25 Easiest Minute To Win It Games (Hilarious Fun For Kids & Adults)

How To Play Minute To Win It Games

From a popular TV show, “Minute to Win It” games for kids are challenges that participants must complete within 60 seconds. 

The best part? These easy Minute To Win It games for kids require only a few supplies and don’t leave a big mess behind!

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Great for kids, teens, or adults, the games guarantee a blast of fun and friendly competition, anytime, anywhere!

Play Minute To Win It games:

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Supplies Needed For This Game List

minute to win it games with no supplies; easy; fun

Easy Minute To Win It Games (For Home or School)

Play these 25 easy Minute To Win It games and challenges at home or school!

1. Balloon Blow

fun balloon minute to win it games for teens; challenges

Players have one minute to blow up a balloon and use the air to blow over 10 plastic cups arranged in a line. They can repeat this task as many times as possible within the minute.

2. Don’t Let It Drop!

Players must keep two or more balloons afloat without letting them touch the ground. They use their hands, breath, and quick reflexes to succeed in this buoyant challenge.

The catch? The balloons may not rest on any body part!

3. Balloon Pop

Each player ties a balloon to their ankle. The goal is to pop other players’ balloons while protecting your own during the one-minute game! The player who pops the most balloons while keeping theirs safe, wins!

4. Straw & Marshmallow Move

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Gather straws, marshmallows, and plates for this entertaining game. Players aim to transfer marshmallows from one plate to another using only suction from the straw, without using their hands.

Game Variation: Goldfish crackers, small chocolate candies, or pom-poms work for this game too!

5. Marshmallow Toss

Game Variation 1: Divide into two teams. Give players marshmallows and see how many the team can throw into a cup in one minute.

Game Variation 2: Play in teams. One player’s job is to hold the cup and the other player’s job is to toss marshmallows. Determine how far they stand apart to make it a challenge. The duo with the most marshmallows in the cup after the minute wins!

Game Variation 3: Partners take turns seeing how many marshmallows one player can toss into the other player’s mouth in one minute. Players must be standing several feet apart to make this challenging.


6. Move the Marshmallows!

Players move marshmallows from one bowl to another using a spoon in their mouth and no hands! The player who moves the most is the winner.

Game Variation: Play with cotton balls, ping pong balls, goldfish crackers, or any item you already have.

7. Marshmallow Toe Pickup

marshmallow minute to win it games for parties; classroom; home; how to play

Players transfer marshmallows from one container to another by grabbing them with only their toes!

8. Blindfold Challenge

Using large marshmallows or cotton balls, players use a large spoon to move the object from one container to another while blindfolded. Whoever scoops the most within 60 seconds wins. It’s harder than it sounds!

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9. Straw Challenge #1

Using a straw, players see how far they can blow a cotton ball across the room or designated area in 60 seconds!

10. Straw Challenge #2

straw minute to win it games for kids, teens, and adults; indoor

Each player needs a straw and a tissue. Players must keep the tissue adhered to the wall using only their breath through the straw for the entire minute. The last player standing, or the one who maintains the tissue on the wall for the full minute claims victory!

11. Straw Challenge #3

Set up 10 cups in a line on a table. Use a straw to blow the cups across the table, aiming to move them past a designated line.

12. Cookie Face

*A Popular Minute to Win It Game!

cookie face; fun birthday party games

Cookie Face is a hilarious game where each child places a round cookie on their forehead (we like Oreos!). The objective is to move the cookie to their mouth using only facial muscles. It’s a race against time and gravity!

13. Oreo Fork Walk

Players balance an Oreo on a fork and strive to walk to a designated spot and back within 60 seconds (without dropping the Oreo). The winner is the player who carries the Oreo down and back the most times without dropping it.

If the Oreo falls off the fork within the minute, they must restart their counting!

Game Variation: Players balance an Oreo on top of their head instead of using the fork.

14. Penny Stack

Stack as many pennies as you can in one minute. The trick? Use only one hand!

15. Cup and Coin Stacking

party minute win it games; birthday; cup stacking

Stack coins on the edge of eight cups. Don’t let them fall in!

16. Double Spin Coin Flip

*Great Teen Challenge

Start by spinning a coin on one side of a frisbee or plastic plate. Then, toss the penny into the air with the frisbee. Flip the plate or frisbee over, catch the penny, and aim to keep the coin spinning on the other side.

Compete to achieve as many successful double spins as possible within 60-seconds.

17. Stack The Tallest Tower in 60 Seconds

Players race against the clock to build the tallest tower using 36 plastic cups.

Encourage teamwork by pairing up players to collaborate.

18. Stack Attack

Players construct a pyramid using 36 cups and then de-stack them along diagonal lines, starting from the top cup to the bottom cup.


Easy Minute To Win It Games (With No Supplies)

You don’t need any supplies for these fun Minute To Win It games for kids. This makes playing them a breeze!

kids cheering

19. Name Them!

Players compete to name as many items within a given category as possible in 60 seconds. Play in teams or partners and see who can name the most.


  • Names that start with the letter J
  • Colors
  • Disney movies
  • Book titles
  • Desserts
  • Ocean animals
  • Toys
  • Musical Instruments

Also, play the 5-Second Rule Game!

20. How Many Words?

Given one word, players use the letters in that word to come up with as many other words as possible in 60 seconds. The player or team with the most words is the winner.

Example: Springtime: step, sing, ping, met, get, set, sprig, etc…

Game Variation: Assign a word and challenge participants to brainstorm as many rhymes for that word as possible.

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21. Stare Down

Challenge players to a staring contest and determine who can maintain a straight face without blinking or laughing first!

22. Backward ABCs

It’s not as easy as it sounds! See who can say the alphabet backward in a minute.

23. Ear, Nose, Pinch, Switch Challenge

easy minute to win it games with no supplies; fun party games; cotton balls
  1. Players take their right hand and pinch their left earlobe.
  2. They take their left hand and place their finger on the end of their nose.
  3. Players then switch their left finger from their nose to pinch their right earlobe and their hand on their ear to their nose.

See who can repeat the pattern of alternating hands correctly in 60 seconds.

24. Exercise Challenge

Participants aim to complete as many repetitions of a selected exercise as possible within one minute. This is a great opportunity for movement and a burst of energy release!

  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Burpees
  • High knees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Toe touches
  • Steps (if using a watch with a step counter)

25. Balance Challenge

Have kids stand or jump on one leg and see how long they can balance. Can anyone last the entire minute?

Benefits of Minute To Win It Games For Kids

what can you do in a minute?

Team Building

Many Minute To Win It games involve working together toward a common goal. They provide opportunities for kids to interact with their peers and develop social skills in a fun way.

Coordination Challenge

These games often require physical movement that helps kids improve motor skills and coordination.


Minute to Win It challenges encourage children to assess each task, strategize, and problem-solve within the time limit. This fosters creativity and prompts them to think outside the box.

Self-Esteem Builder

Successfully completing Minute To Win It challenges within the time limit can boost children’s self-esteem and confidence.

Provides Fun Physical Activity

The physical activity in Minute To Win It games not only promotes their overall health but also offers a fun outlet for stress relief.

easy and fun minute to win it games for kids, teens, and adults; home; school; kindergarten

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