200 I Love The 90s Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers (2024)

Dive into 90s Trivia Questions and journey back to the era of sap bracelets, neon windbreakers, and dial-up internet.

Fun Fact: The difference between 2024 and 1990 is the same as 1990 and 1956.

Is your mind blown? Let’s hit the rewind button and see who’s the ultimate 90s trivia champion!

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90s Slang Trivia Quiz

Match the 90s slang terms in the word bank to their meaning.

90s slang trivia quiz; totally

1. Giving your best

110 Percent

2. Voila!


3. Depressing or negative effect


4. An inexperienced person, especially in computing or gaming.


5. Morally or physically repulsive or disgusting


6. An attitude or expression of mocking irreverence and sarcasm


7. To express disregard for what a person has to say

Talk to the hand

8. Ostentatious jewelry


9. Old-timey way to make a long story short (Hint: Think Seinfeld)

Yada, yada, yada

10. An exclamation used to emphasize suddenness or surprise


11. Calm down


12. Overcome with emotion


13. A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.


14. To no degree


word bank; 90s slang

15. An exclamation of satisfaction


16. Excellent


17. Really cool or the best

Da Bomb

18. Something stylish or cool


19. A term used when talking about something ridiculous that would never actually happen.

As if!

20. Fingers in the shape of an L on your forehead


21. A phrase that means I’m sorry

My bad

22. A response when someone was stating the obvious.

No duh

23. A phrase used when drama went down or fighting words were exchanged.

Oh no she didn’t

24. An exclamation when something shocking or unexpected happened.

Oh, snap!

25. Meaning great or sure

Cool beans

26. A cool apartment or house


27. A phrase used when someone is upset.

Take a chill pill

28. A greeting that means what are you up to?


29. Something said when you were ready to leave or go somewhere.

Let’s bounce

30. Bonus: All that and a bag of ______.


90s Picture Quiz Round

From 90s toys and fashion to popular 90s food trends, do you know what the picture is?

picture quiz round

Slap bracelet



Doc Martens

90s trivia picture quizzes


VHS tape

Hacky Sack

Skip It

90s objects and pop culture trivia

Mood ring




food trivia

Stuffed crust pizza

Toaster Strudel

Molten Lava Cake

Ring pop (Related: Best Candy Trivia)

picture quiz

Bagel bites

Hot Pockets

Eggo Waffles

Caesar salad

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General 90s Music Trivia

51. If you went to a dance or a wedding in the late 90s you surely danced to what Spanish pop-dance hit?

Answer: The Macarena

52. What CD with radio hits released in 1998 inspired mixtapes and playlists?

Answer: “Now That’s What I Call Music!”

53. What style became a huge hit thanks to rock group bands like Nirvana?

Answer: Grunge

54. What song by Vanilla Ice became a massive hit in the early 90s and samples the bass line of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”?

Answer: “Ice Ice Baby”

55. Which popular boy band released the album “Millennium” in 1999?

Answer: Backstreet Boys

56. In 1991, Nirvana released their groundbreaking album “Nevermind.” What was the hit single from that album?

Answer: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

57. Who was the lead singer of NSYNC?

Answer: Justin Timberlake

58. What group’s debut album was titled “Spice”?

Answer: The Spice Girls

59. Who had a major hit song featured in the movie Titanic?

Answer: Celine Dion

60. What music group consisted of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams?

Answer: Destiny’s Child

61. What band had a popular 1999 album called Californication?

Answer: Red Hot Chili Peppers

62. What Boyz II Men song was part of the Boomerang movie soundtrack?

Answer: “End of the Road”

90s music trivia questions and answers game

63. “Wonderwall” is a best-known track from what British rock band?

Answer: Oasis

64. What 1990 song by Madonna won the MTV Video Music Awards for best direction, best editing, and best cinematography?

Answer: “Vogue”

65. “Always Be My Baby” and “One Sweet Day” are part of what successful 1995 Mariah Carey album?

Answer: Daydream

66. What song by Haddaway became famous as part of Saturday Night Live’s “The Roxbury Guys” sketches?

Answer: “What Is Love”

67. Alfred Nevarez was a member of what 1990s boy band?

Answer: All 4 One

68. How many members were in the band 98 Degrees?

Answer: Four

69. Who had 1990s hits with “Release Me” and “Hold On”?

Answer: Wilson Phillips

70. What song put Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers back on the charts in the 90s?

Answer: Mary Jane’s Last Dance

71. Emma Bunton was known as which Spice?

Answer: Baby

72. Marky Mark was often backed by which “bunch”?

Answer: Funky Bunch

73. Which record did Ace of Base take to number 1 in 1994?

Answer: The Sign

74. Who was the headliner for the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show which featured many hits from the 90s?

