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The Best Self Care Planner for a Healthy, Happy YOU (It’s Digital Too!)

Self care planner

Are your health and wellness not where you want them to be?

This self care planner is the perfect solution to find more time, prioritize your wellness, plan for obstacles, and feel dramatically better.

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The Benefits of a Self Care Planner

Are you too tired to take care of yourself after juggling the demands of life?

Do you struggle to fit in the things that matter most to you?

Are you feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or anxious?

If any of these answers are even a small yes, then something has to give. YOU are responsible for your own happiness, and that starts and ends with taking great care of yourself.

By using the templates in the self care planner, you can:

  • Create consistent routines that make you feel amazing
  • Achieve your goals without feeling overwhelmed
  • Be more productive, while working and stressing less
  • Feel more loving and confident towards yourself
  • Live on purpose, with purpose

It’s time to schedule and prioritize YOU. You deserve to feel incredible in this (one and only) beautiful life.

What’s in the 2021 Self Care Planner?

Now to the good stuff! Here’s what you’ll find in this awesome self-care planner full of easy-to-use templates, charts, calendars, and cheat sheets.

A Vision Board Template & Checklist

Not only does the planner skyrocket your wellness, but it also has tools to help you create the life that you want for yourself. So, use the vision board template to map out your self-care, family, health, and work goals. The checklist will make sure you use that vision board effectively!

Bucket List Template

Next, the bucket list template gives you space to write your biggest dreams. What adventures, dreams, and big goals do you have for your life? See a huge list of ideas HERE>>

Get inspired and keep thinking about the extraordinary life that’s ahead of you. How will you make the most of your time on Earth?

100 Self-Care Ideas

The list of self-care ideas helps you focus on the day-to-day activities that you need to implement. Pick a few of these easy ideas to schedule in regularly on your self-care planners, and a few you can use when you are stressed or are having a bad day.

Self-Care Kit Ideas (for a rainy day)

What do you do when you’re feeling low?

Instead of reaching for food or another unhealthy coping device, create a self-care kit for these low moments. This page provides fun and affordable ideas to make sure your kit is stocked and ready to go.

2 Weekly Self-Care Planners

Consistency is key, and planning ahead is crucial to making that happen. Use one or both of the planner templates to schedule and prioritize your most basic self-care actions like nutrition, exercise, rest, and fun.

Daily/Weekly Self-Care Checklists

Next are the checklists! These easy-to-use cheat sheets make self-care instantly satisfying by automating your wellness goals. Check off actions as you do them and give yourself a small pat on the back as you watch yourself follow through.

Mind Dump Template

Does your mind race? This simple mind dump template is a great page to help you with mental overload and worry. Use it to write down your negative feelings, worries, or to-do list and breathe easier.

For more on doing a mind dump, see HERE>>

Self-Care Day Planner

When you are in need of a day dedicated to your self-care, this planner will help you map out a spectacular day! Use the 100 self-care ideas as inspiration as you prioritize a mental health day that will make you feel inspired, energized, and recharged.

Gratitude Challenge, Journal, & Prompts

Use the workbook to gain valuable insight into your blessings!

So many studies have shown the profound benefits of gratitude on our mental state. That’s why the self-care planner includes a 30-day gratitude challenge, 50 gratitude journal prompts, and journal templates to write in for morning and night.

2021 Self Care Planner Workbook

The 80/20 Rule & Finding Support Worksheets

Next up are templates that help you simplify and value your time. Often when we’re overwhelmed, it’s because we have too much on our plates. Part of taking care of ourselves is prioritizing what’s important and asking for help when we need it.

My Ideal Day Planner

If you could have the perfect day, what would it look like? Map it out from start to finish and then take a minute to see what it looks like.

Was it what you expected? What can you do today to make your day look like that ideal day?

With a few small tweaks, you may find that it’s not as far out of reach as you thought.

See more about creating your ideal day HERE>>

Self-Care Challenge Calendar (+ Tips)

Next, the self care planner offers a 30-day self-care challenge to jumpstart your self-care! Do one small action every day and by the end of the month, you’ll be astonished at your level of joy and happiness.

Self-Love Affirmations

What you say to yourself matters ENORMOUSLY. So, make sure that your thoughts are gentle and kind to yourself. These self love affirmations are included in the planner and will help you do it.

Self-Love Challenge Calendar

Finally, if you’re looking for even more self-love, try the 30-day challenge that includes things like:

  • List 5 things about your life that you love
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Compliment yourself in the mirror

Bonus: Routine Checklists & Wake Up Early Checklist

2021 routine cheat sheets

And as an awesome FREE bonus, the self-care planner includes cheat sheets to help you with your morning, night, and Sunday routines. These ready-made checklists and blank templates give you everything you need to uplevel your routines and your life in an easy way.

Well, what are you waiting for?!

It’s time to reduce stress, gain perspective, and live life on your terms!

Check Out the FULL Self Care Planner HERE

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