250 Best Trivia Teams Names in 2024 (It Quiz What It Is!)

These epic trivia teams names will help you find a name that fits you. Whether it’s “none of your Quizness” or “Oops we did it again,” there’s something for everyone on this list.

Trivia is both fun and fascinating. It also helps you bond with others (or disown them for life, depending on how the game goes). So, don’t forget to pick your funny trivia team names before you start!

Top Funny Trivia Teams Names

1. This Is My Alibi

Best funny trivia teams names for 2024

2. It’s None of Your Quizness

3. Houston, We Have an Answer

4. Let’s Get Down to Quizness

5. Einsteins in Disguise

6. Let me Talk to My Google Friend

never saw us coming, funny and catchy team names for trivia

7. Never Saw Us Coming

8. Clutch Under Pressure

9. Quizimodos

10. As Seen on TV

11. Our Moms Made Us Do It

12. Oh No My Pen’s Running Ou…

13. This Was Embarrassing

Catchy & Fun Trivia Team Names

14. The Whiz Kids

15. It Quiz What It Is

16. Les Quizerables

17. The Unforgettables

18. Risky Quizness

19. Great Minds Think Alike

20. The Know It Alls

Gonna need a bigger brain, cool good trivia teams names

21. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Brain

22. Quiz Pro Quo

23. Trivial Matters

24. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

25. The Wise Quackers

26. Quiz Crushers

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Great Names for Teams of 3

27. The Third Wheel Is What Makes It A Tricycle (Michael Scott, The Office)

28. Two Sinners And A Saint

29. Third Times a Charm

30. Snap, Crackle, And Pop

31. The Power Of Three

32. Three French Hens

33. Thrice as Nice

34. Tick, Tock, Boom

35. Triple Threat

36. Good Things Come In Threes

37. Epic Trivia Trilogy

Star Wars Trivia Team Names

Star Wars

38. The Dark Knowledge Rises

39. May the Force Be with Us

40. Luke, I Am Your Trivia Partner

41. Let the Wookie Win

42. Obi Won Quiznobi

43. Wookie Mistakes

44. All About That Base, No Rebels

45. Livin’ La Vida Yoda

46. It’s a Trap!

47. The Empire Strikes Back on Trivia

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Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

unique Harry Potter trivia team name ideas

48. Neville Gonna Give It Up (Neville Gonna Let You Down)

49. We Solemnly Swear We Are Up to No Good

50. It’s LeviOsa not LevioSA

51. Granger Danger

52. Team Who Must Not Be Named

53. That’s So Ravenclaw

54. Dumbledorks

55. Mean Muggles

56. Mischief Managed

57. Snapes on a Plane

58. Hit it and Quidditch

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Frozen & Disney Trivia Team Names

Fun frozen and disney trivia teams names

59. Worst Mistake of Your Life

60. Can’t Hold It Back Anymore

61. The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway

62. We Love Warm Hugs

63. Reindeer are Better Than People

64. The 5th Spirits

65. Bibbidi Bobbidi Booyah

66. The Madrigals

67. Poor Unfortunate Souls

68. That’s All, Folks!

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More Names Based on Popular Movies

69. The Fast and the Curious

70. I Am Smarticas

71. Jurassic Spark

72. To Infinity and Beyond

73. Despicable Mind

74. Just Keep Swimming

75. Guardians of the Trivia Galaxy

76. Spider-Man: Into the Trivia-Verse

77. The Avengers

78. The Secret Life of Trivia

79. Sherlock Homies

80. The Quizzard of Oz

81. So You Think You Can Quiz?

82. Lords of the Trivia Rings

83. One Team To Rule Them All

Music Trivia Team Names

Next, you’ll love these trivia team names based on famous song lyrics.

music, Oops, we did it again ideas

84. Oops, We Did It Again

85. Minds That Shine Like Diamonds

86. Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up Again

87. Ready to Ruummmble

88. I Got 99 Problems And This Trivia Is One

89. It’s All About First Place, ‘Bout First Place, ‘Bout First Place

90. Lose your Trivia, Lose Your Mind

91. Quiz or Let Die

92. Everything You Answer in a Box to the Left

93. It’s a Trivia Day, Don’t Let it Get Away.

94. A Trivia Room Without a Roof

95. If I Was You, I’d Wanna Be Me Too

96. A Blank Space, Baby, and We’ll Write Your Name.

97. What’s trivia got to do with it?

98. Say my name, say my name.

99. Hold Me Closer Tiny Answer

100. We’re With The Band

101. These Boots Are Made For Quizzin’

102. Never Gonna Quiz You Up

103. Trouble When We Walked In

104. We Were Made to Trivia

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Bar Trivia Team Names

These clever bar trivia team names are hilarious and slightly inappropriate!