Answer: Usher

75. Shania Twain sang “Man! I Feel Like A ________.”?

Answer: Woman

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Who Sang It? 90s Music Trivia

people eating snacks and listening to a boom box

76. What popular 90s band sang “I Want It That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me”?

Answer: The Backstreet Boys

77. What band peaked at the top of the charts with the hit single “MMMBob?”

Answer: Hanson

78. What English girl group had many hit songs including Wannabe?

Answer: Spice Girls

79. Who sang I Will Always Love You in 1992 and made it one of the best-selling singles of all time?

Answer: Whitney Houston

80. Who sang the theme song for the TV show “Friends,” titled “I’ll Be There for You”?

Answer: The Rembrandts

81. Which hip-hop group released the album “The Score” in 1996, featuring hits like “Killing Me Softly”?

Answer: Fugees

82. Which female artist released the album “Jagged Little Pill” in 1995, featuring hits like “You Oughta Know” and “Ironic”?

Answer: Alanis Morissette

83. Who had the hit single “Livin’ La Vida Loca”?

Answer: Ricky Martin

84. What artist released the song “Crazy” in 1991?

Answer: Seal

85. Who sang “Baby One More Time”?

Answer: Britney Spears

86. What group sang “No Scrubs”?

Answer: TLC

87. Who sang the 1997 hit single “Mo Money Mo Problems” with Puff Daddy?

Answer: The Notorious B.I.G.

88. Who sang the 1995 hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise” that was featured in the film Dangerous Minds?

Answer: Coolio

89. Who sang “I Don’t Want to Wait”?

Answer: Paula Cole

90. Who recorded the 1992 song “Baby Got Back”?

Answer: Sir Mix-a-Lot

91. What duo’s debut single, “Jump”, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

Answer: Kris Kross

92. The 1993 song “Creep” was a single sung by what band?

Answer: Radiohead

93. What band sang “Just a Girl” giving Gwen Stefani her start before her solo career?

Answer: No Doubt

94. Who wrote and performed the song “Maria Maria”?

Answer: Santana

95. “Everlong” was a 1997 song by what popular band?

Answer: Foo Fighters

96. The music video for the song “Mr. Jones” won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1993. Who sang it?

Answer: Counting Crows

97. Featured Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman, “California Love” is a song by what artist?

Answer: Tupac Shakur

98. “Losing My Religion” is an alternative rock song that won a Grammy and was sung by what band?

Answer: R.E.M.

99. “My Name Is” is a song co-written and performed by what artist as part of The Slim Shady LP album?

Answer: Eminem

100. What artist had a comeback with the dance single “Believe”?

Answer: Cher

90s Movie Trivia

putting in a VHS tape; 90s movie trivia quiz questions

101. What “tale as old as time” was created by Disney in 1991?

Answer: Beauty and the Beast

102. What famous actor played the role of the Genie in Aladdin?

Answer: Robin Williams

103. What 1994 musical featured a young lion with the voice of Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Answer: The Lion King

104. What 1995 movie features a board game that turns the world into a jungle adventure?

Answer: Jumanji (Related: Best Kids Books Turned into Movies)

105. In the 1993 movie, The Sandlot, Scottie Smalls and his friends get into trouble when they lose what items over a fence?

Answer: A Babe Ruth autographed baseball

106. This 1993 movie is set in Salem, Massachusetts, and has a sequel that was released in 2022. What is it?

Answer: Hocus Pocus (See Hocus Pocus Trivia Questions)

107. In what movie does Clarice, the top student at the FBI training academy, interview a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath?

Answer: The Silence of the Lambs (See Halloween & Horror Movie Trivia)

108. What is the first rule of Fight Club?

Answer: Don’t talk about Fight Club.

109. Which 90s action comedy featured the songs “My Guy (My God)” and “I Will Follow Him”?

Answer: Sister Act

110. What 1997 action film stars John Malkovich, Nicolas Cage, and John Cusack?

Answer: Con Air

111. What was the highest-grossing film of the 90s?

Answer: Titanic

90s movie trivia game; i love the 90s quiz

112. What 90s film’s soundtrack became one of the bestselling soundtracks of all time?

Answer: The Bodyguard (source)

113. What 90s film is famous for its 23-minute-long graphic war scene?

Answer: Saving Private Ryan

114. What 1990s movie stars Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as vampires?

Answer: Interview with the Vampire

115. Who played Batman in Batman Forever? 

Answer: Val Kilmer

116. What actor played the role of James Bond throughout the 1990s?

Answer: Pierce Brosnan

117. What name do the Native Americans give to Lt. John Dunbar after seeing him playing with a wolf?

Answer: Dances with Wolves

118. Who played the title role in ‘The Fugitive’?

Answer: Harrison Ford

119. Lindsay Lohan plays the roles of twin girls in which live-action Disney movie?

Answer: The Parent Trap

120. Baz Luhrmann directed the 1990s movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that starred what two actors as the lead?

