool

8. Breathe underwater or be able to fly?

9. Hula hoop contest or watermelon seed spitting contest?

10. Put on bug spray or put on sunscreen?

11. Lightning bugs or ladybugs?

12. Summer freckles or farmer’s tan?

13. Run a lemonade stand or sell something at the Farmer’s Market?

14. Plan an epic summer bucket list or go with the flow?

funny kids summer this or that questions for brain break, party, or pool time

15. Put a treehouse in your backyard or put a pool in your backyard?

16. Spend your hot summer nights indoors or outdoors?

17. Thunderstorms or clear summer night skies?

18. Read a good summer book or watch the movie? (Or do both with these kids books that are also movies)

19. Strapped sandals or flip-flops? Or bare feet?

20. Have a productive summer or spend all summer relaxing and carefree?

21. Catch the biggest fish or catch the biggest wave?

22. Sundress or swimsuit?

23. Summer reading or summer music?

24. Find out your mom is a secret water balloon ninja or find out your cousin is?

25. Afternoon at the pool or afternoon watching movies?

26. Ride a roller coaster or a spinny ride?


Summer Food This or That Questions

Next, we all love food. So, these questions could spark a hot debate!

table of food

27. Popsicle or snow cone?

28. Ice cream or s’more?

29. Pick berries or go to the Farmer’s Market?

30. Root beer floats or ice cream sundaes?

31. Cherries or blueberries?

32. S’mores with Hersheys or with Reeses?

33. Potato salad or macaroni salad?

34. Bake a fruit pie from scratch or buy a fruit pie?

35. Burgers or brats?

36. Burger with all the fixings or plain?

37. Ice cream in a cone or in a bowl?

38. BLTs or breakfast for dinner?

39. Corn on the cob or corn cut off the cob?

40. Zucchini or squash?

41. Cantalope or honeydew?

42. Pizza on the grill or in the oven?

43. Homemade fruit jam or fruit salad?

44. Watermelon or pineapple?

45. Corn on the cob or grilled veggies?

46. Grill or smoke meat?

Fun food this or that questions to ask preschoolers about summer

47. Homegrown tomatoes or juicy fresh peaches?

48. Strawberries or blueberries?

49. Cold tea or cold lemonade?

50. Peach cobbler or peach pie?

51. Iced coffee or warm coffee?

52. Green beans or peas?

53. Lemons or limes?

54. Nectarines or peaches?

55. Veggie and meat kabobs or veggies on your burger?

Kids Summer Time At The Beach & Vacation Fun

Who doesn’t love the beach? Pick and choose to decide what you love most.

family at the beach

This or That Summer Questions:

56. Snorkeling or scuba diving?

57. Collect seashells or build a sandcastle?

58. Use spray sunscreen or lotion sunscreen?

59. Build a sandcastle or swim in the ocean?

60. Swim in the ocean or swim in a pool?

61. Forget to bring a beach umbrella or forget to bring a beach chair?

62. Get stung by a jellyfish or by 15 mosquitos?

63. Have sand stuck in all the wrong places or wear a cold wet swimsuit all day?

64. Watch a beach sunrise or a beach sunset?

65. Tropical rainforest or exotic desert?

66. Hot air balloon ride or hang gliding?

67. Be a lifeguard or sell concessions at the beach?

summer this or that questions for at the beach and on vacation

68. Swim with the dolphins or find buried beach treasure?

69. Drive to the beach or fly to the beach?

70. Get a bad sunburn or have sand in your hair for weeks?

71. Beach scavenger hunt or nature scavenger hunt?

72. 1 piece swimsuit or bikini?

73. Walk barefoot on the sand or get sand stuck in your shoe?

74. See a starfish or see a sea turtle?

75. Spend a day at a crowded beach or a completely deserted one?

76. Explore tourist attractions or go off the beaten path?

77. Go camping in the mountains or go to the beach? (Try this free camping packing checklist for kids)

78. Beach bonfire or beach picnic?

79. Road trip nearby or explore a faraway destination?

80. Visit a national park or visit the beach?

81. Listen to an audiobook on vacation or read a real book?

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Outdoor Adventure Summer This or That Questions

Summer is about more than free time. It’s a beautiful season to go to summer camp, explore nature, and enjoy the best outdoor adventures.

family paddling in the water

82. Water park or amusement park?

83. Learn to surf or learn to sail?

84. Beach volleyball or a summer bike ride? (Find more family hobby ideas)

85. Spend a week at a summer camp or spend a week on a family vacation?

86. Be a summer camp counselor or be a lifeguard?

87. Outdoor music festival or outdoor sporting event?

88. Boat ride or water skiing/tubing?

89. Tend a garden or mow the lawn all summer?

90. Climb a tree or fly a kite?

91. Outdoor concert or outdoor movie?

92. Skip rocks in a creek or play mini golf?

93. 20-mile hike or 50-mile bike ride?

94. Spend a summer in a treehouse or in a boat?

95. Go to a baseball game or go to the zoo?

96. Canoe down a river or hike in the woods?

97. Swim lessons or indoor sports camps?

98. Go camping or stay in a hotel? (Find great kids camping gear)

99. Water balloon fight or water gun war?

100. Fishing or catching fireflies?

fun summer vacation this or that questions for students

101. Water slide or diving board?

102. Run in sprinkles or stargaze?

103. Nap in a hammock or do an obstacle course in the backyard?

104. Water polo or surfing?

105. Zipling over a canyon or white water rafting?

106. Paddleboat or kayak?

107. Visit the arboretum or visit the local farmstead?

108. Go to a drive-in movie or spend a morning garage saling?

109. Sidewalk chalk or painting rocks?

110. Firepit or sitting on the porch drinking tea?

111. Swim at a pool or swim at a lake?

112. Bird watching or bug catching?

113. Summer book club or summer tennis club?

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Summer Holiday & Get Together This or That

Finally, we love our summer time get together. And these summer this or that questions include Father’s Day and the 4th of July too.

4th of July fireworks

114. Have a large cookout with everyone you know or have a small cookout with close loved ones?

115. See a fireworks show or do fireworks at home?

116. Independence Day bike parade or float parade?

117. Spend 4th of July near water or in the city?

118. Go on a picnic or attend a BBQ?

119. Compete in summer trivia or have a game night?

120. Glowsticks or sparklers?

121. Have a flag or have a firework painted on your face?

122. Father’s Day interview or Father’s Day trivia?

123. Go fishing with dad or watch a ballgame with dad?

124. Make dad pancakes for Father’s Day or get him a gift?

125. Make summer vacation longer or make Christmas vacation longer?

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Fun This or That Questions Variations

Here are a few ways to make this game different:

Variations to this or that summer edition for kids

Play In Groups

Want to do this in a large group? Have kids go to different areas of their room depending on what “side” they are on! Then, let the debates begin on which is better, and why.

Guess Who

Write down your answers without saying your name. This variation is like an anonymous vote. Then, players guess which way they think other players voted.

Grab the free this or that summer printable:

summer this or that free printable

To Consider With This or That Summer Questions

This and that summer edition is perfect for any busy family who wants to have fun together! There’s no setup or cleaning. Plus, it is great for on-the-go.

What’s Next?

Don’t miss out on these summer activities for kids!

And watch the video for practical and fun summer bucket list tips:

fun summer time this or that questions for kids and family

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