60+ Fun Advent Calendar Activities & Free Printable (For 2024)

Advent calendar activities will create a fun countdown to Christmas! This free printable advent calendar unites your family with simple, festive activities.

This family advent calendar focuses on two important things:

  • Family Time & Experiences
  • Giving to Others

Personalize your Christmas calendar! Find extra activities and religious advent ideas at the end of this article—for everyone!

Family advent calendar: great ideas and activities to celebrate Christmas

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25 Printable Advent Calendar Activities for Families

1. Festive Reading Countdown

Pin for printable December activities Christmas calendar 2023 pdf

We love doing a Christmas book countdown! (You can find the best Christmas picture books here)

But re-introducing the elf on the shelf is another way to kick off the season.

2. Create Mistletoe Magic with a Kiss

Chase your loved ones under the mistletoe today for some SUPER EASY and hilarious holiday cheer.

3. Write a Letter to Santa

Write a fun letter to Santa and/or have the kids fill out this more meaningful wish list.

4. See Santa

Our Bass Pro has an amazing Santa and always does a good job of delighting the kids.

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5. Watch a Classic Christmas Movie

Movies for Christmas charades theme game

Christmas movies are both easy and fun! Use these movie night ideas for the holidays to make it extra special.

After watching your favorite holiday movie, play a Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz with family and friends!

6. Have a Christmas Music Dance Party

Crank up your favorite holiday tunes and move furniture out of the way. It’s time for a dancing and singing party!

7. Do an Act of Kindness (Advent Calendar Activities)

Get creative—leave candy canes randomly or surprise a family with intentional creative gifts for the Christmas 12 days song.

Find more easy kindness activities for kids and families.

8. See a Light Show

Either check out a formal light show or spend the evening driving around to the coolest neighborhoods. For added fun, let the kids take a travel cup of egg nog or hot chocolate and a blanket. They’ll think it’s amazing!

9. Donate Old Toys

Have the kids donate unused toys. This is a chance to declutter and help others before Christmas.

10. Enjoy the Fire Pit

Christmas this or that bucket list idea at home; holiday

Grab your chair and blankets and sit by your backyard fire pit with a cozy drink. Enjoy just being together for a night of fun and conversation.

Need conversation ideas? Check out these:

11. Make a Card for a Teacher

thank you for being a great teacher printable

Make your own homemade card or fill out this free printable thank you letter. Your teacher will appreciate the extra love and you’ll be teaching your child the importance of being grateful. Attach a small holiday gift and you are good to go!

12. Drop Something Off at a Charity Drive

Participate in school or church charity drives. Gather items or donate money if it’s more convenient.

13. Make Treats for Others

Make cookies or healthy holiday treats. Then spend the evening dropping off the goodies to those you love!

14. Do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Free printable scavenger hunt for Christmas

Holiday scavenger hunts for kids are super easy and help burn off excess energy. Print off this one, and then watch the kids have a great time.

15. Make a Christmas Tree Pizza

Instead of ordering out, get creative and make your own pizza tonight! Mold the crust into a Christmas tree or wreath for a festive twist!

16. Buy or Wrap Gifts

Wrapping gifts is part of your 2023 free printable Christmas advent calendar

This activity needs to be done, and it’s easier to do with help. So, gather your tribe and work through your list. When wrapping together, turn on your favorite Christmas music or movies and make an evening out of it.

Helpful Gift Posts:

17. Have a Family Game Night

Christmas trivia questions and facts for kids about Santa Claus, culture, and food
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Give your normal family game night a holiday spin with this Christmas charades game, trivia Christmas questions, or would you rather Christmas edition.

Don’t forget to pick your best Christmas team name!

18. Make Gingerbread Houses

family Christmas activities and traditions

Gather your graham crackers, leftover Halloween candy, and icing to spend the night getting creative with your food! (Or make it easier with a gingerbread kit)

19. Have a Christmas Tree Campout

For one night, let the kids sleep next to the Christmas tree in the living room. It makes for sweet memories and isn’t hard to do.

20. Make Reindeer Food (Advent Calendar Activities)

Reindeer food is easy to make! Mix together oats and sprinkles (add glitter if you’re brave) and you’ve got a mixture those reindeer will adore.

21. Do a Christmas Puzzle Together

Fun Christmas puzzle

We love doing at least one Christmas puzzle leading up to the big day. Am I the only one that finds it relaxing? Here’s the one we bought last year.

22. Sing Carols to Someone

Pop in on someone and surprise them with a group Christmas carol!

*Bonus: If someone you love lives far away, make a video of your Christmas carol and send it!

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23. Make Rudolph Pancakes

rudolph pancakes

Next, making a reindeer out of your morning pancakes is really easy. Overlap a small pancake onto a large one, then use bacon for the antlers and berries for the eyes and nose.

(Whipped cream gives your eyes some flair if you have it too!)

24. Open a Christmas Eve Box

I love doing a Christmas eve box because we use it as a way to add quality family time to our holiday. I typically include:

But yours can look however you want! Use these fun and cheap Christmas Eve box ideas to customize one for babies, kids, teens, or adults!

25. Christmas Day 2024 Advent Calendar Activities: Be Together

Be together on Christmas printable advent activities for families

This day is for family. So, put your phone and devices away and bask in the joy of being with loved ones.

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More Great Christmas Advent Calendar Activities

Clark and Ellen Griswold; how to host a trivia night; what are good Christmas movie questions?
Top Pick: Dress up like your favorite holiday movie characters

Everyone is different and will love different things. So, here are additional advent activities to consider for your blank printable Christmas calendar:

  • Put up holiday decorations – Make a whole night with fun food too!
  • Decorate the bedrooms
  • Do Christmas sidewalk chalk
  • Host an ugly sweater party (or any other party)
  • Create a Christmas shirt
  • Make a homemade Christmas ornament to give to grandparents
  • Visit a sick or elderly friend
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Make your own Christmas cards
  • Collect canned goods to take to a pantry
  • Make a popcorn chain for the Christmas tree
  • Make a homemade gift for a pet
  • Decorate your home with items from nature
  • Host a Christmas get-together
  • Take silly Christmas family photos (or dress up like your favorite holiday movie characters)
  • Go ice skating
  • Make a Christmas craft
  • Write your own Christmas book
  • Take a bath with red and green glow sticks
  • See the Nutcracker
  • Display the holiday cards you have received from friends in a unique way. Hang on the mantle or in a tree-shape on a door or wall.

Religious Family Advent Calendar Activities

Religious advent activities for your printable family Christmas calendar

And here are extra ideas to make your Advent calendar more religious and/or meaningful:

  • See a nativity exhibit (or live nativity)
  • Read the Christmas story
  • Bake a birthday cake for Jesus
  • Attend a special church service
  • Act out the Christmas story
  • Read from the Bible
  • Say a special prayer
  • Put out your nativity scene (and talk about it)

Now, grab access to the free Advent activities calendar printable here + blank pdf template!

Family advent calendar: great ideas and activities to celebrate Christmas

You’ll find all sorts of great holiday printables in the resource library too!

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Advent Calendar Free Printable of Christmas Activities


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