25 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2024

Unique Amazon Gifts for Father’s Day + Free Ideas Too!

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.”

The Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad
Linda Poindexter

This post is all about showing a little appreciation for the amazing men in our lives. Yet, well, it turns out I know nothing about man stuff.

So, these unique Father’s Day gifts come straight from my hubby! Now, when I first asked him, he wanted to put all tools on the list. Um, no honey. We need VARIETY.

But once I got him rolling, he had a ton of products he loves. (And I couldn’t get him to stop!)

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So, first are twelve of the best gifts to buy for Father’s day in 2024. My husband has either received them as gifts, bought them himself, or is dying to buy them. And it makes an easy gift guide for the man in your life!

After, keep reading 13-25 for some cute Father’s Day gifts to make for dad (or grandpa) too! Most cost NOTHING but love!

The 12 Best Gifts for Men on Amazon

1. Worktunes 3M

*Amazon’s Choice

best father's day gifts

First, these terrific headphones work great for mowing and yard work. They are noise-canceling, so they protect your ears, but you can still listen to music or podcasts at a reasonable volume.

2. Individual Coffee Grinder & Pour Over

*Best Gift for First Time Dads (they’ll need coffee)

father's day gifts from wife - coffee

This small coffee grinder is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality cup of coffee. We use it on the weekends when we dig out the delicious whole beans, and let me tell you, it’s made us a little coffee-obsessed.

Once you grind your whole beans, you need a pour-over cup to make that aromatic coffee. We use this one.

3. Gerber Dime Mini Multi Tool

gifts for grandpa or dad - tools

This multi-tool device is light, compact, and fits in your pocket. He loves how useful it is. My husband also regularly uses the tweezers for the kids’ splinters, which they get a lot.

4. Audible Subscription

Books. Ah, no, I can’t get my hubby to read an actual paper book.

BUT, this problem is solved with Audible. He LOVES it and will listen to anything and everything on it.

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5. Air Pods

*5-Star Amazon Rating

best father's day gifts

These easy to use air pods are always in his ear. Sometimes, I question whether he’s actually listening to me or not…perhaps that’s why he loves them!

6. Firepit

*Best Father’s Day Gift for Outdoorsmen

father's day gifts amazon, firepit

Many of us are home for father’s day, so why not splurge on a fun gift for the whole family! Gather around the fire and roast some smores on the driveway!

Also, my husband REALLY loves this firepit because you can fold it up and put it out of the weather. Our old ones have always rusted, so this is a great solution!

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7. Wooden Grill Scraper

father's day gifts for dad - wood scraper

He tells me there are horror stories involving old fashioned metal scrapers, so he prevents metal shavings with a wooden grill scraper. He switched a few years ago and has never looked back!

8. Barbecue Book

*Editor’s Pick

father's day gifts 2022

If your guy is a smoking or barbecue aficionado, this Franklin Barbecue book is a great buy.

The most celebrated pitmaster in the world shares his knowledge about truly great barbecue. So, dad will learn plenty with this book.

9. Fresh Jax Grilling Spice Set

Along the same lines as above, these organic spices will seriously jazz up his grilling and other meat preparation. There are bold, spicy, and international sets as well, and a portion of the proceeds goes to help fight childhood hunger.

Now that’s a win-win!

10. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse or Office Chair

best father's day gifts

Is he working from home in this new wacky world we live in?

Make life easier with a wireless keyboard and mouse. This keyboard even has a curved layout to alleviate stress and fatigue.

11. Bourbon Glasses

best gifts for dad or grandpa

If I’m being honest, I’ve used our whiskey glasses as much as he has. They are just fun to drink from! It feels fancy and they are a great inexpensive gift for men.

12. Top Gun Shirt

Top Dad shirt

Finally for Father’s Day Amazon gifts, funny t-shirts are useful and always bring a good chuckle. My husband would love the shirt that says “You can’t scare me, I have two daughters.”

But I think this Top Dad shirt is going to be the real winner for the year.

5 DIY IDEAS That Are Too Cute

father's day gifts 2022

Now, if you’re looking for a sweet personal touch to your father’s day gifts in 2022, try out one of these from the kids!

13. Monster Trail Mix

Simply buy a big jar of trail mix for dad and attach a cute label from “his little monsters.”

Grab the printable here.

14. The Lego Jar

Promote quality time together with this easy Father’s Day gift. Grab some large legos and write experiences to do with dad. Then, put them in a jar and you’re done!

Ideas include:

  • Go camping
  • Watch a new show
  • Go on a hike
  • Have a water gun fight
  • Explore a creek
  • Go fishing

Check out more HERE.

15. Things We Love About Dad (or Grandpa)

Father's Day gift ideas from the heart, free

Everyone wants to feel appreciated once in a while. So, give dad all the feels with this easy popsicle craft.

See the 10 Things We Love About Dad HERE

16. All About Dad Printable

all about my dad printable

These printables always end in laughs. So, take a few minutes and have the kids fill one out!

Find the all about dad printable >>

17. Puzzle Frame

Feeling a little crafty this Father’s Day? Try this easy frame!

First, take a picture of your kids holding a “love you to pieces sign.” Then use popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces to make an adorable DIY frame.

Find out specific instructions HERE.

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The Gift of Time

Simple father's day gifts 2022

Finally, like moms, dads also love time with loved ones or to themselves. So, don’t forget that gift option!

18. Bring your dad a coffee or food and some conversation

19. Take the kids and let your hubby go fishing or watch a ballgame solo

20. Call your dad on the phone for a good chat

21. Plan and prepare a date night (at home if necessary) for hubby

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22. Watch a movie or play a video game he loves

23. Prepare a picnic and take it somewhere new

24. Do something together off of your summer bucket list or plan an epic staycation just for dad!

25. Bring breakfast in bed and either hang out together while he eats or give him time to himself to wake up in the morning.

Find more good experience gifts for the family >>

How can you give the dad in your life the gift of time? Check out more ideas and fun things to do for Father’s Day this year.

Something to Consider With Father’s Day

Appreciation is key.

We’re all exhausted, especially parents to young ones. And dads deserve their recognition for fighting the good parenting fight more than ever.

So, enjoy these ideas to spoil dad or grandpa rotten this day.

What do you think are the best father’s day gifts for 2024?! I’d love to know what other dads love!

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The Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2024

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