Take the Quick Self Care Quiz to Battleproof Your Wellness

In life, self-awareness is EVERYTHING.

And for your self-care, how can you take better care of yourself if you don’t know where you are right now?

So, take this short self care assessment quiz and you’ll be well on your way to better decisions thanks to your newfound understanding.

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First, here are the four essential categories of the quiz:

Physical Health: Your Body

Your physical self care encompasses the care you give to your body. This includes your sleep habits, nutrition, hydration, and exercise.

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Emotional Health: Your Heart

Often, caring for your heart gets overlooked. But this is SO CRITICAL! This area includes having a fulfilling purpose, spending time with those you love, releasing emotions in a healthy way, and doing what makes you happy.

Psychological Health: Your Mind

Doing challenging things is an important step in staying healthy and happy. This category includes trying new things, taking calculated risks, learning, setting life goals, and taking breaks from technology.

Spiritual Health: Your Soul

And finally, staying centered and open is essential to a life well-lived. This category involves time in nature, time alone, reflection, and gratitude.

Self Care Quiz Scoring

For each category in the self care assessment below, give yourself a score of 0-3. Here’s how it breaks down:

0: You haven’t thought about or engaged in this activity in the last week.

1: You had a few good days.

2: You thrived most of the week with this activity.

3: You are rocking it. This is a daily thing, and no sweat!

Note: Throughout the quiz I included easy links so that you can explore individual topics further

The Self Care Assessment Quiz

Physical (Body)

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Sleep – getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep (0-3) ___

Movement – exercising 30 minutes or more (0-3) ___

Nutrition – healthy food (vegetables) entering your body (0-3) ___

Water – drinking 8 glasses (or half your body weight) of water (0-3) ___

Total Score for Physical _______

​* Helpful Links for Physical Health:

Emotional (Heart)

self-care assessment quiz: emotional family hugging

Quality Time With Others – time connecting with family/friends (0-3) ___

Doing What Makes You Happy – activities that bring you pure joy (0-3) ___

Healthy Expression – releasing tough emotions with journaling, support groups, therapy (0-3) ___

Purpose – having work that is emotionally fulfilling (0-3) ___

Total Score for Emotional ______

​*Helpful Links for Emotional Wellness:

Psychological (Mind)

psychological and mind, woman at the computer

New Experiences – trying new things and taking calculated risks (0-3) ___

Goals – having a goal(s) that brings purpose and working towards it (0-3) ___

Time From Technology – giving your mind a break from constant feeds, news, email (0-3) ___

Learning – engaging with books, podcasts, documentaries, articles (0-3) ___

Total Score for Psychological ______

​*Useful Links for Your Mind:

Spiritual (Soul)

spirituality for adults

Gratitude – writing or thinking about the blessings in your life (0-3) ___

Meditation, Prayer, or Time Alone – Quiet time to hear yourself think (0-3) ___

Reflection on Life – Alone or going to a place of worship (0-3) ___

Time in Nature – Taking in natural beauty and wonder (0-3) ___

Total Score for Spiritual ______

*Links for Your Spiritual Self-Care:

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 

–Eleanor Brown (See more quotes to inspire self care HERE)

How to Evaluate the Self Care Quiz

The self care assessment is 48 points total, so you can look at your overall score first. Then, observe each category and decide for yourself how you’re doing. Some activities will be more important to you than others, and that’s ok too!

Now, make a note to schedule your (0-1s) in today, this weekend, or next week! (Do it in your block schedule if you need to!)

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