12 Super Fun Things For Kids To Do At Home This Spring Break

What’s a mama’s Spring Break nightmare? Kids bouncing off the walls. Been there. Done that.

But this year, put these easy activities in your back pocket and you’ll be ready!

Outside Spring Break Things to Do With Kids

First, this time of year is fun for getting outside. The weather is turning, and it helps if the kids burn off energy.

Best things to do with kids over spring break, inside and outside activities

1. Enjoy a Storytime Picnic

Pack your favorite books, a few fun foods, and a blanket. Then, read together and bask in the sunshine. After, let them roam on the playground and you’ll return home with kids who aren’t so hyper.

2. Paint Rocks

kindness art activities and projects for elementary students

And then leave them on a nearby trail or at a park for others to find.

3. Have a Backyard Camping Adventure

Turn your backyard into a camping ground with a tent, sleeping bags, and a bonfire for roasting marshmallows.

Too cold to go out? Bring blankets to your bathtub and read in there instead. The kids will think it’s just as fun!

4. Design and Start a Garden

Every year, my kids love designing a garden on graph paper. Once it’s ready, we drive to the nursery and try to make the vision come to life.

5. Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt

featured image; nature scavenger walk hunt free printable for toddlers, kids, teenagers

These free nature hunt printables will get you out exploring! To do the hunt again and again, slip it in a page protector and take a dry-erase marker with you.

Inside Things to Do Over Spring Break

Sometimes, the weather laughs at you. Or you still have things to do while your children are home. If you have to stay inside, these activities are fun without tons of work.

6. Try a Family Challenge

Like the Blindfold Food Challenge:

A family challenge for the brave! Blindfold each person and have them taste-test different foods. The one who can guess the most right, wins. Examples include:

  • Peanut butter
  • Cheese
  • Marinara
  • Butter
  • Chocolate chips
  • Banana

Grab a full list of crazy fun family challenges >>

7. Test Out Cool Science Experiments

The reaction that baking soda and vinegar make amazes kids every time!

You can also try milk, food coloring, and dish soap for a fun hands-on experiment.

8. Get Creative With Paper

This takes the cake for the EASIEST art project of all time.

Find a huge roll of paper and cover your dining room table with it. For the rest of Spring Break, the kids can doodle on it whenever they please. You’ll end up with a very unique tablecloth.

9. Pull Out Your Trivia

Even on break, you can learn new things!

featured image; kids movie trivia quetions and answers

Get trivia night rolling with:

10. Explore a Zoo or Museum Virtually

Explore museums, zoos, and landmarks through virtual tours right in your living room.

Check out:

11. Have a Family Game Day

Grab your favorite board or card games. And if that’s too much work, all you have to do is pull out these hilarious games:

funny kids summer this or that questions for brain break, party, or pool time

12. Have a Family Movie Day

most inspiring family night movies for kids

And finally, when they begin to get antsy…and you feel your mind slipping away…check out this list of inspiring family movies. Grab the snacks and relax. (Without the wrestling and hair-pulling)😉

What’s Next?

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