Best Outdoor Gifts For Kids List in 2023

What do you buy an outdoorsy child?

Kids love devices. And these days, there’s no shortage of them to keep our kids inside on their screens.

But most parents want their child to be outdoors, active, and experiencing nature in its element. So today, check out this great list of outdoor gifts for kids. All of these gift ideas will have your child excited to explore and adventure into the great unknown.

List of Outdoorsy Gifts For Young Kid

First, these outdoor gift ideas for toddlers are great for developing motor skills and getting fresh air.

outdoor gifts for boys and girls

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best outdoor gifts for kids and teens pin 2022
In a hurry? A 3 top picks: Walkie Talkies, Glider Airplane, The Stick Book

Collapsible Buckets

Whether you are taking a trip to the beach or to the backyard, these colorful buckets are versatile and will hold pretty much anything! They are both collapsible and durable which make them well suited for travel.

*These buckets are perfect to use with these free beach scavenger hunts for kids and teens!

Outdoor toys for 1 year old

Mesh Beach Bags

This colorful 5-pack set of mesh bags is perfect for collecting and storing seashells. Each one is easy to carry with an adjustable strap. Your kiddos will enjoy playing while collecting sand treasures.

Toy Lawn Mower

Turn yard work into yard fun! Children will enjoy helping out in the yard with this toy lawn mower. Pushing it back and forth will start up fun sounds, lights, and vibrations.

Outdoor Exploration Kit

*Supports STEM learning & scientific exploration

Outdoor exploration kit

Kids will have fun exploring the great outdoors with this backpack kit which includes binoculars, a flashlight, compass, whistle, and a magnifying glass. Hunt for bugs, watch for birds, or plan your own adventure!

See the cool backpack here >>

Kids Fishing/Butterfly Net

best outdoor toys for 3-4 year olds

Whether you are catching butterflies or fish, this colorful and lightweight net is perfect for kids. The handle can extend out 30 inches and the net is tear resistant and non-absorbent for easier use.

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game (Ages 3+)

This fun indoor/outdoor set includes 35 picture cards and 3 different games for a nature exploration adventure for the entire family. It’s easy to take on vacation, to the park, or to the backyard.

*This free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable is also fun!

best gift ideas for outdoorsy kids

Colorful Butterfly Kite

The perfect kite for beginners, this easy-to-assemble and easy to fly kite will have your kids outside and ready to see it soar.

Aqua Play- Mountain Lake Water Playset (Ages 3+)

Upgrade your water table for a water playset. Learn how water moves in this canal system complete with boats and animal figures. Children will explore the mountain while they use the water to move the boats around the extendable set.

Toddler Golf Set

*#1 Best Seller

toddler golf set

Kids will love this beginner golf set – complete with clubs, a mat, practice holes, and special balls. The clubs are extra-light weight and made of non-toxic material. So, it’s a safe adventure toy for toddlers during outside time.

KidKraft A-Frame Hideaway And Climber For Toddlers

*Unique way to play!

cool good outdoor gift ideas for kids and toddlers

This outdoor toy for kids is both a hideout AND a cool climbing tool. It’s a great thing to put in your backyard to keep your child playing on their own. It will give them hours of fun!

Gift Ideas For Outdoor Adventure Kids (Ages 3 +)

Research shows that kids need daily free play outside to burn energy, promote imagination, improve sensory skills, be happy, and more. So next, these are excellent outdoor gifts for both kids who love nature, and if you’re just trying to get your boys and girls outside.

Slip and Slide Water Slide

*GREAT outdoorsy kids gift for June-August

slip n slide

Summertime fun is endless with this double slip and slide! Attach it to your hose and race down
beside a friend as water sprays keep the entire slide wet. Great play for all ages!

Kids Bike (Ages 3+)

*with or without training wheels

bike: kids outdoor gifts

Perfect for a young adventurer ready to ride!

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike comes in different colors and wheel sizes to match the style and size of the rider. Kid-friendly features include a brake lever, wider training wheel legs, and a water bottle.

Durable, safe, and easy to assemble bike!

Roller Skates For Girls and Boys

girls and boys skating

Get your kids cruising with a rocking pair of roller blades. This hot pink unicorn pair from Walmart is amazing for girls. Or try a pair of skates for beginners.

Diving Pool Toys Jumbo Set (Ages 3-12)

Kids will be busy diving for hours with this 30-piece pool toy set with diving rings, sticks, fish, treasure, and more. Perfect for pool play or bath time. Toys sink to the bottom and bright colors make them easy to find.

water balloons, rocket, pool toys: gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer kid

Water Balloons

Summertime is not complete without a water balloon fight! Just attach balloons to a hose and
quickly fill 100s of balloons that seal on their own. A total win-win for parents and kids!