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes

121. “Unchained Melody” was the love song that played during a famous scene in what movie?

Answer: Ghost

122. Who does Liam Neeson play in Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn (See more Star Wars Trivia)

123. Movie-goers loved this Steven Spielberg film full of dinosaurs and danger. What was it?

Answer: Jurassic Park

124. What movie loosely based on a Jane Austen novel featured Alicia Silverstone as Cher?

Answer: Clueless

125. In what movie did 90s parents watch what might happen if you forget your child when going on vacation?

Answer: Home Alone (Related: Home Alone Movie Trivia)

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General 90s Pop Culture Trivia

two girls talking on phones

126. Can you name the fast food chain that invited people to supersize their meals?

Answer: McDonald’s

127. What hamster-like creature was all the rage in the late 90s?

Answer: Furbies

128. Launched in 1998, what current mega company was founded in a garage?

Answer: Google

129. If you were a child of the 90s, you may have had to remember to feed what digital pet?

Answer: Tamagotchis

130. What plush toy was a popular collection item in the 90s?

Answer: Beanie Babies

131. What Sesame Street star was tickled with laughter and became a must-have toy?

Answer: Elmo

132. What hairstyle took off in the 90s as a way of making small waves in straight hair?

Answer: Crimping

133. What famous trial verdict did you probably watch on TV in 1995?

Answer: O.J. Simpson Trial

134. In a now famous fight, who bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s right ear?

Answer: Mike Tyson

135. What 1992 Gold medal-winning Olympic team was labeled the “Dream Team”?

Answer: United States Men’s Olympic Basketball Team

136. In January 1994, who became embroiled in controversy when her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated an attack on her fellow U.S. skating rival Nancy Kerrigan?

Answer: Tanya Harding

easy 90s pop culture trivia

137. Who was the first female secretary of state in 1997?

Answer: Madeleine Albright (Related: Women’s History Trivia)

138. What was the name of the sheep that was effectively cloned for the first time in 1996?

Answer: Dolly

139. What author became famous when the story she had written while living in her car was released?

Answer: J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

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140. What was the name of the popular trading card game that debuted in the 90s, featuring creatures, spells, and battles?

Answer: Magic: The Gathering

141. What other popular trading card game was first published in 1996?

Answer: Pokemon

142. You may have walked on these mini-trampolines for your feet in the 90s when Nickelodeon released them. What were they?

Answer: Moon Shoes

143. Although it was invented before the 90s, this light-up toy with multicolored pegs was popular. What was it?

Answer: Lite Brite

144. What pocket-sized houses with micro dolls were popular in the 90s?

Answer: Polly Pocket

145. What was the infamous haircut inspired by a sitcom?

Answer: The “Rachel”

146. What video game was the first ever played in space in 1993?

Answer: Tetris (See more Video Game Trivia Questions)

147. What classic racing game favorite was first released in 1992?

Answer: Mario Kart

148. What soda’s working name was “Mountain Dew Killer?”

Answer: Surge

149. What was the name of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s cat?

Answer: Socks

150. Who led the Chicago Bulls to six championships?

Answer: Michael Jordan

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90s TV Show Trivia

turning the dial on an old television

151. Shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and Rocket Power premiered on what popular American-based cable television channel?

Answer: Nickelodeon

152. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling kicked off the sixth season of what popular children’s television series in 1993?

Answer: The Mickey Mouse Club

153. What iconic show debuted during the 90s and is still popular? It’s “there for you” through streaming services today.

