120 Fun Scattergories Categories For Kids (+FREE Lists Printable)

These Scattergories Categories for kids will have kids exploring their vocabulary and thinking on their feet. Players race the clock and the entire family will enjoy this lively game!

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Who can play? All ages! Scattergories is a versatile choice for your next family game night!

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Scattergories: Game of Categories


Score points by coming up with unique words that fit the categories. Words must start with a specific letter and be written within the time limit.

Supplies Needed

  • A 3-minute timer (use your phone!)
  • 20-sided letter die or this online letter generator
  • Category lists below
  • Free printable answer list
  • Writing utensils

Scattergories Game: How To Play

1. Use the letter generator to determine the letter for the round. (Letters Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z are excluded)

2. Start a 3-minute timer.

3. All players write words that start with the letter for each category on the list of 12.

4. When the time is up, players share their words. Each unique answer scores points, but common answers with opposing players cancel out.

5. The game is won by the individual (or team) with the most points. Play as many rounds as you want!

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Additional Rules

  • A/An/The do not count as the beginning letter.

  • Adjectives cannot be added before a word to make it work with the letter.

  • Extra points are given for multi-word answers. (Example: Tic-Tac-Toe or Ronald Regan)

  • Answers that include names can use the first name or the last name to make it work with the chosen letter.

*If you are unsure if an answer is acceptable, the group can decide with a vote.


Scattergories Categories & Lists (For All Ages)

Scattergories categories are varied and can be tailored to specific age groups. These lists include a variety of themes that kids love.

Pro Tip: You may use a new list for each letter rolled or use the same list and roll multiple letters.

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List 1

1. Breakfast food

2. Farm animals

3. Game played outside

4. Movie (Also play Kids’ Movie Trivia)

5. School supplies

6. Something in the garage

7. Things that make you go “eww”

8. Things found at a construction site

9. Halloween costumes

10. Things you wash

11. Something you take camping

12. Things that are square

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List 2

1. Ice cream flavor

2. Ocean animals

3. Game played inside

4. Disney character

5. Something you do at school

6. Item in the kitchen

7. Things that are scary

8. Sticky things

9. Things found in the park

10. Gifts in your Christmas stocking

11. Holiday traditions

12. Things that are smelly

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List 3

1. Dessert

2. Animal that lives in a zoo

3. Team sport

4. Musical instrument

5. Teacher name

6. Things you do at home

7. Things to do on a rainy day

8. Presidents

9. Things found in space

10. Things you do in the spring

11. Items in a garden

12. Five-letter word

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List 4

1. Vegetable

2. Mammal

3. Board game

4. Song title

5. School lunch food

6. Items kept in a drawer

7. Name for a boy

8. Friend

9. Name of a city

10. Christmas activity

11. Something in a big city

12. Things that grow


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List 5

1. Pizza topping

2. Animal that can fly

3. Video game (See video game trivia quiz)

4. Book (See our books lists for kids)

5. Recess activity

6. Things in the backyard

7. Name for a girl

8. Family members

9. Beverage

10. Things found on a farm

11. Thanksgiving

12. Things that are hot

List 6

List 6

1. Fruit

2. Animal with a long tail

3. Household chores

4. Things in an art room

5. Weather

6. Things you eat with a spoon

7. Name for a pet

8. Helpful professions

9. Things found in a museum

10. Winter activity

11. Things that are yellow

12. Things in a lunch box (Find fun lunch box jokes)

List 7

List 7

1. Crunchy food

2. Insect

3. Toy

4. Cartoon character

5. Parts of a body

6. Feelings

7. Item you wish you owned

8. Things that are frozen

9. Things at an amusement park

10. Summer activity

11. Something red

12. Sounds animals make

List 8

List 8

1. Type of candy (Play Candy Trivia)

2. Animals that eat only plants

3. Clothing item

4. Famous singer

5. Jobs

6. Funny things

7. Things you need when sick

8. Flowers

9. Places you go for fun

10. Something green

11. Easter

12. Things found on a hike (Use this free nature scavenger hunt)

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List 9

1. Restaurant

2. Dinosaur

3. Things in a bedroom

4. TV show

5. Things in a classroom

6. Type of vehicle

7. Food you dislike

8. Things that are round

9. Ways to relax

10. Santa

11. Things at the beach (Print a free beach scavenger hunt)

12. Gift ideas

List 10

List 10

1. Food kept in the refrigerator

2. Pets

3. Hobbies

4. Famous athlete

5. Superhero

6. Things in a library

7. Dinner meal

8. Snacks

9. Colors

10. Places to go on vacation

11. Things at a birthday party

12. Things you see out the car window

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Free Printable Scattergories Categories Lists

Use the Scattergories categories in this article to fill out these free printable lists!

free printable scattergories categories lists

Fun Scattergories Game Variations

Scattergories categories game can be changed and adapted for the group.

  • Team Play: Instead of individual play, this game can be played in two-person teams (this works well with younger children)

  • Create your own lists: Choose a specific theme based on the players’ interests and ages.

  • Adjust Speed: Decrease the time limit for a faster-paced game OR increase the time to help young kids.


What’s Next?

These Scattergories categories were fun to play in our house! Next, try this Fun Family Feud Game next! It’s a great idea for family night!

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