Foam Rocket Launcher and Stompin’ Science book (Ages 3-16)

*100% kid-powered- no assembly or batteries required

Ready, Stomp, LAUNCH!

Just stomp and launch colorful rockets up to 100 feet in the air! Kids will learn how to adjust the force and angle to get their rocket flying.

Purchase the Stompin’ Science book separately to learn more of the science behind launching these rockets. The book contains lessons for students of all grade levels.


*Easy clean-up and storage

tote-a-fort: best outdoor gifts for kids

This portable blanket fort kit for kids is PERFECT for building forts that stay in place inside or outside. Each set includes 3 blankets with anchor weights and Velcro to attach the blankets together and hold up the fort.

Combine your set with a friend to build an extra big fort!

Kids Hanging Tree Hammock

*Safe for kids up to 170 pounds (over the age of 2)

This hammock swing can be hung inside or on a tree outside. Kids will enjoy a comfortable place to read, relax, or hang out! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors with all hanging hardware included.

Hoola Hoop

*Great inexpensive idea!

Hoola hoops are great exercise for kids (or adults). And you can have competitions to see who can go the longest!

Jump Rope For Kids

jump rope example for kids

My girl has been all about doing the jump rope with friends lately. I love that it helps her connect with her tribe, while giving her great exercise too. See a light-weight jump rope here.

Walkie Talkies (Great Kids Outdoor Gifts)

*Encourage adventure and connection*

Your kids will explore the outside world for hours with these handheld walkie talkies. They range up to 3 miles, include a channel lock, and come with a compass and whistle too. They’re also designed for camping trips or hikes with a clip to attach to a belt.

skateboard, balls, walkie talkie: gifts for active kids who like to be outdoors in nature

Reusable Water Soaker Balls

These are wonderful on hot, summer days! Just soak with water and play! It comes with 50 reusable, soft water soaker balls for the backyard or the pool.


*No assembly required

Whether you are just beginning or trying to master new tricks, this is a great gift for the
in your life. Durable and stable, it is designed for all levels.

Kids Headlamps

*7 different light modes


Be prepared for any adventure with weather resistant LED headlamps. An adjustable headband
allows for kids and adults to wear it comfortably.

(See these camping gear kids gifts for more like this.)

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

capture the flag

Take your summer nights to a new level with glow in the dark capture the flag! 12 game variations will have everyone in the neighborhood running to hide, chase, and win!

See Capture the Flag here >>

Razor A Kick Scooter For Kids

*Great price

For less than a bike, you can buy a scooter that gets kids just as mobile. This razor scooter is incredibly popular, comings in different colors, and is adjustable.

Climbing Rope Tree Swing

Attach to a tree or a swing set for climbing/swinging fun that builds strength and balance. All
hanging hardware is included
and the length is adjustable to meet your needs. This is a great
accessory to add to any backyard.

swing, birdhouse, ring toss: gifts for kids who love nature

Ring Toss Game

*Easy to set up!

Gather outside with friends and family of all ages to enjoy this yard game. Durable
materials and a convenient travel bag let you take this game on the go and play anywhere.

Build a Birdhouse

Design, assemble, and decorate a wooden birdhouse to hang outside. It’s easy to assemble for young builders and all parts are included in the kit.


*Sports balls make great kids outdoor gift ideas!

gifts for outdoorsy kids

Grab this football on your way to the beach, pool, or park for a game of catch with friends and family. This waterproof and easy-to-grip football comes in a variety of color options and will get your family moving!

The Stick Book by Fiona Danks


The Stick Book

The next time your child picks up a stick, introduce them to this book FULL of great ideas, games, and projects to create using sticks!

Kids Waterproof Camera (Ages 3-10)

*Best gift idea for the adventurer kid!

Kids camera: gift ideas for outdoorsy kids

With this lightweight, waterproof camera, your young explorer will capture all their adventures through video and photos. It has a durable shockproof case, and is perfect for active kids on the go.

Also included are funny photo frames, filters, and a 32G SD card to store thousands of photos!

Garden Tools Set

Kids will love using their watering can to help plants grow, and they’ll be hauling everything in the wheel barrel. All of these tools are made especially for little hands. They create a sense of independence and fun for your young gardener.

garden set, planes, Ninja course: best outdoor gifts for kids

Glider Airplane

*Amazon’s Choice For Outdoor Gifts For Boys & Girls

This airplane gift is both simple and fun. It’s a favorite of my boy!

