Free Printable Christmas Shopping List

A Gift Tracker for Easy Holiday Organization

Do you struggle to keep your shopping lists organized during the holidays? I do.

printable Christmas shopping list

It can be a bit intimidating. Not to mention, we always start out with a budget, but lose track of the money as the chaos of gifts and preparation blend together.

Today, I offer a solution to that! Here’s a free printable Christmas shopping list!

free Christmas shopping list pin

It has categories for all of the things you need to keep track of this season:

  • The person you need to buy for
  • Gift or gifts to buy
  • The amount budgeted
  • The actual amount spent
  • A checkmark spot for when you’ve bought the item
  • A checkmark spot for when you’ve wrapped the item (doesn’t that feel good!)

It’s a lifesaver, especially if you hide or wrap gifts ahead and then forget what you have!

Below is a list of other great ways to be more organized this year, and then scroll down for the shopping list printable!

5 More Ways to Finally Be Organized

Printable Christmas shopping list

So many things are happening at once at the end of the year! Even the most organized amongst us can find it difficult to keep up. Here are some easy ways to stay on top of it this year!

1. Start Early

My “14 Things to do in November” post is popular because we all realize the importance of planning ahead. So, check out that article to figure out what you can get out of the way early! Then, enjoy more breathing room in December!

2. Set a Holiday Budget

You will have a huge (depressing) surprise in January if you don’t begin with a plan. So, be sure to sit down and decide what you’re going to spend on gifts, preparation, and food this year.

3. Use a Holiday Menu Planner

I just made this free meal planner for Thanksgiving! Use the same method for Christmas and New Year’s as well!

4. Know Your Activities

If you wait until the last minute to do some of your beloved Christmas activities, you might not have the time or energy to do them. So, decide and write in the calendar your favorite family traditions! Here are a few (Covid friendly) ideas:

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5. Be Strategic About Gifts

Obviously, use the gift tracker!

But also, shop online where you can keep better track of purchases. And commit to fewer gifts that are more thoughtful and of higher quality. When it comes to wrapping, stick with one or two gift wraps and have a dedicated wrapping spot in your home to keep the line moving.

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Get the Printable Christmas Shopping List HERE:

free printable Christmas shopping list

Need Pretty Gift Tags for Your Gifts?

Get free printable Christmas tags HERE!

Now, what do you think of the printable Christmas shopping list?

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