100 Radiant Spring This or That Questions Game + Free Printable

These spring this or that questions are fun, easy, and a beautiful way to bond with others! Choose between your favorite spring themes – flowers, food, nature, and more.

Get to know your tribe better, while sharing laughs. You may even be surprised by their answers!

How to Play This or That For Spring

Grab a family member or friend and ask the questions! This or that spring edition is the perfect game to play outside too. It’s also great for:

spring this or that questions brain break and free printable
  • dinner table talk
  • spring break road trip fun
  • a brain break for students
  • family game night
  • spring parties
  • while camping

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Fun Spring & Spring Break Questions For Kids

First, these lively spring questions for this or that will get you talking!

1. Jump in puddles or roll down a grassy hill?

2. Have the ability to make flowers grow or slide down rainbows?

3. Watch clouds go by or dance in the rain?

4. Spend a morning garage saling or reading on the porch?

5. Thunderstorms or clear skies?

6. Discover ants in your house or a bee in your bedroom?

7. Play frisbee golf or play pickleball?

8. Be a rabbit or be a bird for a day?

9. Flip flops or sandals?

10. Live in a giant birdhouse or giant bunny burrow?

11. Sing in the rain or dance in the rain?

12. Spring clean your home or garden in your backyard?

13. Go on a picnic or have a big barbecue?

14. Plan an epic spring bucket list or go with the flow?

15. Be a star baseball player or a star soccer player?

16. Add a day to spring break or add a day to Christmas break?

17. Fly like a butterfly or run like a bunny?

18. Rain every day or snow every day?

19. Umbrella or jacket?

20. Lilies or tulips?

21. March or May? Or April? (See March Trivia & May Trivia)

22. Have a garage sale or donate your items?

23. Spend spring break at home or on a road trip with family?

Spring Food This or That Questions

Next, we all love food. So, these questions could spark a hot debate!

spring food this or that and would you rather questions

24. Carrot cake or strawberry shortcake?

25. Pick berries or taste something from the Farmer’s Market?

26. Bacon-wrapped asparagus or glazed carrots?

27. Reeses peanut butter eggs or Cadbury eggs?

28. Key lime pie or coconut cream pie?

29. For Easter, ham or lamb?

30. Make a pie for Pie day or make tacos for Cinco de Mayo?

31. Deviled eggs or charcuterie board?

32. Make a smoothie or make a vegetable soup?

33. Potato cakes or cabbage?

34. Strawberries or blueberries?

35. Iced tea or lemonade?

36. Grilled salmon or strawberry spinach salad?

37. For Cinco de Mayo, make homemade guacamole or homemade salsa?

38. Tacos or quesadillas?

39. Iced coffee or warm coffee?

40. Homemade fruit jam or fruit salad?

41. Blueberry cobbler or lemon bars?

42. Rhubarb crisp or rhubarb jam?

43. For St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef or Irish stew?

44. Spring pea risotto or mushroom risotto?


Kids Nature Spring Time Fun

Who doesn’t love getting out into the fresh air after a season of cabin fever? Pick and choose to decide what you love most.

45. Feed ducks or catch butterflies?

46. Catch frogs or dig for worms?

47. Bike ride or go fishing?

48. Collect rocks or build a stick fort?

49. Start a vegetable garden or start a flower garden?

50. Ladybugs or butterflies?

51. Pick flowers or pick strawberries?

52. Plant a tree or make a bird feeder?

53. Nature scavenger hunt or make mudpies?

54. Sidewalk chalk or painting rocks?

55. Spot a rainbow or spot a shooting star?

56. See a tadpole turn into a frog or see a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

57. Go to a baseball game or go to the zoo?

58. Go on a picnic or stargaze?

59. Climb a tree or fly a kite?

60. Spring hike or bike ride?

61. Skip rocks in a creek or blow bubbles in your backyard?

62. Visit the zoo or visit the local farmstead?

63. Try outdoor yoga or have a bonfire?

64. The smell of cut grass or the smell of fresh flowers?

65. The sound of birds chirping or bees buzzing?


Funny This or That Spring Questions

funny spring this or that edition and theme, ice breaker

66. Have duck feet or bunny feet?

67. Have spring flowers coming out of your ears or your nose?

68. Be followed by ducklings or followed by butterflies?

69. Have bunny ears or frog legs?

70. Have a talking pet bunny or a talking pet chick?

71. Have to hop like a bunny or waddle like a duck?

72. Have an Easter egg for a nose or jelly beans for teeth?

73. Do the chicken dance or hop like a bunny for a day?

74. Have eyebrows that look like rainbows or arms that look like butterfly wings?

75. Kiss a slimy frog or hug a skunk?

76. Eat a chocolate cricket or eat a chocolate ant?

77. Have green hair or blue hair?

78. Wear a giant caterpillar costume or a giant ladybug costume for a day?

79. Only eat carrots for a month or only eat hardboiled eggs for a month?

80. Hatch out of an egg or come out of a caterpillar cocoon?

81. Have a swarm of bees around you or have allergies so bad you can’t stop sneezing?

82. Have rabbit teeth or a chick’s beak?

83. Have clothes made out of bird feathers or grass?

Spring Holiday This or That

Finally, these this or that questions include the festive days that add flair to spring.

84. St. Patrick’s Day or April Fool’s Day?

85. Star Wars Day or Cinco de Mayo?

86. Easter or Thanksgiving?

87. Watch a St. Patrick’s Day parade or host a Memorial Day BBQ?

88. Find a 4-leaf clover or spot a leprechaun?

89. Receive candy or money at Easter?

90. Spy a glimpse of the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy?

91. Eat “mystery flavored” jelly beans or a peep that exploded in the microwave?

92. Get 5 pieces of your favorite Easter candy or 10 pieces of so-so Easter candy?

93. Hunt Easter eggs or do an Easter scavenger hunt?

94. Tell Easter jokes or play Easter trivia?

95. Tell everyone for a day “top o’ the morning to ya” or “May the force be with you.”

98. Go to brunch or have a warm picnic for Mother’s Day?

99. Mother’s Day interview or Mother’s Day trivia?

100. Bring mom breakfast in bed or get her a gift?


Fun This or That Questions Variations

Here are a few ways to make this game different:

Play In Groups

Have kids go to different areas of their room depending on what “side” they are on!

Then, let the debates begin on which is better, and why.

Guess Who

Write down your answers without saying your name. This variation is like an anonymous vote. Then, players guess which way they think other players voted.

Free This or That Spring Printable

Circle your answers in this fun free pdf.

free printable spring break and nature this or that questions quiz exercise

What’s Next?

This and that spring edition is perfect for any busy family who wants to have fun together! There’s no setup or cleaning.

Next, grab access to the free resource library and enjoy the best family-friendly ideas right in your inbox!

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