Take your glider outside and watch as it glides and spins in the air. (Just make sure you have plenty of room for it to fly.) These airplanes are lightweight, impact resistant, and surprisingly flexible.

Ninja Obstacle Course

*#1 Best Seller & New 2022 version!

Ninja course: outdoor gifts for active kids

This ninja course is great for kids of all levels and ages. The course is adjustable and features an exciting array of obstacles. Both little and big kids can climb the ropes, ladders, and more!

Spikeball Game

*Play anywhere!

Spikeball is a fun competitive game that works well for 2 on 2. This set comes with three balls and the legs are foldable for easy storage.

Spikeball, bubbles, fishing: outdoor gifts for boys and girls

Kids Fishing Pole

Whenever we go camping, fishing is always the first thing my kids ask about. That’s why they each have their own fishing poles. (It eliminates fighting!)

Here’s a great fishing starter kit, with everything together!

Play Day Bubble Leaf Blower

Promote active play with this fun outside toy! Kids love all the bubbles and the realistic sounds the leaf blower makes.

See it here >>

Tie Dye Sidewalk Chalk


Use these unique tie dye chalk sticks to make groovy color on your driveway! This outdoor gift for kids is great to be creative with.

Mini RC Drone For Beginners

*Long battery life

This cool pocket toy is made for outside. It does fun tricks and also has an auto-hovering feature.

See the drone on Amazon here >>

Kids Bow and Arrow Set

*Very popular!

This Super Archer set includes six arrows for six times the fun! The toy also has light-up features. And while kids are having a blast, they’ll also be developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

bow and arrows, flower press, binoculars: kids outdoor gifts 6-8 year olds


*Perfect for 3-12 year old boys and girls

These binoculars are real, so they’re durable and have a high resolution. It also makes for one of the best outdoor gifts that get kids exploring nature.

*For more practical ideas, check out this best list of kids gifts that are not toys! >>

Pressed Flower Art

*Great Outdoor Gifts For Girls

This flower press turns nature into fun bookmarks, handmade cards, sweet trinket boxes, and more. This gift is perfect if you have a child that loves both nature and crafting.

Outdoor Family Gifts

These games encourage active living as a family. They’ll get even the adults outside!

Pickle Ball Game

Pickle Ball

My kids are OBSESSED with pickleball. They’d play it night or day. But, they’ve found that not all sets are created equal. This one has been the clear winner.

Adjustable Basketball Hoop

*#1 Best Seller

Basketball hoop: best outdoor family gifts

This 44 inch blackboard is the most popular one on Amazon. It’s great for a family game of “pig” or practicing for kids’ activities.

Paddle Ball Badminton Game

Badminton: good for girls and boys 10-12 year olds

This “Jazzminton game” comes with its own carry bag for easy travel. It’s a compact game that you can take anywhere and promotes a healthy family lifestyle.

*See more experience gift ideas for kids and family here >>

Outdoors Gifts For Teenagers

And finally, the following outdoor gift ideas for kids are perfect for your teens too!

Hover Ball For Boys and Girls

*#1 Best Seller

hover ball

This is a great outdoor gift for teens that you can also take indoors. This soccer hover ball has an easy glide and is made of foam (so it won’t hurt anything!)

Large Dart Board For Outdoorsy Kids

*Large target zones make it easy for beginners

large dart board: outdoor gifts for teenagers

Parents and kids love the soft fabric they use for their sticky balls. It’s an injury free dartboard that your teens (or older kids) will want to play with again and again.

GoSports Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set

*Amazon’s Choice

gift ideas for outdoorsy teens: large dice

This particular set of large dice comes with a cool dry-erase board too! Play tons of games including Rollzee and Farkle.

(Looking for more family fun? Find more family night game ideas here)

Hoverboard (Outdoor Gifts For Kids & Teens)

hoverboard for kids and teens

This popular hoverboard is great for anyone over 6 and maxes out at 200lbs. It’s a fun scooter that will get your big kid or teen out of the house.

The Case For Getting Kids Outside

Experienced school psychologist, Dr. Jamie, Donnelly, says, “engaging in physical activity can help promote wellbeing.

Physical activity, especially being outside, helps physical development, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. It helps promote healthy habits and overall physical and mental health.

Playing outside with other kids can also support problem-solving and decision-making skills. These skills promote independence and self-efficacy.”

To Consider With Outdoor Gifts For Kids

Perhaps you have a child who loves nature, or you just want to encourage your kids to be outside and active. Whatever the reason, I hope you found great outdoor gift ideas for kids on this list.

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