Answer: Friends

154. Like Friends, what other popular 90s sitcom chronicled four single friends living in New York City?

Answer: Seinfeld

155. What is Kramer’s first name on Seinfeld?

Answer: Cosmo

156. What popular television series featured twins who moved to Beverly Hills from Minnesota?

Answer: Beverly Hills, 90210

157. The 90s saw the start of reality TV. What famous MTV show helped kick it off?

Answer: The Real World

158. What twins got their start on a show with Danny Tanner as their father?

Answer: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

159. What was the most-watched TV episode of the 1990s?

Answer: The Cheers finale in 1993

160. What 1990s sitcom was built around then-rapper Will Smith?

Answer: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

161. Ruby, Joey, and Tony Russo were all random characters on which famous 90s show?

Answer: Blossom

90s tv show trivia

162. Family Matters, about the Chicago Winslow family, was a spin-off of what show?

Answer: Perfect Strangers

163. Where did the Bundy family of “Married . . . With Children” live?

Answer: Chicago

164. What 90s sitcom featured the Hackett brothers who operated Sandpiper Air in Nantucket?

Answer: Wings

165. What show featured an animatronic dinosaur family called the Sinclairs?

Answer: Dinosaurs

166. What show featured Corky Sherwood, who married and became Corky Sherwood-Forrest?

Answer: Murphy Brown

167. What was the name of Uncle Jesse’s band on Full House?

Answer: Jesse and the Rippers

168. What was the name of Cory’s girlfriend on Boy Meets World?

Answer: Topanga

169. What was the name of the fictional town in which Buffy Summers battled vampires and other forces of evil?

Answer: Sunnydale

170. On Home improvement, what was the name of the neighbor whose face was always obstructed?

Answer: Wilson

171. What was the family secret of the Solomons on Third Rock From the Sun?

Answer: They were aliens.

172. What show centered around lawyers? Some characters were Stuart Markowitz, Jonathan Rollins, and Victor Sifuentes.

Answer: L.A. Law

173.  What was the name of the Buchmans’ dog on “Mad About You?”

Answer: Murray

174. What show starred Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny? They were FBI agents who investigated odd and unexplained events.

Answer: The X-Files

175. Who was the first and popular host of America’s Funniest Home Videos?

Answer: Bob Saget

90s Cartoon Trivia

Did you race to the television for Saturday morning cartoons in the 90s? Test your 90s cartoon trivia knowledge!

two boys watching cartoons

176. What lazy-talking cat loved lasagna? (Hint: He was orange)

Answer: Garfield

177. These unique ninjas were led by a rat named Splinter. Who were they?

Answer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

178. What were the ninja turtles named after?

Answer: Classic painters

179. Which show followed a younger version of Looney Tunes characters?

Answer: Tiny Toon Adventures

180. What were the main characters in Rugrats?

Answer: Babies

181. What show, based on a video game, had heroes that called themselves the Freedom Fighters?

Answer: Sonic the Hedgehog

182. What show, with a boy scientist, was the first original animated series on Cartoon Network?

Answer: Dexter’s Laboratory

183. What show followed Ash Ketchum?

Answer: Pokemon

184. What was Ash’s first Pokemon?

Answer: Pikachu

185. Where does the show Recess primarily take place?

Answer: Elementary school

186. In Hey Arnold!, what was Arnold’s head shaped like?

Answer: A football

90s cartoon trivia; team names

187. Who was Arnold’s best friend?

Answer: Gerald Johanssen

188. Which X-Men character had claws in his hands?

Answer: Wolverine

189. Which X-Men character shot lasers from his eyes?

Answer: Cyclops

190. Who lived in a pineapple under the sea?

Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

191. What teacher and bus driver took you on an educational journey on the Magic School Bus?

Answer: Miss Frizzle

192. What grade was Arthur in?

Answer: Third grade

193. What is Twister’s real name on Rocket Power?

Answer: Maurice

194. Fill in the blanks: Jimmy Neutron has a ____ dog and Cindy Vortex has a ____ dog.

Answer: Robot; Real

195. Where do Pinky and Brain from Pinky and the Brain live?

Answer: Acme Labs

196. On each episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Emily Elizabeth reads Clifford a story about a dog named what?

Answer: Speckle

197. What 1997 cartoon was based on the Ghostbusters franchise?

Answer: Extreme Ghostbusters

198. What is the name of the dimwitted cat who constantly pursued a clever mouse? The series was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Answer: Tom and Jerry

199. What cartoon was based on a young turtle and his adventures?

Answer: Franklin

200. Which cartoon showcased a superhero trio named Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup? They each had a unique power.

Answer: The Powerpuff Girls

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90s Trivia Team Names

Host a 90s trivia night! Use these 90s team names for extra laughs!

  • Boy Band Brigade
  • Spice Girl Squad
  • Beanie Babies
  • Rugrats
  • Red Hot Trivia Peppers
  • Call Me Google
  • Smells Like Team Spirit
  • You Oughta Know
  • Win It Baby One More Time
  • Talk to the Hand
  • Home Skillets
  • Barbie Girls
  • Friends
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Grunge Genius
  • Clueless Crew
  • Beavis and Butt-Heads
  • Scrunchies for Life
  • Take a Chill Pill

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