clever, rude, inappropriate bar trivia team names

105. Guessing Isn’t Trivia

106. Winning on Tap

107. Smarty Pints

108. We Drink And We Know Things

109. Victorious Secret

110. Liver Let Die

111. Liquid Knowledge

112. Whiskeypedia

113. Better Late Than Pregnant

114. Sip and Slay

115. Know it Ales

116. Boozy Business

117. Beer Necessities

118. Pour Decisions

119. Tequila Mockingbird

120. I Thought This Was Speed Dating

121. Hoppy Heads

122. Trivia and Beer (That’s Why We’re Here)

123. Drafted Minds

124. Drinking Buddies With a Trivia Problem

125. Snitches Get Stitches

126. Dude, Where’s My Team?

127. Most of Our Pursuits Are Trivial

128. Beer Is My Patronus

129. Red Flags

130. Wish Upon a Bar

131. The Smartinis

Trivia Teams Names for Work

132. Spill The Trivia

133. Keep Calm And Quiz On

134. Desk Dynasty

135. Quiz Masters

136. United Quizzes of America

catchy trivia teams names for work, adults

137. The Night Is Dark And Full Of Trivia

138. Gonna Quiz This Job

139. Cubicle Quizmasters

140. Don’t Trivialize Us

141. It Was The Best Of Teams, It Was The Worst Of Teams

142. Ryan Started The Fire (Office Quotes)

143. Trivia Night Legends

144. Spreadsheet Slayers

145. Assistants to the Regional Manager

146. The Office Oracles

147. Born To Win

148. Hybrid Hustlers

149. Office Overlords

150. Whiteboard Wizards

151. Paper Pushers

152. Secret Sage Society

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Holiday Trivia Team Name Ideas

Funny Christmas quiz team names

153. We Snow All The Answers

154. Sleigh What?

155. Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

156. The Christmas Miracles

157. Don’t Claus a Scene

158. We Have the Final Sleigh

159. Dashing Through the Competition

160. The Ghosts of Trivia Night

161. Gingerbread Gang

162. Say it Ain’t Snow

163. Noel-It-Alls

164. The Frost Bites

165. Two Quizzers Quizzing

166. Naughty & Nice

167. Give Us Myrrh

168. We’re North Polish

169. Grinch Gang

170. We Told You Snow

171. Nutcracker Ninjas

172. Santa’s Smarty Squad

173. Glitz and Blitz

174. The Merry and Brights


Name Ideas Using Current Events

Pop culture all the way!

175. Meme Dream Team

176. Emoji Escapades

177. TikTok Titans

178. Crypto Craze Champions

179. Netflix & Chillers

Trivia Team Names for Bad Teams

Keeping expectations low? These trivia team names are perfect for you!

dazed and confused ideas for bad teams

180. Dazed and Confused

181. The Average Joes

182. 404

183. The Underdogs

184. Dark Horses

185. Just Happy to Be Here

186. Trivial Mistakes

187. We Thought This Was Freeze Dance

188. We Thought This Was Charades

189. Ignorance is Bliss

190. The Brain Farts

191. Clueless Crew

Unique Trivia Teams Names

This section includes great team names for different trivia types.

Animal Trivia Names

192. When Pigs Fly

193. Birds of Prey

194. Lazy Lobsters

195. Jumping Jelly Fish

196. Kung Fu Pandas

197. Eyes of the Tiger

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198. Global Domination (video game trivia)

Football Names Ideas

199. There’s No Place Like the End Zone

200. No Punt Intended

201. Block it Like It’s Hot

202. Let’s Get Ready to Fumble

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Book Trivia Teams Names

203. Alice in Winnerland

204. On the Same Page

205. The Book Was Better (Related: Great Books Made Into Movies)

206. Read It and Weep

207. The Grim Readers

208. We Know Whodunnit

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209. Road Rash (Car Trivia)

210. Great Hands (Art Trivia Questions)

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Get started playing trivia! What are your favorite trivia team names?

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